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Makeover mission: How to create a 'Minecraft' kid's bedroom
When my son wanted to use five of his Minecraft Mini Figures as a focal element in his big boy bedroom makeover, I was happy to take on his makeover challenge. During that initial 'design meeting,' we decided that a mural of the five faces would be good. And Jack wanted to use the blue from a clementine crate we use to store books on his desk. Check out this makeover, and Jack's reaction. Win 5 gallons of Glidden's Complete 2-in-1 paint for your next makeover project. Enter now! https://www.facebook.com/MyFixitUpLife/app/228910107186452/ For more tips, click here! http://myfixituplife.com/DIY/minecraft-ideas-bedroom/ If you smiled during this video, subscribe to our channel! http://youtube.com/MyFixitUpLife
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MyFixitUpLife Real Wood Playset Edition Part 2
Mark & Theresa take you through the steps to build a custom backyard playset using pressure-treated southern pine. http://myfixituplife.com/DIY/?p=8474
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DIY Insulation Tips from MyFixitUpLife
Just a few DIY insulation tips can make a big difference HomeAdvisor DIY Insulation tipsGet your DIY on to make your home more comfortable for your family by keeping summer heat and winter wind where they belong: outside. Here are a few easy DIY insulation tips that you can do this weekend. If you can slide a dollar beneath your door, a door sweep can help stop the draft. Do you feel cold air near light switches or outlets? You aren't alone. Many devices are often poorly-insulated when a house is built. Use low-expanding foam to spray behind the box to fill what the builders missed. Check your windows. New or old, they work best when they're fully closed--and locked. And if you can see light around your door or feel a draft, some weather stripping can help seal it tight. The largest factor that will determine your weather stripping price is the number of windows and doors that need to have weather stripping installed. The more areas that need to be tended to, the higher the weather stripping prices will be. However, an installation professional may charge less per window if you are installing all the weather stripping in your home at one time. So, what may seem like a larger cost upfront could become much more affordable than installing weather stripping on one or two windows or doors at a time. For more information about how much this project costs in your area, or to hire a contractor, check out the cost guide at HomeAdvisor.com. Check out more DIY tips at MyFixitUpLife: http://myfixituplife.com/DIY/?p=22955
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AROO! We built a wall to help train for Spartan Race at a YMCA. #WhyIRace
If you are going to train for Spartan Race, you kinda need a place to throw a spear. Spartan Race draws 1 million people annually to compete in the grueling and exhilarating tests of strength, mental endurance, and get-after-it attitude. In every race, there are obstacles involving climbing up ropes, scaling across walls, carrying buckets of rocks, dragging tires, and throwing a spear. With burpees as the penalty for not successfully completing the obstacle, there's a real incentive for nailing each obstacle. Mark started competing in Spartan Race as part of our work to raise awareness for Rebuilding Together, and has gotten hooked. He has competed in several since, including Spartan Race's World Championship in Vermont, which was broadcast on NBC Sports. As the obstacle course race popularity increases, we've seen training groups pop up around where we live. To help get future Spartans ready for the race, Mark and Theresa designed and built a Spartan training apparatus at a local YMCA. And they are honored to be part the Philadelphia Area YMCA for letting us build this Spartan Race training apparatus for your Tribal Challenge. If you want to build a similar structure, here's a quick list of how-to to read alongside watching the video: 1) We made I-beam posts from two 2x8x8 and one 2x4x8. Angle braces made from 2x8x8. 2) Then we fastened the bottom wall board to one vertical and tip it into the other vertical, then fasten. 3) Mark grabbed logs from the adjacent woods, which are locust and cherry. Mark thinks titanium is easier to drill into, but he made it happen. We used a 1/4-inch ‘bellhangers bit’ to pre-drill for Spax log screws. 4) Theresa wanted to paint the wood blocks in bold colors to make the traverse wall easy for future Spartans to traverse. 5) Theresa was inspired by the Spartan logo and a hat that Mark got for their 6-year-old Jack. She decided to recreate the image on one face of the wall. 6) We used the red Shur-Line paint can lids when we open paint cans, since they prevent spills and kept the paint and primer from drying out in the can. 7) We love our Spartan man. And because he’ll be stored over the winter with everything from lawn mowers to pool chemicals, we gave him a coat of Spar urethane to protect him using Shur-Line’s telescoping extension pole and deck pads. What products did Mark & Theresa use to build the Spartan Race wall? It might sound a bit name-droppy, but Mark and Theresa are dedicated to always using their favorites when they build. And it's not because they are partners with these companies, it's because they are picky about quality products, and they'd use them anyway. (That's why you never see ads on MyFixitUpLife.com, just the company names they love. Mark and Theresa won't let us sell ad space for that very reason.) So this project is made from Southern Yellow Pine (and a few logs from the adjacent woods). The wood is secured with their favorite Spax fasteners and coated it Sherwin-Williams paint and stain with their go-to paint tools from Shur-Line.
