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13 Best Foods for the Zombie Apocalypse
Subscribe to American Eye http://goo.gl/GBphkv 6. Top Ramen Often enjoyed by college students or other people on a budget, top ramen certainly makes our list for its nearly unlimited shelf life, its extremely low price and you don’t have to be a 5 star chef to cook it. Top ramen has almost been used as a currency in prison, so it’s easy to imagine how this could be a useful trading item as well. However it is sort of high in sodium and lacks too much nutritional value. However, while most modern day diets encourage low calories, during the apocalypse, they are much more important and luckily, ramen is high in them. Top ramen very versatile and can be eaten in many different ways and can even be cooked in pizza if cheese is available! You just might want to try not to eat it every day if possible. 5. Olive Oil In recent years, we’ve actually began seeing a shortage of this important cooking oil in some countries. It not only the healthiest cooking oil you could possibly use but possibly one of the world’s most nutritious foods. This is due to its high levels of monounsaturated fat, as well as omega 9 fatty acid. A lot of doctors recommend just eating a tablespoon a day. Apart from its health benefits, in case you hunt your own meat or come across some bird eggs, the olive oil will help cook meat and keep things from sticking to your pan! It’s also a great thing to add to pasta and a sealed package can last up to 4 years. And who know, maybe some day used cooking oil can be used to power your prototype vehicle you’re working on! 4. The Twinkie Many urban legends exist about the twinkie and some claim that this product doesn’t contain any actual food, therefore, is not spoilable. Some claim that twinkies have been on storage shelves for years and wait until people make orders for them, making them one of the best apocalyptic foods out there. But is this myth true? According to many sources, the twinkie has a shelf life of only about 25 days since it does contain actual ingredients, like eggs and milk. However this is actually pretty long for a pastry. Twinkies will still appear to be rather edible long after this time but the taste will certainly be diminished.You can still probably test the shelf life on your own to be the judge. It might actually be a good thing to still store theses, then sell them to people who think they’re indestructible. 3. Canned Fruits It’s undebated that canned food has the best shelf life and can taste fresh even after 30 years have gone by and any amateur prepper out there knows this! A large variety of canned foods are out there, ensuring that you can have a balanced diet. It’s encouraged to also stock up on canned fruit, such as pineapple that’s high in vitamin C, since many fruits out there will perish quickly, making a limited supply. There’s also a disease out there called scurvy, that’s caused by a lack of vitamin C, which affected many pirates and sailors when they primarily were eating salted meats. Symptoms of scurvy include, bleeding gums, joint and muscles aches, bleeding gums and rashes. So keep that in mind when stocking up on canned food! 2. Spam You might think, that when it comes to canned meat, they are healthier options out there than spam. You may be right if you’re talking about tuna, but mayonnaise spoils too easily and tuna is just not the same without mayo. Spam is also another mythical food that is ready to survive an apocalypse but should you eat it!? There’s absolutely no doubt that it will won’t spoil most likely within the next 5 years. This canned meat comes from pig shoulder and ham. Another one newer version comes from chicken and pork. It could certainly be a decent option when it comes to getting a dosage of your meat intake if you don’t enjoy hunting 1.Beef Jerky Beef jerky is possibly the best food to have stockpiled for the zombie apocalypse. This dried meat, is extremely low in fat or moisture so it’s virtually impossible for it to become spoiled. You can also consider make your after hunting animals and it’s a good idea stocking up on salt to help you with this.Beef jerky is popular among bodybuilders for its extremely high protein concentration, and you're gonna need all the muscle possible for fighting off the relentless hordes of zombies! It’s also full of zinc and iron to ensure to heal your muscles after countless hours of running, from the undead. Keep in mind you will get scurvy after a long period of time with no vitamin C, so it’ll be hard to remain perfectly health on just beef jerky. Choose the proper foods with help from this list and you will be a survivor.
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12 of The Dumbest Laws in The World
From an entire country setting a maximum waste line to illlegalizing chewing gum, these are the dumbest laws stopping you from doing unbelievable things. Subscribe to American Eye http://goo.gl/GBphkv
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Most Haunted Places in Each State Part 1
From the infamous Stanley Hotel, to the scariest plantation in the South; These are the Most Haunted Places in Each State Part 1 Subscribe to American Eye http://goo.gl/GBphkv 25. Alabama- Huntingdon College 24. Alaska- Wendy Williamson Auditorium 23. Arizona- Tombstone Ghost Town 22. Arkansas- Crescent Hotel 21. California- Winchester Mansion 20. Colorado-Stanley Hotel 19. Connecticut- Seaside Sanatorium 18. Delaware- Fort Delaware 17. Florida- Jacksonville Theater 16. Georgia- Moon River Brewery 15. Hawaii-Iolani Palace 14. Idaho- Old State Penitentiary 13. Illinois Congress Plaza 12. Indiana-Culbertson Mansion 11. Iowa- Villisca Ax Murder House 10. Kansas- The Sallie Atchison House Located in the Atchison Kansas, there seems to be a curse on this place for anyone who lives here. The person who build it in the 1800’s died only after a year. Other unlucky residents have had strokes not long after moving. Eventually a surgeon moved into the home. One day a girl named sally showed up on his doorstep who needed surgery. However, the surgery wasn’t successful and since then, there appears to be a strong paranormal presence and even sightings of black eyed children! So watch out! a 9. Kentucky- Waverly Hills Sanitarium This sanitarium once housed victims of tuberculosis and is now apparently haunted by both the staff and the patients. One nurse took her own life her after she was impregnated by a docter who wanted nothing to do with her and awful methods were used to treat the ill here. The place is now abandoned and this is definitely one of the most haunted places in the US. 8. Louisiana- Magnolia Plantation Rumor has it that slaves who once practiced voodoo at this plantation cursed the land here and it’s home to unsettling paranormal activity.The creepy swamp trees you see in this photo are likely to spook you out as well. The dark history of slavery in the south has allowed for several ghost sightings of both the slaves and the plantation owners. 7. Maine- Wood Island Lighthouse The state of Maine is well known for their amazing display of lighthouses but this one here has quite a frightening tale behind it. 1896, there was a criminal who got into a gunfight with a local sheriff. After shooting him down, he ran to the top of the lighthouse and took his own life. People who come back hear the footsteps and see the human-like shadows of the legendary criminal. 6. Maryland- Antietam National Battlefield Situated in the fields of the appalachian mountains, this battlefield was home to some intense fighting during the civil war and also a national military cemetery. More than 300,000 people visit it each year. It was one of the bloodiest battles to ever take place on American soil and visitors claim to see ghosts from former soldiers walking around the area. 5. Massachusetts- Lizzie Borden House This house here built in the 1800’s was home to one of the most gruesome crimes during that century. An entire family was left brutally murdered but the mystery has gone unsolved. Many believe Lizzie herself was responsible. Maybe the spirits that told her to commit the crimes are still here. Many report hearing voices and apparitions all throughout the house. 4. Michigan- Henderson Castle This amazing looking house was built in 1895 in the city of Kalamazoo and is currently a bed and breakfast lodge. It’s believed to be haunted by the original owners who payed quite the fortune to have it constructed.Many people report seeing the ghost of young girl with a little dog. 3. Minnesota- Forepaugh’s Restaurant This building is currently an upscale French restaurant near the historic area of St. Paul. This is a perfect example of victorian architecture in the state and a perfect example of paranormal activity! The owner of the house got the maid pregnant and this apparently caused her to lose her mind and hanged herself. After this incident, the house was sold someone else and not long after his business went down the drain causing him to do the same thing! Great things to know while you're enjoying a meal here! 2. Mississippi- Cedar Grove Mansion This southern style mansion was used as a hospital during the civil war after soldiers were injured in the battle of Vicksburg. The current owner was originally delighted with buying such a beautiful historic mansion, that was until he noticed spirits of confederate soldiers roaming around! 1.Missouri, Lemp Mansion Another haunted mansion, this was built by a wealthy brewing family in the mid 1800’s. Some type of tragedy struck causing 4 of members of the lemp family to take their own life. People claim the house is overwhelmed by poltergeist activity and is the most haunted place in the state of Missouri. We’ll get to the other states in an upcoming video.
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10 Important First Steps to Take in a Zombie Outbreak
Do you know what the first step is ? Don't be the guy who wasn't prepared ! These are 10 IMPORTANT First Steps To Take in a Zombie Outbreak ! Subscribe to American Eye http://goo.gl/GBphkv 10. Lock Your Door 9. Do Your Research 8. Prepare to Loot 7. Gather Your Resources 6. Select a Hide Out 5. Shut Your Mouth No matter where’ve you decided to hideout at zombies or other looters might still find you if you don’t keep quiet! You are not on a fun camping trip with your buddies. Making noise will only attract more zombies. This isn’t the Dr. Phil show where you and you’re buddies need to talk about your feelings. It’s best to alternate sleeping cycles between you and your friends so at least one person is always awake keeping an eye out. If you feel as though you must say something, you need to whisper. You’ll never know exactly who someone is until the zombie apocalypse has hit the fan. Be extremely cautious about who you tell your exact location too since you never know if they’ll turn against you.While you are working as a team, keep to yourself some type of backup survival plan in case it gets to the point where you need to become a lone wolf. 4. Back Up Plan Keep your secrets to yourself and don’t always disclose some of the secret locations you could consider hiding at right away. You might have more insider knowledge than many people during the apocalypse. You should always be thinking of the next perfect place to go and being on the move looking for more supplies could be what keeps you and your group alive. Think back to yourself places you might know about that no everyone else know. For example that barnhouse near your uncle's house. That one place you alway hid when you were playing hide and go seek as a kid or that secluded hotel you saw from watching our videos! If the one spot you’re staying at now keeps getting attacked by zombies, find somewhere else to go until you have the best place to fortify. 3. Don’t Let Your Guard Down A few weeks have gone by and even if you think all the hordes of relentless zombie attacks are over, think again! Depending on the size of the outbreak, It really could just be the eye of the storm and there could be another wave of zombies just getting ready to crash on you. You need to stay on your tiptoes, looking around as far as possible for the next strike. If you think it’s possible the outbreak has ended, this is a good time to see if civilization has maybe started up again somewhere else. If the virus is contained, but you’ve been sitting in the forest the entire time, you’ll never know if there’s been any progress made. 2. Collect a Commodity As you are wandering around the world of the undead, you will come across valuable commodities that will become extremely useful. Your journey will be filled with surprises and possibly hidden treasures left over from the time when people weren’t eating each others brains! If you are to introduce yourself to a settlement of zombie apocalypse survivors, it is likely they will not trust you with good reason. In order to prove yourself worthy of joining their people, you may have to gather some resources or commodities. There’s always something out there that you will enjoy collecting and that people will find valuable. Whether it’s jewelry looted from people’s fingers or champagne from fancy restaurants, keep your eyes out for these things! The barter system will take over once the apocalypse strikes and you need to have something ready to trade! The wedding rings that were once symbols of peoples marriage, will make easy targets and you can melt those down into bullion! Even simple things like toothpaste, firewood, seeds, medicine or shampoo will be considered to be all well sought after. When you’ve gather enough of these resources, try to make contact carefully with prepper who might have been better prepared than you. 1. Blend In First of all if you’ve made a couple weeks, go ahead pat yourself on the back! You survived the initial outbreak! One of the most important things during the zombie apocalypse is not to stand out too much. If you become wealthy from the barter system, don’t start flaunting it! You will essentially placing a crosshair on your head and become a target for looters and even zombies. You need to do your best, to blend into your surroundings as much as possible and stash your supplies in a hidden location. Blending in also means getting yourself some camouflage or even creating yourself one with leaves and branches. When moving around through the urban areas, always be looking for cover because you never know who will be looking at you through the high powered scope of a sniper rifle. The first parts of the zombie apocalypse will certainly be frightening and if you can tough it out, maybe civilization will restart once again soon and earth will begin to repopulate, but it won’t be easy.
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15 Terrifying Images Explained
From mysteries ghost in photographs to video footage of creepy being in the woods, these are 15 horrifying images explained. Subscribe to American Eye http://goo.gl/GBphkv
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12 Unbelievable Discoveries in the Balkans
From the creepiest tree ever, to some of the most mysterious buildings you can imagine; These are 12 UNBELIEVABLE Discoveries in the Balkans ! Subscribe to American Eye http://goo.gl/GBphkv 12. Creepy Bulgarian Tree The Balkans are certainly a mysterious region in Europe. This consists of several countries who often have trouble agreeing on their borders. Geographically speaking it’s the area that’s surrounded by the adriatic sea to the west, mediterranean to the south and the black sea to the east. The region ends north of Romania and this region is slightly smaller than the state of Texas. Someone was walking through the heart of the Balkan mountains in Bulgaria and came across this spooky looking tree. As you take a closer look you can tell it certainly looks a like a person with 2 legs, 2 arms and even a head! The person that snatched the photo said he was speechless when he first spotted it. The more you look at it the creepier it seems to get. 11. Mysterious Boulder This giant sphere shaped boulder was found in central Bosnia that’s been stumping archaeologists since it was discovered in April of 2016. Some claim that resembles something you would see in an Indiana Jones film but it’s certainly well buried into the ground so that doesn’t seem to be the case. Could it be evidence of a lost prehistoric civilization in the Balkans? This is the heaviest stone ball ever discovered and it has a radius 5 feet! This one is much larger than the stone balls found in Costa Rica, which can weigh up to 15 tons! The weight of this one here in Bosnia has not been determined yet. A myth in Bosnia talks about there being a bunch of these giant spheres around the country but they were broken to see if they contained gold. At the moment, there is no definitive explanation for these but no one is ruling out the possibility that it’s artificial made. 10. King Ballaios’ Palace 9. Mysterious Tomb Amphipolis 8. 2500 Year Old Horse 7. Romanian Romeo & Juliet 6. Serbian Skull Tower 5. Daska Bone Discovery 4. Oldest Forged Coins Counterfeiting might be a little bit older than you think. A man from Romania found what appears to be the oldest forged coins in history. A man named Paul found 300 forged silver coins and just because their knockoffs don’t mean their not worth something! These date back all the way to ancient greece and are quite good forgeries.With each coin be nearly 700 bucks, this collection is worth roughly the equivalent of 210,000 US dollars. However due to some new treasure hunting laws, they’re likely only going to be able to keep just 10 percent of this. The coins date back to 350 BC and show a greek soldier on horseback. They’re still made of raw silver but the quality of metal kind of give it’s a way that it’s a forgery. 3. The Hades Centipede Scientists found a rare species of centipede in Western Croatia in 2015. These were found 3600 feet below the surface of the earth in what’s known as the Velebit Mountain range. This certainly isn’t your average centipede and it has extremely powerful jaws, poison glands and it’s been given the nickname the Hades Centipede after the Greek god of the underworld. This is one of only a few creatures that will spend it’s entire life underground and has absolutely no need for sunlight to survive. The hades centipede is thought to be one of the top predators deep below the surface of the earth. 2. The Bosnian Pyramid One of the most mysterious discoveries in the Balkans is quite large and difficult to miss if you’re in the town of Visoko Bosnia. Many would assume it’s just a hill, but is it? Some think it’s much more than just that and this hill is actually man made and in the shape of a pyramid. If it was a pyramid, it would be twice the size of the great pyramid and they believe it would date back to 12,000 BC. The more and more they investigate this site, the more they begin to believe it was in fact man made. Many experts believe this is just a huge cruel hoax. But would something so controversial be well accepted by mainstream historians? We encourage you to do a little research for your own and take a look at it on google maps. 1.Varna Necropolis The Varna Necropolis is located in the country of Bulgaria and is considered to be the site where the first gold jewelry was ever found. This site dates back to 4600 to 4200 BC and was discovered in 1972. An astonishing total of 294 graves total were found, but the skeleton blinged out in the world’s oldest gold jewerly was the most significant discovery at the necropolis. 3,000 gold artifacts total were uncovered here and that weighed approximately 13.2 pounds total.
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10 Sacred Native American Places
From the GRAND Canyon, to the little known eerie black hills, these are 10 Sacred Native American Places ! Subscribe to American Eye http://goo.gl/GBphkv 5. The Devil’s Tower Devil’s tower, that soars 900 feet in the sky is National Monument is located in the state of Wyoming. This landmark is considered to be sacred to the Lakota Tribe and other small tribes in this area. The Lakota however have the strongest spiritual connection with this place. They refer to it by several different names including “ghost mountain” “Grizzly Bear’s Lodge” and “Mythical Owl Mountain”. It’s here where they often conducted spiritual rituals such as fasting, praying, and shaman would performing healing ceremonies. One tale tells that a fierce warrior was undergoing a vision and suddenly appeared at the top of this mountain. He was frightened and felt that there was no possible way to come down without losing his life. Here in this photo, we see the chief of the Lakota Nation, who goes by the Chief Arvol. Him and his people have requested that the name of the mountain be changed to the “Bears Lodge”. He claims that the name is very misleading, There’s nothing evil about it and it’s a place where his people have prayed for years. 4. Mauna Kea Mauna Kea is the highest peak in the state of hawaii, reaching nearly 14,000 feet and the native Hawaiians find this place to be a sacred place. From the peak of this massive dormant volcano, amazing views of the cosmos can be seen due to the darkness of the ocean surrounding it. For this reason, it’s also sought after by astronomers who wanted to build a massive telescope to peer into the final frontier. Native hawaiians protested the construction of the Mauna kea telescope on this sacred volcano. They claim that it’s from here where spirits of the supreme beings, divine entities live and the meeting place for the god of the sky and mother earth. It’s also believed to be a holy burial ground. Many people protested the construction of the telescope and in 2015, native hawaiians held a large gathering to block entrance to it and were arrested by authorities. 3. The Grand Canyon This location is often on travellers to-do list while visiting the Southwestern United States. Many tourists however, might not know right away that these remarkably beautiful canyons are sacred to Native American tribes. In the surrounding area, tribes like the Navajo, Havasupai, Hopi and Paiute Tribes have all settled in this area, well before tours to the white man were available and before gift shops began selling replica jewlery. Many tribes have deeply imbedded history in the grand canyon and there are several Indian reservation here. The water that flows through the canyon is considered to be sacred to them, and the Havasupai Indians get their name from this. Havasupai translates to “people of the green and blue waters. Other stone structures nearby like Wigleeva we see here, overlooks the havasupai village, are believed to guard the tribe, and if they fall, it will mean the end of their civilization. 2. Navajo Mountain Located in Southwest Utah, in the monument valley, this is the highest peak in the Navajo Nation reserve and considered to be the area of the first ever Navajo settlement. It plays a huge role in Navajo culture and is the setting of their mythical legends. Evidence of other people such as the Anasazi have also been discovered and the Navajo also believe it’s haunted by spirits of this tribe. The southwest of the united states can get quite dry at times, and they believe tha0t this mountain plays a vital role in bring rain and freshwater to their people. 1.The Black Hills Possibly one of the most disputed pieces of land within the United States are the Black Hills. Other areas in North and South Dakota are the original homeland for the Lakota Native Americans. According the them, the Black Hills are “the heart of Everything that is”. As the American settlers continued westward with the concept of Manifest Destiny, it became a casualty in vicious conquest of land. Thousands of buffalo that once roamed this area, with purposely slaughtered to extinguish the food source of this tribe, like we see here with this pyramid of Buffalo skulls. The black mountains are still a location of political unrest and confrontations in modern times. Many Lakota believe that this is a unique place where they are able to make spiritual connections with their creators. It’s also their the location of the Bears Lodge we mentioned eariler. The Lakota take a large amount of pride in their heritage and even recently there’s been civil unrest when tribe members feared the government building a oil pipeline through burial grounds and sacred land near the black hills.
