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Scanning the Entire Stock Market in Seconds
http://www.Japanese-candlesticks.com -- a tutorial that shows how to scan the entire stock market in a few seconds for stocks where indicators show that money in flowing such that stocks are likely to move up.
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Floorshakers at San Ramon Marriott Grand Pavilion on New Year's
http//www.pguild.com -- FloorShakers band is seen in this unedited video playing live in the Grand Pavilion, a huge sumptuous tent at the San Ramon Marriott Hotel on New Year's Eve. The Grand Pavilion was set up for the New Year's Eve party because the ballrooms were under renovation. 1000 people loved this party. Others missed the ballrooms inside the Marriott. The good news: the renovations are finished and this year 12/31/12, the Floorshakers are back inside the beautiful new remodeled ballrooms. You can get tickets for the Floorshakers performance on New Year's Eve by calling 800-838-3006 or visiting http://www.pguild.com
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Nunchuck Taylor to Perform Sacramento New Year's Eve at Hilton Arden West
http://pguild.com -- Nunchuck Taylor will perform Wed. 12/31/14 at the Professionals Guild New Year's Eve Party in Sacramento at the Hilton Hotel Arden West. Early Bird, Discount Tickets are available online or at the Hotel in the flesh by 6pm on 12/31. Best price at http://www.PGuild.com -- Party includes gaming for prizes, 2 free drinks, party favors, champagne toast, live music in 4 different regions of the hotel, 2 live bands, 3 dance floors, DJ Nick Javier, couples and singles welcome. Special perks for singles -- ask cashier. Hilton Hotel Deals available via http://www.Pguild.com -- free parking at the Hilton!
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Dog Agility Training -- avoiding agility traps
http://DogTrainingPsychology.com -- Momo, at 10 months old -- a Shetland sheepdog (sheltie) practices agility in Concord, CA at Zulu's Tough Love Agility camp. Phil Seyer, her handler, learns how to help her avoid an agility trap. Challenge of dog running behind the handler is discussed and a solution offered. More videos at www.DogTrainingPsychology.com
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Sacramento Singles, Bay Area Singles free online dating -- how to send personal messages
http://www.ProGuildSocial.com -- this singles online dating website was created by Professionals Guild, the largest and most innovative singles organization in Northern California, since 1984. "I created this website to help members communicate with each other for car pooling to our local events," said Phil Seyer, owner of Professionals Guild.."Since we often have singles events at upscale hotels, members can also communicate with each other and arrange to share rooms, too.. People come from all over Northern California to our events. "
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Bay Area Singles, Sacramento Singles Online Dating: creating applications at ProGuildSocial
http://www.proguildsocial.com -- ProGuildSocial.com is a free online dating website with local events, open to all 21 up, but dedicated to Sacramento and Bay Area singles. This video shows how to add special features (called applications) to personal pages at ProGuildSocial.com
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San Francisco Singles Dance Party at Golden Gate Yacht Club
http://www.ProGuildSocial.com -- Bay Area Singles, Golden Gate Yacht Club Party. Free Parking, Free Party Snacks, No Host Bar, 200 to 300 singles of all ages, 21 up. Breath taking views all around the Bay. Party is at the exclusive Golden Gate Yacht Club Clubhouse (not on a yacht). Discount tickets available at http://www.ProGuildSocial.com -- not exactly speed dating, but we will have a fun mixer game to make it easy to meet new people. Couples and singles are both welcome
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Free Phone Service for Making New Friends & Finding Dates
Learn about a free phone service that lets you click, call, and connect without revealing your phone number. Find people with common interests. Visit www.pguild.com/ccube for more info.
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Singles Party Big Wheel Spin Mixer Game for Fun Prizes and to Meet New People
http://www.pguild.com -- Professionals Guild hosts dance parties and mixers for singles. This video shows a fun Big Wheel mixer game used at some of parties held in Sacramento as the San Francisco Bay Area. Fun prizes are awarded. Prizes vary, but some prizes we have awarded are movie tickets, professionally posed and printed photograph, psychic reading, free drink ticket, gift basket from local restaurant, gift card, digital camera. Our parties are designed for singles and include mixer games to make it easy to meet new people. Couples also come become they want an elegant place to come to dance and hang-out. For more info visit http://www.pguild.com or our social networking website: http://www.ProGuildSocial.com
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Singles Party  You Be the DJ
http://goo.gl/jomft Professionals Guild is hosting Let's Play Music Together partyies. We'll take turns being the DJ and playing music for all to hear. When? Every Monday at 8pm. You can win better Avatars, learn about new music, or even win prizes, like hotel rooms, gift cards, free face-to-face parties. Entry to the online room is by invitation only. You can get an invitation by sending a friend request to http://www.FaceBook.com/singlesparties Everyone in the room will be able to rate the tune the DJ is spinning. (It's a virtual online room as pictured at left), We can all chat together while listening to the music. It'll be great fun. This face-to-screen party will be a good way to suggest songs for our face-to-face dance parties. You can earn points when others like the songs you are playing. When you earn points you get to pick from a larger selection of avatars. You can change your screen name if you like, but at first your Facebook name will be displayed if you use Facebook to login. My Facebook name is Philip Charles.
