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WhipAddict: Red Chevrolet Caprice LS w/406 on Asanti 26s doing Dounts and Burnouts. Atlanta, GA
#StuntSunday Finally caught @ShooterSlim actin up in the Red on Red Box Chevy! Turnin those 26" Asanti wheels wit no problem, with the 406 small block, work done by Slim and his crew. Atlanta, GA
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WhipAddict: Tae's Chevrolet Short Bed Dually on 24s w/Custom Letter Tires, 383 Stroker, Custom Paint
This was one of my favorite whips from 2016. The homie Tae (tae_flyingdutchman) is known for racing and doing his own mechanic work on his whips, never scared to show off that motor muscle! For Pushfest 4, Tae brought this custom painted Chevy Short Bed out for one of its few appearances in 16'. Sitting on Polished Dually wheels with a stuuupid back lip, wrapped in custom letter tires by @pushkustumz! Orange custom paint looks great and all the chrome pieces are in place and in great condition! Luckily the show had a burnout contest and the Short Bed did not disappoint! Just wanted to give the truck is due with a solo vid! Enjoy!
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WhipAddict: Kandy Teal Oldsmobile Cutlass on 26" Forgiato Taglios, T-Tops, Custom Interior
Car Crush 2K16: T-Top Kandy Teal G Body Cutlass with the matching interior and color matched Forgiato Taglio 26s tucked ever so slightly in tha rear! Plus some beat in tha trunk! One of the hardest G Body Cutlass's I've seen! GA whip!
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WhipAddict: Dodge Charger Hellcat SRT on Letter Tires Going Crazy at Atlanta Fall Fest
#AtlantaFallFest: @Hellcat Charger on custom letter tires won the Burnout Contest which is a lil cheating with 707 hp! Awesome color changing lights and fog lights set it apart from other Hellcats plus it had a little beat bangin out the trunk!
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WhipAddict: Hollywood's Dune Buggy on DUB 32s, Part 2, Custom Audio & Interior
#Freaknik2017: Wanted to show Hollywood's Kameleon painted Buggy on 32" DUB floaters again with everything working(shorted out last vid) and show the custom interior! Even got a lil fire from the tailpipe! Head turner wherever it goes!
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WhipAddict: Chevy C10 Silverado on MTW Twisted 28s by One Stop Automotive
@danjr76 80 body Chevrolet C10 Short Bed came to Atlanta for Stuntfest Weekend! EVERYTHING has been touched on this one. Full Custom interior, brake upgrades, custom paint, chrome front with the lit Chevy symbol. The MTW Twisted 28s finished it out and set it apart! Done by One Stop Automotive in Texas!
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WhipAddict: 80' Chevy Malibu SS on Rose Gold Corleone Forged 24s, Burnouts In the Street
#StuntworldBlockParty: I don't know what @boblee786 has under the hood of his Rose Gold painted Malibu but it's a beast! He's turns up wherever he goes, as you'll see here! Switched up from Forgiatos to 24" Corleone Forged Acutos painted brushed Rose Gold, with the matching steering wheel sittin inside of that sick hexagon designed interior! Nitrous bottle in plain view so you know whats up!
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WhipAddict: 78' Chevrolet Caprice Landau on DUB Baller 30s, Beatin, Custom Paint, by C.T.E
#ChattTownExclusives: Twan's Two Tone Green Box Chevy Coupe on 30" DUB Ballers with painted insides, brown leather interior, and that quake in tha trunk! Another A1 paint job by @Chatt_Town_Exclusives, dark green top half with the light green bottom half! After market headlights with the green halo! This one is nasty Box Chevy outta Chatt Town Tennessee!
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WhipAddict: 1972 Chevy Chevelle SS Convertible on Forgiato Estremo 22s, 502 V8, Custom Paint
Got a chance to get some footage of B. Strong 1972 Chevy Chevelle SS Convertible on 22"Forgiato Estremo colormatched orange and black. All orange interior with a custom Forgiato Estremo steering wheel. Extra spare Forgiato in thrunk with custom sub enclosures. Not to mention the 502 motor.