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9 CREEPIEST Urban Legends
From the clown doll that stupefied everyone, to the vicious bunny man, these are 9 CREEPIEST Urban Legends ! Subscribe to American Eye http://goo.gl/GBphkv 7. The Russian Sleep Experiment 6. Nam Koo Terrace 5. Black Eyed Children We all know there is just slightly something unsettling about children, with no parents walking around at night. A real person and well-known Texan journalist by the name of Brian Bethel, had an unsettling experience with black eyed children while writing a check in his car in Abilene Texas. They knocked on the window to the drivers side but he couldn’t see their eyes since they were covered with a hoodie. He rolls down the window and one of the boys says that they need a ride home in order for them to see a movie. Although, the conversation just seemed normal, for some reason Bryan felt an overwhelming feeling of horror. Bryan looked at the time and had realized that the last movie showing at that theater had been ended at least an hour ago. As bryan hesitated, the boy talking got more and more pushy, and reached for the lock on the door. Bryan finally realized that both of the children had pitch black eyes, with no iris and no pupils. Some claim these are the ghosts of children who lost their lives from trusting strangers. 4. The Bunny Man This urban legend takes place in Fairfax County, Virginia and in 1904 a mental asylum prison was shut down in order to move the prisoners somewhere else. When unexpectedly the transport vehicle crashes killing the driver and allowing 10 inmates to escape. The police spent hours searching and found all of the escapees, except 1. While searching for the last man, police would find the skinless carcasses of rabbits near what’s known as the Bunny Man Bridge. It was revealed that the man who managed to escape, had killed his entire family on easter sunday. Police had finally spotted the man and while in pursuit, it’s believed that he was hit by a train. Strange sighting of a man wielding an ax underneath the bridge was reported in the 1970’s. The urban legend has hit the locals so hard, that this still refer to this creepy place as the bunny man bridge. Many have continued to report sightings especially around halloween time. 3. Bloody Mary You might remember this urban legend when you had a sleepover with your friends during middle school. If you say her name 3 times and look into the mirror, the image of Mary’s ghost will appear in the mirror. But who on earth is Mary in the first place and why is she bloody? Mary Tudor was the sister of the Queen Elizabeth of England. She was the daughter of King Henry the 8th. During the time of her sister’s reign, Mary was a Catholic and ordered that protestants be put to death by cruel methods such as burning at the stake, this gave her the nickname of “Bloody Mary”. Mary became increasing frustrated due to the fact that she couldn’t bare a child, and this is most likely a reason for her madness. Others say it’s the ghost of a little girl named mary who was put to rest at a cemetery. her mother could hear her screams coming from her tomb. They were convinced that she was still alive and that they needed to open her casket. They found that the coffin was scratched from the inside, and mary’s nails were bloody in an attempt to escape. 2. Slenderman Have you ever felt like you were being watched for no particular reason while going on a hike through a foggy forest? He’s appeared in random photos of children, hiding behind tree, normally before conducting kidnappings or abductions. Slenderman is often found stalking his victims and portrayed as a faceless tall, man whose slender and wearing a suit. Sometimes his arms can be unnaturally long and tentacles that will reach out grab yo kids. He has the ability to teleport but can be seen in forests, abandoned locations or outside people’s, just watching people as they sleep. He seems to have a hypnotic effect over children and they tend to trust him quite easily. Those who have witnessed slenderman and were able to escape, are said to be completely traumatized and left mentally insane. 1.The Rake The rake is a mythical creature from urban legends and is the thing nightmares are made from. It’s said to be a half human and half dog-like creature. The rake makes its presence in the night, sometimes to attack, and sometimes just to strike fear into the hearts of unexpecting victims. Some believe that they truly looking at the devil himself and can no longer go through the torment of witnessing such a frightening monster. Those who witness it, say it’s found sitting on the corner of their beds and it looks them directly into their eyes, waiting for them to wake up. The description slightly varies, but most of the time it’s perceived as having morbidly pale skin, sharp flesh scraping claws with abnormally large hands, black eyes that can reflect light, and normally dripping with blood. It might even be on your bed right now. So watch out!
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Most Enchanting Places in Each State
Here are 50 of the most beautiful places you must see in each state. Subscribe to American Eye http://goo.gl/GBphkv Here are 50 of the most beautiful places you must see in each state. Subscribe to American Eye http://goo.gl/GBphkv Missouri: Onondaga Cave State Park descends into a world of wonder. The stalactite and stalagmite formations are simply spectacular. Montana: Glacier National Park is a subrange of the Rocky Mountains. The park spans over one million acres. Nebraska: Chimney Rock is located on the Oregon Trail Bayard, off U.S. Route 26. When you’re able to see it the magnificent rock formation it almost appears otherworldly. Nevada: Valley of Fire State Park is the oldest and one of the largest States Park in the United States. The park has exquisite rock formations and 3000-year-old Native American petroglyphs. New Hampshire: Lake Winnipesaukee is the biggest lake in New Hampshire and has 250 natural surrounding Islands. Winnipesaukee is a favorite vacationing lake offering a wide variety of leisure opportunities and splendid mountain views. New Jersey: Cape May is located at the southernmost point of New Jersey. Visitors will find some interesting attractions in the area including an abandoned bunker on the beach. New Mexico: Carlsbad Caverns National Park is home to Carlsbad Caverns and over 119 caves. Carlsbad Cavern is one of the largest caves in the world, offering a variety of "rooms". New York: Niagara Falls is a collection of three falls that borders Ontario and New York. Remarkable in all seasons, the falls are even more captivating when irradiated at night. North Carolina: Hanging Rock State Park is a portion of the Sauratown Mountain Range and is has five waterfalls plus the beautiful Lower Cascade Falls. North Dakota: International Peace Garden is a garden that is dedicated to international peace between the United States and Canada: The inscription on a cairn in the garden reads "TO GOD IN HIS GLORY, we two nations dedicate this garden and pledge ourselves that as long as men shall live, we will not take up arms against one another." Ohio: Hocking Hills State Park is located in Logan Ohio and has an ample of things to see and explore including lakes, falls, and caves. Oklahoma: Chickasaw National Recreation Area is nestled in the foothills of the Arbuckle Mountains. A favorite spot is Travertine Creek. It maintains an average temperature of 65 degrees year-round and is a popular swimming hole in the hot, summer months. Oregon: Crater Lake is the deepest lake in the U.S. and is too stunning for words. Pennsylvania: Rickett Glen State Park is Pennsylvania’s most beloved state park. It has 24 waterfalls with ample of hiking opportunities. Rhode Island: Block Island was named one of "The Last Great Places" by The Nature Conservatory. The Island is home to a vast diversity of wildlife and songbirds, and is stunningly scenic. South Carolina: Caesar’s Head State Park is in Greenville County, South Carolina. The park boasts unbelievable panoramic sights of the surrounding scenery. South Dakota: Badlands National Park is the most enchanting place in South Dakota, it was a draw between it and Mt. Rushmore. Tennessee: The Great Smoky Mountains National Park is located in Tennessee and besides the clear striking views, it boasts wildlife, lush forests, amongst wildflowers. Texas: Santa Elena Canyon & Big Bend State Park is an unforgettable desert paradise in Texas. The place pictured is Santa Elena Canyon, which is a remarkable must-see feature of the park. Utah: Zion National Park is Utah’s most popular state park and located in the southern part of the state. Zion offers plenty of hiking and wildlife-watching. Vermont: Lake Champlain is a large, strikingly beautiful lake in Vermont. The lake boasts with beautiful reflective water and some stunning islands. Virginia: Shenandoah National Park is a section of the Blue Ridge Mountain range. The park landscapes peaks, waterfalls, and the popular Skyline Drive scenic route. It will really help you to understand the phrase “Virginia is for Lovers.” Washington: Cape Flattery is near the northernmost Washington coast, in Clallam County. The rock features, greenery, and ocean views are undeniably dreamlike. West Virginia: Blackwater Falls State Park is a favorite spot in West Virginia. The best time to visit is in the fall when the trees change colors. Wisconsin: Apostle Islands National Lakeshore is home to some undeniably enchanting ice caves, natural structures decorated with crystalline icicles. Wyoming: Yellowstone National Park is simply out-of-this-world stunningly beautiful.
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17 Mysterious Places You Won't Believe Actually Exist!
World's 17 places of mystery, so strange, you won't believe these hidden mysterious areas actually exist throughout our planet. Subscribe to American Eye http://goo.gl/GBphkv
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Unbelievable Recent Wikileaks Revelations
From remote vehicle control, to the crazy ways the CIA can listen to you; These are Unbelievable Recent Wikileaks Revelations ! Subscribe to American Eye http://goo.gl/GBphkv 10. Vault 7 9. Smart TV’s 8. iPhones and Androids 7. Covert Hacker Bases 6. Vehicle Control Hacking 5. Operation Hammer Drill The CIA had quite a few different programs in order install the malware they created on other people’s computers. The had a few cyber weapons up their sleeves and one of those was a cross-platform malware that would target microsoft, linux, solaris by infecting computers with CD’s, DVD’s USB’s and other sophisticated malware. It’s believed that this would work with the most secure computers on the planet. It also seemed to have the ability to infect computers that weren’t even connected to the internet or never have been connected to the internet before. So, be careful next time you put a CD or USB into your computer, just know what you might be getting yourself into. It’s also believed that the US took some of this technology from Russia and if some of the devices were to be detected, it would essentially point the finger at them. 4. Codename Ricky Bobby The codename for one of the malwares developed is known as “Ricky Bobby”. This is a lightweight implant for specially targeted computers running on newer versions of Microsoft Windows and server. This easy to install malware allows hackers to easily upload and download files and execute demands without being detected. This is remotely installed with physical access to target computers most likely by people who pose as IT support. Once the malware is on the computer, it’s on there for good and there’s apparently no way to get it off. It’s clear that the time and research that’s been done to develop these cyber weapons was rather extensive. 3. Fine Dining The codenames used in these wikileaks attack can get pretty wild. This one is called “fine dining” and it allows for a CIA operate to plant a hacking device program under the cover of playing an innocent online game! So the entire time they’re implanting malware onto a computer no one will suspect them doing any harm. The system uses the cover of online games like “2048” which is a game with numbers and the other cover is the media player VLC. they’re also able to use existing tools on the computer such as things like “notepad” for their hacking operation. For example, they’ll use the notepad to communicate with other CIA agents who can view what they’re doing on that computer. 2. Operation Shoulder Surfer Ever see someone kind of lingering over your shoulder, trying to see what you’re doing on the computer? You might especially be cautious of shoulder surfers while you’re at the ATM machine or typing in an important password to your Ashley Madison account. Yeah that’s basically what the CIA spooks are doing, they know this and that’s why they called this operation Shoulder Surfer. It’s a little bit hard to decipher all of the government lingo but we could clearly tell that this was for hacking into people's private email inbox. This allows for them to hack into Microsoft exchange servers and dig up things like your emails and maybe even worse, your browser history! For love of god, so one do something! This will also allow them to obtain information stored in your computer such as passwords, and files stored on the computer. The CIA really knows how to beat a dead horse and they seem to have several different ways to gain as much personal info about someone as possible. Overview You might be asking yourself, hey, if the CIA is so good at hacking things, how does wikileaks even exists and how have they not been able to hack them? The wikileaks server in Sweden is extremely secure and located in Sweden, in an undisclosed location. Julian Assange has assured us the server is safe and the technology the CIA would have to possess to hack it, would be above their capabilities, for the moment at least. The sheer massive amount of hacking notes and documents found from Vaut 7 is just simply overload. As you’re reading through the files. You notice the time and effort put into these projects. Edward Snowden claims these documents appear to be real due to the fact that insider terminology is used, that only CIA agents would know. Julien Assange asked the question,” Should the Geneva Convention be modernized in order make this kind of hacking an international crime?”
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10 Strangest Things Found in Attics
From that Van Gogh painting you have always dreamed about, to the hidden massive COLD HARD CASH; These are 10 STRANGEST Things Found in Attics ! Subscribe to American Eye http://goo.gl/GBphkv 6. Weird Women It’s not just weird guys you might come across in your basement, you mind a woman in here too. This man, Davis Wahlman was shocked to say the least when he heard strange noises coming from the basement. He founded a dark haired woman, who said “Jimmy’ was letting her live there. The only thing was, he had no idea who Jimmy was, and his name wasn’t Jimmy. She apparently snuck in and decided to crash there for a while. He was first alarmed when he found this window screen in his bathtub. Like most people would do, he called the police, but the mystery woman, had already fled the scene. Trying to have sense of humor about the situation, he posted this on his twitter account say, “Everyone’s out there catching Pokemon, meanwhile, I’m catching weird ladies in my basement”. 5. Cold Hard Cash This seems like everyone’s dream when there getting some cleaning done! If you came across 45,000 dollars in the attic, would you return to the previous owner of the house? A man named Josh Ferrin in Utah, had just closed a deal on a new home. Not long after, he came across the bags full of money in the attic. They were originally in an ammunition case that looked like it was from the world war II era. Looking inside, he found rolls upon rolls of cash. This attic had more rolls than a bakery. Josh first saw the money as a great way out of having to pay a large amount of bills but he did the honest thing and returned it to the previous owner, trying to set a good example to his kids. How do you really forget about that much money in the freakin’ attic! 4. A Mummy? A man in Germany named Alex, came across a startling discovery in his home. It’s believed that his grandfather had taken a few trips to Egypt in the 1950’s but it’s unconfirmed where it came. You see the extensive hieroglyphics and the mummy itself but does it seem a little too well preserved? Turns out the mummy is made of plastic and it’s really a forgery. Modern day scientists could tell pretty quickly that it was fake but maybe not so easily in the 1950’s. It’s believed that the cloth was also from the 21st century and were machine made, Other items like a death mask and canopic jars that were used to store organs. 2. 70 Year Time Capsule A German man fled to Czechoslovakia after World War II, left a huge amount of possession inside this attic. He was forced to flee this home however during a massive expulsion of Germans in the country, once the Soviets had control of the area. 70 years later, a man returned to see what his father left and he was shocked beyond belief! The place was filled with packages. He found his childhood dolls he once played with. He found nail polish that belonged to his mother. And long lost german book, filled with dust! They uncover one more priceless item. He opened this mysterious, secret door and found some artwork we see here, that’s been left in perfect condition. 1. The Head of a King It’s not everyday that you clean the attic and find the mummified severed head of a French monarch but this kinda stuff does happen. This baffling discovery, was made by a French person living in the city of Angers. Born in Pau, France, King Henri the IV was the first protestant King of France and this caused much uproar since France was mostly Catholic. Eventually he was brutally executed in Paris at the Age of 56. Once he was buried, graverobbers, severed his head and sold it on the black market. King Henry was identified by his wounds from prior assassination attempts, including knife gash to the upper jaw. Historian were under debate about whether or not this was really him, so they even used DNA samples from prevois French monarchs who shared the same blood line and it was still a match! Some people in France, like the Duke d’Anjou, called for the head to be reburied out of respect, with the rest of the body.
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Most Essential Equipment to Survive the Zombie Apocalypse
6. Duct Tape In what possible way could duct tape be useful in the zombie apocalypse? More like in what ways are they not!? First of all, duct tape works great for setting up zombie traps and it can definitely be used to set up trip wires. Also, let’s say that one of your friends has become bitten by a zombie and you know it will be only hours before they start to go crazy and try to start eating you. You might find this a little easier than shooting your best friend in the head with a shotgun. Duct tape can also be used for securing weak parts in home, used for armor, clothing, repair your equipment or even tape shut a zombie's mouth! It’s there so many ways to use it, and you don’t always know when you’re going to need it or why, it’s just best have some with you. 5. Crowbar The crowbar is another essential tool that will prove to be quite useful in the apocalyptic world. During your journey throughout the apocalyptic wasteland you may come across some crates or doors that need to be opened in order for you to loot supplies. Crowbars allow you to deconstruct objects carefully so you can even loot the nails, if you need them enough. This simple metal tool is extremely cheap and can be made from valuable metal. Looting is going to be one of your best ways to gather supplies and if you’re not a professional locksmith, a good ole crowbar. Many rave about the crowbars effectiveness as a zombie weapon as well. Some might even modify it with duct tape for extra grip. The hook of the crowbar adds extra damage to the skull which should be pretty lethal to a zombie and could be one of the best weapons to finished off a wounded zombie. One or two swings should be all it needs. 4. Video Camera Most electronics won’t prove to be too useful or you might run out of battery at some point but a video camera can prove to be useful especially if you’re working as a team. If you’re able to videotape a zombie, scientists will be able to study it and you’ll be able to understand better what the symptoms are with the virus. You can learn better ways to exterminate them, and how to protect yourself. Other cameras may prove to be useful with the addition of infrared and or night vision to help you navigate your way through the dark. Some useful items like a power pot which runs on boiling water can generate enough energy to power charge your electronics. 3. Armor It’s not just zombies you’re going to have to worry about during the zombie apocalypse, it’s people you’re going to have to watch out for too, and people know how to use gun. If you’re able to come across some kind of bullet proof vest during your journey through the apocalyptic world, you will certainly want to take it. Although you can possibly survive the apocalyse with no armor, having armor will be crucial if you ever consider taking over another human outpost who has a large stockpile of weapons, food, ammunition, water, etc. 2. Swiss Army Knife Any kind of knife is certainly going to be useful but it doesn’t always need to be used as a weapons. Knifes used as weapons during the zombie apocalypse, put you just a little bit too close to the infected. There are intense Swiss Army Knife like gadget is equipped with wire cutters to help you clip through chain link fences. They can also features useful tools like saws and hammers to aide you in constructing a stronghold. Don’t forget about the steel serrated and straight blades that will cut through zombie flesh with ease, if you have to use it that. Firearms take a lot cleaning and ammunition which may make it difficult maintain. Swiss army knives such as the The Leather MUT EOD multi tool is designed to work with harmony weapons such as the AR-15 which will help you clean, maintain many different firearms especially those used by the military. But you come across one during your escape from the undead, this also features cleaning rods and a disassembly punch to aid you in the maintenance of a fire. Here you have useful tools and weapons to keep you from becoming zombie food. This gadget will cost you about 169 dollars but it could be well worth it. Firearm We all know the setbacks with firearms during the zombie apocalypse. The noise can attract too many zombies and give away your location but, you’re basically a sitting duck without one during the zombie apocalypse. Relying solely on melee weapons will prove to be a bad choice especially if you find yourself in the middle of a zombie swarm. One of them will get you eventually. But if you're skilled enough to aim for the head and hit your target, this could at least give you enough time to run away. Silencers are also an option if you know how to make one or if you’re able to purchase it. Firearms will also make hunting easy if you find yourself in the woods for a long period of time. Get yourself something powerful but lightweight. Something like a glock 9mm or a Desert eagle are a great choice!
