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Women's Eyeglasses: Popular Styles for 2015, from ClearVision Optical
A selection of 2015's popular women's eyewear styles from ClearVision Optical! See the hottest looks and latest trends from BCBGMAXAZRIA, Cole Haan, Ellen Tracy, Jessica McClintock, Op, PuriTi 100% titanium and DuraHinge for women. Styles are available at fine optical retailers. Ask your eyecare professional today. Learn more at http://www.cvoptical.com
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ClearVision Optical Holiday Video 2017
The ClearVision team and our Elf on a Shelf want to wish you a season of gladness, a season of cheer, and to top it off - a happy new year!
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BluTech Eyewear
BluTech and ClearVision share a passion for protecting patients and bringing unique technologies to market. Together they developed a unique solution that provides the best in both frame fashion and technology: the BluTech frame and lens solution. It combines the best in quality fashion eyewear with the highest level of blue light protection in ALL three areas blue light affects so that the patient never has to sacrifice performance or protection.
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Eyeglasses for Small Faces: The Petite Fit Collection from ClearVision Optical
The thing about eyewear: if it's too big, you can't have it altered. Petite Fit eyewear is a collection of fresh, fashion forward designs for women with smaller facial features. Petite Fit eyewear and suns are designed based on the overall proportion of a woman's face, so women with smaller facial features will always look and feel their best in their eyewear. Petite Fit eyewear is available in popular brands like BCBGMAXAZRIA, Ellen Tracy, and Jessica McClintock. Petite Fit eyewear and suns feature: • Narrower bridges and smaller eye sizes to match petite faces and narrower PDs • Multiple temple lengths for a precise, comfortable fit • Durable spring hinges in smaller sizes From ultra glam, soft and sophisticated, and classic, wearable style, Petite Fit eyewear offers fashionable frames that fit just right. No alterations required. Petite Fit eyewear can be found at fine optical retailers. To learn where to buy BCBGMAXAZRIA Petite Fit eyewear designs, visit http://www.bcbgmaxazriaeyewear.com. Learn more at http://www.cvoptical.com/specialtyfit/petitefit.html
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ClearVision Optical's 2017 Sun Collection
The 2017 Sun Collection from ClearVision Optical features fashion sunnies and sporty cool, on-trend styles from brands like Aspire, BCBGMAXAZRIA, Ellen Tracy, IZOD, Jessica McClintock, Op, PuriTi 100% titanium, and Revo. All brands shown in this video can be found at fine optical retailers.
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ClearVision Optical Interns 2014 - Best Day of My Life
Singing along to American Authors "Best Day of My Life," ClearVision Optical interns show the best days of their lives while spending their summer working at this Hauppauge, New York-based eyewear developer and distributor. To learn more about available internships at ClearVision Optical, visit http://www.cvoptical.com/AboutUs/internships.htm and like us on Facebook http://www.facebook.com/clearvisionoptical. "American Authors-Best Day Of My Life", sound recording administered by UMG.
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Safe pediatric eyewear: benefits of Dilli Dalli with IntelliFlex Soft Touch
Changing the world of pediatric eyewear. Again. Introducing dilli dalli with IntelliFlex™ Soft Touch, a collection of durable pediatric frames for little ones ages newborn to 3 years old. Designed to enhance comfort and adjustability for very young patients, dilli dalli was developed in consultation with pediatric eyecare professionals and parents. The collection was conceived and built using 3D technology. To learn more about dilli dalli with IntelliFlex Soft Touch, visit http://dillidalli.com or http://www.cvoptical.com/catalog/brand/dilli-dalli.html, or call 800.645.3733 to speak to a sales consultant.
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A Great Company to Work With: ClearVision Optical
What makes ClearVision Optical different from other optical companies? It goes back to our founder, Fred Friedfeld, who advised employees by asking how they would like to be treated in particular business situations. As such, he established a personal philosophy of doing business that, 65 years later, we still carry on: Treat Others as You Want to Be Treated. That's the ClearVision Difference.
