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World Gym's Most Inspirational Member 2014 | Jake Schellenschlager
I am so proud to watch back this tribute video that World Gym made for me. Going to Vegas to receive the award was really exciting and I met loads of people who inspire me! Thanks to everyone who continues to support me. Bring on the International Finals in November when I get to go back to Vegas thanks to World Gym :-D
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Motivational Monday!
Today is motivational Monday, I just wanted to thank all my fans for the support. Email: [email protected] Instagram: @jakesfitnesslife
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Teen Bodybuilder Jake Gets a Pump on at The Gym and Flexes His Ripped Muscles
https://www.jakesfitnesslife.com/?p=851 to buy the full version of this video. Watch me hit some of his favourite exercises to get a big pump going and then see me flex these thick, ripped muscles.
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Teen Bodybuilder Jake Showing Gains and Huge Muscles 2 Weeks Out
http://www.jakesfitnesslife.com/?p=397 if you want to help me out and get the full video. Thanks so much for all the great people who sponsor me or get my videos, you are all amazing! Feeling good for my show - come on other Teens, come challenge me!
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My Favorite Bodybuilding Poses!
Email : [email protected] Instagram: @jakesfitnesslife
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Award Winning Teen Bodybuilder Pumps up and Flexes at the Park
http://www.jakesfitnesslife.com/?p=481 to buy the full 10 minute version of this video. I'm training for High School Football in Fall and I thought I'd give you guys a look at that, as well as a summer update on my bodybuilding progress. Check it out!
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Champion Teen Bodybuilder Jake Flexing Pumped Arms and Bigger Legs
http://www.jakesfitnesslife.com/?p=409 to get the full video. That is one way to support me and help me win my competition on July 18th. If you want to really be amazing then inbox me about becoming a personal sponsor, would be epic. This video I was super pumped in my arms and I have been pushing my legs so hard I even puked in the gym!
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Jake Big Bicep Pump Up Workout and Muscle Flexing in Hotel Gym
http://www.jakesfitnesslife.com/?p=704 for the full workout and flexing video. Just showing how good a pump you can get from basic arm movements and some flexing in the mirrors at the hotel gym.
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Jake Flexing His Shredded Muscles Just Two Weeks Post Competition
http://www.jakesfitnesslife.com/?p=709 to buy the full version of this video. It's been just two weeks since my bodybuilding competition, check me out flexing my shredded muscles and showing off some trophies.
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World Record Breaking 17 Year Old!
Thank you for watching! Email : [email protected] Instagram: @jakesfitnesslife
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Stacking it out
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Jake Flexing Update
Email me for custom videos [email protected] also follow me on Instagram for future video updates.
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Email [email protected] Instagram @jakesfitnesslife
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Newest Addition To My Family!!
Email : [email protected] Instagram: @jakesfitnesslife
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13yo Teen Bodybuilder Jake: Intense Leg Workout and Hard Muscle Flexing
http://www.jakesfitnesslife.com/?p=169 to see the full workout and flexing video on my website. Got a lot of updates coming soon so make sure you head on over to the site and sign up. Not gonna spoil the surprise now but trust me, it's good! This video I focused on legs and leg flexing becuase that's what you guys requested.
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13yo Teen Bodybuilding Muscle Man - Confident and Insulting Flexing - 10 Weeks Out
http://www.jakesfitnesslife.com/?p=195 - WARNING this video contains insults so if you don't wanna hear them then DO NOT WATCH. I have my first competiton in 10 weeks and getting in the best shape of any 13yo ever. Buy the video because competing costs so much and I am worth it becuase I will bring back 1st place!
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Jake supplements
Jake... The great white
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Jake Schellenschlager | 15yo IPA Power Bowl, National and World Power Lifting Records
www.jakesfitnesslife.com | Footage from my powerlifting meet last month. I hope me talking over it is ok, just wanted to share my thoughts with you. The three bench attempts after the first were world records and the last deadlift was a world record. I got another world record for the total. Now I have my mind focused on my bodybuilding show in June this year.
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Maryland Muscle Beast 190lbs Flex Update!
I am now 190lbs! Email:[email protected] Also follow me on Instagram: @jakesfitnesslife , thanks for watching like,share, and subscribe.
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13yo Teen Bodybuilder Jake Flexing and Posing Three Weeks Out
http://www.jakesfitnesslife.com/?p=209 to get the full 10 minute video and see all my progress. Nearly time for the show, I am super excited and really confident about placing. Watch this space to support me and hear the results in a few weeks times.
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PreTeen Bodybuilder Jake 12yo - Flexing with Boxing Gloves and Showing Legs
http://www.jakesfitnesslife.com/?p=145 please go to the website and get the full video to support me. I am trying to enter competitions now but it costs to enter and travel plus hotels and food so all the help you can give is great. Finally did some leg flexing for you guys - what do you think?
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Fan Tips
Email:[email protected] Instagram: @jakesfitnesslife Thanks for watching please subscribe.
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Jake Schellenschlager Sets New Teen Powerlifting USA Records
In my last powerlifting competition for the time being I was super happy to set 3 USA records and 4 records for the state of Maryland. Now turning my focus back to my true passion, bodybuilding! Heading for the stage in June so please keep supporting me. Thanks to everyone especailly my family.
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Showing Incredible Strength And Muscles In Playground With 13yo Bodybuilder Jake
http://www.jakesfitnesslife.com/?p=245 to support me on my road to either The Olympics or Mr Olympia - who knows! What do you guys think of my new haircut, army style!! Did some filming outside on the pull up bars at school so you can see what I look like in the sunshine lol
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Body scissor wrestling match jake vs Mavrick
http://www.jakesfitnesslife.com/?p=152 to see the full video. This crazy kid comes in to my house and tried to rob me so I show him who's boss and teach him a lesson or two. 5, 4, 3 and 2 finger arm wrestling and some flexing at the end. Get it now!