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Sacramento & East Bay New Years Eve Party
http://www.pguild.com -- New Years Eve, East Bay Area, San Francisco Bay, Sacramento Biggest and Best Elegant New Years Eve Party in Northern California. At Hilton Concord and Hilton Sacramento,Arden West, Band and DJ in separate rooms, Casino Gaming, Exhibits, Prizes, Champagne Toast
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Agility Dog Training Using Inexpensive Starter Kit
http://www.DogTrainingPsychology.com -- Phil's Shetland Sheepdog (Magic Momo) shown here at about 5 months, goes through a baby tunnel, does a high jump and then moves through the weave poles. This starter kit is very flimsy, but inexpensive. Magic Momo likes it. :)
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East Bay New Year's Eve Party features Exotic Italian Party Masks
http://www.EastBayNewYearsEveParty.com -- A blog devoted to the Annual Professionals Guild New Years Eve party in the East Bay (San Francisco Bay Area). Video shows short clips of various Italian masks enjoyed by party goers as well as the Balloon Drop at Midnight.
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Singles Bay Cruise (couples welcome)
http://www.proguildsocial.com -- Bay Cruise w/ discounted price! Visit ProGuildSocial.com for the date of the next Bay Cruise! This is an exciting, romantic Bay Cruise for singles (couples welcome). Includes hot buffet meal, 2 free drinks from the bar DJ dancing.
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New Years Eve Parties by Professionals Guild in Sacramento and East Bay Area
http://www.pguild.com -- Professionals Guild hosts huge New Years Eve parties at the Hilton Hotel Arden West as well as in the East Bay at the San Ramon Marriott and the Oakland Marriott Convention Center. These parites pffer a safe, elegant venue with free or low cost parking, complimentary tickets, Live band and DJ in separate rooms, complimentary casino gaming with hundreds of dollars in prizes, big balloon drop as seen in the video. Parties have sold out for more than decade years. Advance discount tickets are available at http://www.pguild.com -- and you can learn all the current details at www.PGuild.com
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Stock Trading Resources from Japanese-Candlesticks.com
http://www.Japanese-Candlesticks.com -- Stock Trading Resources is a free Windows program available from Japanese-Candlesticks.com . It enables you to quick access various stock trading resources with a just a few keystrokes. This video shows how you can quickly get Earnings Reports by date or by stock symbol. Many other features are included with the program, including a way to quickly access a Google spreadsheet for keep track of your stock trading.
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Sacramento Salsa: Free Salsa Dance Lesson and Party
http://www.ProGuildSocial.com -- a free salsa dance lesson and party is offered every Thursday in Sacramento. Lots of singles are invited to this Sacramento salsa event, and couples are also welcome. The lesson covers the basic step, but more advanced moves are introduced toward the end for experienced salseros. Dance party follows lesson and include cha-cha, mergenge, bachata dancing as well as salsa. For details please see http://www.ProGuildSocial.com
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New Years Eve, Bay Area, Sacramento tickets at pguild.com
http://www.pguild.com -- Bay Area New Years Eve, Sacramento New Years Eve Parties. Biggest and Best Elegant New Years Eve Party in Northern California. Parties at the Hilton Concord and Hilton, Sacramento, Arden West. Great Room Rates. Live Bands in Sac: The Groove Thang and The Hits At San Ramon Marriott: The Floorshakers
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Salsa Practice for Senior Project
Four shy Sacramento seniors practice salsa for their senior project
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Sacramento and Bay Area Pre - Halloween Fall Masquerade Balls
http://www.PGuild.com -- South Bay, Sacramento and East Bay Area Halloween Parties Sacramento Masquerade Ball: singles and couples welcome Hilton Hotel Arden West San Ramon Marriott Santa Clara Hyatt Regency Costume contest, DJ dancing, no host bars, exhibits, drawings and prizes. Discount tickets at http://www.ProGuildSocial.com
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Momo's Bad Day -- Shetland Sheep Dog Too Lazy to Jump
