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Extreme Lifted Trucks Redneck Mud Park
http://www.primecutpro.com we travel down to Punta Gorda Florida to the world famous Redneck Mud Park for this years semi annual Trucks Gone Wild event. Lots of custom lifted trucks, swamp buggies, Jeeps, Quads and side by sides. To check out upcoming events http://www.trucksgonewild.com
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Mud Boggin In Florida - Redneck Mud Park
Redneck Mud Park is Located in Punta Gorda Florida. This is one of the Best Mud parks in the state and maybe even the entire country. It's easy to see why. Big lifted trucks roam around and dig through the thick bog. To watch more check out http://www.primecutpro.com
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The Original Okeechobee Mud Fest 2017
Like Comment, and Subscribe. Fun times in South Florida at an event over 2 years in the making, The original Okeechobee Mud Fest. Check out the mud Truck Playlist and http://www.primecutpro.com for more videos.
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American Force Custom Trucks at SEMA 2017
SEMA car show is held every year in Las Vegas Nevada http://www.primecutpro.com Shot with the Go Pro Hero 6 Black inside of the Karma Grip. More Videos from SEMA 2017 coming soon
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2018 Mud Trucks Tug of War - Orlando Florida
2018 Trucks Gone Wild Truck pull from Cowboy's in Orlando, Florida. Trucks Gone Wild starts out the year with the Monster's Eve Truck Pull at Cowboy's in Orlando, Florida. Including some road vlog from the ride to Orlando from Tampa. Click to watch another exciting mud truck video! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4b24sPxg0ek&t=411s
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Daytona Spring Break Bike Show
Bike Week in Daytona Beach is a huge event that goes on every year during Spring Break. Thousands of bikes from all over the country invade Daytona and the surrounding area. Live music flows from the different bars on Main St. Check out the Uncut Version https://vimeo.com/ondemand/daytonabikeweek2017uncut and the Tee Contest: https://vimeo.com/ondemand/daytonabikeweekwett2017
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Ford Trucks at SEMA Show Vegas
Ford Trucks at the SEMA Show in Las Vegas. 2017 Ford Raptor and more concept trucks. These customized trucks were on display at the SEMA show at the Las Vegas Convention center.
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Summer 2016 Bikini Contest - NOPI Finals Myrtle Beach
Final round from the 2016 NOPI Nationals car show in Myrtle Beach, South Carolina featuring the NOPI Chics. The rain didn't stop these girls from competing for the title and the cash. Filmed by Prime Cut Pro! http://www.nopinationals.com/ http://www.primecutpro.com/
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Custom Lifted Trucks - 2017 Daytona Truck Meet
Watch in 4k! Custom Lifted Trucks at the 2017 Daytona Truck Meet in Daytona Beach, Florida. Truck show was located at the Ocean Center and brought to you by American Force Wheels.
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MUD Girls & BIG Trucks - Redneck Yacht Club
Redneck mud party down South in Punta Gorda, Florida at the Redneck Mud Park. Video shot by Prime Cut Pro! Subscribe! https://www.youtube.com/c/primecutpro http://www.trucksgonewild.com/
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Lowrider Contest Slamfest
Building a Lowrider isn't easy but hopping a chevy Impala 10 feet in the air sure does look cool. Check out more footage from this event http://www.primecutpro.com
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HIN Bikini Contest - Orlando
Hot Import Nights car show bikini contest featuring Jessica Barton.
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Daytona Truck Meet Bikini Contest
Winners are announced in the 2018 bikini contest from Daytona Truck Meet in Daytona Beach, Florida. Be sure to subscribe and watch more from Daytona Truck Meet!
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Custom Cars & Hot Babes - Hot Import Nights Tampa
Custom import cars and more come out to the Tampa Convention Center for the Hot Import Night Tour stop in Tampa Bay. Hot babes pose on cars, poplular EDM Dj's and the Miss HIN Florida competition didn't disappoint. Be sure to put this show on your schedule for next year! http://hotimportnights.com/
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Slamfest 2017 Car Show Awards - Tampa
Slamfest 2017 giveaways and auction. The contestants display the auction items before the contest winners are announced at Tampa's Slamfest 2017 cars show at the Florida State Fairgrounds.
