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Failing Forward
Rabbi Mark Wildes, Founder and Director of the Manhattan Jewish Experience, meets with young people who are regularly struggling with society's idea of failure and what it means for who they are. What if our tradition offered a different interpretation? What would that mean for how you see the missteps of your life?
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Rabbi Shai Held - Compassion and the Heart of Jewish Spirituality
Compassion is a call to action - and not an easy call to heed. But Judaism, argues Rabbi Shai Held, demands that we step out of our comfort zone and practice true kindness. This video was produced in partnership with Lippman Kanfer Foundation for Living Torah as part of a series on "Applied Jewish Wisdom": http://lkflt.wordpress.com/
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How Far Will You Go to Give?: Judaism and Organ Donation
"Give of yourself" is a call Rabbi Shmuly Yanklowitz took literally. Organ donation saves lives - but how far should we really go to give? Catch more inspired Jewish ideas at ELITalks.org Follow R' Shmuly at: Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/RabbiShmulyYanklowitz/ Twitter: https://twitter.com/RavShmuly Website: www.RabbiShmuly.com Learn more about Judaism and organ donation through the following organizations: Halachic Organ Donor Society: https://www.hods.org/ Renewal: http://life-renewal.org/ National Kidney Foundation: https://www.kidney.org/
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The Two Little Words That Can Change a Life
Pamela Schuller's case of Tourette's syndrome almost forced her out of the Jewish community completely. But a few lessons from Moses and improv comedy helped turn things around. In this personal, uproarious talk, Pamela shares her story and an important perspective on the role of difference. For more inspired Jewish ideas, check out: www.elitalks.org
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Rabbi Marc Katz - Loneliness: The Existential Jewish Problem
Loneliness is a real and pervasive condition. Even King David "called out from the depths," aching for connection. Citing modern psychology and Jewish texts, Rabbi Marc Katz urges us to both recognize and respond to loneliness in ourselves and our communities.
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The God Gap
What happens when the way we talk about God no longer works? Eliana Light looks at how the ways we think and talk about God as kids can limit--and sometimes even cut off--that very important relationship as we grow older and life becomes more complicated. Eliana makes a suggestion for how can we help our kids, and all of us, to create dynamic and lasting relationships with God.
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The (Im)Perfect Soulmate
How do you navigate intimate conflict with a person you know to be your soulmate? Many of us know what it's like to find "the one" only to become aware that the qualities that drew us to them in the first place happen to also be the things that drive us apart. Rabbi Shlomo Slatkin, a marriage therapist, shows us the opportunity that awaits us in these moments if and when we have a willing partner.
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Go, Go to Yourself: Personal Story as Spiritual Practice
Maggid Jhos Singer explores the intersection and tradition of how our personal stories influence and, indeed, create our collective Jewish story. This moving ELI talk twists and turns and ends up in a place that no one expects--a place that will make you question how you are telling your story today. Filmed at the William Breman Jewish Heritage and Holocaust Museum in Atlanta, Georgia in cooperation with the Jewish Federation of Greater Atlanta. Jhos Singer is the Maggid (spiritual teacher) for Chochmat HaLev in Berkeley, CA (www.chochmat.org) and the JCC of San Francisco. He follows the watery path of ancient Jewish spirituality, studies talmud at SVARA (www.svara.org) and wrestles with Torah daily. He holds a degree in music from UCLA and a Master's degree in Jewish Studies from the Graduate Theological Union. He is the a proud parent of 3 fabulous kids, the adoring spouse of his Bashert and professional partner, Julie Batz. He is an out trans man, and as such celebrates the spirituality found in the crossroads.
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What Makes People Stand Up, Say Hineini, and Lead?
Judaism's greatest leaders have all said "hineini," "here I am," when called to task. What are the ingredients that make that moment of stepping up? Presented by Adam Simon of the Charles and Lynn Schusterman Family Foundation: https://www.schusterman.org/
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Happiness and the Jewish Identity
Jews are often see ourselves as neurotic, cynical, and even tragic. Our history, our stories, and the media would have you think that we just can't help it. But Olga Gilburd has another idea: Judaism offers a wealth of resources for seeing and cultivating the happy in life even during the hard times. Cynical still? Just watch.