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WhipAddict: 1300hp+ Twin Turbo LS Chevy Caprice Landau Tearing up the Street in Atlanta
#CertifiedSummer: Pulling up to @WhipsByWade Car Show I caught the @donkparts Twin Turbo Landau showin what that geeked up LS can do! Riding round the Turner Field/Georgia State Stadium streets in Downtown Atlanta on Forgiato Inferno 26s all the way from Iowa! (Won Best Of Show Box Chevy)
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WhipAddict: Young Dolph, Rolls Royce Wraith on Forgiato Tessi 26s, Leaving Compound Atlanta
Caught the Memphis rapper Young Dolph leaving out of SOHO Mondays at Compound Night Club in Atlanta, in his midnight blue Rolls Royce Wraith on 26" Forgiato Tessi ECL's! Dolph just dropped his first album 'King Of Memphis' Go check that out! Salute the homie!
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WhipAddict: 85' Chevrolet Silverado Short Bed on Forgiato Turbinata 30s, Custom Paint & Interior
#FlexFest2017: Another super clean 1985 Chevy Short Bed on 30" Tubinata Forgitos with a little white on em to go with that white ostrich interior! Definitely loving that paint color too! Sick Whip outta GA!
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WhipAddict: Kandy Teal 83' Chevy C10 on 26' Forgiato Dreas, Custom Interior
Atlanta Fall Fest: @tfree1983 Came all the way from Mississippi to Georgia to show off his sweet C10 Silverado! Painted Kandy Teal, clean chrome grill, grey suede custom interior with bucket seats, sittin rite on brushed Forgiato Drea 26s! 383 motor under tha hood(not shown)! This is a complete build and was in the Top 3 for Best Of Show! Salute tha homie for coming out with a great Whip!
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WhipAddict: Jai "Stitch" 84' Oldsmobile Cutlass on DUB 24s, LS1, Custom Paint & Interior, Part 1
Pulled up on the homie Jai "Stitch" to see his 84' Cutlass he's been putting together. Painted blue and silver by Ric @rbsautokustoms in Stone Mountain, GA, wet as hell and still will get more treatment before the Cutlass is finished! (You can tell its done right because ALL of the trim and pieces were removed), Cowl hood covers the swapped in LS1 V8! Jai pulls out the 6-Piston Calipers for his 14" Rotors that will stop those all chrome 24" DUB Exotica wheels! The guts are serious! Done by Jai "Stitch" himself, in grey and blue with diamond stitching and the Oldsmobile logo! Cant wait to see them in the car! To end it we even got a lil burnout action, but just look at that paint!! Jai has a GBody hit on the way! Stay tuned! Beats by Dos, Song - Trill, [email protected] Jai "Stitch" for Interiors - (678) 866-5830, Atlanta, GA
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WhipAddict: 1300HP Twin Turbo Caprice Landau Hits The Track on 26" Forgiatos: Trackmania
#TrackMania: JD(@donkparts) brought the Twin Turbo LSX Box Chevy Landau to Memphis and hit the track a few times! Sittin on staggered Forgiato 26s with full custom interior and trunk, this is a show car turned street/rack racer!
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WhipAddict: Stuntfest 2k15 Video
Scenes from the biggest car show of the year! Stuntfest 2015! A little bit of everything came to Atlanta Motor Speedway, from late 60 model cars to brand new 2015s, from Chevys to BMWs, from all around the country! Plenty of Forgiatos and Armani Forged rims. We even got to see a some track action!
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WhipAddict: Blac Youngsta's Red Fleet In Atlanta, Ferrari California, Gallardo, Aston Martin Vantage
Phone Video: Caught @blacyoungstafb out in Midtown Atlanta, smashin thru the streets with his squad in 3 super cars, Ferrari California, Gallardo and Vantage, on forgiatos with red wraps! Go get that "F*ck Everybody" Mixtape out now!!
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WhipAddict: KeKe's 86' Chevrolet Monte Carlo SS on 24" Forgiato Maglias, 2nd Look.
