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Cup Song- Veronica
This is me singing the cup song.
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Baby Sea Creatures
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Love on the Brain (Rihanna) - Cover
Performance at MHS COS CAPA Showcase 2017
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Excretion in Aquatic Animals
Background song: Swallowed in the Sea I do not own the video shown, I have just recorded this information from http://www.sciencebook.dkonline.com/50.html
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Marine Ecosystems
A glimpse at the different types of Marine Ecosystems.
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Why should you go to France?
This a video that I made for my French Assignment. For this particular assessment we were only permitted to have one word on each slide (supposing we made a powerpoint) and we had to talk about things such as places to visit, things to do, etc. Hope you all enjoy this video. :D
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Human interaction with Sea Creatures
A video that I made for my Science project on behalf of my team-mates Patricia and Kushal.
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If I Knew Cover
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The Parthenon Video 01
The Parthenon in Minecraft
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10 Strangest Sea Creatures
A look at some of our oceans strangest creatures.
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Endangered Species in Our Oceans
I created this video to show how we impact on our ocean's population. On behalf of my team.
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Solar and Lunar Eclipses
Here is a video a made for my science homework which tells you a little bit about Solar and Lunar Eclipses. All photos are mine as well as the soundtrack.
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