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How to build a deck: Attaching the ledger board
Building a deck? Learn the tools, techniques, materials and fasteners to properly install a deck ledger board--arguably a deck's single most important connection. RELATED VIDEOS - How to build a fence - https://youtu.be/d36Mtn4pH7k - How to dig a post hole - https://youtu.be/raAAr3OiE6I - How to build a pergola - https://youtu.be/zVkwnPM-wvY - How to correctly set joist hangers - https://youtu.be/usDev9HwB_E SOCIAL YouTube channel! http://ow.ly/2d7m30hlIel Twitter: http://twitter.com/MyFixitUpLife Facebook http://facebook.com/MyFixitUpLife Instagram: http://instagram.com/MyFixitUpLife
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Hiring good contractors: MyFixitUpLife's Mark talks
Mark sounds off about hiring good contractors. Do you hand the keys of your house to your lawyer? There's a different set of criteria for hiring a professional who'll be working in your home and around your family. Check out what licensed contractor and national how-to expert Mark Clement has to say. http://MyFixitUpLife.com http://myfixituplife.com/DIY/?p=2683
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FunFix: Build a Wood Platform for Your Grill
Watch Mark & Theresa build a new Western Red Cedar platform for their new grill. Their old grill was no longer working, and it had sunk into the ground. This Fun Fix gives the new STOK grill a level grilling surface that fits in beautifully in their backyard. http://myfixituplife.com/DIY/?p=10016
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Drafty old door? Here's how to tell it's time to replace it.
Licensed contractor Mark Clement shares a few tips on how to evaluate your exterior door to know if it's time to replace it. Save money on energy bills, and keep your family comfortable at home. http://myfixituplife.com/DIY/?p=19826
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Reviewed! Ridgid Stealth Force Pulse Driver and Impact Driver
The Ridgid Stealth Force Pulse Driver---an impact driver that uses hydraulic fluid to turn the bit rather than the loud metal-on-metal of traditional impacts---is a nice tool. I used it on several jobs and liked it across the board. Full review on the blog - http://bit.ly/2ERoHal Related Videos - Installing Joist Hangers w/ Screws - https://youtu.be/usDev9HwB_E How to buy a hammer - https://youtu.be/EHz0RFtOUDo How to be a bad a++ contractor - https://youtu.be/1MlB2Z4Lnr0 Table saw dust collection - https://youtu.be/mnLZRbUd-CA Links and Social - If you have a question or something to share, please comment below. If you enjoyed our video, subscribe to our YouTube channel! http://ow.ly/2d7m30hlIel Talk with us on Twitter: http://twitter.com/MyFixitUpLife Find us on Facebook http://facebook.com/MyFixitUpLife Follow us on Instagram: http://instagram.com/MyFixitUpLife
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3-Need to know knots for DIY and life: How to tie a Bowline knot, trucker's hitch, 1/2 hitch