StreetWhipz Show 16': Had to drop another vid of the homie @keke_brickcityboy MCSS on Forgi 24s from Alabama. The first video https://youtu.be/2hxk_gGcvBw gave you the walk around and interior, this one is for the motion! Super clean, runnin hard and sittin right. Hate to say the car was rearended and totaled out, the motor was saved and KeKe already has something new coming in 17'! R.I.P to a beautiful whip tho, it will live forever in these vids. #Salute
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WhipAddict: Supercharged Oldsmobile Cutlass 442 Power U Turn on 26s, New Set Up And Wheels For 19'!
#MidwestFest2: @playboy_geezy_3800 G Body 442 Cutlass is always ready for action! This was the last time I saw it before the new engine and new #RucciForged wheels get installed and mounted. The Supercharged LSX wasn't enuff for him so looks like a Turbo is coming! Until then lets enjoy the power of this setup one more time! Gotta respect this build, always gonna a step further on an already top notch "Street Car"! Hit Me Up For Rucci Forged Wheels! rucciwheels.com!
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WhipAddict: Kandy Purple Camaro IROC Vert Back With New LSX Motor, Smashin on Gold 26s
The homie @swift_boy4 went under tha hood of his IROC Camaro Convertible over the Winter and Spring and dropped just in time for #MidwestFest2! A beautiful LSX Motor with a black Holley Intake sits in a clean engine bay! Pullin up poppin shit and smashin on'em, looking for smoke!
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WhipAddict: Diamond White 2015 Mercedes Benz S550 on brushed Forgiato Drea Monoblock 24s
Caught up my dawg Kerry @hefe_103 after he mounted up the 15' S550 Sedan on 24" monoblock Forgiato Dreas (from @collegeparkcustoms)! This car is too nasty! (Previous Whip: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-7tr83e-tOs) Beat by Dos, Song: Business, Info: [email protected]
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WhipAddict: LSX T-Top Chevrolet Monte Carlo SS on Step Lip Corleone Forged Trapini 22s
#TexasWhipfest : @bigpic1984 Debuted one bad ass Monte Carlo SS! Sittin perfectly on 1 off, step lip 22" @CorleoneForged Trapinis painted Kandy red and wrapped in custom letter tires! The Dark grey paint, big matte black and thin red stripes look great! I wasn't able to see under the hood but it's definitely packing some power(even though you could tell it wasn't right just yet, "LSX" badges), you'll see a nice burnout at the line! Hope to see this one again! SS game is serious in 17' !!!
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WhipAddict: Big Block Chevrolet Caprice Landau Cuttin Up on Amani Forged 26s!
#KDCWeekend: Kut Da Check Racing's @international_boxchevy came back strong after braking his driveshaft at the FLA2ATL Race. That sound is awesome, the stance is just right, silver paint, red guts, sunroof, this Caprice has it all! As u can see, this big block Box Chevy is ready action at any time, but before that safety first!
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WhipAddict: Roofless Chevrolet Caprice on 30" DUB Ballers, Custom Interior, TVs
Stuntworld Block Party: This is definitely a one of a kind Box Chevy! Most of the roof is missing! You can the plush, right red interior with big tvs in the headrests and visors! All white paint job, including the bumpers, tuckin all chrome DUB Baller 30s! Came to the A all the way from Chicago! Salute!
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WhipAddict: Kandy Red 79' Chevrolet Cheyenne Short Bed on DUB Baller 30s w/Custom Interior!
#StreetWhipzMegaShow 17: @addpaintman brought the Super slick 1979 Chevy Cheyenne, drippin Kandy Red paint as it pulls off the trailer! Big chrome 30" DUB Ballers slighty tucked in the back and a full custom interior with a big TV in the passenger side! Another nasty Short Bed in the Game!!
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WhipAddict: Buick Grand National on Forgiato Maglia 24s, 7 Inch Lips, Custom Interior, Sunroof
Can never go wrong with a Black Grand National on brushed rims! This one has Brown leather interior, sunroof, sound system and brushed Forgiato Magila's with 7 inch deep chrome lips in the rear! Even did a burnout on'em for the camera! Hard G Body outta Alabama!