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Lightweight, patterned eyewear: the latest styles from Aspire Eyewear
Aspire Eyewear continues to transcend the ordinary, giving consumers a greater variety of patterns to showcase what they “Aspire to be.” The latest release of six new styles takes Aspire’s fashion sense to a new level through its proprietary SDN-4 material, personality driven patterns, evolved colors and post modern shapes, designed using 3D printing technology. The collection's evolved colors and patterns are achieved through a unique, proprietary colorization process similar to water transfer printing, or hydrographics, a popular method of applying prints and patterns to 3D objects. Using this colorization process, each frame has its own unique design, in that a slightly different effect of each pattern is achieved on individual frames. The personality driven patterns range from Boho-inspired florals and animal print designs for women, and modern, masculine, suiting inspired designs for men. For more information, visit http://aspireeyewear.com/
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2015's popular eyewear styles for men, from ClearVision Optical
A selection of 2015's popular men's eyewear styles from ClearVision Optical! See the hottest looks and latest trends from Aspire Eyewear, Cole Haan, IZOD, Marc Ecko Cut & Sew, Op, PuriTi 100% titanium and DuraHinge. Styles are available at fine optical retailers. Ask your eyecare professional today. Learn more at http://www.cvoptical.com
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Customer Service Week 2016: David Friedfeld shares a message from the product department
Happy Customer Service Week 2016! ClearVision President David Friedfeld shares a message to our customers from CVO's product department.
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Design Your Own Eyeglasses Using the Aspire Customizer
Introducing Aspire Custom Eyewear, the first step on the journey to bespoke fashion eyewear. We even developed an entirely new material, SDN-5, and a robust digital customization platform to support this new endeavor. Design your own eyeglasses using the Aspire Customizer! https://www.aspireeyewear.com/customize.php
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Customize your eyewear: IZOD interchangeable eyewear, available from ClearVision Optical
Let your optical patients customize their look with IZOD interchangeable eyewear. Designed for those who like to express their personal style, IZOD interchangeable eyewear lets patients customize their eyewear by changing the temple color to match their look. By choosing one front style and two additional temple colors, patients can create three looks with one frame. IZOD interchangeable includes a unique, patent pending interlocking system that allows for easy temple changes with a simple click. To learn more about IZOD interchangeable eyewear, visit https://www.cvoptical.com/
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Aspire Custom Eyewear: Tips and Tools
ClearVision's senior staff optician, Marty Mast, shares his tips and tools for working with Aspire Custom Eyewear. Click here to learn more about the collection: http://www.aspireeyewear.com/customizer/
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OD Talks: David Friedfeld on 3D Printing at Optometry's Meeting 2015
A Look Into the Future: How 3D Printing Will Impact Your Professional Practice. At Optometry's Meeting 2015, ClearVision president David Friedfeld presented his take on 3D printing with an overview of its impact on prototyping, production, the dispensary, optical careers, and more.
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Adjustable eyeglasses to fit every face: The Global Fit Collection from ClearVision Optical
Global Fit Eyewear: Adjustable Fit Eyewear Designed for Today's World. Designed to appeal to a variety of ethnicities, the Global Fit collection offers an adjustable fit for those with a narrow or lower nose bridge and flatter facial structure. This highly-adjustable, fashion forward collection is the answer for hard-to-fit patients who desire today's styles in a "customized" fit for their particular facial features. Global Fit eyewear is available for BCBGMAXAZRIA and Marc Ecko Cut & Sew brands and can be found at fine optical retailers. To learn where to buy BCBGMAXAZRIA Global Fit eyewear designs, visit http://www.bcbgmaxazriaeyewear.com. For Marc Ecko Cut & Sew Global Fit eyewear, visit http://www.marceckoeyewear.com. Learn more at http://www.cvoptical.com/specialtyfit/globalfit.html
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ClearVision 2013 National Sales Meeting Introduction
A peek at ClearVision Optical's sales managers and execs as they take the stage and "Ride the Wave" at their 2013 National Sales Meeting in Orlando!
