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Life in Metaphors : A Portrait of Girish Kasaravalli
Life in Metaphors journeys into the world of master filmmaker Girish Kasaravalli with an urge to understand the language, grammar and the very purpose of storytelling through the medium of cinema.
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Palliative care in India, a few days MORE
In an engaging story format, the film tries to explore the world of cancer treatment to unravel the lesser known and more meaningful ways of dealing with life limiting diseases like cancer.
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Express Towers, the Elite Neighbourhood !
The Elite Neighbourhood is a story of a unique transformation - a journey to make heritage economically and environmentally relevant in the world of mushrooming skyscrapers!
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YKT Mumbai
YKT Mumbai explores behind-the- stage-world of Yakshagana performers and takes the audience into the world of one such group of Yakshagana performers based in the city of Mumbai. The film follows the narrative structure of a popular Yakshagana performance ( prasanga) and intercuts in between to reveal the backstage activities and the life beyond. It makes an attempt to bring to the fore the ground realities of the lives of the ‘performers’ behind these colourful characters and tries to seek insights into their personal journeys and unmask the reasons for their love for Yakshagana. The film also tries to explore the eco-dynamics of doing Yakshagana stage shows in a Metropolis like Mumbai , where performing art forms are gradually being pushed to the sidelines due to the onslaught of electronic mass media. Written & Directed by O.P Srivastava ; Produced by Reelism Films, Mumbai (www.reelismfilms.in ); Mob 91-9819812473; e mail: [email protected]; Duration: 48 minutes, colour , Stereo sound; Non-fiction/documentary in English & Kannada with English subtitles; Blu ray with english subtitles. DOP : Pooja Sharma, Edit : Prashant Pandit, Sound Design: Jude Pereira, DI : Anindya Ray.
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MISSED CALL - Ankur Vikal,  Heeba Shah, Seema Rahmani ,Ram Kapoor,Tinu Anand
Missed Call is about a young man who goes through various ups and down in life in order to fulfil his only obsession in life...to make a film !
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a few days MORE - a family's fight with  cancer
A FEW DAYS MORE is an award winning documentary based on the story of a family ,which lost their loved one to Glioblastoma, the most common form of Brain cancer. The film tries to demystify cancer by throwing light on the medical, social, psychological, emotional, spiritual and other aspects of the issue.It also tries to highlight other more economical and more meaningful ways of dealing with life threatening diseases like cancer.
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Organic architecture
A short film on Architect Joseph Allen Stein and his organic style of architecture.
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OP Srivastava  filmmaker - his journey.
Interview of Investment banker turned filmmaker OP Srivastava
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I don't miss him.
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Fire Evacuation Drill
A Fire Safety Evacuation drill was conducted at Express Towers.
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YKT Mumbai
YKT Mumbai explores behind-the- stage-world of Yakshagana performers in the city of Mumbai.
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a film on  Palliative Care, mangalachar
Mangalachar The film explores the world of cancer and beyond. It is a story of a young bride and her life’s journey as seen before and after she is stricken with brain cancer. With the backdrop of her struggle against cancer , the film journeys to explore the softer issues which are currently being overlooked by the modern technology overloaded treatment practises for life limiting diseases like cancer. In the process the film tries to highlight the importance of less economical and more meaningful ways of dealing with such deadly diseases like cancer.
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nana nani
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Palliative care
The film takes us through the story of a family which struggles to put up a spirited fight to save a loved one, who was suddenly diagnosed with a life-limiting illness. The narration throws light on various medical, social, psychological, emotional, financial and spiritual challenges faced by the family in dealing with a situation, in which they see a family member slowly succumbing to brain cancer.
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Vapi offsite workshop
Vapi Offsite workshop of RCIG & FMG , September 2005
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