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Hot Import Nights Bikini Contest - Tampa
Contestants compete for the title of Miss Hot Import Nights Florida at the Tampa Convention Center. Watch the entire contest by clicking the link below: https://vimeo.com/ondemand/hinbikinicontest
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2018 Custom Ford Velociraptor 6X6 by Hennessey
This nasty off road beast is totally bad ace. Also Check out the Ford out front Drift track where they have the Eco Boost Raptor drifting. Check out all the upgraded specs Upgraded turbos for more horsepower. http://www.primecutpro.com
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Girls of NOPI 2016 - Myrtle Beach
Girls of NOPI Nationals 2016 come on the stage for a preview to the swimsuit competition in Myrtle Beach, South Carolina. Stay tuned to Prime Cut Pro for the full bikini contest. https://www.youtube.com/user/Primecutpro/videos
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Spring Break at Ironhorse Mud Ranch
Trucks Gone Wild Comes to Iron Horse Mud Ranch for the Semi Annual Dysfunctional Family Reunion. Head Rush Mud Truck Probably one of the most powerful Chevy's on the Planet makes an Appearance popping the front tires off the ground while blasting across the mud hole. Later on some other guys get in over their heads in a really deep hole. Check out more on http://www.primecutpro.com http://www.trucksgonewild.com
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2017 Chevrolet Camaro 50th Anniversary Edition
Amber Fields tells us a little bit about the 2017 Chevrolet Camaro 50th Anniversary Edition from the Tampa Auto Show. Be sure to subscribe for more!
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NOPI Nationals Car Show 2016 - Myrtle Beach
Summer 2016 NOPI Car Show in Myrtle Beach, South Carolina. Burnouts, NOPI Chics and more highlight the weekends festivities from Myrtle Beach Speedway. There are a lot of cool custom rides in this video Which one was your favorite? Leave a comment in the section below and also check out http://www.primecutpro.com for more Models and Autos.
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Worlds Greenest Car - Spira4U
http://www.primecutpro.com The worlds greenest vehicle, built by Engineers in California this two seater gets over 300mpg and floats.
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SEMA Car Show in Las Vegas
Lifted Trucks, Concept Cars, Off Road Vehicles & more highlight the week of the SEMA Car Show in Las Vegas. Ford, Chevrolet, Toyota and every car manufacturer in the World are on display in one place every year at the Las Vegas Convention Center. Specialty Equipment Market Association was formed in 1963 and brings together bringing together aftermarket manufacturers, original equipment manufacturers (OEM), media, car dealers, specialty equipment distributors, installers, retailers and restoration specialists every year. https://www.semashow.com http://www.primecutpro.com/
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Models Fast Cars - FL2K
Models and extremely fast race cars come from all over the southeast to the track to show off their stuff. Order the full bikini contest here: https://vimeo.com/ondemand/fl2kcontest There were lots of Nissan Skyline GTR, Ford Mustangs from almost every generation and body style. Lots of these race machines crank out massive amounts of horsepower to speed them down the track in less than 9 seconds, some hitting 180 mph in the Quarter mile.
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Auto Nation Mud Trucks at Iron Horse Mud Ranch.
Huge Monster mud trucks try the deepest hole in the park some with ease and some not so much.Later on they burn some rubber at the truck pull. Swamp buggies and quads ride around to check out the action. When ever someone gets stuck there is always someone there to help tow them out. Make sure to check out all of the action http://www.primecutpro.com http://www.trucksgonewild.com
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Crazy Jeep Roll Over In Water!
During the Mega Truck Races at Lazy Springs one of the Jeeps had the back end pop up lose control and fill over in a rather large puddle leaving the Jeep halfway submerged
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Honda Ridgeline 2017 SEMA Show
Honda unveils the plans for the new 2017 Honda Ridgeline at the Las Vegas SEMA show. Honda Racing also announces their return to the Baja Desert Race featuring this new Ridgeline.
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Fastest Car in the World - SEMA  2018 Venom F5
Unveiled at this year's SEMA Show is the Fastest Car in the World the 2018 Hennessey Venom F5. This car reaches speeds over 300 mph. Designed by Hennessey there will be only 63 of these cars in the World.
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SEMA Car Show 2017 Highlights
Watch in 4k! 2018 Concept cars and more at this year's SEMA Show from Las Vegas. Subscribe now for more Automobile Events coverage! Watch another SEMA video here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=aQXNEpwN_Ng
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Porche 2016 Boxter Black Edition
International Auto showcase in Tampa Rolls out the new 2016 Porsche models including the Boxter Black edition and the Panamera
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Ford Rat Rod Truck - Trucks Gone Wild
At Central Florida Motorsports Park May Trucks Gone Wild event, we talk about this fully custom build rat rod. A lot of hard work and interesting pieces all came together to create a very special vehicle. Built on a Ford F-350 frame. http://www.primecutpro.com http://www.trucksgonewild.com
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Sema Show Las Vegas
Right after we arrive at the show Richard Petty gets out of his suburban and enters the show. Richard Rollins from Discovery channel's Gas Monkey Garage does a fan meet and greet at the Velocity booth. Fliming with the Go pro and Karma grip we get some smooth steady shots of the different show models on display.