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God Loves You: Reclaiming Our Jewish Inheritance
As a young out gay boy, Rabbi D'ror Chankin-Gould was explicitly told that God hated him. Yet, it is through his journey and insistence that we find God's love in our Jewish tradition that we learn how important and necessary it is that we Jews turn to our children, our friends, and our congregants to tell them, "God loves you."
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Is Superman Jewish? Uncovering the Jewish lives of comic book heroes
Are those superhero summer blockbusters really Torah in disguise? In this funny and empowering talk, Rabbi Simcha Weinstein takes us on a whirlwind tour of the history of Jews in comics, calling out the names we give ourselves, and the hidden identities we might be ready to reveal. Catch more inspired Jewish ideas: http://elitalks.org/
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I Will Carry You With My Stories
How does Judaism create deeply knowledgeable, empathetic, and resilient human beings? It teaches us to teach our children stories that can last a lifetime. Dena Schusterman shares some of the wisdom of chassidic stories and how they can sustain us in good times and in bad. Filmed at the William Breman Jewish Heritage and Holocaust Museum in Atlanta, Georgia in cooperation with the Jewish Federation of Greater Atlanta. Dena Schusterman is a founder of Chabad Intown, in Atlanta, a Jewish educator and a founding director of both the Intown Jewish Preschool and the Intown Hebrew School. She teaches women's classes and is dedicated to teaching students of all ages in the Atlanta Jewish community and beyond through her published articles. Dena writes about parenting and applied Torah and Chassidic thought, her articles have appeared on Kveller, Chabad.org, Groknation, Ami magazine and the Atlanta Jewish Times. Dena and her husband Rabbi Eliyahu Schusterman are native Californians and have been living in Atlanta for 20 years. They have 8 children.
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What Makes This Jew Different Than All Other Jews? Race, Difference, and Safety in Jewish Spaces
We are a people of questions, but perhaps certain types of questions directed at certain kinds of people diminish the safety of all of us. A modern liberal idea? MaNishtana thinks not; he explains that checking people at the door is not something we Jews can or should recognize as traditional.
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Living Jewishly Means Dying Jewishly, Too
In much of society today, death is to be avoided at all costs - in polite company and modern medicine alike. Jewish tradition, explains Dr. Michael Slater, has a very different approach. In a talk that is part memoir, part history, part communal call-to-action, we see the wisdom of Judaism as not only life-affirming, but death-affirming, as well. Catch more inspired Jewish ideas: http://elitalks.org/
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The Essence of Ritual
Why is it that rituals that were alive for our ancestors often times don't resonate with us? Rabbi Scott Perlo looks at the relationship between feeling, form, and content in our rituals today, and what they mean for that which we so lovingly call "tradition."
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Rabbi Benay Lappe - An Unrecognizable Jewish Future: A Queer Talmudic Take
Every religion comes into being to create meaning, and meaning comes by way of a "master story," like Torah. But every master story will eventually...crash. In this provocative talk, Rabbi Benay Lappe lays out a roadmap for navigating the current "crash" in Jewish life, argues that it is those on the margins who will be the leaders of the next Jewish future, and outlines the curriculum that will equip them to be "players."
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What Diabetes Taught Me About Holiness
We can all struggle to align our ideas about our bodies with the traditions we come from--all the more so a person struggling with chronic disease. Andrew Belinfante, however, has found new meaning in Judaism through his struggle to understand his experience of diabetes that can provide lessons for all of our bodies and souls.
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A Journey Toward Jewish Mindfulness
Think that only the Buddhists have mastered mindfulness? David Gottlieb wants to challenge your thinking on that. How has Judaism decluttered the mind and soothed the soul--even in the middle of the chaos of preparing for Shabbat? Find an authentic mindfulness practice without abandoning your tradition. Filmed at the William Breman Jewish Heritage and Holocaust Museum in Atlanta, Georgia in cooperation with the Jewish Federation of Greater Atlanta. David Gottlieb is a student and teacher of Jewish mindfulness practice. He began studying meditation in the Zen Buddhist tradition in 1998, and in the Jewish tradition shortly thereafter. David is co-founder of Full Circle Communities, a Chicago-based nonprofit developer of affordable housing and provider of supportive services. He is also currently a PhD candidate in the History of Judaism at the University of Chicago Divinity School.