Video: If you know how to tie a bowline knot, a trucker's hitch and a half-hitch, your days of wondering if the mattress, drywall, lumber or Christmas tree will make it to the destination are over. Note: While these knots are awesome, they are not a cure for, well...this... We use these three knots for all kinds of stuff: Tying up floppy shrubs, getting string-lines tight, tying off a tarp, or securing items in a moving van or rental truck. Plus, this is man stuff. I think this is something guys should know how to do. -Bowline knot. One of the many benefits of a bowline knot is that it's both easy to tie---and untie. A knot doesn't do you much good if it ruins the rope (line) you've tied it in. -Trucker's Hitch. Once you've tied your bowline knot---I think of it as the anchor knot---the trucker's hitch is next. This knot pulls all the stretch out of the line. There is no way on this green earth that you can pull a rope this tight without it. And, tied right, it comes right out because you cinch with a 1/2-hitch. -Half-hitch. The beauty of 1/2 hitch comes when it's time to unload. Not only is it fast and easy to tie, it makes untying a non-tangle snap. So man up and get it tied down. To find out more about this and other projects---or to hire a pro you can trust---visit HomeAdvisor. For more from MyFixitUpLife: http://myfixituplife.com/DIY/?p=25661
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Tool Review: Porter Cable Cordless Vac
Tool Review: The Porter-Cable PCC795 is powered up by a 20-volt Max, 4.0 amp-hour battery. It is amazing how long batteries last and P-C's are no exception. The tool's ergonomics are really well-designed. Vacs are notoriously Hydra-esque and Porter-Cable tamed the gangly, flail-y stuff like the hose and the attachments. It comes with two nozzles and that's plenty for most workshop, car, van, and around the house clean-ups. It's also excellent for some (lots, depending) jobsite clean-ups. It's got go-juice for wet and dry pick-up. All told, it's impressive. It's sold as a bare tool, so you have to pony up for a battery and charger if you're not already on board with the P-C chemistry. -- If you smiled during this video, subscribe to our channel! http://YouTube.com/MyFixitUpLife Follow us on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram: @MyFixitUpLife
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HOME FIXERS: How to cut down a tree with a reciprocating saw
I used Diablo's DemoDemon Pruning Blade and my reciprocating saw to prune and cut down a small tree. I found out, in the process, that Diablo packed a whole lotta awesome into this recip saw blade. - Carbide tipped, it'll cut faster and stay sharper longer. - Diablo claims 50-X longer life. Even if that's just 25% longer life, I'd be thrilled. - Deep gullets (i.e. gnarly teeth) remove lots of wood fiber fast. I'd use these for cutting deck posts any day - I used the 8-inch blade for sizing up the tree. Diablo also makes a 12-inch. Check out more how-to here: http://myfixituplife.com/DIY/ Subscribe to our YouTube channel if you smiled during this video. https://www.youtube.com/user/myfixituplife
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How to build a serious backyard wood playset!
MyFixitUpLife's Mark & Theresa build a Real Wood, Real Fun Playset. They gave this amazing playset away to one lucky fan. Check out RealOutdoorLiving.com or MyFixitUpLife.com for more details. Plans of this playset and more detailed videos are coming soon! http://myfixituplife.com/DIY/?p=8477
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Crown molding: How to X-nail crown to your ceiling
Get a really secure connection between the crown molding and wall, nail to the studs. Use a pneumatic nailer to get an X-nail connection to the ceiling. Check out why Mark uses this technique in this quick tip video. For more information, check out: http://myfixituplife.com/DIY/2013/09/video-how-to-x-nail-crown-molding/
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How to make a tiki torch? Grab a pair of old skis and watch this.
