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Sigil creation and Chaos magick for beginners
A quick introduction on the creation of sigils for use in Chaos magick
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Sigil magick part 2: activation! Gnosis and wank magic. How NOT to dispose of your sigils Sex magick
A guide to activating your sigils using gnosis. Masturbation or going cross-eyed. You choose! Also a guide on how NOT to dispose of your used sigils from someone who knows.
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Overcoming problems in sigil magick (part 3 of using sigil and chaos magick for success!)
A video on overcoming problems in sigil magick (e.g lust for result). With excellent tips on masturbation from me.
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The Only Law of Attraction Video You’ll Ever Need
It’ll work because it’s THE LAW. Step 1: be in a good place mentally and know you deserve what you want Step 2: decide what you want and have clarity on that Step 3: remove any blocks or any stresses by writing them down or even telling someone Step 4: visualisation: use all five senses with your eyes closed, maybe as you go to sleep or wake up. You can also visualise telling someone about it having happened or actually telling someone it did! Step 5: Let It The Fuck Go and even forget you ever asked for it. Step 6: act AS IF it had already happened. Then like and subscribe!
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Magick and Linguistics 2 - Practical Application of Magic Words, Abramelin Squares and Palindromes.
Here is The Sacred Magic of Abramelin the Mage for you to choose a magic square to work with: http://www.hermetics.org/pdf/grimoire/Abramelin_3.pdf The Magic Words Abracadabra and Kalimaris. Magick and NLP. Palindromes and the Sator Square. Chanting and rhymes.
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How to choose a tarot significator for yourself or others
Apologies for my brain running out of battery power a couple of times during this. I was struggling with a few symptoms from my illness which means my memory really just cuts out! I’m a bit embarrassed by this one but have been too sick the last few weeks to remake this video. Sorry! Hope you can understand. Wands - fire - Aries, Leo, Sagittarius Cups - water - Cancer, Scorpio, Pisces Swords - air - Gemini, Libra, Aquarius Pentacles - earth - Taurus, Virgo, Capricorn
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The Top Law of Attraction Techniques for Scripting Your Magickal Reality
Here are some Law of Attraction techniques for scripting. Write down a list of the things you want and do so feeling grateful for them. “I am so grateful for...” Make a vision board. Not just of people you want to fuck. Write a letter to yourself from your future self. This can be a year away, describing in detail what has happened over the year. Write diary entries describing something in the past tense that you want to happen now. Really feel the feelings as you write. Hypersigils - look up Grant Morrison and The Invisibles for an example of scripting your life. Speak your desire out loud to someone as if it has already happened. Recall an event which has already occurred and insert something that you want to have happened into that. E.g telling your friends about your new car, new boyfriend, new human toilet etc. Plan for the thing to have already happened. You can leave a space in your bed for the boyfriend, for example, or even try to manifest something related to it. Better sex with your new boyfriend for example. Draw a spider diagram with a circle in the middle. Write My Man, My Girlfriend, My Sheep, My House, (whatever you want there) and specifically write out aspects of this person or thing that they have to have on the legs of the spider. Be grateful for having all these things as you write them down. Be specific and detailed. Really feel how it feels to have these things. That’s where the magick and the will occurs! Just as a quick disclaimer: I am still very sick and it’s a long road I’m on to recover. It took a lot of time and a lot of willpower to get to where I am currently. (I still have days where I can’t move much or talk). Having things written down solidifies them in your mind, as does visualising things before you do them e.g attempting to stand. Strengthening your mind and willpower is where this is at for health. Let me know if you have any questions or if there’s any other subjects you’d like me to do in these videos. Like and subscribe, innit X
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How to make a sigil servitor using tarot cards - Chaos magick for beginners
How to make a sigil servitor using tarot cards. This is easy chaos magic for beginners so to make this servitor to do a specific job for you, all you need are tarot cards, pen, paper and gnosis. Ask your question. Shuffle your deck. Cut. Pull five cards. Card 1: About the question. Card 2: What will help you. Card 3: What will hinder you. Card 4: Outcome no.1. Card 5: Outcome no.2. Take card 2 and whichever outcome card you prefer and write them down: E.g: ACE OF SWORDS PAGE OF CUPS Cross out all vowels and repeated letters and create a sigil from the letters that are left. Fire up with gnosis and feed it by thinking about it! Go to ultraculture.org to look at The Complete Psychonaut Field Manual.
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Magick and Linguistics - Words and Power
A quick history of the relationship between words and magick: Thoth, languages, the Logos. Like and subscribe for when I put up more!
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How to use a crystal ball to scry
How to scry using a crystal ball for divination. See the future, communicate with spirits, spy on people at a distance and meditate. Also, BALLS.
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The Origins and History of Tarot Cards
A quick introduction to tarot cards and the different theories of their origins. I’ll be doing a few more videos on using tarot for divination so subscribe to the channel for the notifications.
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The first of my video postcards from behind the Iron Curtain
I make cum jokes. Because I'm such a lady.
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Vlog 2: Country matters, sex with combine harvesters, tool porn.
Second of my video postcards from the countryside. Observations are foul, as usual.
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