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The Law of the Land: Boundaries, Consent, and Atonement
Sex education has been historically delegated to the state for American Jewry, but Judaism has a very rich tradition of teaching about sex, consent, and pleasure that we need today. Merissa Nathan Gerson leads us on an exploration of what it means for all Jewish bodies--cisgender and otherwise--to respect, to honor, and to teach one another about consent and to communally atone for our sins. Filmed at Repair the World: Detroit. Merissa Nathan Gerson is a trained rape prevention worker and sex educator. Her writing on sexuality and Judaism appears in The New York Times, The Atlantic, The New York Observer, Tablet, Playboy, Elle and beyond. She holds an MA in Jewish Studies from The Graduate Theological Union in Berkeley, California with a focus on sex and gender as well as inherited trauma. Merissa has studied at the PARDES Institute for Jewish Studies, The Jewish Theological Seminary, The Academy for Jewish Religion, Hebrew College, Naropa University, Middlebury's Hebrew Language School, The Kohenet Hebrew Priestess Institute and with many rabbis across the country including the great Reb Zalman Schachter-Shalomi. Her work focuses on the inheritance of trauma and memory and how this impacts tradition.
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Torah Scribing: A Recipe for a Living Tradition
Torah scribe, Julie Seltzer, compares the experience of finding her belated mother's hand-written banana bread recipe on a worn index card and the writing of a Torah scroll. How can the handwriting of each of these items speak to us, convey care, and transmit tradition?
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Rabbi Daniel M Bronstein - Taking Jewish Humor Seriously
From Woody Allen to Jon Stewart, humor is embedded in the modern Jewish consciousness. But, argues Rabbi Dan Bronstein, it goes back much farther than that. And if we're willing to take it seriously, we'll see that Jewish humor is no joke - it's a powerful tool.
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Tikvah Wiener - Why We Need Passion-Based Learning in Jewish Education
Proverbs extolls the we should "teach a child according to his/her way." According to educator Tikvah Wiener, that means listening to kids and making their passions the basis of the teaching. In this case study-come-call to action, we're offered a new perspective on Jewish education: what would it look like for Jewish day schools to truly engage in passion-based learning?
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Sam Zev - Can't Buy Jewish Continuity? Sell It Instead
We spend millions to tackle the Jewish community's biggest problems, but it is JDate that has changed the game when it comes to reducing intermarriage. Zev explores how by focusing on consumer needs and producing awesome products, like JDate, we can create successful for-profit models that have greater reach and, as an unintended consequence, change the direction of other challenges of the Jewish community.
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Parent as a Verb: Our Adult Children
How do we create relationships with our children to sustain them long after we have any meaningful control over the details of their lives? Anita Salzman Silvert learns from the story of Moses and the Israelites about how we can love our adult children and nurture them to be sufficient and responsible members of the Jewish family - even if they still show up with the laundry.
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Dr. Sam Abramovich - Symbiosis: Jewish Education and The Learning Sciences
Jewish communities have developed time-tested approaches to education. A modern field of study called the learning sciences brings new light to the way people learn. In this elucidating talk, Sam Abramovich shares with us the unexpected points of connection between these two approaches, and how their full symbiosis can be of benefit to both. This talk was produced in partnership with Sinai and Synapses (http://sinaiandsynapses.org/), with additional support from Clal (http://www.clal.org/) and The John Templeton Foundation (http://templeton.org/).
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Death Rituals: Creating Jewish Life
We can often think of Judaism as providing a structure for us to deal with the hard times. In Jamie Sarche’s case, though, she’s good with the hard stuff, it’s the Judaism that’s scary. Listen to Jamie Sarche, a funeral director, as she tells us how her knowledge and comfort around death led her to connect to her Jewishness through one of Judaism’s heaviest and most difficult rituals.
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What Hank Azaria, Diane Von Furstenberg, & Maimonides have in common...and why it's worth saving
There's more to Sephardic heritage than rice on Passover. Internationally renowned singer-songwriter Sarah Aroeste shares the power of Judeo-Spanish, or Ladino, and the need for the whole Jewish community to invest in its survival. Check out http://www.elitalks.org for more inspired Jewish ideas.