In just an afternoon, here’s how to make a tiki torch with a pair of skis and some Krylon Spray paint! If you smile while watching this video, subscribe to our channel! ☀️http://YouTube.com/MyFixitUpLife For more How-To, visit out website! ⚒http://myfixituplife.com/DIY/how-to-make-a-tiki-torch-krylon-habitat-restore
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Make holiday wreaths from ceiling medallions
I love making holiday wreaths.Peace Joy Love Green Fypon Wreath So this year, I'm going beyond just the single wreath, and making three holiday wreaths out of ceiling medallions. Whenever I make a series of anything that aren't exactly alike, I look for a few ways I can make them look like they go. For this holiday wreaths project, I looked for two elements that are the same: shape and size. And to make them look like they truly go together, I'm painting them all the same bold color. To make the wreaths unique to my family, I'm adding a holiday-themed word that represents my humor-driven family in the center of the medallion. Just print the words on cardstock, and attach it from behind. I tried Peace, Joy, Love, but Ho! Ho! Ho! is definitely a perfect fit for my family. Add a ribbon tied around a fastener on the back, and then since I used a polyurethane medallion and exterior paint, I have the option of hanging my holiday wreaths as a series inside, or on our front porch. Happy wreath-making. And happy holidays. For more, check out: http://myfixituplife.com/DIY/2013/11/holiday-wreaths/
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MyFixitUpLife talk: Ty Pennington on design, travel, unsung heroes
Ty Pennington takes a break from his extremely well-traveled life to talk with Mark & Theresa about design, travel, community, quilting, unsung heroes, Sears home furnishings, the Do-it-Together program, Extreme Makeover: Home Edition, and more. Live music by Tim Williams. Plus there's a surprise appearance by a robot. http://myfixituplife.com/DIY/?p=12821
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How to hire a contractor---17 tips no one ever talks about
We've all seen blogs, articles, and people like Theresa and me on the news saying the same three things about how to hire a contractor: Make sure they're licensed, insured, and come well referred. These are important indicators, yes, but when it comes to hire a contractor to tear your kitchen or deck or bathroom apart---then put it back together without making you crazy or broke---there are a few more questions we ask on our entrance exam. We also play a little trick: We ask questions we already know the answer to. Or we know the contractor should know the answer to. If there's trouble in these spots on our home improvement Rorschach Test, it's a good indicator trouble could be brewing. This video makes selection easier. We show 17 tips we use to hire a contractor that no one ever talks about. From how to pay to where to park to referrals you can trust we think it's about building a relationship, not buying a product. In the end, you want someone who is honest and who both cares about your project and their business. Click here to see more by MyFixitUpLife: http://myfixituplife.com/DIY/?p=27111
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We upcycled dining room chairs into benches with paint + pallets.
We are upcycling 4 dining room chairs into 2 benches. The DIY projects are a 'his' and 'hers' set of benches. His bench will be painted with a rich grey and have pallet wood seat. Her bench is a bright color and upholstered seat. For the His bench, Theresa chose Glidden Diamond paint + primer in Emerald Leaf in eggshell. For the Hers bench we used Glidden Diamond interior paint + primer in Red Red Rose. For more details on this and other projects, visit MyFixitUpLife.com If you like the video, we hope you'll subscribe and click the LIKE button. Happy DIY projects to you from our family to yours! --Mark, Theresa, Lexi, & Jack
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Bathroom Remodeling Tips: Wall Blocking
If you found this video helpful, subscribe to our channel! http://YouTube.com/MyFixitUpLife For more tips, http://myfixituplife.com/DIY/bathroom-remodeling-tips-wall-framing
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DIY decor: Steampunk toilet paper holder
DIY decor sometimes couldn't be simpler. Or more awesome. Or more used. We use this every day. It's our Steampunk-inspired toilet paper roll holder. We love it. We made ours like our DIY Decor Steampunk shelf, which we also love. All the pipe and parts are black steel gas pipe. It's available in any home center and most hardware stores in the plumbing aisle. Everything we used here is 1/2-inch diameter. All you need is... (1) floor flange (1) 2-inch nipple (yes, they're called that) (1) elbow (1) 5-inch nipple (1) cap This is even a great project for kids to do. Screw everything together, then install on the wall. Tip: We like to clean the oily residue the pipe comes with from the store with Simple Green and water. And when we're done, we like to clear coat the piece to prevent rust with some Krylon. For installing this DIY decor over wood paneling, we like drywall screws. For drywall, try this no-dust tip for using hollow wall anchors. Install vertically or horizontally. Both give a fun look. http://myfixituplife.com/DIY/?p=26946
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How to Build a Compost Bin
Watch Mark & Theresa build a backyard compost bin using Western Red Cedar. http://myfixituplife.com/DIY/?p=10002
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The right roof for a 120-year-old Georgian home
Mark and Theresa make a roof replacement happen on a 120-year-old Georgian-style home, with smart historic charm and on-budget peace of mind for young homeowners living in an historic town in Pennsylvania. For more by MyFixitUpLife click here http://myfixituplife.com/DIY/?p=12888
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Trade show training video from MyFixitUpLife
Here's a ridiculous look at how hosts Mark and Theresa train for the annual trip to the Las Vegas Convention Center for the International Builders' Show and the Kitchen & Bath Industry Show. Mark and their producer Tim take training way too seriously...
