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Oil of Abramelin walkthrough Pt.1 - for use in Magick Ritual and as a general oil.
A walkthrough on the creation of a batch of oil of Abramelin, from The Book Of The Sacred Magick Of Abramelin The Mage. Oil of Abramelin is used for annointment and consecration in many belief systems - predominantly within Thelema. It is a main ingredient in the Thelemic Eucharist but can also be used for any reciepe, as an incense or even as a massage oil! Please feel free to send any questions, complaints or compliments to: The British Order Of Thelema on Facebook. 93 93/93!
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Oil of Abramelin Pt.2 - maceration and filtration.
Part 2 of my walkthrough on making Oil of Abramelin, this video is focused on filtering the end product and storing before use. Any questions etc, the video says where to find me! 93 93/93
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When Domination goes wrong (Pantera solo fails)
Trying to remember the solo from Pantera's Domination but bad timing and a broken pinky finger are really getting the way.
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Thelemic Baptism; Opening remarks
My wife and I concieved our daughter on 31/10/17, and as such we decided to baptise her and have her Naming Ceremony as a part of our Samhain celebrations. These are the opening remarks of the Rite, which was preceeded by The Opening By Watchtower, and followed by the remaining baptismal rites, offerings to the Gods and Closing By Watchtower. Then our Mass and celebrations.
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Pokemon Go 90km egg hatch! Star piece, lucky egg and double XP event - new pokedex entries!
Hatching 9 10km eggs at once with a starpiece and lucky egg active - and it is the double XP event! The firat hatch is missing I think, but it was a Dratini - unfortunately iI misjudged the distance and they all went off as I was walking home after walking my doggo, so I didn't manage the utilise the time as well as I could, but it got me up to level 33! Hopefully the next 90k hatch will run smoother!
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Fender Korean Stratocaster - My first guitar! Gear demo.
Just doing a little noodle over a backing track (from Guthrie Govans' Creative Guitar 1: Cutting-Edge Techniques) on my Fender Strat, this beaut was my first guitar! Korean made, so would love some more info on it because I can't find a lot out there! Serial Number: E1046589
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Seated meditation (Zazen) first half
Literaly just a video of me meditating in Zazen, purely a test of concentration for an hour... anything to escape watching Made In Chelsea with my wife.
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#kieselsolocontest2017 Just an old school shot in the dark, plugged straight in the amp, bit of distortion, bit of reverb, no editing. Bit of latency on the old phone camera, though I like a rough honest sound!
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Little wine improv
Just noodlin'.
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Noodling some jazz improz on the Ibanez
Just a vid of me noodling some improv jazz ideas for no particular reason.
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Exploring a few sounds with the Korg
Just playing with an original Micro Korg exploring sounds using a line 6 amp and expression pedal.
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Testing my Ibanez RGIR28FE Iron Label
Little demo from when I first purchased my Ibanez RGIR28FE Iron Label (Serial Number I130613485 - made in Indonesia). Backing track is from Guthrie Govan - Creative Guitar 1: Cutting-Edge Techniques. (I use the same backing track for most of my home gear testing).
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March of the Elephants (rough version)
Track I made for acoustic guitar a few years ago, rough version.
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Seated meditation (Zazen) second half
Literaly just a video of me meditating in Zazen, purely a test of concentration for an hour... anything to escape watching Made In Chelsea with my wife.
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