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Dr. David Pelcovitz - Jewish Perspectives on Happiness
What makes us happy? Combining science with Jewish thought, Dr. David Pelcovtiz shows how the new learning about happiness is old news to Jewish thinkers who have passed this wisdom down to our people for millennia.
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Calling Out the Good: Living an Authentic Jewish Life
Halacha and our Jewish story usually give us hooks on which to hang our own personal stories. But what happens when the hooks don't seem just right because parts of our story don't fit into neat boxes. Meet Samantha--a frum Jewish woman trying to figure out what her tradition tells her about her non-Jewish father. Filmed at the William Breman Jewish Heritage and Holocaust Museum in Atlanta, Georgia in cooperation with the Jewish Federation of Greater Atlanta. Samantha Hauptman, a native Angelino, moved to New Jersey two years ago. In her professional life, she is a college guidance counselor and English teacher. She is a wife and mother of five, ranging in ages from 20 to 5. She juggles endless loads of laundry, daily dishes, dinner, children who do not like jelly sandwiches, doctors' appointments, wake-up calls, homework, bath time, story time, and complicated summer plans. Orthodox Judaism is the lens that filters and informs her life decisions and in her not-so-spare-time she happily reads historical fiction.
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Looking for a solution to Jewish continuity? Introducing: The BirthRATE Program
The Torah tells us to "be fruitful and multiply" - not so simple for those facing fertility challenges. What, asks Naomi Less, is the community's responsibility in helping build Jewish families? Perhaps it's time for a birthRATE program. Catch more inspired Jewish ideas: elitalks.org Learn more about Naomi's story and work: naomiless.com Get involved with UpRooted, a Jewish communal response to fertility journeys: weareuprooted.org
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Miriam Brosseau - If You Go, I'll Go: Ahavat Yisrael
Connecting to a fellow Jew in times of trouble is necessary and important, argues Miriam Brosseau, but is it lasting? Peoplehood cannot be built on a foundation of tragedy. Rather, it's time to return to an age-old mitzvah. Perhaps the basis of Israel education should literally be "ahavat yisrael" - love of Israel and one's fellow Jew. This talk was produced in partnership with The iCenter for Israel Education: http://www.theicenter.org/
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The Anatomy of Disaster: Learning Spiritual Resilience from the Prophets
The world can seem so hard to deal with sometimes. Marita Anderson, chaplain and writer, shows us how the prophets of our tradition dealt with their own and their people's trauma--and also gave us tools to deal with ours. For commentary on this ELI talk and for other ELI talks, visit us: http://elitalks.org/anatomy-disaster-learning-spiritual-resilience-prophets
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Drop what's blocking you. It's time to be shameless.
Shame holds us back from being our best selves - as individuals and, argues Rabbi Abby Sosland, as a community. Jewish tradition offers a way out of shame. Find out more about R' Sosland and her work: https://abbysosland.com/ Catch more inspired Jewish ideas: http://elitalks.org/
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Dara Horn - The Eicha Problem: What Jews Really Believe About Anti-Semitism
Dara Horn addresses the historical problem of self-blame within Judaism, and talks about what that means in terms of creating a new theology for the future.
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The Humble Leader - An ELI talks/G-dcast Joint
Based on Hal Lewis's talk, "It Ain't the Heat, It's the Humility: Jewish Leadership for the 21st Century": http://youtu.be/IfhQ8g67YmQ While popular culture may tell us that being a great leader means always being right, turns out Jewish tradition has a very different lesson to teach. Many thanks to the team at G-dcast for making this amazing mash-up happen! And a huge shout-out to our animator, Stu Sufrin: http://stusufrin.com/ And check out more from G-dcast: http://www.g-dcast.com/
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The Woman Who Has It All: Eishet Chayil in Today's World
Gulienne Rollins-Rishon--mother, wife, and writer--looks at the demands of our lives as women and the expectations of our tradition. Who is the "Eishet Chayil" (Woman of Valor) exactly?
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Bubbe and the Rabbi's Wife: a Lesson in Laughter
What exactly is kosher laughter? Rachel Levitt Klein and her grandmother take up sides in this rousing and humor-filled debate about how our Jewish tradition teaches us through its own subtitles about when and how it's appropriate to crack yourself (and others) up.