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12 Rare Creatures of Nepal
From the massive one horned Rhinoceros to the spider that lives far up in the Himalayas, here are 12 RARE animals of Nepal Subscribe to American Eye http://goo.gl/GBphkv 12. The Red Panda Nepal is a landlocked country in Central asia on the Himalayas between China and India. For being only the 93rd largest country in the world, this area has an extremely unique wildlife due to the varying climates and terrains. One of the unique animals found here is known as a Red Panda. It’s about the size of a domestic cat and looks quite cuddly. It’s believed that only less than 10,000 Red Pandas still exist in the Western Foothills of Nepal and China. Despite the name, this animal is not apart of the Panda family and is classified in bear and racoon families. 11. The Great Hornbill 10. Asiatic Rock Python This snake is mostly found in India but they can slither their way up to Nepal as well. They can be found in a number of different habitats including forests, jungles, swamps and marshes to name a few. This type of python is an extremely effective swimmer and they can grow about 9 feet long! They’re generally friendly towards humans and don’t exhibit too much aggressive behavior. These strict carnivores only survive off of meat and will feast on anything from birds, other reptiles and most commonly mammals. This photo here shows it swallowing a baby deer head first. Some can lay up to 100 eggs but despite their exceptional reproductive capabilities the Asiatic rock python is classified as a near threatened species. 9. The One Horned Rhinoceros 8. Clouded Leopard This rare, wild and beautiful cat is found roaming around the foothills of the Himalayas in Western Nepal and they’re numbers are beginning to dwindle. These are some of the most talented cats when it comes to climbing trees and can basically scale tall vertical tree trunks with ease. The color of their fur makes them blend in quite easily with trees, and foliage quite well. These creatures are nocturnal hunters and spend most of the day time sleeping in trees, kinda like your house cat. They were actually thought to be extinct in Nepal for a long period of time but conservation efforts have been made to keep this unique wild cat in existence. Many of the bans are poorly enforced however in some countries of Asia 7. Himalayan Brown Bear 6. Himalayan Monal The himalayan monal is a beautifully colored pheasant which is actually the national bird of Nepal. This relatively large bird can weigh over 2 and a half pounds on average and is notable for it’s green, red, blue and even orange coloring. This is found from the mountains of Afghanistan all the way to Nepal. The Himalayan Monal is under threat from a few factors including poachers and the development of hydroelectric power which disturbs their water source. The feathers used to be popular features in mens hats throughout the himalayas however hunting them has been banned, making the hats illegal. Here we see 2 preserved spotted eggs from this bird being held at a museum. 5. Himalayan Tahr 4. The Snow Leopard Snow leopards cover a fairly large habitat but their numbers are few and far between. Also found in Kazakhstan, M ongolia, Kyrgyzstan,Tibet and Siberia This map we see here shows the natural habitat of the snow leopard but it’s estimated that there’s only 2500 still remaining in the wild. These guys are only slightly smaller than other big cats like lions or tigers. Snow leopards are quick and agile predators and here we can see one that hunted a himalayan marmot for a healthy snack.They have tremendous power when it comes to jumping. They’re able to leap 50 feet in some cases. They’re beginning to disappear slowly however, due to chinese traditional medicine, their pelts and because of environmental factors. 3. The Himalayan Jumping Spider 2. Gharial This rare fish eating crocodile with an extremely skinny jaw is considered to be critically endangered and there could be only about 235 of them left in the wild. These naturally inhabited Northern parts of india as well as parts of southern Nepal. They obviously prefer the more marshy areas but unfortunately, many have tried to keep these in captivity as pets. Their thin jaws are basically a prehistoric evolutionary adaptation for them to be more efficient in hunting fish. Male Gharials can reach sizes of up to 20 feet long! Gharials tend to have similar DNA to many dinosaurs from the cretaceous period, and it’s still kind of a miracle these aren’t completely extinct. 1.Asiatic Elephant
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8 Mysterious Travelers from Other Dimensions
8 possible inter-dimensional visitors who claim to have ventured into alternate universes. Did these mysterious people really travel to other dimensions, or were they just drug induced hallucinations?
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11 Creepiest Urban Legends That Were True
From 800lb cow eating monsters to the rumors about mountain dew here are 11 Creepiest Urban Legends That Were True! Subscribe to American Eye http://goo.gl/GBphkv
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9 Places You're Forbidden From Seeing
9 restricted areas that normal people will never be allowed to visit. These are the most mysterious forbidden places in the world that you're denied access to.
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10 Most Haunted Forests to Avoid
From the ghostly screaming woods in the UK, to the mysterious Red forest of the Ukraine; These are 10 Most Haunted Forests to Avoid Subscribe to American Eye http://goo.gl/GBphkv 10. Pine Barrens, New Jersey 9. The Screaming Woods 8. Cursed Forest of Massachusetts 7. The Red Forest 6. Black Hills Forest 5. The Verdun Forest The battle of Verdun in France was one of the longest and biggest battle during world war I and the area is still closed off due to arsenic poisoning and undetonated explosives. This decisive moment in history would change the landscape for good, and the forests here seem quite bizarre. It’s rumored to still be littered with thousands of skeletons. Trenches are still noticeable, barbed wire is on the ground and artillery shells are turning to rust. Much of the forest was simply destroyed from artillery shells and poisonous chemical weapons filled the air during this battle. This image here shows a German bunker hidden away in the forest of Verdun and things like this certainly make this forest unsettling. Many who’ve ventured off into the forests here, still claim to feel the presences of lost spirits roaming around 4. Black Forest, Germany One of the most haunted forests in all over Europe, the Black Forest is known for its dense wooded areas and picturesque villages. It’s all been home to some spooky paranormal sightings. Many claim that the remote castles here are haunted and ghosts will appear from the the dense fog. The famous folklorists known as the Brothers Grimm would often make this the setting for their disturbing tales such as Hansel and Gretel, little red riding hood. Tales of wizards, ghouls, headless horsemen, werewolves, sorcerers all allegedly wander this forest and it’s been rumored to be haunted for centuries. Creepy Pasta even claims that slenderman has been sighted here. They claim that slenderman lived in the black forest and would chase after kids who came here at night. Other modern day stories tell the tale of small hotels here being haunted and people waking up in the middle of the night the rake creature sitting on the side of their beds 3. The Crooked Forest Poland If you came across this crooked forest in Poland you may begin to feel a few things just not quite right about this place. The trees here all seem to curve in one direction in the same place around the bottom of the tree. How is this even possible? The curves form at about a 90 degree angle and no one has been able to explain it with a clear answer. There’s really no good reason why someone would want the trees to become bended and there’s no real specific method on how to do this in the first place. Some believe that they might have been plowed by German tanks and then continued to grow. Other claim supernatural activity is to blame. Let us know in the comment section how you think these trees became curved and maybe we’ll feature in an upcoming video. 2. Aokigahara Forest, Japan There’s some forests out there that if you decide to explore them, you may never come back out alive. You may be familiar with the Aokigahara Forest located at the base of the Mt. Fuji in Japan, but you may have no idea how truly haunted this place actually is. People who come here are allegedly driven mad by spirits known as yurei, who lust after destruction. Despite the signs here warning people not to kill themselves, the people just don’t listen, the naturally forming twisted trees are just downright creepy. Don’t forget about the creepy cave systems here either. What else is strange about this place is that there’s absolutely no cell phone reception due to the magnetic rich iron that’s in the soil. So if a ghost starts a attacking you, you have no one to call! This isn’t the best place to go hiking if you’re afraid of bones either! Hoia-Baciu Forest Romania This is commonly referred to as the most haunted forest in the world and the locals who live nearby will tell you to stay the heck out! It’s located near Transylvania in a secluded area, probably because the ghosts won’t let them live here. The legends here tell a tale about a shepherd who made the wrong decision cut through this forest with 200 sheep. Neither the sheep or the shepherd were ever seen again. Tormented souls of Romanian peasants, apparently can’t leave this forest and this began to gain get a terrifying reputation in the 1960’s when this photo of a UFO was taken. The most notable feature of this forest is this large circle where absolutely no trees are able to grow. No one cut them down and no one knows how it got like this. It was featured on Ghost Hunters and they claimed to have heard voices and felt green eyes staring at them. Thoses who’ve survived entering this forest feels as though they are constantly being watched, nausea, burns scratches and are overwhelmed by anxiety.
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12 Strangest Places in New Jersey
From the small town that sighted of an infamous cryptid, to haunted roads, here are 12 Strangest Places in New Jersey Subscribe to American Eye! 6. Greystone Mental Asylum One of the older mental asylums in New Jersey, this here was built in the state capital of trenton, new jersey in 1876 and is one of the few that still stand today. Originally built to only house 350 people it expanded many times to reach an astonishing 7700 mentally ill people in horrifyingly overcrowded conditions. It’s also considered to be one of the most haunted places in the State of New Jersey, and there’s quite a few in this state. 5. Leeds Point This is the birthplace of the legendary New Jersey Devil that has wreaked havoc on the entire state. You definitely don’t want to explore the Pine Barrens forest on your own because it’s supposedly the roaming grounds for this mysterious cryptid. In 1735, a practicing witch gave birth to her 13th child at this location. Pine Barrens in New Jersey has often been considered a creepy place to be ever since native americans explored this forest. She stated that she no longer wanted anymore kids and she cursed the child during her pregnancy by saying,”May my 13th child be the devil”. Others claim that when finally gave birth, a terrifying bat winged creature flew out of her and escaped through the chimney. The Jersey Devil is said to have the head of a goat, the wings of a bat with cloven hooves and a forked tail. Many still report seeing the Jersey devil to this day. 4. The Meadowlands New Jersey is known as the Garden State but don’t let the name fool you. It’s home to one of the most polluted places in the US. Known as the Meadowlands, it’s a vast, flat wasteland which was home to illegal dumping operations often conducted by the Mafia when they ran this territory. Located near the stadium where the Giants and Jets play their home games, is an area primarily underwater with many reeds and damp, marshy land. This land was unable to be urbanized into a big Metropolis like the neighboring areas and only really seemed useful for dumping things. During world war II the military used it as a place to dump rubble that was created from the Battle of London! This was also a classic place where the mafia would make people “sleep with the fishes”. We can’t get into too much detail about the grizely discoveries made here, just take our word that this is a strange place!. Despite the obvious pollution, some species of birds and crustaceans have managed to survive 3. McGuire Air Force Base Did you know that Jersey is home to one of the most radioactive places in North America?! During the Cold War, America was quite eager to have the best nuclear arms of any country in the world. The McGuire Air Force Base was seriously contaminated from weapons grade plutonium in 1960. Located just south of Trenton, this was home to Launch Shelter 204 that stored nuclear, intercontinental ballistic missiles. An unexpected explosion happened in a helium that caused a fire in the nuclear tipped BOMARC missile. The fire burned for about 15 minutes and was extinguished with water. This resulted in radioactive material and water to flow throughout the air force base. Some pieces of debris were found a half mile from the explosion. It could have been much worse considering how close it is to populated areas. The contaminated area stretches an estimated 7 acres and it’s closed off with a barbed wire fence. So don’t even think about coming here! 2Hindenburg Site In 1937 a German passenger airship was flying over Manchester Township in New Jersey which erupted into flames with 97 people on board in 1937. The entire event was captured on camera with many dramatic scenes that shocked a lot of people. Many are unsure what exactly caused this to happen but since the giant zeppelin to erupt and it still remains quite the mystery. The dramatic event has a notorious audio to go along with it with the most famous line being oh the humanity. The site in modern times is marked with this memorial and it’s almost like the ground around it is still unable to grow grass which still makes it a little bit strange. Surprisingly, 61 people made it out alive in what was a shocking moment for many in history.. 1. The Devil’s Tree While we already discussed the possibility of there being the devil somewhere in Jersey but what about the possibility of there being a tree that’s truly cursed by the devil himself. The tree branches without leaves are already pretty creepy on their own but many claim that this tree was the sighting for hangings. There are certainly some crazy legends about this tree and seem to make people do the unthinkable! Some believe that near this tree, there’s a stone that covers up a portal to hell! The tree has gained such a wild reputation, that the landowner has gone through quite a bit to keep it from being vandalised
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14 Strangest Things Found in American Deserts
From the million dollar Atari Video Game stash, to the most remote PRADA store in the world, these are 14 STRANGEST Things Found in American Deserts ! Subscribe to American Eye http://goo.gl/GBphkv 8. Atari Video Game Stash In Southeastern New Mexico, Atari filled a landfill full of their games cartridges from the 80’s including games like ET, Asteroids, warlords, and centipede. These games didn’t succeed and Atari had to do something with them. Investigators were hired in an attempt to find the games and in 2014 the games were finally uncovered in the landfill near the atari factory after months of planning and investing 50,000 dollars. Once they were found over 900 copies , the games sold on Ebay like hotcakes and even the smithsonian was interested in some copies. 7. The Petrified Forest Would you believe there’s actually an entire forest of fossilized trees in Arizona!? A long time ago, this modern day desert was covered logs that were naturally transported by a river of now extinct trees on the continent of Pangea. Each of these large rocks that are formed on the ground are actually fossils from the late Triassic Period about 225 million years ago. The went through a process known as petrification when their living cells were filled with minerals, like silica and quartz which helps the wood retain much of its original form. It’s believed that some of these trees were over 200 feet tall when alive 6. Abandoned Prada Store This fancy designer shop was set up right in the middle of a desolate area in Western Texas. This was actually a permanent art installation, and not a random place to do shopping. Scandinavian Artists, funded the project and wanted to see how the store would look after spending a long period of time in the middle of the desert. The installation was quickly robbed of all the designer products like you could probably imagine only a few days after it was installed. The store was quickly repaired with stronger windows to prevent theft of the handbags and shows inside. 5. Flintstones Bedrock City Ever wish you be apart of a cartoon sometimes and see what it would look like in reality. The designers of this Flintstones themed attraction park had the same idea in mind but it didn’t turn out to be quite as popular as they had hoped. This is located in the desert just northwest of Flagstaff, Arizona and it’s delightfully creepy. It’s was abandoned for quite some time but it looks like it’s recently been slightly renovated with addition of the slide on the dinosaur's tail. 4. Utah Evaporation Pools If you were hiking through the Utah desert might think you were slightly hallucinating when you came across these evaporation ponds. However you certainly would not want to take a swim here because these waters actually contain salts with potassium. The ponds provide a brilliant blue light in contrast of the barren Moab desert that surrounds them. When the sun evaporates the pond, what’s left over are potassium crystals which are then sold. The different shades of blue are actually due to how much of the water 3. Death Valley Castle What’s a huge castle doing in the middle of the desert in possibly the hottest place on Earth? Scotty’s Castle is a two story Spanish mission style villa, located in Northern Death Valley. It’s known as Scotty’s Castle and it was built by Alberty Johnson who was convinced there was possibly gold in Death Valley somewhere by prospector Walter Scott. The claim turned out to be false however the two managed to become friends anyways. The mansion went unfinished due to the stock market crash in 1929 but tours are available for those who are intrigued by this place. 2. Titan Missile Museum Where else in the US can you visit a 9 ton nuclear warhead? Ok the real one was moved in order for it to become a museum, missile that was used for training excersizes looks quite real! This is the only megaton missile silo that’s actually open to the public from the Cold War and it offers a truly mysterious experience for those who want to visit it. It’s hidden away in the vast, Arizona desert but was decommissioned in 1982 by Ronald Reagan. People can visit the living quarters of the crew who were ready to bring on an apocalypse if asked to do so. You can also spend the night here for the right price. You can even check out the key hole where people would have turned to key for it to be launched! 1. Oldest North American Petroglyphs The Petroglyphs found in the Northern Nevada Desert, is home to North America’s oldest known petroglyphs that are believed to date back to at least 5,600 BC but some can be as old as 14,000 years. That predates the pyramids by at least 3000 years! The rock art is extremely fragile and efforts are being made to protect them. Some of them depict geometric patterns, while others depict a spear and an antelope. Who were the ancient people who left this prehistoric artwork and what were they trying to convey?
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11 Unbelievable Viking Discoveries
From unimaginable treasures, to the secret burial grounds, these are 11 UNBELIEVABLE Viking Discoveries ! Subscribe to American Eye http://goo.gl/GBphkv 5. British Museum Exhibit The British museum recently obtained a boat load of Viking artifacts, including the Ulfberht Sword. Artifacts from Vikings hoards such as this one was was discovered in the UK and can be showed to the public. Finally, the public can see some of these amazing discoveries. This woman almost appears as if she’s wearing a viking helmet but she’s looking the jaw of a viking, the head of a battle ax and spear head using by these warriors. The horned viking helmet is somewhat of a myth and no discovery has been made with horns. This one is much more accurate historically. Obtaining a vast amount of wealth, artifacts like this gold neck ring, could have been made from melted down plunder. Many amazing artifacts are on display that show their wonderful craftmanship. 4. Hvalsey Church Well here you go! In case you still believe the history books telling you that Christopher Columbus discovered America, Here’s some physical evidence to prove you otherwise. The vikings made it to Greenland and formed three settlements in the mid 10th century AD by Erik the Red! This man was given the nickname for his red beard and his red hot anger problem. Hvalsey is Greenlands best preserved Norse ruins. Greenland survived only a few centuries due to unbearable weather conditions. His son Leif Ericsson was credited for discovering parts of eastern canada, which will get to more later on. Many Vikings began converting to Christianity around 1000 AD. It’s believed that this church here was used to host weddings. There isn’t too much left of it today, but it’s the only surviving Viking church in the area. Some other stone structures at this colony are left in ruins but you can certainly tell the vikings left their mark 3. Hammer of Thor Before Christianity spread among the vikings they certainly had their own set of beliefs. Gods like Thor and Odin were the lead gods of Viking folklore. It’s told that thor was god who held a hammer and was responsible for lightning, storms, thunder, and protection of mankind. Until Vikings were officially Christianized in the 12th century, people would accept him into their lives and wore these amulets, symbolizing his presences. Thousands of these amulets have been discovered but no one really understood what they meant. Researchers eventually found this amulet in Denmark and realized that Thor’s legends heavily influenced people’s jewelry. 2. Viking Ring Fortress A fortress discovered on the Danish Island of Zealand about 30 miles from Copenhagen proves that vikings were more than just pillagers, plunderers and explorers. They also had some understanding of architecture too. This circular hidden fortress was discovered thanks to new laser technology and actually measures about 475 feet in diameter. This group of archaeologists dug up the site and believed this was where many vikings would train to prepare for large scale invasions. What’s more fascinating about this, is how nearly perfect the circle is! This would take a fairly good understanding of geometry in order to complete. It’s believed the oustide would have been reinforced with wood and would have looked something like this back in the day. Point Rosee Dig Site An archaeologist who’s known for using satellite imagery for her quests to uncover ancient artifacts, Sarah Parcak, found evidence of a Viking settlement on the Canadian island of Newfoundland! They found iron ore processing material that would exclude the possibility of it belonging to natives or Basque settlers in this area. They found 28 pounds of slag metal that was used to warm up metal before it could be shaped. In addition to the L’anse aux Meadows site in Canada, this appears to add further evidence that Leif Eriksson discovered the land he called Vinland and that the Vikings were on North American soil well before the Spanish ever made it to the West Indies. This dig site also is the most western viking settlement they know of so far and there could be more to discover from these advanced seafaring warriors!
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10 Harshest Uninhabitable Places on Earth
From impossible pools of sulfur, to gnarly volcanic wastelands, here are 10 Harshest Uninhabitable Places on Earth Subscribe to American Eye http://goo.gl/GBphkv 10. Snake Island 9. Death Valley 8. Antipodes Islands 7. Minqin County, China 6. Litla Dimun 5. Australian Outback If you think you got what it take to survive in the harsh australian desert, then you dare you to try to live in the Australian outback for a few weeks on your own and see how it goes. The center of eastern australia, seems to completely lack resources unless you’re looking for snakes, toxic chemicals, or uranium. This is home to Lake Disappointment, which really doesn’t seem to inviting. Here in this photo we see a that was once used to store uranium, left in the outback. (What Photo?) So you really you shouldn’t get your hopes up about living here. The lake is rather salty and someone is probably disappointed :( Some people tried to settle in wittenoom Australia when an extremely large amount of blue asbestos was discovered.This however, didn’t turn out so great and didn’t know exactly how extremely toxic blue asbestos truly was. 4. Montserrat A small little island in the Caribbean would seem like a great place to inhabit with plenty of lush forests and black sand beaches. But the positive things about Montserrat seem to end there and it’s home to an extremely active volcano, making a majority of it completely uninhabitable! The capital city of Plymouth was completely destroyed after a volcanic eruption happened here and you can see the destruction for yourself on google maps! Other places like richmond hills to the north were abandoned shortly after. It’s certainly not a welcoming view, seeing a volcano steaming from gases relentlessly from the peak. Here in this photo from the 1990’s we see the capital of the British overseas territory, completely draped in ash. To this day, the area surrounding Soufriere Hills, is covered in sharp volcanic glass and not the fine white sands you’d prefer to see in the Caribbean. Very few have returned to the island after the eruption but they should be fearing for their lives. 3. Siberia (Pronounced Wrong) If you dare to venture off into the far east of Russia, you will come across some of the most brutal conditions on the face on the planet. The siberian winter is no joke folks and it has the power to turn you into a popsicle in a matter of hours. The population density of this massive chunk of land is about 3 inhabitants per kilometer making it the most sparsely populated region in the world and for good reason. You certainly do not want to end up in a work camp here!The green forests might seem inviting, but you can safely bet your money, they will completely covered in snow by the time october comes. Some villages manage to reach temperatures -67 degrees celsius or -89 degrees fahrenheit! If the extreme cold doesn’t get you, a bear most likely will! Some claim that the road that while constructing the M56 highway through siberia, it earned the nickname “the highway of bones” due to the sheer amount of lives lost from the frigid conditions here. 2. Danakil Depression We mentioned this place briefly in our most color places video but this is seriously not a place you want to move to! Ethiopia is already a difficult place to live and then you add places like Dallol to the mix and you wonder how anyone can actually survive here! With an average high of 121 degrees in July, people who come to this region just want to get a few things and get the heck out! There used to be a settlement in this location but it was abandoned after mining a few tons of salt.The landscapes of this place are like something from an entirely different world. The Dallol sulphur springs emit a horrendous odor and make up part of Ethiopia’s Danakil Depression. Possibly the lowest and hottest place on earth, the water below the earth is extremely salty, toxic and hot. You can probably make a trip here to check it out but don’t plan on staying long! 1 Antarctica Antarctica is the only continent on Earth that has no permanent residence and it’s completely uninhabitable. No towns, no cities, no commercial industries just a few scientific research stations were people some how manage to tough out the extremely harsh conditions for a few weeks then get the heck out! Here in this photo we see a few heavily vehicles left at Oasis Station originally built by the Soviets. If the Russians can’t handle the cold no one can, except for the penguins! Trying to establish any kind of base here is nearly impossible and there’s still equipment left over from those who dared settling on this continent. Not only is it cold, it’s also the the windiest place on earth on average. While there is some fresh water here, it’s all frozen or buried under miles of ice! Only 11 people have actually been born on antarctica but don’t expecting it to become permanently populated anytime soon.
