Videos uploaded by user “Lakshman Sagar”
Creating JDBC connections..
This is a tutorial on how to find TNS name (xe/orcl) and port number of ORACLE SQL..
Views: 271 Lakshman Sagar
Sparse Matrix ds program..
Sparse matrix program!!!
Views: 361 Lakshman Sagar
Medilots version 3.0  , Codename:Midnight fun..
This is the version 3⃣ of the Medilots application.Added database support for data persistence📝.Tweaked 😵 UI for optimal performance..😬 Removed some 🐛🐞..
Views: 80 Lakshman Sagar
Electric Discharge Machine Genetic Algorithm
This is my first implementation of the Genetic Algorithm.. It works based on the Darwin's theory of Selection.. Rather interesting concept I would say - "Survival of the fittest .." 😉🤘
Views: 19 Lakshman Sagar
The program!!!
This is how to write the jdbc java program and run it..
Views: 53 Lakshman Sagar
Code name:Scarlett Johansson 😍 Version -3.0
Project demo for Exam Branch application version 3..😎
Views: 43 Lakshman Sagar
Code Name:Sandra Bullock😍 Version-1.0
Me and my brother did this project in a single night..😎 Fist bump bro..👊 Actually , the project was a requirement for our college examination branch..😱 So,high five guys..✋
Views: 45 Lakshman Sagar
Code name:Kate Winslet 😍           Version - 2.0
Exam branch project v2.. Made with 💓..
Views: 24 Lakshman Sagar
Depth first traversal algorithm implementation in C++..
DFS traversal in data structures using recursion..
Views: 281 Lakshman Sagar
Medilots beta 0.8.1
Testing stage..😐😗
Views: 15 Lakshman Sagar
Attendance App Version-2 : Code Name :- 😵🙈 (Dizzy Monkey)..
Wrapping up the project.. Should d minor tweaks.. Song from "Summer of 69" :)
Views: 23 Lakshman Sagar
BDAY26 Demo..
Code name:BDAY26 Version-0.9.20 Testing 1,2.. Attendance Application demo..
Views: 27 Lakshman Sagar
A simple screen in medilots as a seperate application.. Tweaked the user interface..😎 Added settings..⚙ Added Night mode..🌃
Views: 44 Lakshman Sagar
Medilots version 4.0  Code name : Kristen Stewart.. 😍
Search bar for searching medicines and Details screen about a product..😘
Views: 27 Lakshman Sagar

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