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WhipAddict: Kandy Green 08' GMC Sierra Denali on DUB Baller 30s by Phaze3 Kustomz
#CarolinaTakeover2 : @denali_08 has one of the wettest paint jobs you'll see, period! This 2008 Denali 1500 has Emerald Kandy Green done by the A1 crew @phaze3kustoms outta S.C. sittin on all chrome 30" DUB Ballers! Just look at it! Whew!
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WhipAddict: 86' Chevrolet El Camino SS on Forgiato Disegno 26s, Custom Interior, Tiarra Grille
#TexasWhipfest : Sick black 86' El Camino with the red striping, sittin on black and red 26" Forgiato Disegnos! For some reason I didn't really get inside I I'd usually do but you will see the matching Forgiato steering wheel and the all black interior with red stitching! Lastly the red light, black chrome Tiarra griile and a nice motor sitting under the hood! This is one of the Hardest El Caminos out for sure!!
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WhipAddict: 91' Chevy Silverado 1500 on brushed DONZ Ferrign 26s. Macon GA
Build by Wesley Wilder. Taken from just a bare body this 1991 chevy 1500 silverado has a fuel injected 383 with a tci 700r4 trans. It has a narrowed rearend, 4 wheel disc brakes. 26x9 and 26x12s DONZ 3 piece wheels QA1 coil over suspension. SEMA Show 2013 for DONZ Wheels. Wilders Chop Shop in Macon.
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WhipAddict: Kandy Orange 89' Chevrolet Caprice LS with LS3 tuckin DUB Azzmacka 30s, Custom Interior
#LilBoosieCarShow: Was so hyped to see this Box Chevy again! Last time I wasn't able to get the inside or see the motor https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NMgvZza5cus&t=16s, but now you see that LS3 and the light tan custom "OG Like" interior with the custom speaker pods in the doors! Wet Kandy Orange Paint job and 30" DUB Azzmackas tucked underneath! This is definitely in my Top 5 Box's out now!
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WhipAddict: Two Fast B Bodys! Red LSA and Black Supercharged Impala SS's, Corleone Forged 24s
#TexasWhipFest2k18: Two nasty Impala SS's! @blackwood24 now Gloss Red Imp SS sittin low on red and brushed @CorleoneForged 24s! Had some starting issues at first but got right and brought it to the track! @pss_trans brought the black beast out that is one of the fastest B Body's on rims!
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WhipAddict: Worlds First 13' Ford F450 Dually on 28s, Bagged with 8 Doors, Custom Paint
#MoneyOnTheLine @alian8doors has one of the sickest Duallys in the Game! Finally got to see it in person! Dark Sky Blue custom paint job covers this stretched out 8 Door F350, with 4 Rows of black leather seats! Pullin in he hit the bags one time for me on those big chrome 28s and that Turbo Diesel sounds so great smashing out! Awesome work by Advanced Audio Concepts in Pompano FL!
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WhipAddict: 83' Oldsmobile Cutlass Hurst T-Top on Forgiato Maglia 24s, Custom Interior & Trunk
#StuntWorldBlockParty: The homie @tfree1983 put together a masterpiece, a 1983 Hurst Cutlass, Black and grey with red stripe kit, black suede and leather interior with the Hurst logos, custom center console and the Hurst lightening shifters! Even the trunk is done with 2 subs and 3 Planet Audio amps in a custom enclosure! Sitting on 24" brushed and red Maglia Forgiatos with a Big Block motor under the hood! Can't get much better than this one!
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WhipAddict: 1976 Cadillac Coupe deVille squattin on 30" DUB Floaters! Powder Blue, Pillow Interior
#FLA2ATLCarShow: Super clean Powder Blue 76' Coupe deVille Lac with the same color top and same color plush interior! This Caddy has a NASTY squat on DUB 30s!