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10 Civilizations That VANISHED Mysteriously
From the ANCIENT Minoans, to the mythical Atlantis, these are 10 Civilizations That Vanished Mysteriously Subscribe to American Eye http://goo.gl/GBphkv 5. Chachapoyas Remains of the Chachapoya civilization were first uncovered by archaeologists in 1843 at the Kuelap archaeological dig site. This was also another pre columbian civilization but inhabited Northern Peru, in the Andes mountain. They also went by the name of the cloud warriors because of the mythical legends that were told of how they able to mysteriously vanish during battles. Here in this photo, you see the Sarcophagi of the Carjia, where tombs were positioned standing along a cliffside. They would then paint the sarcophagi with red paint and this showed mummification and burial practices were sacred to this culture. This culture left no written records of themselves or why this people mysteriously vanished. The incas managed to reach their settlements high up in the andes and some belief the diseases from them caused a plague to sweep through their people. Or maybe they had to ability to vanish like the mythical legend claims. 4. The Khmer Empire This powerful Buddhist-Hindu empire that stretched through most of Southeast Asia left behind some great accomplishments such as Angkor Wat and Bayon. These were both richly decorated temples in Cambodia, with unbelievable detail and artwork. In addition to their unique culture that prospered in the 9th to 15 century AD, the empire was marked with an extensive road system, and water management systems to take advantage of the monsoons. The temples needed to be rediscovered after this cultures mysterious downfall and in 1860, French missionaries came across lost monument. This powerful empire fought many wars on different fronts. Some claim that their extraordinary accomplishment of constructing extensive roads lead to their demise. Scholar claim that possibly invaders united against them and used these roads to invade the empires 3. Anasazi People The Anasazi people were a Native American people who lived in pueblos in the South West, more specifically the 4 corners region since 1200 BC. These hunter and gatherer people later on developed advanced technology in agriculture, cultivating maize, beans, and squash. They had a prominent knowledge of celestial science which helped them decide where to place buildings. They didn’t call themselves the Anasazi, but were given this name by the Navajos meaning “ancient enemies”. They seemed to enjoy a fairly high standard of living for native americans, until they mysteriously vanished in 1200 AD. Why would they build these remarkable cliff dwellings, only to disappear not too long after. They left many of their possessions at home as if they were planning on returnings Here you see some mysterious cliff carvings by this culture. Some seem to think this was some kind of portal to another world others seem. Some claim it was due to drought but not enough remains were discovered to suggest this theory 2. Mayans The Maya civilization is possibly the most well-known lost civilization who seemingly vanished off the face of the planet. They are well known for their construction of the Chichen Itza without metal tools and founding the advanced city of Tikal. They had a close relationship to the gods, the stars and even had the most accurate calendar of any pre columbian civilization and possibly the entire world. They understood astronomy at an astonishing level and their monuments line up with constellations. At the peak, there were over 20 million Mayans across the Yucatan Peninsula. Their origins go as far back as 2000 BC until their capital city of Mayapan was abandoned 9th century. Mainstream historians would suggest that drought or famine, deforestation and possibly brought a disappearance of their civilization. However, their advancements in so many different technologies and their obsession with astronomy would make you believe make you believe they just took a spaceship back home or something. Here in this photo you see what some people believe to be a depiction of a Mayan king, in some type of flying machine. Nonetheless, the disappearance of the Mayans has baffled historians 1. Atlantis Possibly the most mythical and mysterious of all lost civilizations is Atlantis. This was first mentioned by Plato, the Greek Philosopher. He talks about a highly advanced civilization, unlike any in the known world, that attacked Athens. They were somehow able to repel the attacks. At the end of the story, he talk about how the gods submerge the advanced nation with a flood and it sinks to the bottom of the Atlantic ocean. Could Plato have possibly had some credibility to these claims or did he just make up the story as some kind of fictional work. Could it just be another civilization that truly existed, and is just waiting to be discovered at the bottom of the ocean?
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10 Amazing Animals That Saved Humans
Unbelievable and heroic animals that actually saved people's lives from a cat saving a little boy to a stray dog finding a new born baby 6. Lucca the Marine Everyone meet Luca! While your dog is out there barking and not even playing fetch, this dog is saving lives and being given medals! She manages to sniff out explosives and protected thousands of troops while risking his own life! She was even honored with a prize for animals that serve bravely in military conflict, known as the Dickin Medal. It’s almost like the dog version of the medal of honor. We’re sure she’d probably rather have some bacon but this will do for now. She posed for this photo with Gunnery sergeant Christopher Willingham after receiving the honors, in April 2016. The dog lost her leg in Afghanistan when an IED exploded. Despite her injuries, she’s completed over 400 missions for the US Marines during her service in Iraq and Afghanistan, protecting hundreds of lives. 5. Stray Dog Saves Baby Some incredible photos surfaced the web of a stray dog saving the life of a baby that actually still had its umbilical cord attached. A man was riding his bicycle when he noticed something unusual hanging from a dogs mouth. As he came closer to the dog, he noticed it was unwilling to hand over the baby to him. He immediately called 911 and the child miraculously survived. It seems as if the mother wasn’t ready to have a child and abandoned it in the trash can, which the dog went rummaging through. More information about who could have done this to their kid, is under investigation and will certainly face some charges. Luckily, this dog came to the rescue and clearly saved a life! 4. Hero Cat Normally cats get a reputation of being lazy and haven’t really been known to save humans… Until now! In Bakersfield, California, a 6 year old boy with autism was playing outside his house, when out of nowhere a vicious dog attacks him! These images were captured by someone’s home security camera. As soon as the dog decides to bite the kid, you see the hero cat come to his rescue. She body slams the scrappy dog almost like he’s giving it a dropkick! The dog didn’t even know what hit him! She sends the dog retreating and it’ll certainly think twice about conducting another attack on a harmless boy. The named Tara, was honored by the society for the prevention of Cruelty to Animals in Los Angeles. She even got the honor of throwing the first pitch at a minor league baseball game.The dog however was later euthanized for its aggressive behavior toward children. 3. Tiger to the Rescue House cats aren’t the only type of feline, capable of saving a life! Tigers can do it too! Sergio was being filmed with a pride of lions at the Black Jaguar White Tiger Zoo in Mexico city! Needless to say, there are a lot of dangerous cats at this location. The bigs cats seem rather relaxed and not behaving as you would probably expect to see a person with a lion. The zookeeper, Sergio, wasn’t exactly watching his back, when a leopard runs up behind him, getting ready to pounce! This dramatic event was captured on tape and here we see the leopard stopped in its tracks by all animals, a tiger! The leopard comes very close to Sergio but the tiger isn’t letting it out of his sight! He gives his utmost thanks to the tiger that probably saved his life. Sometimes playing with big cats can get a little dangerous. 2. Italian Rescue Dog This rescue dog was put to good work after the aftermath of the Italian earthquake that devastated parts of Italy and he even received attention from the Pope! Pope Francis met with the Black Labrador at the Vatican. The 6.2 earthquake destroyed many homes and took quite a few lives in the process. A large amount of people were still buried within the rubble. The dog named giorgia saved a young girl from the horrific aftermath of the natural disaster. The pope bent over and gave the dog a good pat on the head. We’re sure everyone wants to know why the pope wasn’t out there rescuing victims?! 1.K-9 Backup A deputy by the name of Todd Frazier in Long Beach, Mississippi conducted a routine traffic check when he was quickly ambushed. Having the job of a police officer is never an easy task and it’s difficult to predict what will happen, even during the most routine incidents. That’s why having a k-9 in the backseat can be a lifesaver sometimes. Todd Frazier was in some serious need of backup with the 3 men in the car began assaulting the deputy and began dragging him into the forest. Even after suffering a deep gash to the forehead, he was able to unlock the cage in the backseat of his cruiser and released the beast! The K-9 unit furiously chased the bad guys into pursuit! No one wanted anything to do with this fierce dog! Criminals should really think twice before picking a fight with one of these cops or they’ll just end up like a chew toy!
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10 Unsolved Mysteries of Romania
These are the top 10 most mysterious things in Romania from the location of Dracula's tomb and his creepy castle to Baciu Forest! Subscribe to American Eye http://goo.gl/GBphkv 4. The Buzau Mountains Mystery The Buzau Mountains are a beautiful place to see in Romania, but by no means does that not make them mysterious. If you dare to walk through the mountains here, you may come across, these strange cave complexes. What’s strange about this place, is that the caves contain a mysterious language encarved on the walls that no one is quite able to decipher. The walls contain several messages that many people are dying to know what they mean! There’s also depictions of mysterious beings. Some believe these carvings come from the Luana Kingdom which little is known about. Tales of people who lived in this kingdom say that they had access to magical water that could heal anyone. Could this be their language written on the wall? The tales ends with the kingdom dying out due to the sun exploding. What might this have been a reference too? Others believe it’s simply from christian missionaries who settled on romanian land around 300 AD. But it still remains a mystery exactly who wrote it. 3. 36,000 Year Old Footprints How long exactly have people been living in this mysterious land? Archaeological discoveries seem to prove the existence of a family of 6 or 7 individuals with at least one child living in the caves of the Carpathian Mountains. Could these have possibly been some of Europe's first inhabitants as well? Radiocarbon dating of two bear fossils below the footprints suggest that they were indeed 36,000 years old. How these footprints were able to survive the test of time is still somewhat remarkable. Here in this photo, you see some bear scratchings, proving humans weren’t the only ones to inhabit the caves. The findings were sufficient enough to be documented into a peer review journal. Who exactly were the mysterious people to once live here and where did they go? Were they attacked by a bear? The timeline seems to put them as some of the earliest home sapians but further research is needed. 2. Where is Dracula’s Tomb People who are fascinated with Romania’s history are often intrigued with Count Dracula. The vampire we know from movies is a fictional character but the real person he was named after, also known as, Vlad the Impaler, actually did have a taste for blood. He was born in 1431 in the Sighisoara,Romania, in this ordinary house, in the central region of Transylvania. He didn’t actually suck the blood from his victims but he was known to dip bread into buckets of blood from the people he impaled and would eat a meal while watching his victims being executed. The search for the grave of dracula has remained a mystery, that’s bothered many people. Some claim he was buried in the Snagov Monastery on an island near the capital of Bucharest. when people came across it in the 1930, it appeared as though he was no longer there, possibly moving on his own. People still come to the altar at this monastery to pay their respects. Others claim he was buried in Naples, Italy but this was quickly debunked. Historians believe he was beheaded by an Ottoman assassin and as a cruel twist of irony, had his head impaled on a stake. After it was preserved in honey and presented to the Sultan. Hard to come back to life after that. His final resting place is unknown. 1.Mystery of Dracula’s True Castle Vampires lovers from all around the world flock to the Bran Castle in Transylvania and is extremely popular for the 500,000 people per year who visit it. But are they being mislead? This picturesque fortress is positioned on the top of a cliff in Brasov County. But the true mystery about this place is that people still aren’t really too sure if Vlad the Impaler even lived here! There’s no historical evidence of him ever residing at Bran Castle. Historians know the true residence was at Poenari on a remote clifftop that’s much less easy on the eyes and was constructed by slaves. He even constructed a different palace/fortress to defend against the Ottomans later on in his life. Many tourists are tricked into believing that he resided at Bran Castle, when the reality is that he might have just visited it a couple of times. It would also be extremely difficult for tourists to access the real lair of Dracula that requires a mass hike. Nonetheless, it’s still a pretty creepy place to go when you take a look at the artwork and the armor on the walls. Did Vlad the Impaler eat blood soaked blood at this table in Castle Bran? What other gruesome atrocities he possibly committed at his residence at Poenari is still quite puzzling.
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10 Mysterious Prehistoric Sites
From the strange Carnac Stones ; to the mystery around Adam's Land Bridge; These are 10 Mysterious Prehistoric Sites ! Subscribe to American Eye http://goo.gl/GBphkv 10. Carnac Stones, France Many structures still on earth exist from prehistoric times that often leave scholars scratching their heads. Questions like, how did they build this massive structure, or what was its’ purpose often come into question even after years of research. The stones here found in the near the village of Carnac, located in Brittany, date back to 4500 BC and is even referred to as France’s Stonehenge. This is just an estimate and it’s quite difficult to know their true origins.There’s 3000 total standing stones and it might even look like some type of graveyard from an aerial vantage point. It’s believed that these were constructed by pre-celtic people living in modern day France. Legends about this site state that the wizard merlin turned roman soldiers into stone that were marching towards their settlement. It’s hard to say exactly what these were used for. Some believe that they had some type of astrological significance, while others believe used for structures storing sheep. 9. Adam’s Land Bridge 8. Yonaguni Monument Strange underwater rock formations were discovered in Japan in 1987 that appear to reveal very smooth and flat edges, almost as if they were man made! What’s even more interesting about this site, is that geologist believe that this area of land would have been above ground about 8-10,000 years ago. This certainly helps support the theory that the smooth flat edges are no strange coincidence. If it were actually constructed by humans, which people are still debating, it would be the oldest known structure on earth! This would drastically change many theories about the first civilization being in Sumeria and people’s minds would be simply blown and history books rewritten! 7. Gate of the Sun 6. Dolmen of the Caucasus Giant cube shaped structures found in the Northern Caucasus mountains in Russia and Georgia appear to date back to 4000 BC to 2000 BC. Most of the stone structures are made up of well-carved rectangular stones that seem to all fit in well together. Some of the structures can weigh a total 30 tons, meaning some serious effort went into building these. This dolman found near the Zhane River even has a circle fit into it, which may have been used to keep an eye out on what was on the outside. These would have proven to be extremely sturdy structures and were quite advanced for this prehistoric group of people. Although the architecture was fairly simple, you can imagine that they’re pretty strong. Some believe that they could have even been used as vaults in order to store valuable resources such as gold and jewelry, There might have even been some underground tunnel systems in order to get inside. 5. Barnenez, France 4. Uffington White Horse This stylized white chalk geoglyph is found in the United Kingdom in the county of oxfordshire. Trenches were dug up by prehistoric people and they filled up with crused white chalk creating this white horse you see here. This was made in what is considered to be late Prehistory during the Bronze Age around 800 BC. It seems to be a mix of celtic art but also looks similar to some cave painting in Lascaux France. It’s hard to tell without a doubt what animal it is for sure and some believe it might even represent some type of sabertooth cat. Late Prehistoric geoglyphs like this have inspired some hoaxes as well such as the Cerne Abbas Giant. People thought this was actually real for hundreds of years but turns out it was just a giant prank on archaeologists, real funny! 3. Pentre Ifan 2. The Unfinished Obelisk We’ve already mentioned a few times how the pyramids in ancient egypt are quite mysterious but what about this unfinished structure in Egypt that was discovered in 2005. This was ordered to be built by queen hatshepsut during the 15th century BC. Although this seems a little bit new compared to some of the other ones on this list, this was still before metal tools even existed. How were they able to carve such massive pieces pieces of stone like this anyways? Many believe that harder stone or wooden tools were used in order to chip away at the limestone. Located at the Aswan ancient quarry, this is also the same place where they pyramids were built. If it were actually lifted from the ground it would be the tallest obelisk ever and weigh over 1600 tons, making it the largest monolith weighing roughly 1168 tons! 1. Tiwanaku
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12 Strangest Places in Latvia
From the Unique Northern Fronts, to the mysterious Rundale Palace; These are 12 STRANGEST Places in Latvia ! Subscribe to American Eye http://goo.gl/GBphkv 12. Hospitalis 11.Kemeri Bog 10. Karosta Prison 9. Skrunda-1 8. Mask Tradition Festival, Riga 7.Northern Forts 6. Black Cats of Riga Located in Riga’s old town, you might be curious what the heck a black cat is doing on top of this old looking building! Does this cat have extremely good balance or does someone need to go up there and save him! Turns out it’s not a real cat but a sculpture that seems quite realistic from a distance. Most people believe that a man who once lived here wanted statues of black cats to face towards a guild that he was not accepted into . The wealthy inhabitant of Riga was refused access to the Tradesman guild and felt like having a black cat facing in the direction of the guild’s location would bring it bad luck. He had also placed another black cat facing Riga’s town hall which burnt down during world war II. 5. Ventspils Radio Telescope The Soviet Union had a few tricks up their sleeve when it came to conducting espionage on Western Europe. This radio telescope remained top secret when it was constructed in 1974 out 600 tonnes of material by the Ukrainian Navy. This would be used to pick up radio signals from Nato and for covert eavesdropping operations. This is found in western Latvia, right off the coast of the Baltic Sea. When Latvia gained their independence, the Soviets tried their best to destroy as much of it as possible but Latvian scholars were able to restore much of it so they can use it for studying astronomy. 4. Rundale Palace With some of the chaos that’s happened in Latvia throughout the years, you might not expect to see such a large beautiful palace is this kind of condition! It’s been nicknamed the “Latvian Versailles” and was the masterpiece of the architect Bartolomeo Rastrelli who was also an architect of the winter Palace in St. Petersburg.; It’s situated about 72 kilometers south from the capital of Riga and was finally finished after 8 years of construction in 1768. However, the palace has been transformed into many different things. It was used as a hospital for Napoleon’s army, and as used a s a school in the 1930’s. It suffered serious damage during the Latvian war of Independence in 1919 but was eventually restored in 1972. In modern times, it can even be used to house notable guests to the country of Latvia! 3. Koknese Castle In case you were wondering what a 13th century castle looks like that was completely blown up, check out the ruins of the Koknese castle. This was built as a defensive structure in the 1209 along the Daugava trade route. Many different nations sought to control the fortress including the Polish, Swedish and Russians. Finally the thing was just blown up in 1701 and was never rebuilt. The ruins are now under protection from a local park and people might even find it to be a romantic place to have weddings, strangely enough. 2. Daugavpils Fortress This large fortress complex southern Latvia is located near the border with Lithuania and it occupies 2 square miles of space. The inside of the fort, almost became like it’s own small city with 10 roads, and about 80 buildings. Within the ramparts, this is now basically a pretty well preserved ghost town and it originally constructed to defend against Napoleon’s strong army that was taking over Europe at that time. Construction began and it was indeed successful against Napoleon. It seems like a pretty creepy place if you’re able to come here and do some urban exploring. 1.The House of Blackheads It’s almost impossible to search Riga on the internet without this iconic building showing up. It’s known as the house of blackheads and it was originally constructed in the 14th century by a guild of unmarried German merchants who inhabited the area. The striking facade displays many different styles of architecture. The building was partially destroyed by the germans ironically, during world war II but it was fully rebuilt in 1999. You will be just as impressed by the inside as the outside and it features many medieval treasures! The history of Latvia and it’s mysterious places make it certainly a unique place to explore!