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If All the Seas Were Ink
In September 2017 Ilana Kurshan's book of the same name was released to enormous praise. Her beautiful tale of learning Talmud every day is masterful. Her charge to us in this ELI Talk to be open to how our learning can influence our lives and how our lives can influence our learning is nothing but compelling. Filmed at the William Breman Jewish Heritage and Holocaust Museum in Atlanta, Georgia in cooperation with the Jewish Federation of Greater Atlanta. Ilana Kurshan is the author of If All the Seas Were Ink, published in 2017 by St. Martin’s Press and a finalist for the 2018 Natan Book Award. She has translated books of Jewish interest by Ruth Calderon, Benjamin Lau, and Micah Goodman, as well as novels, short stories, and children’s picture books. She is a regular contributor to Lilith Magazine, where she is the Book Reviews Editor, and her writing has appeared in The Forward, The World Jewish Digest, Hadassah, Nashim, Zeek, Kveller, and Tablet. Kurshan is a graduate of Harvard University (BA, summa cum laude, History of Science) and Cambridge University (M.Phil, English literature). She lives in Jerusalem with her husband and four children. Her writing can be found at www.ilanakurshan.com.
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Joseph Gitler - It's Not Just About the Money: The Honest Truth about Giving to Israel
In the early days of the State of Israel, the fledgling country relied on support from the Diaspora. Not so anymore. Joseph Gitler presents a paradigm for understanding, and relating to, the new realities of the thriving modern state, and the potential for philanthropic collaboration between Israel and the rest of the Jewish world. This talk was produced in partnership with the Jewish Funders Network (http://www.jfunders.org/), the Jewish Teen Funders Network (http://www.jtfn.org/), and Max M. and Marjorie S. Fisher Foundation (http://mmfisher.org/).
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We Were All At Sinai: The Transformative Power of Inclusive Torah
So often "inclusion" is framed as a mechanism for bringing people to the table who haven't been at the table. Rabbinical student Lauren Tuchman explores whether this is the most accurate and useful framing. Does Judaism perhaps offer us other more radical ways to think about inclusion and disability? Filmed at the William Breman Jewish Heritage and Holocaust Museum in Atlanta, Georgia in cooperation with the Jewish Federation of Greater Atlanta. Lauren Tuchman is completing rabbinical school at the Jewish Theological Seminary and serves as a chaplain at the New Jewish Home. Previously, she served as the rabbinic intern at T’ruah: the Rabbinic Call for Human Rights. She has taught widely on the intersection between Judaism and Disability and has been published widely including in Jewschool and RitualWell. She has taught at synagogues and organizations throughout North America, including the National Havurah Committee, Jewish Theological Seminary, Join for Justice, The Summer Institute on Theology and Disability, the Ruderman Foundation’s Synagogue Inclusion Initiative and Adas Israel Congregation. She was named to the Jewish Week’s 36 under 36 in 2017.
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Words of the Righteous and People in Love
We treat words as the most taken-for-granted commodity in the world, yet Judaism holds that words have the power to create and to destroy. Jonnie Schnytzer looks at how people in love know the weight of word just as the tzaddikim - the righteous - do. What can we all learn from his proposal? You'll see.
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God's Get Rich Quick Mitzvah
We all know that we are supposed to give tzedakah and ma'aser, but so often it seems like a daunting task to make any impact with the few dollars we can afford. Moshe Hecht describes how crowdfunding can inspire people to give more, give people a sense of belonging, and create real change for the people and organizations it benefits. Filmed at the William Breman Jewish Heritage and Holocaust Museum in Atlanta, Georgia in cooperation with the Jewish Federation of Greater Atlanta. Moshe Hecht, Winner of NonprofitPro’s Technology Professional of the Year Award, dedicates his life to advancing philanthropy through the use of technology and crowdfunding. He has been a critical part of developing and growing Charidy. Hecht believes that through the increased use of crowdfunding, organizations can usher in an era of people-powered fundraising, a world of unified giving, transparency, leverage, and interdependency, which will lead to more people giving more.
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Daniel Libenson - The Jewish Innovator's Dilemma
Dr. Daniel Libenson discusses how patterns of disruptive change affect Judaism, and how we can harness those patterns to improve areas of the Jewish community.