http://DogTrainingPsychology.com -- Magic Momo, Phil Seyer's 7 and 1/2 month old Shetland sheep dog had a bad day on an makeshift dog agility course. When video picks up Magic Momo has just failed 3 high jumps, knocking the crossbars to the grass. It seems her magic is gone. Phil scolds her, telling her that he is very disappointed and points out the crossbars lying on the grass. He gives her another try, but she balks and refuses to jump at all. Phil decides to change his approach to a "lead out jump." He has Momo stay, and walks to the other side of the crossbar. Momo finally responds. Phil then takes her back home, letting her heel off-leash. Wow! She gets an A+ in heeling, if only a C- in agility for the day. - - - Technical Notes: video show with Sony Action Cam HDR-AS-100V. Sony Action Cam was mounted on to a baseball cap using Streamaroo Universal Hands-free Smartphone Head Mount
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Dog Agility Training
http://www.DogTrainingPsychology.com -- Magic Momo, a purebred Shetland Sheepdog at 5 months of age is just starting to learn to go through tunnels, jump through tires, jump over hurdles, and climb an incline. Video shot with a "Bloggie" camera attached to bill of a baseball cap. A wide angle lens would have helped, but I didn't have it at the time. Magic Momo doesn't like tunnels and now needs either a gentle push from her master or lots of encouragement from her Mom at the other end of the tunnel. Video shot at http://zulustlcagility.com/
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Sacramento Singles, Bay Area Singles Social Networking (couples welcome, too)
http://www.proguildsocial.com -- New features added to ProGuildSocial: Share Button, Chat Room, Instant Messaging, Twitter and more. Tweet directly from ProGuildSocial. ProGuildSocial is a social networking for singles and couples who are professional people, mostly living and working in the Sacramento or San Francisco Bay Area. Members enjoy online contests and attending social events like: wine hikes, house parties, Valentines dances, Halloween parties, New Years Eve parties and more. ProGuildSocial also offers monthly Argentine tango dance parties in the East Bay. Thousands attend the ProGuildSocial NYE parties which feature live bands, casino gaming, DJ dancing, party favors, complimentary food or drinks and great hotel room rates..
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Singles Online Dating - Changing your Profile Photo at ProGuildsocial.com
http://www.ProGuildSocial.com -- how to change your Profile Photo at this free Bay Area Singles and Sacramento Singles online dating website. The site features events, blogs, free membership, online chat, photos, videos. You can browse photos and send messages without hidden charges.
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Argentine Tango
http://www.argentine-tango.com -- Arthur confronts Anna and asks why she suddenly jumped out of his car when they had a date to go ballroom dancing. Anna explains that she wanted to a milonga and dance Argentine tango.
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New Years Eve, Bay Area, Sacramento tickets at pguild.com
http://www.pguild.com -- Bay Area New Years Eve, Sacramento New Years Eve Parties. Biggest and Best Elegant New Years Eve Party in Northern California. Parties at the Hilton Concord and Hilton, Sacramento, Arden West. Great Room Rates. Live Bands in Sac: The Groove Thang and The Hits At San Ramon Marriott: The Floorshakers
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Promote Your Business for Free at www.ProGuildSocial.com
http://www.proguildsocial.com -- small businesses can promote their businesses at ProGuildSocial. At the same time, enter a contest to win prizes, like, an Apple iPAd, a gift card, a free room at the Hilton Hotel, a free New Years Eve party pass.
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Productivity Tip: Take Reminders Seriously
http://www.PGuild.com -- this is one in a series of short films designed to help improve productivity. Produced with the help of the Zoobe App and Camtasia Studio.
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East Bay Argentine Tango Lesson and Dance Party (milonga)
http://www.ProGuildSocial.com -- Jonathan Yamaguchi and Oliva Levitt are shown in this video of a YouTubeVideo. I shot with a Droid Android phone. It's a video of my Laptop which is actually playing another YouTube Video of Jonathan and Olivia. I also uploaded it from the Droid phone using a WiFi connection to a Linksys router. It look a little work to configure everything. But once done the upload from the phone went smoothly.
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Sacramento & Bay Area Singles Halloween Fall Masquerade Ball
http://www.proguildsocial.com -- Two super heroes discuss what to wear for the Professionals Guild Fall Masquerade Ball in Sacramento on October 22. Couples and singles are welcome.
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