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IZOD Eyewear for Men: Athletic, Classic and Fashionable
Eyewearista Episode 21: November 11, 2011 -- The Layers of IZOD. Join the Eyewearista as she introduces the expansion of IZOD eyewear. See athletic, classic, and fashionable eyewear styles for the iconic IZOD brand, known for its sporty-functional fusion.
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Personalized Eyewear: A Conversation about ClearVision's Latest Innovation
Preview ClearVision's latest innovation in eyewear: the IZOD collection of personalized eyewear. Designed for those who like to express their own unique style, this collection lets consumers personalize their eyewear through color. Learn how ClearVision came to develop the collection of four clear acetate frame fronts and 9 temple colors. Plus, you'll see how consumers can take eyewear personalization to another level through tinting and painting! Visit ClearVision at Vision Expo East 2014, booth #4421 on Saturday, March 29 at 1 pm EDT & join our Conversation on Men's Fashion & Personalization. See demonstrations all day long! Learn more at http://cvopticalvisionexpo.com/
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The Best Eyewear Looks for Back to School
Eyewearista Episode 16: August 12, 2011: Three ClearVision interns try on the latest trendy frames with the Eyewearista's advice.
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2019 Fashion Suns
ClearVision's sunglasses -- the best looks and latest trends for 2019. 2019 BCBGMAXAZRIA, REVO, Izod, Ocean Pacific, BluTech fashion sunglasses shown in this video can be found at fine optical retailers.
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Marc Ecko presents Virtual Try On technology for the Marc Ecko Cut & Sew Eyewear Collection
Virtual try on for Marc Ecko Cut & Sew eyeglasses and sunglasses, plus Style Tips and Where to Buy store locator. http://www.marceckoeyewear.com Eyecare professionals: request this video for your dispensary by emailing [email protected]
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Eyeglasses to fit every face: the Specialty Fit collections from ClearVision Optical
The Specialty Fit collections from ClearVision Optical include styles to fit every face: Petite Fit for women with smaller facial features; Style 'n Fit for women with wider bridges and larger eye sizes; XLFIT for men with wider bridges and larger eye sizes; Global Fit for men and women with a narrow or lower nose bridge and flatter facial structure; and Pediatric Fit for little patients ages newborn to 4 years old. Learn more at http://www.cvoptical.com.
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Video: Benefits of PuriTi 100% Titanium Eyewear from ClearVision Optical
See the benefits of titanium eyewear in our latest video short featuring the PuriTi 100% titanium eyewear collection. Offering timeless style and functional excellence, PuriTi eyewear is lightweight yet strong, anti-corrosive and hypoallergenic. Double action spring hinges provide additional durability. PuriTi titanium frames are available from fine optical retailers. Eyecare professionals: to view the entire PuriTi collection, visit http://www.cvoptical.com/catalog.php?opt=brand&brand=PT. To learn how to bring PuriTi to your dispensary, make an appointment to speak to a ClearVision sales consultant http://www.cvoptical.com/Contact/index.php
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ClearVision Optical National Sales Meeting: DREAM BIG 2014
Highlights from ClearVision Optical's National Sales Meeting, DREAM BIG 2014, held in Scottsdale, AZ.
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100% titanium eyeglasses for women: PuriTi for women, from ClearVision Optical
The element of style: PuriTi 100% titanium eyewear, now available for women. Featuring the same fashionable, functional excellence as PuriTi for men, PuriTi for women offers the ultra lightweight, hypoallergenic and anti corrosive benefits associated with titanium, in classic to contemporary designs. The handcrafted frames offer beautifully pierced temple designs; metallic pearl temple tips; decorative, jewelry inspired detailing; and soft, feminine colors. Bring PuriTi for women to your dispensary. Visit http://www.cvoptical.com/catalog/brand/puriti.html for more information. PuriTi titanium eyewear for women is available at fine optical retailers.
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BCBGMAXAZRIA Eyewear: Timeless Styles Designed in Partnership with ClearVision Optical
BCBGMAXAZRIA creative director Clifford Pershes chats with Chief Creative Officer & muse Lubov Azrua on the brand's longtime relationship with ClearVision Optical and its collaboration on BCBGMAXAZRIA optical and sun collections. As key accessories of the future, BCBGMAXAZRIA eyewear and sun collections are designed to provide a chic, effortless fashion style for today's women -- individual, timeless, elegant, and versatile.