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Teen Bodybuilder Jake Pumps Iron and Flexes Powerful Muscles
http://www.jakesfitnesslife.com/?p=492 to buy the full version of this video. I wanted to get a little pump on in the hotel gym so you could see my muscles contract and veins pop when I was flexing!
Views: 17531 Jake Schellenschlager
Teen Bodybuilder Jake Pumping up and Flexing in the Park
http://www.jakesfitnesslife.com/?p=488 to buy the full 10 minute version of this video. Once you know how to work your muscles like me then you can work out anywhere and when you're big like me you can flex anywhere. So check me out in the park!
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Father and 15yo Son Bodybuilder Train and Flex Together | Team Schellenschlager
http://www.jakesfitnesslife.com/?p=512 to get the full 12 minutes of me and my dad training our asses off together, flexing together and then some solo flexing at the end!
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World Champion Power Lifter Turns 15
http://www.jakesfitnesslife.com/?p=499 to buy the full version of this video. My life has been really exciting the past few weeks, first I competed in the world power lifting championships in Las Vegas and got first place for the 123lbs weight class and now I've turned 15... Can't wait to compete in a bodybuilding competition next.
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Officially A Flexing Pro
Email: [email protected] Instagram: @jakesfitnesslife Thank For Watching.
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Big Bicep Teen Bodybuilder Jake's Muscles Fill XL Sleeves and Calls Out Wrestler Challenge
https://www.jakesfitnesslife.com/p=873 Check out how my arms fill out the sleeves on the XL polo shirt and when i flare out my lats. Then listen to me call out that pussy for another round of wresting... I am bigger and better, and he is too afraid to come LOL
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Jake crunches
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DUMBELL press 50
50 lbs
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12yo Bdybuilder Jake Flexing and Gym Workout with Dad Chris - NOW IN HD
http://www.jakesfitnesslife.com/?p=131 to get the full length video on my website. It's over 11 minutes long and it will really help me if you buy it becuase I am saving for a laptop and still need all my gym and supplements. I have updated the stats on my website to show more height, more weight and more strength!
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Maryland Muscle Beast 185lbs
185lbs now, email [email protected]il.com , follow me on Instagram @jakesfitnesslife , Thank you for watching , like and subscribe
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Jake schellenschlager worm up set 95 pounds easy10
This video was uploaded from an Android phone.
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Jake schellenschlager next Mr.Olympia
This video was uploaded from an Android phone.
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Muscle Boy Jake Takes You Out In His Mustang Muscle Car Before Flex Show
http://www.jakesfitnesslife.com/?p=736 So many fans asked me to take a ride out in the muscle car so here you get a full tour of the muscle car and the a tour of the muscle man too!
Views: 12098 Jake Schellenschlager
13yo Teen Bodybuilder Jake Crushing Orange with Powerful Bicep Muscle
http://www.jakesfitnesslife.com/?p=198 to get the full video and see the crushing and the flexing. Tomorrow is exactly 10 weeks out from my show so keep watching here for amazing gains.
Views: 6394 Jake Schellenschlager
Teen Bodybuiler Jake Muscle Flexing Update with Big Mass Gains
Help me grow, buy the full video: http://www.jakesfitnesslife.com/?p=816 I'm in prep mode getting ready to compete in Mr Maryland 2017. Looking huge and feeling confident! Pay attention to rippling pecs and big bicep vein.
Views: 9717 Jake Schellenschlager
13yo Teen Muscke Kid Jake Situps, Push Ups and Power Flexing
http://www.jakesfitnesslife.com/?p=228 to get the full length video and help support me getting to my show in May. This video I did push ups, sits ups (ab crunches) and flexing while it broke some stuff too. Happy Easter to all my fans - no candy for me!
Views: 22308 Jake Schellenschlager
Teen Record Breaking Powerlifter and Bodybuilder Jake Schellenschlager Muscle Flexing Update
http://www.jakesfitnesslife.com/?p=360 to get the full on update video - over 12 minutes of me flexing and showing you my progress. As you can see I am packing on the muscle size now and some of my poses are looking awesome. Power lifting competition coming up soon but I can't wait to flex on the bodybuilding stage.
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15yo Jake Schellenshlager Fan Update on Winning Bodybuilding Comp
Email is [email protected] for details on custom videos Follow me on Instagram @jakesfitnesslife
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Teen Bodybuilder Jake Pumps Up and Flexes His Huge Muscle Gainz
https://www.jakesfitnesslife.com/?p=846 to buy the full version of this video. Watch me hit some of my favourite back exercises before going into the locker room to show off these huge pumped up muscles with some flexing.
Views: 24375 Jake Schellenschlager
Jake Flexing
Update on how I'm looking, competition coming up soon , follow me on Instagram @jakesfitnesslife, and my website is www.jakesfitnesslife.com thank you subscribe , like and share , email me for custom videos [email protected]
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12yo Pre Teen Bodybuilder Jake - August Muscle Flexing and Posing Update
http://www.jakesfitnesslife.com/?p=118 to get the full video from my website. Sorry my last video got pulled but it's still on the website if you want to see it. Packing on the size now that it's summer and I have no school!
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Abs pt 2
Views: 1440 Jake Schellenschlager
Fixed pull downs jake
Jake fixed pull downs
Views: 1879 Jake Schellenschlager

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