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And From These Words, Torah Increases: Conversations With People You Disagree With
Billy Planer, the founder of Etgar 36--a Jewish youth program that personally introduces teens to the different sides of the issues of our day, wants to push all of us to use the Talmud as a model for how we can have conversations with people who disagree with us. He proposes a counter-cultural but very Jewish idea: it is possible no matter what side of the fence you sit on to find something in common and engage with people who are different from you. It is these conversations that will change the world--or at least yours. Filmed at the William Breman Jewish Heritage and Holocaust Museum in Atlanta, Georgia in cooperation with the Jewish Federation of Greater Atlanta. Billy Planer is the Founder and Director of Etgar 36 (www.etgar.org). He has worked with Jewish youth for 30 years in camps, synagogue youth groups, and schools. Challenged by a friend, Billy interviewed people while on a road trip around America. Halfway through, he realized he should be bringing teens to these historical spots and meet with people who are involved in changing the world and so he created Etgar 36 a nonprofit Jewish educational venture. Etgar 36 is a summer journey that takes Jewish teens on a bus across America to learn history, politics and activism and find their voice and power by meeting with all sides of political issues, understand the unique culture of each city, become empowered to get involved to create change and develop their American and Jewish identities. During the academic year, Etgar 36 takes groups on Civil Rights journeys in the South. Over 18,000 people have been on an Etgar 36 journey in the past 15 years. Billy received his Bachelor's degree from Syracuse University and a Masters in Education and Counseling from Georgia State University.
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Valuing People Over Statistics: The Secret To Growth
How do we measure impact? For those of us who write grants, impact is measured in numbers, in percentages, in statistics. Sharon Weiss-Greenberg argues that measuring impact this way is fundamentally not Jewish and that exclusively measuring success through quantitative measures misses out on the much larger impact our organizations are making. How do we tell that story? Filmed at the William Breman Jewish Heritage and Holocaust Museum in Atlanta, Georgia in cooperation with the Jewish Federation of Greater Atlanta. Sharon Weiss-Greenberg is the Executive Director of JOFA. She was recently named by the Jewish Forward as a "Forward 50" Jew of influence and by the Jewish Week as a person to watch as a "36 Under 36" honoree. Sharon has served as the Rosh Moshava (Head of Camp) at Camp Stone, as the co-director of the Orthodox Union Jewish Learning Initiative on Campus at Harvard Hillel and as the first Orthodox woman chaplain at Harvard University. She has taught at Yeshiva University High School for Girls, Yavneh Academy in New Jersey, and the Denver Academy of Torah High School. Sharon earned her doctorate at NYU. She is an alumna of the Wexner Fellow/Davidson Scholarship graduate program, and ROI Community Member. She studied at The Drisha Institute for Jewish Education and received her B.A. and M.A. from Yeshiva University.
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Racism in the Jewish Community: The Uncomfortable Truth
The racial and ethinic makeup of America is changing, and with it the face of the American Jewish community; are our communal institutions equipped to deal with this change? In a powerful and personal talk, Ilana Kaufman makes the case for counting - and accounting for - all the Jewish people. Produced in partnership with Walter and Elise Haas Fund: http://www.haassr.org/ For more inspired Jewish ideas, check out: www.elitalks.org
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Prayer doesn't have to be boring. Here are 2 strategies to make it meaningful.
Prayer can feel remote, tired, even boring. Rabbi Elie Kaunfer knows it can be so much more. If you've been known to slip a novel inside your siddur, this talk is for you. Find out more about Rabbi Kaunfer and Mechon Hadar here: https://www.mechonhadar.org/ Catch more inspired Jewish ideas: http://elitalks.org/
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Zohar Raviv - Between Unity and Uniformity
Two people can look at the same scene, and see entirely different landscapes. This reality, according to educator Zohar Raviv, is a central challenge to Israel education. In this evocative talk, he shares the many lenses through which Israel has been, and can be, viewed, and the implications for educators today - many of whom see a very different Israel then their students. This video was produced in partnership with The iCenter for Israel Education: http://www.theicenter.org/
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From the Back of the Room: The Jewish Working Class
Do we as a community know the difference between helping someone and respecting them? Tova Stabin looks to the cases of the Mishkan and King Solomon's temple. How do they or don't they serve as Jewish models for how we treat our poor and working class Jews and as a example of a kind of inclusion that honors and respects the gifts of all of us.
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