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Best Armor for the Zombie Apocalypse
From the tried and tested riot gear, to the strangest way to protect yourself from bites, these are The BEST Armor For The Zombie Apocalypse ! Subscribe to American Eye http://goo.gl/GBphkv 10. Chain Mail 9. Hockey Gear 8. Riot Gear 7. Scalemail Armor 6. Dogbite Suit 5. Bombsquad Suits Also known as EOD suits, this armored clothing is specifically designed to withstand heavy explosions. With people trying to protect their homes with homemade bombs during the apocalypse, one of these highly advanced bomb suits can prove to be useful for numerous reasons. They're made of tightly woven kevlar fibers that absorb the impact of the blast through the suit instead of the person. Other plates are added made from plastic that is 5 times stronger than steel so they should withstand the bite of a zombie, should. It’s also made of fire resistant materials allowing you to even enter a flaming building for looting or scavenging. Of course there’s going to be some setbacks. The suits are rather bulky and aren’t really made for you to run fast in. The 27,000 dollar price tag to produce is quite high and good luck trying to come across one of these. 4. Ghillie Suit Sometimes you’re best armor is invisibility. If you’re strategy is to hide out in the woods for a while and do your best to avoid what’s left of civilization, you should probably consider going with a Ghillie suit instead of bulky armor. These are worn by snipers in the military and hunters in order to resemble foliage. This a type of clothing that is made from a net covered in cloth or twine, made to look like you’re a bunch of twigs. Once you think you spotted this guy in the ghillie suit in this photo, it’s already too late.This gives survivors a three dimensional camouflage and doesn’t rely on patterns of clothing quite as much. This makes for a great suit to wear while sniping zombies in wooded areas but is completely useless in urban areas or if a zombie is actually attacking you. . 3. Deep Sea Exosuits We just don’t see any possible way a zombie would be able to defeat someone wearing one of these Deep Sea Exosuits. This was worn by a deep sea archaeologist while exploring the ancient wreckage off the coast of Greece from the location where the Antikythera mechanism was found. A pressurized diving suit like this is basically it’s own survival environment, that no zombie could ever bite though. It’s able to withstand bone crushing pressure of being 900 feet below the surface of the ocean. The Swiss company hublot designed this exosuit which is equipped with powerful LED’s, large claw-like graspers, rotatable joints, and powerful thrusters that allow divers to move through the water quickly! The company basically describes it as a wearable submarine. Knowing that zombies can’t swim, it would be the perfect thing to have while hiding out on your own island or boat. At a price tag at about 1.5 million dollars, we imagine it could withstand a few waves of zombies. 2. Dragon Skin The great thing about this armor is, that you don’t need a to slay a dragon to recover it. You might be somewhat surprised how available ballistic armor might be during the zombie apocalypse. Government agencies, police, and military forces who have all succumbed to the virus, probably left behind their valuable kevlar bulletproof armor. However not all bulletproof armor was built the equally and a new advancement in ballistics resistance has led to the dragon skin! While not being approved for the military, it is used by the high ranking government officials like the secret service and FBI. So it’s gotta be good! The armor uses kevlar but also titanium composed scaled plates, kinda like we saw earlier in the video. Capable of withstand multiple armor piercing rounds fired from AK’s and M16’s this is the armor you hope you can find! 1.Plate Armor And still the best thing we can use for armor, isn’t all the fancy kevlar or bomb resistant suits but plate armor that was designed by blacksmiths centuries ago! Many museums could be chock full of this valuable armor which will make it easy and available to loot however it’s best to buy one that’s been customized for yourself. A common misconception is that plate armor is difficult to maneuver in. If it’s correctly fitted to your body, it will not make a big difference. Some well made steel plate armor is strong enough to withstand 22 caliber bullets, handguns as well as some shotgun blasts. Plate armor is still quieter than it’s medieval counterparts and there’s no chance a zombie is going to bite through it. Plate armor is durable and reliable and used for centuries in battle. A combination of many of these things we listed should keep you from becoming zombie food.
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13 Strange and Amazing Places in Norway
From odd fjords and statues, to the strangest Norwegian Ice Caves; These are 13 STRANGE and AMAZING Places in Norway ! Subscribe to American Eye http://goo.gl/GBphkv 13. Vigeland Art Installation 12. Atlantic Ocean Road --video blocks 11. Sverd i Fjell 10. Preikestolen Cliff 9. Kjeragbolten 8. Nigardsbreen Ice Cave 7. Polaria 6. Torghatten 5. Visnes Statue of Liberty Take a look at this photo of lady liberty standing tall with all her might. She’s well known as a symbol of freedom, and has welcomed foreign immigrants into the United States. But hold on a minute! What’s she doing in Norway!? Turns out, Lady Liberty isn’t 100 percent American or French and is actually 100 percent Norwegian copper. The small town of Visnes was once home to a large deposit of copper during the construction of the statue of Liberty and this town is quite certain that the copper came from them! We asked lady liberty--- if this was true and she had no comment. 4. Norwegian Prisons Norway is a country which is high on human rights, they’ve even banned walmart from their country due to questions about where they get their products. So it shouldn’t come as a huge surprise that Norwegian Prisons are some of the best in the world! Some might even have more accommodations than luxury hotels! Here in this photo taken at Skien prison, you notice a private bathroom and shower to the right and a decent flat screen to the left, and really looks more like a dorm room than a prison cell. There’s even been a case, where an american was caught smuggling drugs in Norway and they refused to send him back the US, since they considered our prisons to be inhumane! Other amenities include, playstations, private gyms, internet access, and kitchens. Norway still doesn’t have a lot of crime and with only 5 million residents, they just don’t have a ton of people to lock up! 3. Urnes Stave Church You might be thinking to yourself hey, what’s so strange and amazing about a church in Europe! We see those all the time! Well this isn’t just any old church in Europe, this is one of the first churchs actually built by the Vikings and unlike many churches in Europe you're accustomed to seeing like the Notre Dame, this one is made out of wood! It shows extremely detailed wooden carvings on the walls and throughout the doors. This is situated alongside a picturesque fjord and has been around since the 12 century AD. 2. Oscarsborg Fortress Norse historay isn’t just limited to vikings, they also played an interesting role in world war II as were about to see. This is situated on two small islands and it’s well known for shooting down a heavy german cruiser in April of 1940. The Norwegian Fjords prove to be excellent places for placing naval ships, however the fort had outdated weaponry and Norway became under Nazi occupation the next month. You can still see parts of the torpedos that were once stored here and 28 cm guns that pointed east. Don’t forget to explore the underground bunkers made of reinforced concrete and the old barracks that were built in 1893 1.Pyramiden The strangest place in Norway has to be the completely abandoned settlement of Pyramiden located on the Norwegian territory of Svalbard to the North! The soviet arctic ghost town was once prosperous due to large coal deposits in the area but now that the coal is gone since 1998, so are the people. However, Norway has been hoping to turn this into somewhat of a tourist attraction. Not being situated to far from the regional capital of Longyearbyen, it’s a quick hour ride by snowmobile or a few hours by dogsled. If you do decide to come here be sure to dress warm and try not to get too spooked out by all the abandoned things here!
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12 Creepiest Abandoned Places
From hotels like the Lee Plaza Hotel eerie and deserted to the once beautiful resorts full of tourists these are the most haunting places Subscribe to American Eye http://goo.gl/GBphkv 6. Courbefy, France An entire French resort village was abandoned due to economic hardship in 2012. Courbefy is located in the Limousin region of France toward the middle of the country, 30 miles south of the city of Limoges. The village was complete for stables, swimming pools, and tennis courts to attract tourists. The town is mostly made up of family houses and a town hall. It also sits near a 13th century castle, which adds historical interest to the area. When it was abandoned, the only tourists it attracted were thieves and squatters who needed a place for shelter. The entire building was auctioned off to an American Korean photographer for about a half million Euros. Not too bad of a price considering this man owns a village now for about the price of a two story house. The photos still remain as an eery reminder about this abandoned resort. On google maps it appears as though not much is going on 5. Ryugyong, Pyongyang North Korea The Ryugyong hotel is a pyramid shaped 105 story skyscraper in North Korea’s capital, somewhat similar looking to the skyscraper in San Francisco. It’s also known as building 105 because of the number of stories it has. The construction began in 1987 but as North Korea entered somewhat of an economical crisis, the project was halted.That openings were continually cancelled. The building remains unopened to the public or any tourist. In country a that struggles to maintain electricity through an entire day and feed their citizens properly, this seems like a massive waste of money. In this photo you can see the hotel. Although it appears as an interesting design, what use would it possibly serve where the tourism industry is virtually inexistent. It’s remained off limits to tourists and shrouded in secrecy. 4. Salton Sea Gallons of water were sent gushing into a dry lake bed after a storm caused an irrigation canal to flood and break. So the Salton Sea really shouldn’t even exist in that sense. A resort town was built near this body of water. Many people once flocked here to soak up the sun, go jet skiing and drive fancy boats in the booming 50’s and 60’s. Not all good things last forever and this place quickly turned into an ecological nightmare due to pesticides and fertilizers from nearby farms. It became much too polluted to sustain life even for fish. The inhabitants quickly fled once the smell of the water became unbearable. To this day, dead fish litter the once popular beaches, leaving a rotten egg like smell that would be enough to scare off any urban explorer. 3. Costa Concordia Not all abandoned resorts are on the land. In 2012, the luxury cruise ship called the Costa Concordia struck a rock near the island of Giglio Island, off the coast of Tuscany. This caused the ship to sink. Luckily a photographer by the name of Jonathan Kielkowski was able to take the photos of this eery abandoned resort cruise ship. This place seems like it may be haunted considering the fact that 32 people died during the crash. At one point she was carrying a grand total of 4200 people. The cruise ship is now covered in bright green coral and blue coral as well as moss throughout. Rusting slot machines litter the ground and hundreds of pieces of debris remained untouched for years. 2 Gagra, Russia Gagra is located along the Black sea and stretches 5 kilometers along the water. The subtropical climate made for a perfect location for Russians who wanted to escape the cold winters but with war in the area the town became quickly depopulated. In 1989 it had had a population of 26,636 but it was left as a lost paradise when hundreds of Georgian citizens were expelled from their homes and many were massacred, turning it into a complete ghost town. The war-torn land turned Ghagra from a beautiful tourist attraction to a grim dark place where many murders took place. Many still claim the land is still haunted to this day. 1. Palace Hotel, Croatia In 1990’s Croatia or Yugoslavia at that time had it’s own beautiful resorts and a luxurious resort was built on the island of Krk. Yugoslavia encouraged tourism from all around the world after the the soviet union had crumbled. It was a great place for Europeans of all countries to party, drink champagne, indulge in caviar. Here in this photo you see the deserted Palace Hotel Pool that was once a great gathering place for tourists. While the hotel catered to the extremely wealthy quite well, the middle class citizens didn’t spend nearly as much as they were expecting, causing them to close their doors.
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13 Best Hi-Tech Gear for the Zombie Apocalypse
Here are the top 13 most high tech and greatest gear that you will need for the zombie apocalypse from satellite phones to lifestraw Subscribe to American Eye http://goo.gl/GBphkv 6. Bionic Ears Amplifiers There’s always something just a little bit creepy about silence, especially when there could be zombies walking around in the forest. With some bionic ears it can give you an advantage when trying to stay undetected. This is used by bird lovers, sports fans at games, private investigators but even zombie preppers. Ones that cost about 200 dollars can amplify sounds from over 300 feet away or about the size of a football field. Especially if you plan on camping out in the woods to survive, you can point the microphone in the direction you’re planning on going and it will pick up the noise of grunting zombies. 5. Pulsar Edge Night Vision Goggles Night vision goggles are used for tourism, hunting and sports games for civilian purposes; allowing them to be available for purchase. For the military their used for patrolling and special operations. Thermal goggles would be useful as well but it’s difficult to say how much heat zombies will give off considering, they could be dead! So it’s best just to stick with night vision unless you got the money to buy both. In situations when flashlights might give off too much attention, hi-tech night vision goggles will give you an edge at night. You might be able to find a pair for about 200 bucks online, but high quality one’s like you in this photo of the Pulsar edge will ensure high edge to edge resolution to allow clear definition. 4. Tactical Helmets Zombies are really going to have trouble eating your brain if you’re wearing a solid quality helmet. Not just anyone will do. You’re going to have to protect your cranium if you want to make it past the apocalypse. Not just any helmet will do, however. You should probably cover your face as well, since they’ll be going for this part of the body. Something like this eye tactical helmet with a face and mask drape should do the trick, unless they find some way to take it. Possibly something like a motorcycle helmet might work but this one has it all. Plus things might get a little messy when you're being attacked by swarms of the undead. You can’t afford to get zombie blood in your eyes. The goggles will protect your eyes as well. Tactical face covering helmets could soon be the new standard for the military. Maybe they know something about the apocalypse? Also consider finding one that might have a gas mask or microphone as well in order to communicate with your zombie hunting squad. 3. The Lifestraw Finding a clean water supply is going to be a challenge so it’s important to have plenty in stock, but what happens after you’ve completely depleted your own personal supply? The lifestick is a hi-tech, water purifier that could really save your life! This award winning straw has been used by millions of people all over the world and should definitely be in your survival kit! This will remove a minimum of 99.99999 of waterborne bacteria! So you should be feel safe using one, even in toilet water! It can also filter out iodine, chlorine, and other chemicals that are unsafe to drink! The lifestraw can filter up to 265 gallons of water each. 2. WT4 Tactical Crossbow We already discussed in our best weapons for the zombie apocalypse video how crossbows will make excellent weapons, but let’s take a closer look on how a hi-tech one would be much more efficient. Zombies can be drawn to sound, which really makes you want to think twice about using a firearm. So why need to when you have this bad boy to work with. It’s equipped with a laser sight, scope, foldable stock and a tactical flashlight to give you a quality shot. It shoots featherless arrows as well as 8mm ball bearing with precise accuracy with virtually no noise. It just needs to be cocked after each shot. This will run you about 350 dollars on ebay! Get your credit cards ready folks! 1.Power Pot Need a cooking pot and a place to charge your satellite phone all in one item! You got it right here with the power pot! While heating up the meal of your choice.this device will generate enough electricity to charge your satellite phone and it even has a usb port. This portable thermoelectric generator needs to be in your zombie apocalypse kit if you want to stay alive.
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10 Ancient North American Mysteries
There's still a lot that is unknown about the north American territory it's filled with ancient artefacts and mysterious mummies Subscribe to American Eye http://goo.gl/GBphkv 6. Red-Haired Giants According to detailed Paiute legends, a group of red-haired giants inhabited Northwest Nevada, in a close proximity to where the petroglyphs were found. These giants were also known to be cannibals, that would relentlessly attack the Piutes and eat their bodies. In the area known as Lovelock’s cave, miners working here apparently discovered the mummified remains of extraordinary large skeletons in 1911. Some people believe this was a hoax in order to develop tourism in the area. Paleontologists found an extremely large amount of mammoth and bear bones in caves only 100 miles away.Mummies were discovered in 1940 Spirit Cave in the Stillwater Mountains and the remains are approximately 9400 years old, making it the oldest mummy found in North America. The mummy was found in a fur blanket and may have died from a fractured skull. 5. Davenport Tablets The Davenport Tablets are a subject of controversy that still seems a little difficult to believe. These tablets were unearthed in a burial mound in 1877 in Iowa. It apparently contains scenes from a “opening of the mouth” ceremony that has Egyptian roots. It is possible Egyptians sailed up the Mississippi River well before the Vikings or Christopher Columbus? Or is it possible that this was just a buried treasure by a European settler. University of Iowa Professor claims it’s a hoax and it buried by students to start drama. Still makes you wonder, if Egyptians had the technology to build the pyramids, could they have crossed an ocean? 4. Ancient Treasure Map Can an ancient stone map, reveal the location of a hidden treasure? The Spider Rock Treasure has been extensively researched by an author who wrote a book on it named Steve Wilson. Three stones were found sometime between 1902 and 1910 in three different locations. There seems to be a hieroglyphic symbol that is not quite uncracked, leaving many treasure hunters unsure where to go. They believe it’s a Spanish Map and they buried a treasure somewhere in North Texas. The burial of a small fortune could be preser about 20 miles east of Abilene. Still to this day, no one has found the treasure, but many people think it’s worth the time to go look for it. 3. Aztec Shattered Skulls 50 skulls were found in Mexico City, the former capital of the Aztec called Tenochtitlan, at the most temple to the Aztec civilization. The sacrificial stone is where they believe many were brutally killed in order to be offered to the gods. Many of the skulls seem to reveal the method in which they were killed; most likely being clubbed in the head. Others believe that the cracked skulls mean they were made that way so that they could be propped up on a robe, hanging next to each other during the rituals. It’s still a mystery exactly what ways human remains were used during sacrifice practices. These discoveries help none the less but finding numerous skulls in this fashion is rather mysterious. 2. Lake Winnipesaukee Mystery Stone This egg shaped artifact the stone age seems to be a tad out of place. In 1872, people who were digging a hole to place a fence in Lake Winnipesaukee in New England, came across this mysterious object. The purpose, origin and what exactly it is, still stumps archeologists. The stone was donated to the Museum of New Hampshire History where it was on exhibited until 1996. The stone is about 4 inches long and 2.5 inches in diameter. A archeologists seems to believe it was a peace offering between 2 tribes. Skeptics believe it has Inuit or even Celtic backgrounds. Researchers who were looking for more insight on this object have determined that it was made from type of quartzite that derived from sandstone. The stone is extremely unique and no one can quite figure out what it means. 1. Underwater Road Could there have possibly been an underwater city in the Caribbean that flooded during the end of the Ice Age? An under rock formation near the Island of Bimini in the Bahamas seems to be similar to that of a cobblestone road that's about a half mile long. Theoretically, it is possible that rocks could naturally form like in this photo here, however it would be extremely rare and bizarre. This makes many wonder the possibility that it was made made. The rocks are made of limestone and claims have been made that it could be an ancient wall, road, pier, breakwater or other man made structure. If so, who built this and why? If it is a natural occurance, how are are the stone blocks cut so similar to each other? Could this be ruins of the lost Atlantis?
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14 CREEPIEST Islands You Want to Avoid !