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How to update the color of your bathroom vanity cabinet
Slow and steady is how I like to paint vanity cabinets for that factory finish look. Find Rock Bottom paint here: http://www.sherwin-williams.com/homeowners/color/find-and-explore-colors/paint-colors-by-family/SW7062-rock-bottom/#/7062/?s=coordinatingColors&p=PS0%22&p=PS0 Check out more how-to here: http://myfixituplife.com/DIY/in-an-afternoon-color-bathroom-vanity-cabinet/ Subscribe to our YouTube channel if you smiled during this video. https://www.youtube.com/user/myfixituplife
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MyFixitUpLife: How To Drive A Screw
In this video I show you a few simple things about driving a screw that I hope makes your projects go easier. And, yes, there's a rhyme. There's also a companion blog that highlights a few more details. You can find that here - http://bit.ly/2JYvjY2 Other MyFixitUpLife videos related to this I think you might find interesting: The fence behind me - https://youtu.be/d36Mtn4pH7k The impulse driver reviewed - https://youtu.be/uOZYSYodyDk Best playset ever - https://youtu.be/z1sEzBmpibs Links and Social - If you have a question or something to share, please comment below. If you enjoyed our video, subscribe to our YouTube channel! http://ow.ly/2d7m30hlIel Talk with us on Twitter: http://twitter.com/MyFixitUpLife Find us on Facebook http://facebook.com/MyFixitUpLife Follow us on Instagram: http://instagram.com/MyFixitUpLife
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MyFixitUpLife with Mark & Theresa: Insulating their 100-year-old Kitchen
MyFixitUpLife hosts Mark & Theresa take you inside their kitchen renovation. MyFixitUpLife is a totally new radio show that is fun, fast and informative. With their two kids, they are living the home improvement lifestyle and offer insights into building, designing, and living through renovations as professionals and as a family. MyFixitUpLife is whats next in home improvement entertainment. www.MyFixitUpLife.com or http://myfixituplife.com/DIY/?p=388
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DIY HVAC maintenance? No go. Call a pro
DIY HVAC maintenance is...yeah...NO. Look, we're all about DIY and taking on a challenge. But, we're also all for not screwing up expensive, complicated equipment. Plus, it doesn't matter how many tools you have. You don't have the right ones. But don't take our word for here. Take our word for it in this video, which is both hilarious and informative. Sure you can tweak vent pressures and keep cold air returns unobstructed. And you can keep the area around the heat exchanger outside clear of debris and trash can and tall grass, but when it comes to adjusting the blower motor and other parts inside the unit, this is a specialized area of expertise that requires instruments. Not wrenches and hammers and hubris. So if you're inclined to try your own DIY HVAC maintenance, our advice: Don't. Call in a pro with the right training and experience. Don't know one? HomeAdvisor.com does.
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How to install shiplap. Make a fun feature wall at home!