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Mud Party Down South Louisiana Mud Fest
Trucks Gone wild and Louisiana Mud Fest host one of the biggest parties in the South. This off road free for all has some of the most insane offload builds on the planet.
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Hot Import Nights Tampa Car Show
Models and cars take over at the Tampa convention center as Hot Import Nights comes to party. http://www.primecutpro.com http://www.awesomedocumentary.com
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Sema Rollout 2017
Custom Cars leave SEMA 2017 in Las Vegas, Nevada.
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Crazy Custom Rides- Hot import Nights
Amber Fields and friends host this epic car show in Auburndale Speedway. Turbos , BMWs, Nissan Skylines, Toyota, Kias, Hondas, and many more came out to show off their custom work and lighting systems.
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Tierra Verde Car Show Rollout
We catch some of the cars leaving the Tierra Verde Easter Weekend car show. Stay tuned for more footage from this event. Filmed in 4k.
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Motorcycles Invade Main St. Daytona Beach
Awesome time at this year's Daytona Bike Week, custom motorcycles invade Main St. This area becomes a popular destination for bikers. Many of the establishments have bands play live music.
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Redneck Mud Park -Southwest Florida
Mud trucks, ATV's, UTV's and more hit the mud hole after the popular Mud Truck Races near Punta Gorda, Florida at Redneck Mud Park for the annual Trucks Gone Wild event.
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Custom Cars & Lifted Trucks at SEMA
One of the World's largest car shows. The SEMA car show in Las Vegas, NV. Lifted Trucks, Off road machines and more outside at the Las Vegas Convention Center.
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Okeechobee Mudfest
Watch in 4k! Summer 2017 Okeechobee Mudfest at Plant Bamboo & The Original Okeechobee Mudfest put on by Muddy Waters Entertainment. Video brought to you by Prime Cut Pro.
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Miami Lowrider Magazine Car Show
2018 Miami Lowrider Magazine car show. Custom lowriders on display in Miami and the Famous Car Hop did not disappoint. Watch in 4k!
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Las Vegas Sema Car Show Adventures
One of the Largest Auto Conventions in the world SEMA 2017 was cool event. Lots of custom builds and new releases. Celebrities, drivers and loads of horsepower hit the stage at SEMA. Check out more http://www.primecutpro.com
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2017 Cadillac Models - Tampa Bay  Auto Show
2017 Cadillac Models at the Tampa Bay International Auto Show. We walk around and take a close look at several of the Cadillac Models. Featured in this video are CT6, ATS, XTS Luxury, ATS-V, XTS Crossover and the CTS-V. After looking at these models, you definitely can't go wrong with a new Cadillac.
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2017 Porsche 718 Boxster
Walk around footage of a White 2017 Porsche 718 Boxster from the International Auto Show in Tampa, Florida. This car was one of the more popular cars at the Auto Show and reaches speeds up to 170 mph.
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Sema 2017 Adventure Drifting & Jay Leno
Las Vegas Convention Center hosts SEMA auto show. Jay Leno makes an appearance on the Velocity live stage during the last day of SEMA 2017 for an Interview. The Ford out front, and continental tires sponsored BMW Drift cars dominated the airwaves so we put together a few music videos. In between you can listen to the sweet sound of powerful gas engines burning up rear tires in a cloud of smoke. With all of the crazy custom builds, new products, celebrities, and new releases its easy to see why this is the biggest auto show in the nation. http://www.primecutpro.com
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Slamfest 2018  Automobile Event - Tampa
Custom builds, Lowriders, Lifted Trucks and more are on display at the Florida State Fairgrounds in Tampa, Florida at the Slamfest Car Show 2018. Car owners and enthusiasts converge at this Mega Show at the Fairgrounds for a spectacular event in Tampa.
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2017 Ford F-150 Raptor Ecoboost Race Truck
2017 Ford F-150 Raptor Race Truck by Foutz Motorsports at the Las Vegas SEMA Show 2016. This truck is one of the best in the desert off road racing series.
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Low Rider Show Miami Automobile Events
Some of the Coolest custom cars in the South East travel to Miami for the annual Low Rider show. Vanilla Ice even makes an appearance. Special thanks to all the sponsors and Check out more at http://www.primecutpro.com
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2018 Street Car Takeover - Florida
Watch in 4k! Fast Mustangs, burnout contest, custom car show, street car drag racing and more highlight this exciting 2018 event in Bradenton, Florida.
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