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RIP Yeti "Start High, Finish High"
Celebration Of Trevor Pierce, We Love You And Will Be Missed By The Thousands Of People You've Impacted!
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Pigeon Forge 4 Story Rope Course HD POV
Day 4 - We Went To The Island In Pigeon Forge And Did The 4 Story Rope Course
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From A Tree Cutter's Eyes - Gabe Vaughn
My Buddy Gabe Asked To Take My GoPro To Work So I Could Make A Video From His Eyes At Work.
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Team "Coed Line Bud" From Umpire POV
Highlight's From The Otisville Tournament And Some Funny Moments For Sure With Good Friends And Family!!
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Go Pro Karma Height Walk Run Test
Finally Got My New Go Pro Karma With The Hero 4 Black! Testing It Out, I love It!!
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New England Six Flags Rides Flashback/Thunderbolt
roller coasters Flashback And Thunderbold On Ride POV At Six Flags New England On 7/3/15. Recorded With My Go Pro.
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Kalahari #1 Montage 3.27.15
First Video Of 2 Of Our Vacation To Kalahari Resort In Sandusky, Ohio
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Ball Pit At Universal Studios (HD)
War Zone Lol
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Everybody Hitting With The Radar Gun
Brought My Radar Gun To The Dome Tourney This Weekend And Glad I Did Because Everyone Got Involved With It Trying To Hit 100, Passed A Lot Of Time Between Games! lol
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The Most Perfect Interview
My New All Time Favorite Creation! I Put A Lot Of Work Into This One, But Its Well Worth It! I Cant Wait To See The Look On The Kids Faces When They Watch This! Great Times, Couldn't Have Made Such A Perfect Video Without Having Two Of The Greatest Kids Of All Time!
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Winners Bracket Final OC BombSquad At Columbus Worlds Oct, 2015
We Took 3rd At Super Worlds In Columbus, Ohio. We Had A Good Run Fellas!
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Megan Snorkling In The Springs
Snorkling In The Rainbow Springs
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From The Eyes Of A Tree Cutter Sky High!
Part 2 Of How To Be A Tree Cutter
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EFN Gray's Journey Cincy 2016 Part 1 Of 3
Game 1 At Cincy Nazarene Nationals
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Moose Hits A Ball 450 Feet! =O
Always An Awesome BP Session With My Moosey!
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Family BP Sesh With Mike Vento
Fun Batting Practice Session With Retired New York Yankee Mike Vento!
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Flow Rider At Kalahari HILARIOUS!
Video 1 From Kalahari Flow Rider!!
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Big Papi Goes Opposite Field On The Shift!
Big Papi (David Ortiz) From The Boston Red Sox Goes To Opposite Field At Comerica Park Against The Detroit Tigers.
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Florida Family Photo Montage Video
All the extras from our family Florida trip
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Team  Jayden 27-1  Win In 3 Innings
Team Jayden With Another Win In Lakeland, Florida. Only 12 Teams Were In This Tournament. Worlds In Valdosta, Georgia This Weekend!! We're Coming For Those Rings!
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First Time The 4 Of Us Are Together
What an awesome time in Florida with Cayden finally the 4 of us got to spend some much needed quality time together and every day was a blast!
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EFN Gray's Journey Cincy 2016 Part 2 Of 3
Game 2 At Cincy Nazarene Nationals
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Ricky Shatters Car Windshield With Softball And Drunk Guy Gets Pissed
Holy shit I was glad my camera was rolling. Ricky was hitting and som drunk black guy comes out of nowhere and says ill strike all ya'll out ricky shits on the ball and wrecks a windshield! then the drunk guy comes on the field freaking out. My Reaction Though! ;D
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Numies Florida Swings
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Feeding Tarpon By Hand
My Girlfriend Feeding Tarpon At Pete's Pier In Crystal River Florida lol
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Florida Bp Sesh
Nothing Like Hitting Outside In The Winter, Gosh I Miss Florida!! =(
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(HD POV) Men In Black Ride At Universal Studios, Florida
Me, Cayden, And Ashley On The Men In Black Ride At Universal Studios.
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Bisbee Golf Outing 2
Bisbee Golf Outing #2
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(HD POV) Woody The Woodpecker Roller Coaster (Universal Studios, Fl)
Cayden's First Roller Coaster!!
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(HD) 4 Wheeler Snowboarding
How We Spend Days Off In Michigan, Hooking Up A Snowboard To The Back Of A 4 Wheeler.
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(HD) Dr Doom Fear Fall Islands Of Adventure Florida
Ashley And Brittney Went On A Scary Ride! Listen To Her Screammm HAHA!!
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Homerun Derby
Home run derby on 200 foot field with tennis balls.
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Insane HomeRun Derby Come Back!
Drew Put Up 10 Homeruns, And Cj Came Back And Hit 11 With A Wood Bat! LETS GOOO
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10 Year Old Future Moto Pro Cam
Rip Sesh Cameron Giesey, Determined Young Man Trying To Make It To The Pros One Day! Share This Video And Help Him Get There!!
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Hercules Takes His Shirt Off In IHOP
I've Never Laughed So Hard In My Life!!! I Told Hercules To Take His Shirt Off At The Diner Table And Walk Out Of IHOP! HAHA
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Living Room Nerf War
Nichole Vs Cayden, Nerf War!
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Bisbee Golf Outing 6/27/16
Bisbee Golf Outing In Davison, Michigan.
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Best Revenge Prank Ever!!
My revenge prank on my co worker Jr. HAHA
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Hitting With Evan Longoria! (Wiffle Balls)
At the Tampa Bay Rays Fan Fest Hitting Wiffle Balls off Evan Longoria! I Hit One Homerun BTW! =D
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4 Year old Flips His 4 Wheeler
My Son Is Getting Good At Driving His 4 Wheeler And He Flipped It
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Floating Down Weeki Wachi River
Montage Of Our Day Floating Down The Weeki Wachi River With A Paddleboard And 2 Kayaks.
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Bisbee Christmas Party 2018
Urban Air In Oxford Michigan.
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Really Funny Lowes Commercial (May 2014)
My Son Thought This Was The Funniest Thing Ever! You Can Hear Him Laughing In The Backround! HAHA
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Millennium Force On Ride Front Seat (HD POV) Cedar Point
Front Row HD POV On The Millennium Force At Cedar Point In Ohio
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Cute Pet Rat Bath
Giving Out 2 Pet Rats "Ratnis And Brain" A Bath
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Swimming With Alligators At Rainbow Springs State Park
A Montage Of Everything We Did At Rainbow Springs
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SLAP HANDS Roller Coaster At Cedar Point
Ashley And I On The Blue Train. Anthony And Joe On The Red Train. Funny Video Of Us Slapping Hands On A Roller Coaster.
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How To Put Speedo In Jeep Wrangler
How To Video On How To Put The Speedometer/Dashboard Back Together In A Jeep Wrangler.
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