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Eyeglasses for large or wide faces: Style 'n Fit eyewear for women
Who says you have to sacrifice style for a great fit? The Style'n Fit eyewear collection is perfectly proportioned by design to provide a beautiful, comfortable fit. For women whose facial features require a slightly larger frame, Style'n Fit eyewear delivers contemporary, on trend looks of today, in popular brands like Ellen Tracy and Jessica McClintock, With so many fashionable selections, from modernized retro to elegant, romantic designs, you won't know what to try on first! Head turning, confident looks that fit great --and help you see better, too. What's better than that? Style'n Fit eyewear can be found at fine optical retailers. Learn more at http://www.cvoptical.com/specialtyfit/stylenfit.html
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Intern Program: ClearVision's "Hire Me, Maybe," Inspired by Carly Rae Jepsen's "Call Me, Maybe"
ClearVision Optical interns singing "Hire Me, Maybe," a parody inspired by Carly Rae Jepsen's "Call Me, Maybe." Watch and learn about the benefits of a ClearVision Optical internship. It's more than getting coffee and filing papers; it's about building a great foundation for your future. To learn more about internships at ClearVision Optical, visit http://www.cvoptical.com/AboutUs/internships.htm and like us on Facebook http://www.facebook.com/clearvisionoptical.
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Eyeglasses for Infants and Toddlers: Pediatric Fit Eyewear
Created to meet the needs of parents and little ones newborn to 3 years, the Dilli Dalli pediatric eyewear collection offers unsurpassed durability, a comfortable fit and adorable style. Featuring the innovative IntelliFlex ™ technology, Dilli Dalli pediatric eyewear delivers both fashion and function. Designed with the ability to flex both vertically and horizontally, the IntelliFlex hinge can "spring" back to its original adjustment, offering unique flexibility and greater durability to Dilli Dalli frames. The result is safe, functional eyewear with less need for replacement of broken temples. Each Dilli Dalli frame design addresses proper, precise fit in terms of the nose pads, end pieces, bridge, temple curve and temple lengths. Dilli Dalli eyewear can be found at fine optical retailers. Learn more at http://www.cvoptical.com/specialtyfit/pediatricfit.html
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Celebs Go "Geek Chic" With Glasses: Get the Look
Eyewearista Episode 17: August 19, 2011: The Eyewearista shows us the latest celebrity "Geek Chic" eyewear looks and how you can get them.
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Intern program: See ClearVision's 2015 Class fill in their "Blank Space"
Inspired by Taylor Swift's smash "Blank Space," ClearVision Optical interns share their own words as they relate to their summer internship experience at this Hauppauge, New York-based eyewear developer and distributor. To learn more about available internships at ClearVision Optical, visit http://www.cvoptical.com/about-us/interns-program.html and like us on Facebook http://www.facebook.com/clearvisionoptical.
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Kids Eyewear: Merchandising and Selling in the Dispensary
Merchandising has been proven to boost frame sales, especially in the kids eyewear business. Implementing a variety of tried and true merchandising strategies can help eyecare professionals meet sales goals, even in the most challenging economic times. A free "Merchandising and Selling in the Dispensary" white paper is available for download at http://www.cvoptical.com/kidsbiz. Eyecare professionals: to learn more and to make an appointment with a ClearVision sales consultant, call 800-645-3733 or visit us online at http://www.cvoptical.com/kidsbiz.
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Aspire Eyewear Spring 2017 Collection
Aspire brand manager, Jennifer O'Connor, gives an inside look at the Spring 2017 collection. Check out our three new designs for men and women, featuring modern shapes and unique colorways.
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2015 Kids Eyewear: A Showcase of Styles from ClearVision Optical
ClearVision Optical presents a showcase of kids eyewear, featuring best selling styles from Jessica McClintock Eyewear for Girls, Op Kids, IZOD Boys, and the Dilli Dalli pediatric collection. Available at fine optical retailers. Visit http://www.cvoptical.com for more information.
