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Hodos Holos — Abramelin the Mage
Some books and reading recommendations.
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PSB-7 Session with EVPs via Zoom H6 - 06.03.16
Get some quality headphones and listen closely. Small still voices require an attentive ear.
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Part 1 of a series of sessions done October 03, 2016.
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06.14.16  PSB-7 Session with EVPs & Knocks
Lot's of strangeness here. The man with the accent said the spirit must stand and look out the window. Why are spirits always stuck to stuff? Bound? I have to buy a hamburger now....
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Intoning with Throat Singing - Middle Pillar
I just sort of started throat singing today - this is
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WNCAMR Stoney Point Picnic Area Investigation
AKA Haunted Picnic Area in Candler, NC, site of the unsolved murder of Judith Smith. Read up on Judy's cold case here: http://www.websleuths.com/forums/showthread.php?75121-PA-Judy-Smith-How-did-she-get-from-Philly-to-NC-1977
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Baptism & Testimony @ Calvary Baptist Church, West Asheville
Christ is King Sunday, 11/25/2012 Stir up, we beseech thee, O Lord, the wills of thy faithful people; that they, plenteously bringing forth the fruit of good works, may of thee be plenteously rewarded; through Jesus Christ our Lord. Amen. Baptism and Testimony of Aaron DeWeese Rev. Jeffrey C. Hayes http://calvaryasheville.com/
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"I AM A WRITER!"  -Aaron DeWeese
Aaron's entry for Jeff Goins' "I Am A Writer" contest. http://youareawriter.com Aaron travels from his home writing desk, to Lake Louise, to Weaverville Library, to Thomas Wolfe and O. Henry's gravesides, to Vance Monument, and finally, to the Blue Ridge Mountains, amongst whose ancientness he proclaims identity. Music: Sycamore Drive: "Kicks" Los Cuatrocientos: "Golpes"
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Clouds Under Moon
Late June, a Waxing Gibbous Day Moon. FEATURING: Sacred Music of Greek Antiquity PETROS TABOURIS Track 1 - Tecmessas's lament Track 2 - The Elysium in Hades by Pindar Track 3 - Stasimon from Orestes by Euripides Track 4 - Telesias Dance See Also: Orestes http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Orestes
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Hodos Holos: Impossible Box, Session 3 ITC
No whispers detected this time - but many bizarre responses.
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Personal Paranormal Experiences
What up with paranormal, yo?
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Down in Tarshish - A Testimony
The personal testimony of Aaron DeWeese, relating the ongoing work of the Holy Spirit, the Lord Jesus Christ and Yahweh within his life. MUSIC: M-PeX "Babylonis" M-PeX "iPhado" Sycamore Drive "Chills" Follow me at: "http://netherletterlog.blogspot.com/" "http://twitter.com/#!/enderseagoat" "https://www.facebook.com/endersmanse"
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Solo Trip to Green Hills Cemetery
Two things: 1. I asked what the stones on the graves meant and got the response "devout". I looked it up - Jewish peeps use stones instead of flowers, because of the eternal symbolism of a stone. Each time they visit, they place one - so, this indeed shows the devoutness of the visitors to the dead. 2. Upon leaving the cemetery, I drove down the road some 200 yards and passed a red bird, a cardinal in the road. I saw it laying on its side in the very middle lines - not moving. I even saw its little face. I turned around to go get it - I collect dead things - and it wasn't there. I parked and got out to look for it. Approaching where I saw it, a German Shepherd nearly attacked me - he broke off just about a foot away from me. It was extremely frightening, and an odd series of circumstances - never did see the cardinal.
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Episode 41 - Babalon of Love & War
As we pass the one year anniversary of Charm the Water and approach the one year anniversary of my initiation into Netzach, things are wrapping up nicely. Hear about Ishtar and the Celestial Bull; of Thunder: Perfect Intelligence; of The Daughter of Fortitude; of the woman called Wisdom in Solomon's Proverbs, and much more.
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My Life In 4 Minutes
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PSB-7 Ghost Box Session Part 2: Pumpkin!
Part 2 of a session from October 03, 2016.
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Hodos Holos:  Impossible Box Session 1, ITC
What I was trying to say in the video, was that I was not going to edit or throw words on the screen that I think I'm hearing. Feel free to share anything you pick up.
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Phil, The Whale
Phil at McDonald's.
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8 Spirit PSB-7 Session 06.05.16
Not going to name my documentary what the spirit suggested....
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Scrooge & I
Scrooge goes on a path of redemption, but not willingly. He was chosen to be redeemed.
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100 Journey Through The Spheres
Aaron David and Kelly look back at there trek through the 7 Spheres on the Tree of Life spanning exactly 777 days.
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Intro piece to upcoming investigation vid.
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104 Black Mirror Consecration
A return of Kelly’s Moroccan Minute, Science, It’s Science and This Week in the Paranormal! Following that, we jump into our ritual activities with the Hygromanteia, datura, a black mirror and Rachel the life-sized shadow puppet the night of the Full Moon Festival. It was one to remember.
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Short Investigation Outside Residence
Joel deploys SARA, followed by a quick dowsing and spirit box session. Audio recored by SARA: https://soundcloud.com/joeltajw/sara-investigation?utm_source=soundcloud&utm_campaign=share&utm_medium=facebook
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For Mike N.
Aaron @ Mike's.
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Hodos Holos: Impossible Box, Session 2 ITC
Short session with the IB1. More whispers.
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WNCAMR @ Helen's Bridge
Helen's Bridge investigation in Asheville, NC.
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Buzzard Rock Spirits Not Nice
A couple from Ohio, Wesley Mahaffey, 33, and wife Bonnie Mahaffey, 29, was murdered here on May 19, 1986 by Roy Lee Fox, 50. We lost some of our footage, so things begin in medias res. We learn as we go - definitely planning a trip back on the anniversary of the murder, with some more tech and tools.
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