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WhipAddict: The Hardest 442 GBody Cutlass, Procharged Big Block, tucked Amani Forged Costola 26s!
#ChicagoWhipz @playboy_geezy3800 has one of the hardest G Body's in the game! This T-Top Oldsmobile 442 Cutlass has everything you could want and more! Procharged Big Block 400 swapped in sounds like a beast(and is) Disc brakes all around, stopping those big 26" Amani Forged Costola's! The rear wheels have the 8 inch lip and have been tucked and squatted firmly under the frame thanks to the tub out! Subtle grey and black interior that go perfectly with the exterior paint scheme! Salute to the homie for goin in on this one!
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WhipAddict: Matte Charcoal 2015 Camaro SS 2SS Before and After Forgiato Maglia 24s
This 2015 Camaro SS2 is wrapped in Matte Charcoal color with black stripes, LED strip turn signals on the side view mirrors and turn markers. Smoked taillights, halo headlights, red interior with ipad install! Just mounted up on 24' Maglia Forgiatos ECL painted gloss black... sick.
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WhipAddict: For Sale, $12K 87' Monte Carlo SS T-Top on Forgiato 24s, 6.0 LS,  GTO Bucket Seats
For Sale: @CollegeParkCustoms 1987 Chevrolet Monte Carlo SS, T-Tops, 6.0 LS (carbureted), 700r4 Transmission, 3.73 Posi Traction rear end, Digital Dash, Seats of an 06' GTO (black), Clean dark orange paint job(minor nicks). $9k. With black 24" staggered Forgiato Verasos, $12k. Call College Park Customs for more info. 404 974 8800.
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WhipAddict: Worlds First Chevrolet C/10 Silverado on DUB Delish 34s, by BK Rims
Caught the homie @bk_rims 80 body Silverado Short Bed newly mounted on all chrome DUB Delish 34s tucked right under tha back nicely! Custom Red paint job glows in tha sun, Upgraded 350 motor sounds great too! Worlds First Short Bed on 34s!! Salute!
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WhipAddict: 73' Chevrolet Monte Carlo on DUB Floater 28s, Strong Motor, Swivel Seats
#MidwestFest2: This is one hard 73' Monte Carlo! You can hear it pullin up, and see it with that bright Yellow paint and big 28" DUB Floaters, (chrome face yellow backs) chrome nose and crisp chrome bumpers. All black leather interior with custom console and swivel bucket seats, custom steering wheel, custom bottom door panels and 2 subs in the trunk. I think that's a geeked up small block under the hood that has this big whip smashin out! This makes me want to see more of these in the Game! Salute to Cleveland on this one!
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WhipAddict: 2014 Ford Mustang 5.0 on Lexani CSS 22s Cartunes Atlanta
Emran of Cartunes Atlanta 2014 Ford MustangGT 5.0 on 22" Lexani CSS-15 black and chrome. Sounds as good as it looks!
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WhipAddict: Outrageous 76' Delta 88 on Forgiato Canale 32s by Caddys Customs TX.
Owner @money_makindj_23 brought his custom 1976 Oldsmobile Delta 88 all the way from Texas to Forgiato Fest in Miami! Outrageous paint job sitting on brushed and painted 32" Canale Forgiatos. Full custom grey interior with matching top. 455 engine sounding good as I catch him setting up the night before the show.
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WhipAddict: Kandy Green Chevrolet Monte Carlo on 26" Decimo Forgiatos, Sonics in Miami, FL
G Body Monte Carlo on brushed 26" Decimo Forgiatos sliding thru the Sonics in Miami. WET Kandy Green paint job, custom suede interior and custom door panels, strong motor, just needs that posi and he str8! Too sick!
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WhipAddict: Kut Da Check Chevy Short Bed Smokes Up The Street on Forgiato 30s
#KDCWeekend: Been waiting to catch this Big Block Chevrolet Silverado owned by KDC @LuLuDaBossTTG turn up on those massive 30" Forgiato wheels and here it is! Hot Rod gets loose in the street and takes off! Paint and wheels provided by College Park Customs!