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Make It BluTech
Give your patients endless options for blue light protection with our new “Make It BluTech” program. Now you can add BluTech plano or reader lenses to any of our frames. This program gives you access to special pricing and, best of all, the work of cutting and inserting lenses is done for you. Order online at cvoptical.com or by calling our Customer Experience department at 800.645.3733.
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Children's eyeglasses: Dilli Dalli Presents Red's Big Day!
Dilli Dalli eyewear, available from ClearVision Optical, is proud to present Red's Big Day, an animated depiction of the children's book of the same title. Red, one of the (bird) faces behind the Dilli Dalli collection, tries out for his school's flying team, when he finds out he needs glasses. It's a great story for little ones who are wary about wearing glasses. Glasses are cool!
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The Best Sunglasses for Golfers:  Golf Course Chic!
Eyewearista Episode 9: June 17, 2011 - Golf Course Chic: Suggestions for sunwear on the golf course.
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2018 ClearVision Optical Intern Program
ClearVision Optical's Interns show off their hidden talents, giving insight into the unique and diverse team that makes up ClearVision Optical. To learn more about our available internship opportunities, visit https://www.cvoptical.com/about-us/interns-program.html
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PuriTi 100% Titanium Eyewear from ClearVision Optical
Sleek show: the PuriTi 100% titanium eyewear collection from ClearVision Optical offers timeless style and functional excellence. The handcrafted frames feature classic to contemporary eye shapes and interesting temple accents like carbon fiber, tooling and beveling. Bring the fashionable and functional excellence of PuriTi to your dispensary. Visit http://www.cvoptical.com/catalog.php?opt=brand&brand=PT for more information. PuriTi titanium eyewear is available at fine optical retailers.
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PuriTi 100% Titanium Eyewear. Lightweight, Durable, Hypoallergenic
The weight is over: introducing the PuriTi 100% titanium eyewear collection. This lightweight, hypoallergenic collection showcases timeless design and functional excellence through its classic to modern styling and technologically advanced construction. PuriTi 100% titanium eyewear is available from fine optical retailers.
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Women's Aviator Sunglasses by BCBG and Ellen Tracy
Eyewearista Episode 6: June 3, 2011 - Style Spotlight: The Aviator: BCBG Atlas, Ellen Tracy Iolite and BCBG Apollo are great suns for a fashionable aviator look.
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ClearVision's 2018 Kids Collection
Bringing big style to small sizes, our kids collection includes designer styles from Steve Madden, Dilli Dalli, Ocean Pacific and BluTech Eyewear.
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How to Create a Cable Temple with Heat
Marty Mast, ClearVision's senior staff optician, shares his tips for creating a cable temple on Dilli Dalli frames. To learn more about the Dilli Dalli pediatric eyewear collection, click here: http://www.dillidalli.com/
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BCBG Strength Sunglasses for Breast Cancer Awareness Month
Eyewearista Episode 18: August 26, 2011: Join the Eyewearista during October's Breast Cancer Awareness Month and support Susan G. Komen for the Cure® with BCBGMAXAZRIA and ClearVision's Strength Sunglass.
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Kids Eyewear: How to Create a Great Kids Frame Board
Let ClearVision Optical show you what it takes to build a great kids frame board using a variety of brands, styles, colors, shapes, and materials. Learn tips for refreshing inventory and choosing vendors. A downloadable white paper on frame board management is available at http://www.cvoptical.com/kidsbiz. Eyecare professionals: to learn more and to make an appointment with a ClearVision sales consultant, call 800.645.3733 or visit http://www.cvoptical.com/kidsbiz
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Great Internship Program
The ClearVision Optical Summer 2011 Internship Program. Once again, our intern video serves as a visual diary that highlights the unique opportunity an internship at ClearVision Optical provides. Each intern was given a video camera at various times throughout their internship to record their experiences while working. They shot raw footage of their day to day experiences, as well as some of the unique offerings only available in the CVO intern program. To learn more about internships at ClearVision Optical, visit: http://www.cvoptical.com/AboutUs/internships.htm
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