Want an awesome shiplap wall in your house? MyFixitUpLife's Carpenter Mark shows you how. While we cannot deny the influence HGTV's Chip and Joanna Gaines have had on using shiplap, it has been around for a long, long time. And we love that it's being used in all kinds of home improvement projects. We used it for a feature wall. And, we get into some details that might be in your house, but that get glossed over on TV. For example, Carpenter Mark gets into how to integrate shiplap with base molding---which all our houses have. Same with crown. A few other things to think about, especially if you have an old house: While installing a feature wall like this level is the ideal, it might not work in an old house that has settled. That means even or parallel is better than level. And how do you decide where the last piece goes? Top or bottom. Shiplap is awesome, all wood and versatile enough for any room. The shiplap we used in this video is available at The Home Depot. Find the how-to blog here: http://myfixituplife.com/DIY/how-to-install-a-wood-shiplap-feature-wall-at-home/ If you enjoyed our video, subscribe to our YouTube channel! http://ow.ly/2d7m30hlIel Talk with us on Twitter: http://twitter.com/MyFixitUpLife Find us on Facebook http://facebook.com/MyFixitUpLife Follow us on Instagram: http://instagram.com/MyFixitUpLife
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Basement renovation: How to install wainscoting--Tools, Tips, Details
Good tools don't make a good carpenter. Knowing how to use them does. And one job where know-how really shows--and some of which I hope to share with you in this video--is installing wood wainscoting. The wainscoting I installed here is factory-primed and solid wood. I made the top cap from 3/4-stock. A custom detail you can really only do with wood--which is why I like working with it so much. It's an ideal wall cladding for a basement renovation or remodel where you have access to the wall framing. And it can easily be retrofitted into other living circumstances. I love the beauty and texture too. - For more on this project, check out these videos - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=z8bvuJqKq78 https://youtu.be/B4JPexyoudI - For more design and project ideas visit www.WoodNaturally.com and visit our page www.MyFixitUpLife.com
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DIY Network's Chris Grundy talks with MyFixitUpLife
Mark & Theresa talk w/ Chris Grundy from DIY Network's 'Cool Tools.' Grundy talks tools, Live w/ Kelly, Dana Carvey, Anitra Mecadon from Mega Dens, Cannes Film Festival, Rebuilding Together, New Orlea http://myfixituplife.com/DIY/?p=13338
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Four simple tips to maintain your lawn mower like a man
Hey, man up and maintain your lawn mower. It's easy. While your at it, get your kid out from behind the tablet and into the yard. Hands-on, baby. Here's a few things we do. -New season, new spark plug. If your lawn mower is coughing and sputtering, this is a good place to get it to not do that. Take a deep socket and remove the existing plug. Bring it with you to the hardware store or home center. Depending on where you go, you might have to Rosetta Stone your old spark plug model # with a new spark plug model #. Check the book there or ask the guy. Might as well bring in all your plugs and replace them at the same time---string trimmer, blower, etc. -Sharp blades work better than dull ones on every lawn mower in the universe. Before wrenching off the blade, pull the spark plug wire off. Let's just say I heard a story once about a guy who didn't. He spun the blade, the motor compressed once and, well, Hiya lefty...Anyway, I like to sharpen on a sanding station (mine's a Ryobi). Match up the bevel of the lawn mower blade to the belt, then sharpen. Wear eye protection. -Get the gunk. The friction of built-up grass on the blade an under the mower deck makes the mower work harder, do less and frustrate you more. It's like the mountain of processed food in your colon. Get rid of it and life is better. Our go-to tool for this is one of our always-go-to tools, our Hyde multi-tool. Get one and you'll use it every project, and not just on the lawn mower. Promise. -Check wheel height. Cutting too low not only torches the grass and is begging weeds to grow, it pointlessly strains the mower too. Raise it to 3-inches---you're not cutting a green for the Master's---and let sharp blades do good work. An extra note: If you leave your lawn mower leaned over for too long during maintenance, you may flood the air filter with gas. So don't leave it up-ended any longer than you have to. If you do flood the filter, either dry it out for a day or so or get a new one.