From mysterious and creepy forbidden islands; to lands lost to time and nature; these are the 15 CREEPIEST Islands you Want to AVOID ! Subscribe to American Eye http://goo.gl/GBphkv
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13 Worst Things To Do in a Zombie Apocalypse
From avoiding various forms of transportation to holding on emotions for those who’ve already made the grim transformation, here are 13 worst things to do in a zombie apocalypse! Subscribe to American Eye http://goo.gl/GBphkv 6. Hide at Any Research Laboratory You’re probably thinking to yourself, hey, maybe we should go to the research lab and try to find out if they have a cure for the virus yet! Do your best to stay away from these places. They will most likely not let anyone onto the property and are watching you with high tech cameras There’s a good chance that some mad scientist possibly created these zombies while doing experiments on animals or humans! You don’t want to find yourself at the source of the apocalypse by all means! If you do end up in some crazy scientific laboratory, whatever you don’t don’t let anything out of the cages! They might even capture you and try to use some type of crazy test vaccine that doesn’t work and only results in you becoming some type of mutant creature… So watch out! 5. Wearing a Meat Suit This one should seem pretty obvious for most people but some have used meat suits as a form of protest or as a fashion statement. During the 2010 MTV music awards lady gaga dressed up in her finest meat dress during a performance and we would have to say that this would be the worst item you could possibly wear. She took it as a chance to make a statement that women are often regarded as a piece of meat but this statement couldn’t be more true if you were a zombie. They typically don’t care if it’s human flesh or raw beef, zombies aren’t worried about catching salmonella. Use someone like her to keep the zombies busy for a while and throw out to the hordes. 4. Helping Zombies Would you help this zombie who’s in need of a little help? She can’t move too well and she’s stuck on the train tracks. Can’t you have a little sympathy this one time and save her from impending doom? The answer is no! It doesn’t matter if they were you’re best friend, your girlfriend, wife or your grandma. Once they get the virus it’s already too late. Going to a hospital is probably a bad idea considering how many patients might have spread the zombie virus to other patients or even to the hospital staff. The whole place could be swarmed with zombies, just waiting for people who didn’t properly prepare to enter. In any case, you’ll have to be able to let go and not hold on to any feelings once they become a mindless zombie. You might feel some compassion for them, but they certainly won’t feel it for you. The only thing they see you as, is a piece of meat. Love simply cannot exist between living and the undead. 3. Convertibles You might notice some advantages of owning a convertible pre zombie apocalypse era, but during the post apocalypse, they’re about as useful as wet matches. You might find these to be good vehicles if you were part of an offense zombie apocalypse attack, but the odds of zombies reaching over into your car are just all too great. You’re definitely more exposed to the environments and it’s easier for you to get attacked by zombies. They’re not often meant for bumpy terrain and you’d likely have to consider some modifications to the vehicle. Not only can the retractable top take up a lot of cargo space but it can also be made out of very weak material that won’t deflect too many weapon attacks. 2. Looting Home Fortresses If mankind is ever to recover from such a devastating moment in history, we’ll need to learn to not fight against each other, if it’s even possible. The population will likely be taking a drastic decline and in the long run, it will be best to unite. Looters could develop into quasi military like war parties who work together like a pack of wolves, invading people's homes who properly prepared for the zombie apocalypse. be sure to consider that you might loot a few houses successfully but other preppers will have traps, remote detonated explosives around their house just waiting for no good looters like yourself to dare coming near their home fortress. It’s only a matter of time before you come across a booby trap of some kind and there’s likely to be plenty of other places ready for scavenging. 1.Stop Fighting Whatever you decide to do may have an impact on everyone else, and if humans are ever faced with a challenge like this, the one thing we can’t do is stop fighting. It doesn’t matter how much they outnumber us, or who you’ve lost already, this will be the ultimate test to our species. Who are you exactly when the the zombie apocalypse hits the fan? You’ll need to find methods of coping and establishing our presence on earth certainly won’t be easy. Use every last bullet you got, every crossbow bolt and every last drop of energy left in your body. The sake of humanity depends on it!
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12 Strange Places in Lithuania
From the unsettling Hill of Crosses, to the most bizarre of parks, these are 12 STRANGE Places in Lithuania ! Subscribe to American Eye http://goo.gl/GBphkv 12. Hill of Witches 11. Dead Dunes 10. The Pan House 9. Banknote Building 8. One Million Cent Pyramid 7. Grutas Park 6. Fort IX Lithuania has certainly had a rough past, being both occupied by the Nazi during World War II and then by the brutal Soviets not long after. The lithuanians originally constructed a fort and was put to use at the beginning of world war I which which is still standing now. During World War II, after the Nazis occupied the area it was used as a holding ground for people of Jew ish descent and as stronghold against the soviets. It got nicknamed the “fort of death” for its brutal conditions and then, it was reused by the soviets! Once they had control of the area, it was reused as a prison and a holding ground for political prisoners. The place is now abandoned but with its rough past, it certainly has to be haunted. 5. Monument to the Victims Now you know the story of the creepy fort, you can begin to understand importance of this monument located just outside the fort near the city of Kaunas. Many graves of the people who lost their lives there went unmarked and no is too sure where they are. But this strange looking monument was erected to those perished under the deplorable conditions nonetheless. It was erected in 1984 by the remaining Jewish community of Kaunas. The Jewish community of this city town was hit pretty hard after the war and it’s still difficult to see much traces of them left in the country. This was designed by the sculptor Ambraziunas and stands about 105 feet high. It’s hard to tell exactly what the monument portrays. You can make out a few face but you can use your imagination on this one 4. Grutas Park Bunker We couldn’t cover all the crazy places at the Grutas park before and this creepy bunker pretty much deserves its place on the list. This strange tourist attraction gets even weirder, when participants role play as political prisoners and are escorted into an old soviet bunker. The role playing prisoners are dressed up in gulag outfits and escorted downstair. We at least hope this is just roleplay! The soviet officers are wearing authentic gear as well and they try to put them through the psychological torment of what’d it be like to be a prisoner, sounds fun right?! This woman here is signing her make believe confession to crimes against the glorious union. 3. Plokstine Missile Silo With Lithuania being strategically located on the western part of the Soviet Union, this made a it an ideal location to place a few nuclear weapons. In 1959, they began to construct the Plokstine Missile Silo that would be capable of practically wiping London and a lot of Great Britain off the map. This is located in a forest near Plateliai Lake This would be able to store an R-12 nuclear missile, the same kind that was made famous during the cuban missile crisis. The site was shut down after the collapse of the soviet union and luckily it was never put to use. Locals restored the apocalyptic site so Tourists, can still walk through the creepy looking tunnels of the bunker. 2. Vilnius Old Town Instead of going through the hassle to build a machine to visit the medieval times, you can go back in time by seeing the largest best preserved old town in Northern Europe! It takes up over 70 streets and features 1487 medieval buildings in Vilnius. It features many architectural styles such gothic, baroque and medieval influences. This is where you’ll find some of their old defensive structures such as the Vilnius Castle Complex which was functioning from the 10th to the 18 century! You could spend all day here visiting well preserved historical monuments but don’t forget to see the Gate of Dawn which served as the city gate into this unforgettable capital. 1.Hill of Crosses Located not far from the town of Siauliai in Northern Lithuania you’ll come across one of the country's most well-known but somewhat strange landmark. It might look like an overcrowded cemetery but it’s not. The history behind this place dates back to the 14th century when crosses were brought here in order to express desire for Lithuanian Independence. Crosses were placed in honor of lost independence fighters and under the rule of the Soviet Union, it became a peaceful symbol of defiance against occupation. There’s believed to be over 100,000 crosses scattered on this sacred hill here all to remember those who fought until end for the independence of this unique nation!
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BEST TIPS For Surviving A Nuclear Apocalypse !
Those who properly prepared might get the chance to start civilization over again. From building state of the art nuclear bunkers to forming coalitions with neighboring survivors, where 10 Tips for surviving a Nuclear Apocalypse. Subscribe to American Eye http://goo.gl/GBphkv 4. Become a Mole Person Although radiation levels should die down after a year or so, there’s still always that possibility of breathing in toxic dust that doesn’t want to seem to leave earth's atmosphere. Who knows what kind of strange creatures are roaming around up at the ground level and your best bet, for a while is going to be to camp out underground. The choice is somewhat drastic but there’s a better chance you’ll go undetected by looters or bands of raiders. Humans are still nothing but survivors at this point and it’s unclear how people will be able to mentally handle the unbelievable change that’s taken place upon our earth. Hopefully small communities can begin to develop in places such as subway stations, abandoned mines, missile silos or massive train tunnels such as the gotthard base tunnel in Switzerland. Becoming a mole person is certainly your best option especially in the case of nuclear winter like we mentioned and it might be what we’d have to go through to keep the human race alive. 3. Radiation Zombies or Ghouls Another thing you’re going to have to look out for during the beginning of the apocalypse and possible years to come, are people who are infected with radiation and have lost their mind from this traumatizing event. You really never know how you might begin to act when the apocalypse hits the fan. People who’ve lost everything they own, have nothing left to lose and will go on rampages from their mental illnesses. They also might have scrubbed too hard in the shower and no longer have smooth skin. The ghouls can also be created from people who constructed home made shelters which still protected them a little bit to the point where they weren’t killed but still scarred from the overwhelming radiation. Their DNA might also be altered from the powerful effects of the blast, resulting in the inability to create children, or creating more monsters. Other ghouls out there who might have completely lost their mind and ability to function, could result in becoming feral and cannibalistic. These are mostly the ones you have to watch out for if you choose to roam around in the wasteland. Other animals who already have are resistant to things such as radiation, might be able to grow at frightening rates as well due to the lack of other predators, and their ability to survive, so watch out! 2. Form a Coalition or a Group Strength is certainly made with numbers and during the apocalypse, you’re going to need some help surviving. Surviving would be possible by yourself of course but many question how one’s mental health would be from lack of socializing during such a traumatic event. This one reason why you need to join a group, it’s preferably to have an extra set of ears, eyes, and specialties while looking out for radioactive zombies. Choosing a team isn’t always easy either. You’ll have to see which type of surviving suits you best. You might find out who someone truly is until the apocalypse goes down, so choose wisely and hopefully you won’t be that guy who dies first. Many resources may be scattered across the wasteland waiting to be discovered that will ultimately aid in your survival. Making sure that some people have your back will be crucial. Restarting Civilization If life as we know it were to come to an because of a full blown nuclear apocalypse eventually the radiation will settle down and people can begin to establish settlements again where the nukes didn’t strike. A massive effort will be needed in order to rebuild civilization even when moral is low. A currency needs to be established, law needs to be put into order, and access to clean water must be available. It certainly won’t be easy and it’s tough to say how much soil will be contaminate and what species of animals will still be left. Humanity will have to face one of the toughest challenges it’s ever met before and we’ll need an abundance of tough people willing to dedicate their lifestyle from living comfortably, to people who are surviving for the sake of the human race. It’ll take much time and much knowledge will need to be rediscovered as we enter a dark age of history. Hopefully by then, scientists will have researched enough to be able to shoot down most nuclear missiles before they strike major cities
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10 Unsolved Mysteries of Tibet
From the mysterious Shangri La paradise in the mountains to the stories of the Yeti one of the most famous myths in the world! Subscribe to American Eye http://goo.gl/GBphkv 5. The Dropa Stones Mystery The Dropa stones truly make you wonder if this mysterious culture of people might have had some contact with extraterrestrials at some point in the past. These are a series of 716 stones that all date back to 10000 BC around, and were studied in 1958 after someone had realized they were in his storage. They were inscribed with detailed hieroglyphics-like markings and many people believe they are a hoax, since they are not being kept in a museum. In 1962, the markings were deciphered that told a story of a spacecraft that had crashed near the border of China and Tibet. The people on the spaceship were actually, the Dropa people, and were forced to adapt to life on earth since they couldn’t fix their spaceship. When they were examined by the Russians, they noticed very strange properties and even contained materials difficult for primitive people to possess. 4. Descendants from Tibet When the Nazis began to gain control of most of Europe, an archeologist came up with an bizarre theory about the possible location of Atlantis as well as the original location of their German ancestors. Heinrich Himmler and his followers believed that all Germans and members of their culture were actually from Tibet, which led to expeditions to this area. Getting there was certainly no easy task, and the exact information they might have came across to come to this conclusion during this expedition is still quite mysterious. This shadowy project had scientists and archaeologists hunting for proof in this region. They thought that this was the true area where Atlantis existed and a master race once living here. After studying facial features of the local Tibetan people, they concluded that Tibetans were descendants of the people of Atlantis and were somehow linked to the people of Germany. Although the Nazis were of course guilty of having crazy ideas, this adds more speculation on Shangri-La and it’s possible existence of it being located high up in the mountains. 3. Rainbow Body Phenomenon Also known as Honghua, this occurrence takes place after a great enlightened monk passes away but obtainable by anyone practicing buddhism. After striving to reach the status on being enlightened in Buddhist religion which could take someone’s entire life to reach, one supposedly turns into a rainbow after death. This has been noted for centuries and the rainbow basically displays the self-liberation from the human body and into the afterlife. Thousands of people have reportedly witnessed this and maybe this could happen to you too if you meditate enough. 2. Star Shaped Towers No one can quite come to a conclusion on why these mysterious star shaped towers were constructed. Some can reach heights of 100 feet and not much is known about their origins. How old they are is also very well disputed. They’ve also withstanded horrific earthquakes that should have devastated them. The monks in the area, refuse to give up any information about them, suspiciously. Some claim that they were used as defense structures when the Mongolians were invading, other claim that they were built by wealthy families to display their wealth. Seems to make sense right? The towers were never mentioned in any documents and any recordings about these mysterious structures just don’t seem to exist! The explanations don’t seem to answer the most obvious question; why are they star shaped. And the enigma of these towers continue. 1.Potala Palace Located in the the former capital of Lhasa, lies a mysterious, yet great building that sits over 2.5 miles above sea level and is a true relic of Tibet’s former greatness and power. At such a high altitude, it appears though it had to have been constructed by angels. Also built in the the 17th century, it took over 7000 workers and 1,500 artisans to construct this architectural wonder, certainly adds to its mystery. Another reason this is such an enigma is because it is so much different than other culture’s palaces. Rising 13 stories high, it features exactly 999 rooms and was once the center of Tibets government, the residence of the Dalai Lama, a monastery and a mausoleum for Tibet’s previous Dalai Lamas. Now it’s simply a museum that China uses to attract tourists. Tibetans seeking independence, often hold protests in front of this spiritually and historically important monument.
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13 Haunted Places to Avoid Part 2
From the creepiest cemeteries that will give you nightmares to the mansions where tragedy took place & mysterious happening occur. Subscribe to American Eye http://goo.gl/GBphkv 7. Charleville Castle This Gothic style castle has been deemed as one of the scariest places on Earth and somewhere you might want to avoid on your next trip to Ireland. One of the most famous ghosts that live within the walls of this 17th century castle, is that of a little girl named Harriet. Her soul still wanders the the main stairway after she fell to her death down this staircase in 1861, when she was sent to go wash her hand before eating. Visitors have felt her presence in this location or even heard a small girl singing during the night. Audio samples of a paranormal voice of a child was done after an investigation. 6. Essex Haunted Cottage A woman named Vanessa Mitchell decided to sell this spooky cottage house in St. Osyth, Essex, United Kingdom because she couldn’t take it anymore! The cottage was at one time a medieval jailhouse that executed accused practicers of witchcraft. When bought the house in 2004, she was unaware of the cottages spooky history and now she wants to avoid it! Also known as the cage, she apparently has seen ghostly images like this one here, of what looks like a satanic ghost! This image was captured on a security camera. If this doesn’t seem frightening enough. She also claims she was spanked by a ghost. Most people who’ve purchased this home don’t make it longer than 4 years. Could you live in a medieval witch prison? 5. Bailey Mansion This mansion located in Hartford, Connecticut is the haunted house that inspired the popular TV Series known as American Horror Story. It appeared in the season 1 called Murder House. In American Horror story, the family claims they were haunted by demons and not ghosts in this house. It’s now referred to as the Demon House. Why does the Northeast United States seem to be so haunted? This one doesn’t have any tales of true ghosts, but just its appearance alone makes you truly wonder. 4. Salem, Massachusetts Another spooky place along the eastern seaboard is Salem, Massachusetts. This is home to the notorious Salem witch trials that lead 16 women and 4 men to gruesome executions in the 1600’s. Residents firmly believe their spirits still remain here. Several locations have reported supernatural spirits including the burying point. This is the specific burial ground of accused witches and one of the oldest cemeteries in the US. And don’t forget about the Salem Village Witchcraft memorial that commemorates the exact location of the executions. 3. Trans-Allegheny Lunatic Asylum Who’d want to take a tour of a haunted lunatic asylum from the 1860’s in West Virginia? Probably the ones who don’t know they should avoid it. This location once housed thousands of mentally ill people. It’s said to be home to unexplainable voices and sounds that would send chills down your spine. Hundreds have unfortunately died here and it’s believed the souls of the mentally unstable still wander the hallways. It’s been featured on a few ghost television channels such as Ghost Adventures. It might be best just to watch and not go. 2. Tower of London Another one of England’s Haunted buildings, the Tower of London has earned a reputation of being on of the most haunted places in the United Kingdom. Thou shalt not pass. It’s said to be haunted by Queen Anne Boleyn, who was once married to King Henry the Eighth. She was taken to the tower and beheaded here in 1563. People claim to see her headless ghost walking the towers corridors late at night. The tower of London was a place of torture and used as a prison for prominent figures. 1.Isla de las Muñecas Just south of Mexico City, lies a small stretch of land that needs to be avoided in all cases if you don’t want nightmares. Despite it becoming somewhat of tourist attraction in recent years, this island is only inhabited by haunted dolls that reportedly move and whisper to each other at night. This was originally dedicated to the lost soul of girl who drowned off the coast of the island. The man who found a doll floating in a canal where she drowned, and hung it up on a tree as a sign of respect for the young girl. Now her spirit possesses the dolls. The locals continue to bring creepy dolls to the area for her to play with.
