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BRAVAS (Promo Reel)
BRAVAS: We are a 4-piece cover band that plays a wide variety of hits from different eras. Original medley arrangement done by the band. Song list in order: 1- Sex Machine - James Brown 2- Treasure - Bruno Mars 3- Superstition - Stevie Wonder 4- Another One Bites the Dust - Queen 5- Rolling in the Deep - Adele 6- You Know I´m No Good - Amy Winehouse 7- Kiss - Prince Catalina Moraga - Vocals Olga Galperin- Bass Javiera B. Paez - Guitar Francisca Aguilera Beovides - Drums Video Credit: Jose Mattioli Tovar Editing: Jose Mattioli Tovar, Olga Galperin Recorded/Mixed/Mastered: RedRoom Producciones in Santiago, Chile
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Olga's Watson Fellowship Travel Video 2015-2016
A quick compilation video of my Watson Fellowship year from August 2015 to August 2016.....
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All Of Me (Billie Holiday) Bass Solo by Olga Galperin
My transcription of Lester Young's saxophone solo on Billie Holiday's version of All of Me. Enjoy!
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Bach Invention #13 (on bass and guitar)
Bach's Invention #13... a short polyphonic piece made for piano- except the melodies have been split to guitar (what would've been the right hand on piano) and bass (what would have been the left). It sounds beautiful when played on two instruments with different timbres but from the same family. It adds a whole new texture to the piece in my opinion. Bela Fleck from the Flecktones actually does this piece on Banjo and Vibes interestingly enough.. Anyhow, here's me on the bass and the guitar :)
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Be My Husband - Nina Simone (Cajon / Voice Cover by Olga Galperin)
"Be My Husband" by Nina Simone, covered using cajon and voice by Olga Galperin. This was filmed using a GoPro Hero4 and a Samsung J3 android for audio in the city of Santiago, Chile where I currently live. Let me know if you have requests for covers or lessons!
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Day 17 slap lick (01/14/15)
CRAP- the sound quality is SHIT on youtube uploaded from my iPhone...it sounds MUCH better on my phone haha jeez! SORRY about that! It's really buzzy and sounding out of tune because of that on this video! Not to mention, the video cut short (bc of memory)! I was going to show off my new acquisition....a travel bass haha. The low end sound is not great (as you can tell), but it gets the job done. It's weird lookin! I'll show it in the next video. This is nothing new...as you can tell. This is a "review day" where I'm clog through the last 6 licks I did. They are all similar/based in the same key, and I wanted to solidify them a bit, not to mention....I know for me I struggle when I'm in jams sometimes to get out of a line that I'm doing bc I'm scared to stumble and mess up the rhythm of the groove, so this is a minor way of practicing that :). Not to mention...I'm back in Indiana and plugged in and using my own instruments. Haha :)
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Summertime Cover (Guitar/Vocal Jazz)
A cover of the classic jazz tune Summertime by Gershwin, featuring Olga Galperin doing the vocals and Tamara Canales on electric guitar.
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