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WhipAddict: 81' Ponitac Trans Am Firebird on Spec 1 Wheels 22s, T-Tops, Custom Interior
#TopRydersKustomz: The homie @TitusOgletree and Top Ryderz Kustomz put together this T-Top 1981 Trans Am pretty quick! From a body with no motor to a runnin, pretty, restored whip! Dark Grey paint job with grey and red interior, strong 350 motor with a little extra power mods. Dropped a set on Spec1 Wheels just to have some rims on it to sell. I was only able to catch a few clips before it was sold but still wanted to show you guys! Another clean build from the team in Griffin GA!
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WhipAddict: 71' Chevrolet Chevelle SS Vert on Forgiato Rasoios, 572 Big Block, Atlanta, GA
@Chevelle_Brown has put together a reeeaall nice one! 71' Chevelle SS convertible painted a clean brown paint job with a light cream top and interior, all in perfect condition, lowered on brushed staggered 22" Rasoio Forgiatos, brake up grades and that big block 572 motor looking good as hell! Even got a nice car audio system! I keep tellin you guys this is what Atlanta is about! Chevelles!
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WhipAddict: 79' Chevrolet Impala on Forgiato Autonomo 30s, Kandy Red, Leather Interior, Burnout
#KingOfTheSouthCarShow: @c_mcustomcreations Wet Kandy Red 79' Chevy Impala! I've waiting to see this one for a while now. That red paint glows and the chrome "nose", bumpers, light bezels, and Tiarra Grille set shine like new! Sitting perfectly on 30" Autonomo Forgiatos, brushed and painted red like the body of the Box. Inside is the matching Forgiato steering wheel, a brown OG style leather interior with custom door panels, a floor shifter and tachometers for a beast of a motor, a 421 sbc thats snatchin those 30s! (As you'll see) This is one of my new favorite Box's and definitely one of the hardest 79's! A top whip outta Alabama!
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WhipAddict: Georgia A1 Kustomz Shop Visit: Box Caprice LS Swap, Trans, Rear End, Amani Forged 26s
Ben @Georgia_A1_Kustomz in Riverdale GA had me come thru to check out this Chevy Caprice Landau that he squatted on 26" Amani Forged wheels (w/matching steering wheel) that he was doing the carbureted 6.0 LS swap, transmission and rear end upgrades to. Only took a few weeks from the engine removal to completion! Ben did mostly everything, provided and mounted/squatted the wheels and steering wheel, installed the "new" engine and transmission and upgraded the rear end! You see that easy burnout on 6s! Great work!
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WhipAddict: 87' Oldsmobile Cutlass Supreme on 24" AF115 Asantis, LS2 motor, Leather Interior
StuntMania 2015: Super clean black G-Body Cutlass on black AF115 Asanti 24s. Clean custom black leather interior, T-Tops, and nice material on the top. Has a LS2 Corvette motor under the hood, chrome tiarra grille and all chrome on the car is intact! Very nice Cutlass!
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WhipAddict: 'Hell Camino' El Camino on 22" Forgiato Azionis, Custom Interior, Car Audio, by YBK
STUNTFEST 2K16: The Hell Camino by Dorsey Moon of Young Blood Kreations, came out to Stuntfest! Beautiful glass like, red paint covers the car, all chrome trim intact and shining! Sitting low on offsets Forgiato Azioni 22s, brushed with the matching red paint! The 406 motor looks brand new and sounds great, speaking of sounding great the 4 10s behind the custom bucket seats sound great too! This is another awesome build by one of the best, @dorseymoon @goldentouch323 on the interior.
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WhipAddict: 81' Chevy Silverado C10 Short Bed on DUB Delish 28s, Small Block Runnin Hard!
The homie @mr.chessnutz gotta a mean Short Bed outta VA. Two tone light blue and silver with grey interior sitting on 28" brushed face DUB Delish's. Runnin with a built Small Block conventional motor! Shoutout to Short Change Auto. Scenes from #StuntMania3 and #FastAndFlashy3!
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