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APA Style Reference Page
Learn how to format your APA-style reference page.
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APA Style Headers in Microsoft Word 2010 with CAPTIONS
Learn how to format your paper with APA-style headers in Microsoft Word 2010.
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Why Not Use Google
It is tempting to use Google and Google Scholar for research papers and projects. However, it is often inefficient and ineffective. Watch this video to see why library databases are so much better for research than internet search engines.
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APA Style Reference Page with CAPTIONS
Learn how to format your APA-style reference page. This video is captioned.
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Reference Sources Part One
This video gives information on online, full text reference sources at the University of Northern Colorado Libraries.
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EBM: Evidence Based Practice
Learn more about Evidence Based Practice and why it is so important to the health care fields.
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Finding Articles by Citation Method 1
Have a citation? Need to find the full text of the article? Watch this video to see how to go from citation to full articles in a matter of moments.
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Book Elements
Need to know what information to collect for a citation? How do you tell if a book is an 'academic' book or a 'non-academic' book? What do you do with a book that has editors instead of authors? Find out all this and more in this video, including how to navigate an academic book.
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Creating a PubMed Account
Create your personal PubMed account where you can save searches, but can still link into the UNC Libraries full text articles or easily request an article that the Libraries do not have access to - and we'll get it to you in a few days!
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Scientific Method
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Deciphering a Journal Article Citation
Learn how to recognize the components of a journal article citation: determine which is the journal title and which is the article title; differentiate between numbers designating date, volume, issue and page numbers.
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Asking an Answerable Question, Part One
In this video I discuss Type I questions and Type II questions. Type I questions are scientifically unanswerable, and Type II are general information or background questions. In Part Two of this lecture, I will discuss Type III questions - or clinical questions.
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Searching FedStats
A quick overview of how to use FedStats to search Topic Links, MapStats, and Agencies by Subject.
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Subject Headings
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ProQuest Historical Newspapers: The New York Times
Learn when and how to efficiently search ProQuest Historical Newspapers: The New York Times using limiters such as date, field, and ranking.
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Journal Article Elements
Learn to recognize academic journal articles: commentary/viewpoint articles, letters to the editor, and research articles. Learn about the components of an academic article, and the components you need for a citation.
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Collections of Academic Libraries
What do academic libraries collect? How do I find sources that an academic library doesn't collect? What is grey literature? How are academic libraries arranged? Find the answers to all of these questions and more in this video.
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Searching for Books: The Basics
Learn to search for books, DVDs, and more at the UNC Libraries by title, partial title, author, and topic.
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LECTURE Reference Sources
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Welcome to LIB 150
An introduction to what you will learn in LIB 150: Introduction to Undergraduate Research and reasons why this will be a useful course for you.
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Creating a Concept Map
Learn how to create a concept map that becomes your research plan. Use synonyms and other key terms to help you with search strategies.
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Google Scholar UNC Settings
A demonstration of how to set Google Scholar to recognize you as a UNC student, for easier access to full text articles through the University of Northern Colorado Libraries.
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SEARCH IDENTIFY FIND: Books in the James A. Michener Library
Learn how to look up a topic in the University Libraries catalog, choose a resource that matches your needs, and go find it in the James A. Michener Library.
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Accessing Library Databases at the UNC Libraries
A quick how-to video on finding and accessing the right database for research through the UNC Libraries.
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Asking an Answerable Question Part Two
In this lecture learn about Type III questions - scientifically answerable questions concerning a specific condition, patient, or population. Deconstruct Type II questions by reversing the PICO method for creating clinical questions.
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Welcome Video
Welcome to the University Libraries of the University of Northern Colorado. We are so happy you're here! Let us know how we can help you succeed in your education goals and thrive at the University of Northern Colorado.
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What Am I Searching
When you use your favorite search engine, how much of the web are you really searching? In this lecture learn about the Searchable Web, the Deep Web, the Web for Pay, and the Concealed Web. Learn why you should be using library databases for research.
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What is a Database
Do you know what a database is? You probably use one every day!
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Two Useful Features of Google Scholar
Learn how to find an article from a citation through Google Scholar; set Google Scholar settings to recognize you as a UNC student; and learn how to use the Google Scholar 'Cited by' feature.
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Peer Review
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Searching Academic Search Premier Part One
Learn how to search Academic Search Premier for popular magazine articles.
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Finding Journal Articles by Citation Method 2
Have a citation? Need to find the full text of the article? Watch this video to see how to go from citation to full articles in a matter of moments.
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Just A Click Away
What can the University Libraries offer you? Online access to any articles; most immediately and all others within 1 to 3 business days. We also offer online access to hundreds of thousands of books and book chapters. If you don't find the book you want online we will find the book for you and keep it at the Access Services Desk for you to pick up.
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How to Take a Screen Shot
A very quick demonstration of how to take a screen shot using the Snipping Tool.
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CINAHL A Library Database
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SEARCHING Academic Search Premier 2
Use Academic Search Premier's Advanced Search; limit to peer-reviewed journals; limit the date range; use page numbers and abstract to determine if it likely a research article; find the full text of the article, check to make sure there is a methodology.
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ASLS 515 - Part IV:
Identify resources at the UNC Libraries that can help students with APA. Set up an account with RefWorks. Learn about SAGE Research Methods. Start an APA Style Central Paper.
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ASLS 515 - Part II Databases
A demonstration of PubMed, Web of Science, UpToDate, Cochrane Database of Systematic Reviews, Finding the Full Text of Articles, and more.
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ASLS 515 - Part I: Introductions (to many things)
An introduction to what the library can help you with, the library online portal, and a subset of items that are particularly useful to students in ASLS.
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Documentaries @ UNC Libraries
UNC Libraries have thousands of DVD and streaming documentaries for students and faculty to use in their academic pursuits.
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