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How to Break or Split URLs (Web Addresses) Across Lines in APA References List
Pretty much everyone runs into this situation in every document. If you have any citations in your references list that include web site addresses (URLs), in most cases they will leave large gaps of white space. Even if they break naturally on a hyphen, technically that is not APA format. You have to break the URL before a punctuation mark but if you just hit the ENTER key you will lose your clickable link. This video quickly shows you how to break a URL in your references list (and this can be used for APA, Chicago, or any reference style because the procedure is the same). Good luck with your writing and hope this was helpful! :) Join me at http://www.seriousscholar.com for more helpful academic tips and lessons.
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How to Cite Web Site APA No Author No Date No Page Number
There are other videos on citing Web sites in APA in general and even some videos on how to handle the situation of pages with no author. However, this video does a live walk through and quickly explains everything you need to know. I also include some tips on how to quickly get the information from the website into your document. I've watched the other videos out there and have improved on them in several ways in this video. I hope you find this information helpful and if you'd like more examples and explanations you can find them at http://www.seriousscholar.com/how-to-cite-a-web-page-with-no-date-no-author-no-page-number/ Thanks for stopping by and good luck formatting your APA references and citations! Oh and if you have any questions about anything that I didn't cover in the video or isn't clear, please leave a comment and I'll get back to you. It's better to leave your comment on seriousscholar.com because I'm on there more frequently than I am here. Thanks! :)
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Misplaced Modifiers
This video discusses the problem of misplaced modifiers, two common causes of the problem, and how to fix them.
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How to Remove Space Around Equations in Text
More Academic Writing Tips & Tutorials at http://www.seriousscholar.com. In this quick tutorial I show you a manual method for quickly remove the extra white space above and below equations run into the text. In many cases your equations will be set on their own lines, but in cases of small equations, it might be preferable (or required) to run your equation into the regular sentence text. If you have any large mathematical or statistical symbols in your equation, by default Microsoft Word will use the same line spacing as the rest of the paragraph. This causes a large gap above and below the sentence with the equation. For copy manuscripts (such as articles submitted for peer review), you can just leave this extra space, but if you are preparing a final manuscript that needs to be formatted nicely, then follow the steps in this video to quickly take care of the problem. Update: If you are using a Mac you might have to use a different key for the line spacing, such as command.
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Fast Way to Change Regular Quotes to Block Quotes
---------- Note to Mac Users: Process is very similar but requires a minor tweak to work. Please see screenshots at http://www.seriousscholar.com/formatting-block-quotes-fast-efficient/ for details. ---------- So, after researching a bit online and combining that info with some tricks from my own repertoire, I figured out how to search for word strings within quotation marks in Microsoft Word. I thought I'd share this in case you're looking to do the same. Basically what I wanted to do was change all of my regular quotes of 40 words or more into block quotes. This is an APA style guideline. Chicago recommends 100 words or more or 6-8 lines of text (but we'll be using the word-count guideline here). So basically, this involves 3 steps: 1. Make sure all of our quotation marks are formatted as smart (curly) quotes. 2. Search for strings that have at least 40 (or 100) words. 3. Block just those quotes. In this video I'll show you how to do all three steps as efficiently as I know how to (and anyone can do this, as it doesn't require any programming).
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Commas: 4 Common Usages
This video covers four common guidelines for commas, along with examples and explanations.
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This video gives a brief overview of the two uses of apostrophes, along with examples.
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Semicolons: 2 Major Uses
This video lesson discusses the two primary uses of semicolons in business writing.
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Mastery Exam Reminders
Here are a few helpful reminders as you do a final check of your prep work for the mastery exam.
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Strategies for Working Through Tracked Changes & Comments
This video covers: 1. Quick overview of controls 2. Strategy for getting through the mess of tracked changes more easily 3. How to avoid introducing errors (Accept-Modify approach as opposed to Accept-Reject approach) 4. Strategy to avoid confusing comment references 5. Goal for the author at this point
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Mastery Exam Reminders  Final Check
Just some friendly reminders as you do your final check of your prep work for your mastery exam.
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