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Strangest Places in Washington State
From trolls under bridges to an abandoned nuclear waste site. Here are Strangest places in Washington state SUBSCRIBE TO AMERICAN EYE FOR MORE AMAZING CONTENT ! 8. Mount Rainier What might appear to be a beautiful mountain in the state of Washington is actually an active volcano that could potentially destroy the world! While it might be capped with snow and seem dormant, it’s be the location of numerous explosions within the past 500,000 years. It’s last explosion was in 1894, when just minor eruptions were reported. Due to it’s sheer size, it’s easily big enough to produce massive amounts of ash to begin whirling around in our atmosphere. Don’t forget about the massive avalanches that would begin before the initial eruption. Volcanoes that erupt through ice, create what’s known as lahars, or basically melted mudflow of volcanic sludge capable of destroying anything in its path and flooding entire cities. The US Geological Survey shows that Rainier is one of our nation’s most dangerous volcanoes and even the slightest eruption could bring on massive amounts of destruction and panic of the highly populated area of Seattle and Vancouver. They also state that this volcano is certainly capable of exploding with little to no warning. So watch out! 4. Northern State Hospital Sedro Woolley. There’s a pretty creepy abandoned mental hospital in washington state that’s known for housing some of the most mentally ill people in the country! At one point in time, it housed a large percentage who made this their final home and would be where they would spend their final days. At one point, there were over 2000 confined within its wall but this state hospital has an extremely terrifying history. Many of the patients suffered from experimental treatment such as electroshock therapy. This basically meant they would put people to sleep and then electrocute their brain causing seizures. Another procedure that was done here included lobotomies. This procedure includes an icepick through the side of the eye in order to alter the person’s frontal lobe. This normally resulted in them becoming less mentally disturbed but basically a mindless zombie. The crude procedure continued up until the 1950’s! Anyways, the place is completely crawling with ghosts 3. Vance Creek Bridge Hidden behind countless evergreen trees is a treasure that measures 347 feet above the ground. This was at one point the tallest 2nd trestle bridge in the US. It was used as an important route to transport lumber from Washington’s lush forests. Eventually, when the government decided to protect the land nearby and not cut down the trees, the bridge was no longer needed. Legends have told tales of not only the bridge being haunted but also the creek down below.It’s said to be haunted by the spirit of a woman that fell of the creepy looking bridge. At night, there’s been sightings of a woman, floating from the bottom to the top. You call tell from this photo that’s there no hand rails, and a fall down would certainly be lethal. At one point it was a hotspot for instagrammers looking to get a cool shot in order to get some likes. Are like really worth your life? They have tried to implement no trespassing signs in order to deter vandalism and loitering. It’s been sealed up and it doesn;t seem like it’s easy to get in there anymore But, there’s good news. If you search on instagram #thatnwbridge there seems to be recent photos of people there and On clear days, you could see Mt. Ranier in the background. Seattle Underground Seattle is a picturesque city with towering buildings and with many intense sports fans. But there’s another a whole different level deep below the ground you’re stepping on,... june 6th, 1889, the city of Seattle suffered a great first that would destroy 31 blocks . Many attempts were made to put it out quicker but it just kept burning and burning. The city faced a difficult decision. Either clear the debris or just build over it. They chose to build over it and to use this part as the sewer system. However, in recent years it’s become a popular tourist attraction, the parts that aren't used for sewage at least. It took about 7 to 10 year to rebuild the damage that took place from the fire. You’re still able to walk through some of the old buildings and see the bricks that have become the foundation of the metropolis
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14 Unbelievable Smuggling Seizures
From the infamous watermelon felon, to the biggest seizure in the world, these are 14 UNBELIEVABLE SMUGGLING SEIZURES ! Subscribe to American Eye http://goo.gl/GBphkv 7. Operation Sydney Fish Police in Sydney Australia dismantled a Chinese crime syndicate by series of raids and collected 500 kilograms of cocaine from a fish market. The Chinese gangsters were using the fish market as a front to cover up their criminal activities. This turned out to be Australia’s biggest drug raid and they also came across 15 million dollars in cold hard cash. Australian nationals appeared to be in on the operation as well, helping with the distribution. The product was brought all the way across the pacific ocean from Chile to Sydney where it would catch quite the price increase. 6. A Busty Bust In February 2016, police in Australia found millions of dollars worth of meth, stuffed inside shipments of bras. The clever criminals stashed the liquid form of the drug where women would normally find padding. This toxic bras were stashed inside a shipping container and there was a total of 50 gallons of liquid meth recovered from this sneaky operation. 3 Hong Kong nationals were arrested in relation to the crime and police kept about 1 billion australian dollars worth of drugs off the streets. Meth use in Australia has tripled within the past 5 years and this appears to be only a small dent in the country’s epidemic. 5. Cruise Ship Couriers If someone offered you the trip of the lifetime, with absolutely no spending limit and all you had to do was smuggle some drugs, would you do it? Melina Roberge and Isabelle Lagace were two young, beautiful and naive Canadian women that were caught smuggling 30 million dollars worth of cocaine from South America into Australia. They enjoyed the trip of their lifetime in French Polynesia beforehand, drinking from coconuts and getting tribal tattoos. South American kingpins will often look for people with western passports to do the dirty work of moving weight into other countries. They had roughly 200 pounds worth of cocaine with them and their lives will seemingly come to an end as they will be facing the rest of it in prison. 4. Watermelon Felons As we mentioned before, drugs coming from mexico can often be disguised to look like everyday exports such as produce. But, if you cut it to this watermelon the inside is not going to be red, just pure green. Smugglers from mexico made a poor attempt at smuggling 3000 pounds of marijuana disguised as watermelons into Texas. This seizure was worth an estimated 600,000 dollars and drug pushers continue to get more and more creative, almost to the point where we don’t even know how much is getting across our borders anymore! 3. Pressed for Cash Many of us have been short on cash at times and kind of wish we could just print it out at home instead of having to go to work. But that’s against the law. Although the government has made steps in recent years to make our money less vulnerable to counterfeiters, we still come across it sometimes. The country of Peru seems to be one of the biggest leaders of this practice and in 2012, a raid took place in the capital city of Lima, where police found 2 million dollars in phony cash and 1.5 million euros. This is just a very small fraction of how much is made in this country. The laws for committing this crime in south america, is just a slap on the wrist, with the culprits only getting a warning their first time, and the 2nd time, only having to spend a few nights in jail. The notes would have most likely been used in a drug deal, and smuggled into other Central American countries. 2. Guns Galore The largest criminal weapons haul in the Britain took place recently in 2016 when authorities found a total of 32 semi automatic Ak-47’s and Scorpion submachine guns along with 1000 rounds of ammunition. It’s believed to be possible that these were the men who supplied the Charlie Hebdo attack in Paris but that hasn’t been confirmed. The firepower that these men would have been able to provide could have unleashed 4 times the amount of carnage during the Paris attacks that killed 130 people.It’s believed that the weapons were bought in Eastern Europe and transported using this boat where they found the contraband. Another huge seizure happened in Britain 2016, where 500 guns were found, but they appeared to be more of an antique collection and not for criminal purposes. This included an Tommy gun, an antique Bazooka, a german luger and other various antique guns. 1. The 26 Ton Seizure The US coast guard and the Canadian Navy was able to seize 26 tons of cocaine worth 2 Billion dollars on the streets of America! This took place of the coast of Florida with the help of a naval cutter. Over 100 smugglers were apprehended on 27 different vessels in series of recent busts along the Florida coastline. They attempted to pass them off as shipping vessels and would label the cargo as pork and white sugar
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12 Strange Places Found in the Alps
From the Baby Eating Sculpture, to the biggest to the biggest tunnel in the WORLD, these are 12 STRANGE Places Found in the Alps ! Subscribe to American Eye http://goo.gl/GBphkv 5. The Toblerone Line During World War 1 the French had their own defensive structure called the maginot line so what did the Swiss have? They had the Toblerone line. It where here where they places strategic Dragon’s Teeth fortification with the purpose of preventing tanks from cruising into their neutral little country! The fortifications looked so much like the Swiss chocolate, Toblerone, that it earn it’s nickname that way. As another part of their fortifications, the swiss used an innocent little pink house and fortified it with machine guns! This is called the villa Rosa and it’s an incognito stronghold with fake windows. Normally when you open the garage, you’d expect to see a car. Here when you open the garage, you get two big cannons! So watch out! 4. Waterfall Face The Alps are a massive mountain range that spread across a few countries in Central Europe, including our next one in Austria. This mysterious face emerges from a hillside and has fresh alpine water, spewing from its mouth. What’s most intriguing about this landmark is the fact that the face has two crystals as eyes! This is the exterior to the Swarovski Crystal theme park that’s located in the Austrian village of Wattens. It was designed by artist Andre Heller and built in 1995, During winter time, this area is normally covered in snow and the waterfall is frozen. This was built to commemorate Swarovski's 100. Here at this theme park you can also find the Crystal Cloud which is made up of 10,000 crystals 3. Giant Pink Bunny In 2005 Italian residents in the region of Piedmont were slightly shocked when they came across a giant pink bunny stretched along the mountainside in the Alps. It was a massive 200 feet long. This was made by an Austrian artist. From an aerial vantage point we actually see that this wasn’t supposed to be a children’s toy at all and you can even see its entrails coming out the side. Poor bunny! The artists said that he wanted people who visited the art installation to feel as small as Gulliver did during his travels in the famous novel. He intended for it to rest on the mountainside until 2025 but it quickly began to decay from the weather and also cattle who ate some of the hay it was made from. Today you can still see what’s left over from the giant pink bunny if you search Colletto Fava on Google maps 2. The Lugano Gate Lugano is well known for its warm summers and gets the nickname of being the “monte carlo of Switzerland for its ability to attract celebrities. Located in the South it’s near the border of Switzerland and italy and something that acts as a boundary between the two countries is Lake Lugano. Here you see a photo of a gate but not with any walls around it. It’s meant to act as a gate to paradise or like somewhere you’d wait at in order to get into heaven. It’s a fairly random site and it’s main function is to just frame the beauty behind it. It’s not meant to keep anyone from swimming in the lake or anything. Are you worthy enough to enter?. 1.Biggest Tunnel in the World The biggest railway tunnel in the world goes right underneath the alps! The Gotthard Base Tunnel stretches at total of 94.3 miles under ground. This project cost 12.5 billion dollars and took 17 years to construct! It took the lives of 9 people and it’s also the deepest tunnel in the world too. The track starts at the German speaking town of Erstfeld and ends in the southern Italian speaking Swiss town of Bodio. Switzerland just recently finished construction on this modern marvel in June 2016 and celebrated in a somewhat bizarre fashion. Here you can see some winged baby flying over some actors, who represent the ones that lost their lives here. The celebration required 600 dancers, actors and acrobats. We highly suggest watching clips of the celebrations online somewhere. It seems to have a little bit of everything and gets quite strange at times! You won’t any idea what is going on!
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10 Toxic Abandoned Places
From the Berkeley Mine Pit, to the dirtiest pesticide plant in the world, these are 10 TOXIC Abandoned Places Subscribe to American Eye http://goo.gl/GBphkv 7. Wittenoom, Australia 6. The Berkeley Pit 5. Europe’s Abandoned Cooling Towers A man by the name of Reginald Van de Velde had the opportunity to explore the imposing man made industrial structures from what’s left over of nuclear power plants. Despite the controversy that comes with nuclear power, these are well-made modern marvels of architecture and he got a rare chance to go inside a few before they were demolished. In this photo we see the inside view of a cooling tower scheduled for maintenance in France. Vegetation at the bottom of this abandoned cooling tower in Belgium has began to grow even if it was once covered in toxic radioactive water at some point. He claims that no two cooling towers are the same and and this shot also from belgium gives you an idea how massive some of these structures are. The five cooling towers make up a huge part of the skyline in this countryside of the UK and are the only thing that remains of a nuclear plant that was destroyed 4. Mailuu-Suu Mine Located in the country of Kyrgyzstan, this is seriously one of the most toxic places on earth and it’s also abandoned! During the time when the Soviet Union occupied this country, the region of Mailuu-Suu had a resource that was desperately sought after. Uranium ore. Uranium was a key element in winning the cold war in order to produce nuclear submarines, power plants of and course weapons of mass destruction This mines here produced a whopping 10,000 metric tons of this resource from 1946-1968. They weren’t meant to withstand some forces of mother nature and in 1994 the mine flooded and caused a mudslide to spew uranium all over the place! They only people you might find walking around the abandoned mine here, are those who try to salvage uranium to sold on the black market. 3. New Idria, California This toxic ghost town in San Benito County, California is named after the New Idria Mercury mine. The town was settled in 1854 when pioneers began coming across cinnabar, gold and mercury. The discovery of Mercury was important for gold mining and this happened during a time when gold mining was sweeping through Northern California. The mercury is used to extract gold from gold ore and it results in a much purer gold. It became an important mining location up until the mine closed in 1972 and people began to realize how toxic mercury truly was. Elevated levels of mercury were found in the cities water supply and not only that, but the nearby hills also have been found with asbestos, making this place toxic on many different levels. 2. Kalachi, Kazakhstan The town of Kalachi Kazakhstan isn’t 100 percent abandoned just yet but it might as well be. More and more villagers leave here each day and some claim the government is forcing them too. Recently gold was found in this area and villagers believe they are becoming ill from a toxic gas used by the government in order to build the gold mine here. The city is left in ruins and everyone appears to be quite ill! There used to be a population of about 6000 people but now just a few hang onto life at this soon to be toxic ghost town. The statue you see here is in a town nearby that’s been abandoned and it looks like Kalachi will suffer the same fate. No one rides the swings or plays on the jungle gym outside anymore. Others believe uranium mines nearby are causing the strange illnesses. 1. Bhopal Pesticide Plant We’ve heard of the tragedies that Chernobyl has brought to the area in the Ukraine in some previous videos but the in all actuality the Bhopal incident was much more devastating. A pesticide factory owned by a US corporation in the heavily populated area of India was found to be leaking a large amount of cyanide into the air of the city of Bhopal. This caused 5,295 people to lose their lives but many claim the number is much higher and more like 25,000! This poison gas factory is now abandoned and it certainly is still toxic! To what degree exactly is unsure, but many believe their is a huge amount of toxic waste underground. Some daring urban explorers decided to visit that plant and came across some dusty bottles with chemicals still unopened! The rusting chemical plant itself will prove to be an environmental issue itself if it’s not carefully demolished
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11 Historical Places That Are Lucky To Still Exist
From the majestic Colosseum, to one of the OLDEST cities in the World , these are 11 Historical Places That Are Lucky To Still Exist! Subscribe to American Eye http://goo.gl/GBphkv 11. The Colosseum 10. The Parthenon Athens 9. Queen Hatshepsut’s Temple 8. Ancient Bosra 7. Abu Simbel temples 6. Leaning Tower of Pisa 5. Knossos 4. Pompeii The city of Pompeii was once a thriving colony of the Roman Empire until it was completely covered in volcanic ash in 79 AD! The town located near modern day Naples is now one of the best preserved ancient cities in all of Europe. It was home to amenities such as an amphitheatre, a gymnasium, and a complex water system. At its peak, it reached a population of 11,000 people, some of the inhabitants, are still preserved from the very thing that brought their demise. This is one of the only places in the world where people were turned into statues. Them and the entire city were buried in ash from the Mt. Vesuvius explosion. Here in this photo were see what’s left of the temple to Jupiter and the volcano that brought the end to the thriving settlement. After being well preserved under about 10 feet of ash, it was rediscovered in 1599, while digging a channel. Currently it’s one of the most popular tourist attraction in Italy, however it’s quickly being damaged from erosion, vandalism and light exposure. 3. Palmyra This historical site is hanging onto life by a thread and is is under severe threat of being completely wiped off the map. Celebrated as the pearl of the desert, Palmyra, located in Syria, was a thriving trade city along the Silk road, which traded goods as far away as India. Reminisce of this city show what mankind was capable of in the middle of the desert, with barely any resources nearby Temples once stood here for thousands of years. It reached its golden age in 260 AD, after being the Palmyrene Empire was victorious in battle against the Persians. The empire here displayed a unique culture but artwork and architecture displayed showed influence from the Romans and Greeks. It’s hard to tell you what still exists since the google maps in this area seem outdated but it’s believed that parts still remain. Here in this photo we see the Tetrapylon that was destroyed in 2017 and here is the temple of Bel that was also destroyed in 2015, from civil unrest and looting! Something needs to be done quickly before all evidence completely gone! 2. Ancient City of Petra Follow this mysterious passage way and see what you’ll discover!This historical city in Jordan is most well known for its buildings cut from rock! It also goes by the name of the Rose city, due to the color of stone that it’s built from. Around 312 BC it was the capital of the Nabataeans and where nomadic traders would settle down in the middle of the desert. No one even knew about this place until it was discovered in 1812 and to this day, there’s still things we don’t know about this place! It’s been described as “one of the most precious cultural properties of man’s cultural heritage” by Unesco. This theatre that you see here, was carved out of the cliffside. The photo we see here, is the well known El Deir, translating to, the monastery. The views of the desert from this city can be quite remarkable. Visit this one while you still can! Water erosion, and heavy amounts of tourism are causing irreparable damage to these ancient monuments. 1.Mohenjo-daro Considered to among some of the first city builders in all the world, the Indus Valley Civilisation inhabited parts of western India and Pakistan. This advanced culture prospered during the Bronze Age around 3300 BC to 1300 BC. Remarkably of their biggest cities still exists despite the test of time! Built around 3000 BC, this city certainly rivals any infrastructure found from Mesopotamia, or Ancient Egypt at the time. This was a well planned city that’s based on a street grid like we see in modern times. The historic place in Pakistan, is known to have supported large bath houses, structures to house around 5000 people, granaries, two large assembly hall and much more! There could certainly be more parts of this city that haven’t been discovered yet. The Pakistani government warned that the site really was badly in need of conservation funding or the site would be completely gone in about 13 years!
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14 Best Places to Loot During the Zombie Apocalypse
From places with supplies to build your stronghold, to places you wouldn't expect to find food here are 13 best places to loot during the zombie apocalypse. Subscribe to American EYE! 6. Cruise Ships Society has finally collapsed and people are trying to escape zombies by taking massive ships to isolated places, far far away. They’ve most likely packed everything they own and this makes cruise ships lucrative looting targets during the zombie apocalypse. For this type of operation, you’re going to need your own ship and a crew of men in order to take over other ships. Consider yourself the zombie apocalypse pirates of the carribean. Have a reliable captain who knows how to use old fashioned equipment such as compasses and sextants to help you navigate the seven seas. This would essentially be a way of life and as long as you and your crew are well fed from enough looted supplies. You can do this until your boat breaks or you stop seeing other ships. Hopefully you won’t run across any zombie pirates like this guy who looking for a fight. 5. Pet Stores You really might cringe at the thought of having to resort this low but some people might realize that dog food is all that’s left. It’s completely canned and full of protein which almost makes it an excellent food source during the zombie apocalypse. Whether it’s dried dog food or the wet kind, or even doggie biscuits, it might be your only choice during this dramatic scenario. Since most have already looted the large grocery stores this leaves pet stores as a backup option when you’re desperate for food. Who knows, if you put a little hot sauce on it, it might not be that bad. Plus it’s not a bad idea to bring home a new puppy who you can use as a companion during the zombie apocalypse. People will want to feed their pets in any case and there should be plenty of value in looting a pet store. Maybe you can even train a parrot to tell you when zombies are coming? 4. Schools You probably never imagined going back to school quite like this! While everyone else is busy looting fancy car shops and what not, consider possibly looting a school and target some crucial locations. During a pandemic type situation, even somewhere like the school nurse’s office could have some valuable supplies to heal yourself with. Bandages, antiseptic, cotton swaps, and other first aid supplies can be found here. Another place you want to check out would be the school cafeteria to try to spot things such as cooking supplies, unspoiled meals, oranges, juice boxes etc. Consider targeting the vending machines and get whatever little food is left. 3. Gun Stores This one might be difficult and you’re going to need a crew that knows what theyre doing in order to pull this off. The owners are probably locked up in the store with large supplies of powerful firearms and ammunition which will definitely make it a challenge. But it’s the apocalypse, what do you have to lose? Mainly of these buildings contain alarm systems which will attract noise and there for attracted zombies. Have a look out who’s ready to take out anything harming your chances . Get your supplies, watch out for traps and get the heck out. Although firearms are loud, and ammunition will be limited, check to see if they have things like crossbows and or body armor as well. 2. Pharmacies No doctors will be giving your prescriptions during the zombie apocalypse so it appears as though you’re going to have to loot a pharmacy if order to get the supplies your working for. High grade antibiotics will certainly be found here and these will certainly be valuable to get ahold of. There most likely won’t be a cure for the zombie apocalypse here but there should be enough things to calm you down. Depending on the type of outbreak, other items such as potassium iodine should help prevent you from suffering from radiation poisoning. Other People’s Settlements Looting other people’s settles is completely counter productive to rebuilding civilization but this could end up being another option if they’re not letting you in their club. Many people might have actually been taking our advice and were stocking up on supplies and they’re come a point in time when you just gotta do what you gotta do to survive. Only the strongest will prevail and negotiations don’t work, you’ll be forced to battle it out. If they’ve prepared traps, it’s to keep out no good looters like yourself. So expect the unexpected and plan carefully if you want to be a survivor during the zombie apocalypse.
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10 Insane Law Enforcement Vehicles
From the most amazing SWAT van, to the water cannon vehicles they deploy, these are 10 Insane Law Enforcement Vehicles Subscribe to American Eye http://goo.gl/GBphkv 5. Doraville Police Vehicle If cities who have more police shooting and drug problems might have a good reason to obtain military grade vehicles, why would the small town of Doraville, Georgia obtain this massive beast!? This thing is completely capable of plowing through walls and running over cars with ease. This little suburb of Atlanta, didn’t have 1 murder from 2010 to 2013 and population of roughly 8,000 people. The chief of police claimed,”the vehicle had been a valuable tool for public safety. A video of the swat team was posted online in 2009, showing the vehicles sheer force. This appears to be an M-113 armored vehicle which have been used as far back as the Vietnam, although their website doesn’t appear to be too specific about what kind of vehicle it is or if they still have it. During the Obama administration, he attempted to ban tracked vehicles for police but most mrap’s, we saw in number 6 don’t have tracks. 4. The Rook So what vehicle do the police use as their about to conduct a siege on a two story building! That’s right! They call in the rook! This vehicle is described by it’s manufacturers as being “six tons of pure responsive force! For 250,000 dollars, the rook can bring in 4 swat team members close enough to someone's 2nd story window, with the security of steel armor. The extendable platform can reach up to 11 feet and they mostly use this in case of a big stand off with police where they believe the suspect is armed. It’s almost like a bulldozer that’s used to shield the swat team. If it wanted too were sure, it could flip over cars or destroy your house as well. It has a few special features such as cameras, gun ports, dual joystick controls and air conditionting. 3. Water Cannon Vehicles Riots have been getting out of control lately, so law enforcement figures that maybe if they hose them down a little bit, they’ll get mad their dripping wet and go home. Recently, in the city of Calais, France police have had to bust out the water cannons when violent clashes with migrants and activists broke out. The water cannons are pretty high powered but don’t seem quite as bad as getting pepper sprayed. These are basically like fire trucks that the police use for riots.Other types have been made like that would add electricity to the stream of water, and potentially taser the entire group! In south Korea, some agencies added pink dye in the mix to help aid them in mark the rioters, making it easier to make arrests. This one here from Germany costs about 1 million dollars each and the German government ordered 78 of them! Each one is made of steel and weighs 33 tons! It’s capable of firing 20 liters of water per second! What do they plan on using all of these vehicles for? 2. UH-1 Helicopter With the surplus of military vehicles, it makes more sense for those to get some use by the police right? They seem to be able to get away with it by labeling them as donations, and here you see a case where a military grade helicopter conducting a search and rescue operation that was donated to the Milford Connecticut police in 2011, along with some M-16 and MRAP’s. This former army helicopter was given a new paintjob. This helicopter is worth about a million dollars. It’s now equipped with a spotlight for catching bad guys at night. This was “donated” to a city with 52,000 people and a crime rate 68 percent lower than the rest of Connecticut. Police claim that criminals have changed and they need this kind of step to stay one step ahead of the game. Police Drones Don’t you feel safer with police drones flying around the sky?! The next time you think about committing some criminal behavior in your backyard, you better think twice! Thanks to advancements in drone technology, police can have more eyes in the sky than ever before, This has rose to popularity in Britain, especially in London and along the English Channel. Residents apparently got fed up and there were over 900 complaints over the phone in the year of 2015. Similar to undercover vehicles, the drones are rarely marked and there’s really no way of knowing if it’s the cops or not. As of right now, there are some laws on where people are able to fly drones and this may restrict cops from catching on to the idea. With advanced cameras, night and thermal vision.
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14 Mysterious and Secretive Soviet Projects
From secretive secretive cities you're not allowed to go to, nuclear powered aircraft, here are 14 mysterious and secretive soviet projects Subscribe to American EYE! 4. Vozrozhdeniya Island (voz-roz-den-ay) This island is located on what was the Aral sea before it disappeared mysteriously. It was here where the Soviet Union constructed a top secret biological weapons testing facility called Aralsk-7. Explore this place on google maps and you’ll find some eery ghost towns and abandoned places. This began the main laboratory where crews tested multiple effects of fatal diseases and how to spread them effectively.They worked with horrific agents including, anthrax, smallpox, the black plague, and more. In 1971, weaponized smallpox was accidently released,3 people and infecting 10. Oops. Due to the shrinking of the Aral sea, the island is more of a peninsula. Many claim there are still large stockpiles of anthrax buried here after the facility closed in 1990 and after 911 an effort was made to find it. Anthrax spores can survive underground for decades, so if you come here, bring some hand sanitizer and a hazmat suit! 3. Tu-95LAL Nuclear Aircraft During the cold war, numerous aircraft were experimented with. With this being the cold war, nuclear power it seemed perfectly reasonable to see if nuclear power could be used to fuel an aircraft. We do have submarines that use nuclear power and even aircraft carriers, so why not a plane? Both the US and Soviets considered the possibility. The soviets built a prototype that was known as the TU-95LAL. The nuclear reactor was placed in the fuselage where there was a small bulge that you can see in this photo. It conducted over 40 test flights but with the nuclear reactor turned off a majority of the time. Many believe the project was abandoned because they couldn’t find a proper way to shield the radioactivity of the reactor and they realized a crash might could result in a nuclear explosion on a valuable runway. 2. The Battle Mole Imagine a vehicle that could travel through water, on land and go underground by mechanically drilling its way to it’s next target! Sounds pretty insane right? The soviets had an interesting idea with this one. Also known as the Subterrene, this experiment vehicle could successfully move underground at a speed of about 3 miles an hour. The goal of it would be to travel underground, detonate explosives under enemy military installations, which would then cause an earthquake and destroy a bunch of things up above. It also ran on Nuclear power and the first test proved to be successful, destroying an test target bunker covering a range of 6 miles. Everyone was quite amazed and they thought they came up with some kind of secret super device. They were wrong, during the 2nd test, the whole thing blew up and it was never tested again 1. Tsar Bomba The largest nuclear bomb ever dropped was tested by the Russians in 1961 in the Novaya Zemlya archipelago. The bomb was extremely large in size as well, weigh 27 metric tons and measuring in a 8 meters long by 2 meters in diameter. A bomb this large isn’t really too useful considering the best method to destroy would be to use many bombs scattered across a large range.. The largest nuclear device tested by Americas was equivalent to 15 megatons of TNT while this bomb dropped in Russia yielded 57 megatons. The blast was so powerful that it almost killed the pilot who was flying the plane. It’s been described as the single most physically powerful device ever used by mankind and the mushroom cloud you see in this photo is rather shocking to say the least.
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11 Strangest Bodies of Water
From deep sea oddities; to the strange lakes and seas in the world; These are 11 STRANGEST Bodies of Water ! Subscribe to American Eye http://goo.gl/GBphkv 11. Underground River, Philippines 10. Uvac River, Bosnia 9. Jacob’s Well Texas 8. Blue Hole Belize 7. Lake Mead 6. Pitch Lake, Trinidad Normally when you think of a lake, you might think of water surrounded by trees and not the gooey black tar like substance found at Pitch Lake. It’s the world's largest natural deposit of asphalt in the world and is rumored to be about 75 meters deep in some places Some are calling it the 8th wonder of the natural world. It holds about 10 million tons of asphalt. If it was actually put to use, it could create a road 20 feet thick 6393 miles long could connect, Peru to Alaska. It’s not exactly sure why this lake has so much of this strange substance but it seems to lie on an intersection of faults. This would essentially allow material from far below the surface of the earth to rise to the top. If it doesn’t already seem crazy enough to you, scientists also discovered tiny microorganisms living below the surface of the asphalt, making them wonder if these extremophiles could live on another planet. 5. Lake Vostok, Antarctica Located on the inhospitable continent of Antarctica lies a freshwater lake, but you won’t be coming here anytime soon. It’s located 13,000 feet below an extremely thick layer of ice. The water beneath the ice sheet hasn’t seen the surface of earth in millions of year. Scientists took on the extremely difficult challenge of drilling through the ice and came across something shocking. They found over 3500 different species of organisms. What interesting about this is that a moon called europa also has a thick layer of ice over a liquid water ocean. If things could survive the conditions in antarctica, they most likely could on this moon, increasing the chance of alien life by a long shot. They even found things like fish, mollusks which were much more complicated organisms than they expected. Here you see one of the species of shrimp that was found below over 2 miles of ice at lake Vostock 4. Beppu Hells, Japan These bodies of water in Japan is designated as a Place of scenic beauty but many would argue that it looks more like the pits of hell! Not only can this hot spring in Japan turn completely red, it also reaches boiling temperatures and swimmers aren’t recommended to jump in. Many wouldn’t exactly call these hot springs which are really more like steaming puddles. The heat gets pretty intense from geothermic activity, and the Beppu hells are the 2nd largest source of this right after yellowstone. It’s not exactly clear why this is given such a fearful nickname but some believe that the early Japanese believed that the steam was from spirits. Some of the hot springs contain traces of magnesium, iron or other elements which will give it distinct glows. 3. Dead Sea, Israel and Jordan The dead sea makes up part of the border between Israel and Jordan and has quite a few unique properties to it. Not only does it reach the world lowest point in elevation at 1388 feet below sea level it’s also has extremely high levels of salt concentrations, reaching 33.7 percent. There’s only a couple lakes that are a little more salty but to give you an idea, the Pacific ocean is only 3.5 percent! Due to the high concentrations of salt, this guy here in the photo doesn’t need an inflatable raft and can float with no problems while reading the newspaper. The dead sea probably gets it’s name due to the fact that absolutely nothing can survive here like fish or aquatic plants and is only home to low levels of bacteria and fungi. 2. Lake Retba, Senegal Also known as Senegal’s Pink lake, or Lac Rose, this is the 2nd saltiest lake in the world and the only one saltier than this one is located in Antarctica. It’s red waters are caused by a micro algae which thrives in environments high in salt. It’s safe to swim in and the type of algae is actually considered to be healthy. Locals in the area make a living extracting salt from the bed of the lake and bring it ashore with rafts. People are found at this lake for about 6-7 hours and being in such salty conditions tends to dry the skin quite rapidly. 1. Rio Tinto Spain This river in Spain has been so polluted over the years from copper mining that it’s completely changed colors and it almost looks like a river of liquid copper! The mines saw use as far back as 3000 BC but were rediscovered by the Spanish in the 1500’s. Acidic mine leakage lead to severe pollution and the river has a high density of metallic concentrations. The mine closed in 2010 but the damage has been done. You’d probably imagine that no living organism could survive here right? Wrong! Scientists found a type of extremophile that lives in this water, further begging the question if organisms can survive on planets with liquid metals as their oceans.
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10 Unbelievable Mummy Discoveries
From unreal extinct cat mummies, to evidence and discovery of Irish Bog Mummies; These are 10 UNBELIEVABLE Mummy Discoveries ! Subscribe to American Eye http://goo.gl/GBphkv 11. Extinct Cat Mummy Mummies are some of the best pieces of historical remains archaeologists can find and they tell us quite a bit about history. Preserved remains of organisms can tell us things about burial rituals, what kind of food they ate and the type of clothing wore during certain eras. But also, mummies of different organisms can help us discover new species. The unbelievable remains we see here, of a rare species of cat was discovered in central turkey in February of 2016, and you can tell the fangs make it look as though it’s not a house cat! It’s said to measure about 3 feet long and is naturally mummified. A 3 foot cat is not something you normally see running around someone’s house. Experts have failed to identify the species of the cat but they’re pretty sure it’s extict. What do you think this creature is? 10. Mammoth Discovery 9. 1 Million Mummy Discovery 8. Otzi Discoveries 7. Tollund Man 6. Irish Bog Mummies 5. Ramses the Great The most well-known mummies certainly come from the country of Egypt and we should consider ourselves lucky to have found the mummy of Ramses the Great who was one of the most influential pharaohs of Egypt. Ramses’ mummy is found in the Egyptian Museum in Cairo but was originally discovered in the Deir el-Bahari. Due to grave robbers, in ancient egyptian times, his father decided to move his body from the Valley of the Kings to this location. Ramses completed monuments such as Abu Simbel, established prosperous cities, and was a military genius. Being able to have his mummy still in tact is a significant discovery to preserve history. 4. Incan Mummies Strangely enough, the incas also had very similar sacrificial rituals similar to the European ones we mentioned earlier in this video. And we know this thanks to uncovering mummies in the Andes mountains. This 500 year old frozen mummy was discovered in Argentina, seems to be of an adolescent girl who researchers believed had tuberculosis. Besides the mummy itself, another remarkable thing about this find is that it preserved the clothing she was wearing, which gives us well preserved and also hairstyles at that time. It’s believed that the Incas would select a beautiful child from different villages, sedate them with herbal potions, and leave them in the Andes mountains as a method of sacrifice. 3. Inuit Baby Mummy When researchers came across this mummy in Greenland, they had originally thought it was a doll of some type. It turns out they were completely wrong and it was the body of a baby. But that wasn’t all they had discovered. There were essentially 6 woman stacked on top of each other as we can tell in this illustration and the mass tomb also contained clothing from seals, reindeer, and other items which displayed fashion around 1475 AD. The baby placed on top appeared to show signs of down syndrome, was buried alive and was the only boy found here. Finding the mummies alone isn’t exactly enough information why but as we’ve seen from other cultures, it could have some type of traditional reasons. The icy conditions of Greenland were enough to preserve the bodies and the ones around it. 2. Hatshepsut’s Mummy Queen Hatshepsut was Egypt’s first ruling female pharaoh nearly 3500 years ago and completely the amazing mortuary temple which displays nearly perfect symmetry. She was more powerful than Cleopatra or nefertiti The discovery of her mummy was a massive fi nd for egyptology and we can finally put a real face to all the glorious accomplishments. After discovering her mummy, they determined that she had problems with her teeth and also diabetes at the age of 50. They believe that it’s her mummy because of the way her arms are positioned which signify royalty. However Zahi Hawass doesn’t believe it’s true because she was too large to match written records. 1.Chinese Noblesse Discovery Finally we venture off the the continent of Asia for our final discovery. This one dates back to 700 AD and she was discovered 6 feet underground as chinese road workers made the discovery. This mummy is remarkably preserved to the point where her eyebrows are still preserved. It’s not exactly sure what it was that preserved her body but she was found submerged in some type of brown liquid. The woman was wearing a traditional ring on her right hand which likely symbolized that she was a part of a ruling class. Her delicate silk and cotton outfit still remains intact from the 1300’s and it was quite a high profile ceremony at the time. This was found in the Jiangsu province of China and it’s quite a remarkable discovery for Chinese history.
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12 Strangest Places in Texas
From random steel houses built on the countryside to the leaning water tower, here 12 strange places in Texas. Subscribe to American Eye http://goo.gl/GBphkv 12. Paris, Texas Howdy, y’all welcome to Texas, where everything is much bigger. Texas is about the same size as France but with about half the population around 22 million people, but plenty of longhorn cows. Texas has wanted to be their own country in the past, and full with people just 100% proud to call the 2nd largest US state their home. They also have this landmark in common with the people of France, in the same city as the French Capital. That’s about all Texas and France have in common but it’s still a pretty eye-catching monument for travellers to take a photo with. It’s about 70 feet high and just to give this place a little Texas flare to it, a cowboy hat was placed at the top! Some have called this the dumbest idea in the world but locals seem to take a liking towards it so it stayed. 11. Forbidden Gardens 10. Futuro House, Texas There’s quite a few strange houses out there in Texas that we’ll get to later and the Futuro house is certainly one of them. Don’t worry! Aliens haven’t landed on earth just yet but This flying saucer style house can be only found in a few different parts of the world but this one we see here is abandoned and located in Rockwall County, Texas. This looks like one of the creepier places to explore in the Lone Star State and this photo was captured from the interior. It looks as though vandals, or disturbed people got in there and wrote some disturbing messages. The futuristic houses were taken off the market and were a big business failure. The way they were constructed makes them nearly impossible to disassemble and it’s been sitting on the side of the highway for decades now, intriguing travellers. 9. Cathedral of Junk, Austin 8. Cowgirl Hall of Fame Where else would you expect to find the cowgirl hall of fame? Located in Fort Worth Texas, is this museum which is dedicated to celebrate the women past and present who helped shape the American west. At this museum, you can maybe begin to understand the fascination Texas has with cowboys and how it’s rooted in their history! They don’t wear those cowgirl boots for nothing! Women at this time were as tough as nails and knew how to fire a six shooter. Women like Calamity Jane and Annie Oakley were well known for keeping up with the guys in whisky drinking competitions, and you can learn a bit about women like here at this museum. 7. Leaning Tower of Texas 6. Luecke Throughout the ages, mankind has tried his best to communicate with the cosmos looking down and our next one can simply be enjoyed on google maps or from an airplane. A giant geoglyph appears with the name of “Luecke” with each letter stretching thousands of feet. This is found just east of Austin and is written from north to south. The Luecke farm in Smithville, is considered to be the world’s largest signature and it’s even turned out to be useful to Nasa! Needless to say the landowner, Jimmy Luecke is a little egotistical but has no problem getting his name out there. 5. Spindletop Boomtown Museum 4. Ransom Canyon Steel House When we said there were a few strange houses in Texas, this one could be the winner! It took 34 years to construct and is made out of steel. The artist by the name of Robert Bruno lived in this house 8 months before passing away but he’s certainly made his mark on the landscape, it sits on the edge of the Ransom Canyon, located just west of Lubbock, it’s been praised by the artists’ community as a stunning one of a kind accomplishment. It’s made of 150 tons of steel and we can imagine it would prove to be fairly sturdy in the case of a zombie apocalypse. With 2,200 square feet of space, it currently is being used to exhibit art shows and host private events. 3. Sixth Floor Museum 2. Travelling Man Travelling man is actually an art installation in Dallas that portrays him in 3 different locations. The artist Brad Oldham, wanted there to be a short story that the locals could explain about how he was created. The story goes that he was actually a locomotive train that was buried under an elm tree. When someone spilled gin over the tree, he began to emerge from the ground. We see that part in this statue called the Awakening, where his head barely sticks out from the ground, next he reclines against the side of the street playing the guitar. And finally, he’s standing tall with a few of his bird companions by his side! The transformer is found in 3 different places, so it makes a fun journey to try to find em all. 1.Cadillac Ranch
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Most Mysterious Islands
From the never ending mysteries of the Malta Island, to the recently found Fort Island in Siberia, these are the Most MYSTERIOUS Islands ! 5. Por Bazin This mysterious island, sits on a lake is southern Siberia along the border of Mongolia.This is located 3800 kilometers from Moscow and historians are completely baffled by certain aspects. This island settlement was discovered a century ago but historians can only theorize what it was possibly used for. At first glance, it almost looks like some type of ancient alcatraz. Carbon dating puts it at 1300 years old. Why would someone want to build such a strong fortress in such a secluded area? This is what leads many to believe that it was possibly a Mongolian, Uighur’s (ooygurs) or Chinese prison. Vladimir Putin and Prince Albert of Monaco in 2007 both visited the island and discussed the mystery of this place. 4. Easter Island Easter Island is one of the most isolated islands in the world but somehow about 1200 years ago, these incredible relics are spreaded all across the island. There are a total of 887 monumental statues called moai which are believed to have been created by the Rapa Nui people. In 1995 Easter Island was declared a world heritage sight. This island is part of Chile technically but found 2300 miles from the continent of South America! The statues, spread across this island are found all throughout the 64 square miles island. The statues weigh an average 13 tons and are 13 feet high on average but one even weighs 200 tons! So how could such an isolated people build such massive statues and so many of them!? Who were these statues meant to represent? Many theories speculate of some type of extraterrestrial intervention. What do you believe? 3. Roanoke Island Roanoke Island is home to one of America’s first, unsolved mysteries. In August 1587, a group of 115 English settlers began to colonize Roanoke Island, located on the coast of North Carolina. The governor of the island, John White, was supposed to sail off to England and gather supplies for the upcoming winter. But when he got back to England a naval war broke out between England and Spain. Queen Elizabeth demanded that every ship be used to battle the Spanish, including the one used to transport supplies to Roanoke. John While was unable to return to the island until 3 years later and until then, the island was left, forgotten. When he finally arrived, he discovered something shocking. He found absolutely no trace of the colony, with no clues to what had happened. The only thing he found was a wooden post with the word “Croatoan” carved into it. 2. North Sentinel Island North Sentinel Island is located in the Bay of Bengal in the Indian Ocean and it’s inhabited by a mysterious tribe of people known as the Sentinelese. They’ve lived on this island for 60000 years and have no contact with the outside world. They’ve refused meeting outsiders and normally anyone that comes close is met with a barrage of spears and arrows. It’s believed that the inhabitants here are some of the first ancestors of Africa. In 2006, two people who were fishing just a little too close to the shores of this island were killed. An Indian anthropologist who attempted to make contact with the tribe, and his crew were met with unwelcoming gestures. There could be as little as 40 people here and as many as 500. We just don’t know. The trees make it difficult to do aerial reconnaissance on The truth about this place remains a mystery. Efforts to make contact have ceased and no one’s allowed to come within 3 miles of the island. 1. Malta and Gozo The 122 square mile island of Malta located south of Sicily,and its sister island Gozo seem to have the most mystery per capita than any other islands out there, especially when it comes to archaeological sites. It’s had numerous rulers including the Romans, the French, British, Moors, and the knights of saint john. But the neolithic inhabitants seem to much more mysterious. The Ggantija (je-gant-tia) temples were built some time between 3600 to 3200 BC and predate construction of the pyramids in Egypt, making it the 2nd oldest man made structure. Some of these stones are estimated to weigh 50 tons! The Hypogeum that you see here, was constructed around 3300 BC and was home to the remains of 7000 people. Within this underground structure is where you’ll find the oracle room, that displays advanced and unbelievable acoustic properties, far ahead of its time. These mysterious features called the cart ruts appear to be naturally formed but a lot of people claim their evidence of some type of early advanced transportation system. Then if you add the mysterious skulls that were discovered here with the deformed heads, you have yourself a pretty mysterious island. Subscribe to American Eye http://goo.gl/GBphkv
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