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How to Fix a Garbage Disposal
A clogged garbage disposal always seems to happen right before a party. The good news is that you might be able to fix it yourself. Clogged garbage disposal Clogged garbage disposer? Not for long. So here are a few tips to avoid the mess and inconvenience of a clogged garbage disposal in the first place and some tips that might help you save the day if you run into a party jam up. The first step to prevent a clogged garbage disposal is to not clog it in the first place. Here's how: Stringy or fibrous foods like carrot peels or artichoke leaves are difficult to grind. Feed them in a little at a time, or compost them. Bacon! Even though it's what I call meat-candy, the disposer doesn't like the grease. If your garbage disposal is clogged or doesn't run properly, here are a few simple fixes: Look for the re-set switch on the bottom of the unit. Flip it and see if that does the trick. Use an Allen wrench or the "wrench-ette" that comes with the unit to turn the drum back and forth. This can dislodge something wedged. Check the breaker in your breaker panel. http://myfixituplife.com/DIY/?p=27464
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MyFixitUpLife Talk Show: Mark & Theresa talk w/ Mariel Hemingway
Mariel Hemingway takes a break at the Kitchen & Bath Industry Show to talk w/ Mark & Theresa about her approach to healthy living. Mariel shares that as a way to survive her crazy family, she has chanted her way through a lot of stuff and has tried every type of diet to find the simple things that works best for herself. Through trying virtually everything, she discovered that eating and exercise isn't one-size-fits-all. Her advice: You have to find what works best for you. Mariel is the author of three books, including a cookbook that she was promoting at the Kitchen & Bath Show's Cambria booth. Her approach to eating: Eat locally, and create a sacred place where you eat. Nominated for an Academy Award and a Golden Globe, Mariel has appeared in both film and TV including Personal Best, Star 80, Manhattan, Lipstick, Superman IV, ABC's Civil Wars, Roseanne, and Crossing Jordan. A yogi, Mariel has hosted a yoga series with yoga guru Rodney Yee. Theresa has been using Rodney's yoga practice DVDs for many years and asks Mariel about the little shorts Rodney wears in all of his videos. And Mariel inspires her to get back into regular yoga practice. (Theresa ordered a Mariel yoga DVD right after the interview) Find out more at MarielsKitchen.com
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MyFixitUpLife talk: Make it Right Mike Holmes talks w/ Mark & Theresa
Make it Right Mike Holmes from HGTV's Holmes on Homes sits down to talk renovating right, especially when working on older homes and dealing with asbestos and lead. He gives advice to contractors about working fair when dealing with difficult customers, and he gives Mark and Theresa a hard time about their home. For more about Mike, go to http://MakeitRight.ca For more from MyFixitUpLife go to http://myfixituplife.com/DIY/?p=14154
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Replacing the roof of our 100-year-old home
Mark shares the plan for the MyFixitUpLife roof replacement project. He's stripping the old asphalt shingles with the Red Ripper, repairing the roof deck, applying Grace Ice & Water Shield over the entire roof, and then installing DaVinci Roofscapes synthetic slate tiles. Adding beauty, comfort, and energy efficiency to his home. http://MyFixitUpLife.com http://myfixituplife.com/DIY/?p=2618
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The Drywall Duel: Husband vs Wife
Mark and Theresa face-off in a drywall duel to patch two holes in their entryway. Confident Mark uses his go-to contractor 'bullet patch' technique and sanding muscle to finish and Theresa uses Hyde's Wet n Set and Dust-free sanding kit. Check out who finishes first. http://myfixituplife.com/DIY/?p=15103
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How to choose the perfect picture hangers with MyFixitUpLife
There are so many kinds of picture hangers that it can be little overwhelming. Here are a few tips that might help. Pictures help tell a family's story. And getting the placed perfectly is a snap with the right picture hanger. For us, picture hangers that are easy to install, make the art easy to hang, and do the least damage to the walls are the best. A good rule of thumb, is to hang your artwork centered about 60 inches from the floor. And then use a pencil and a torpedo or laser level to set the height and mark the wall so the wall art will be level. To use a laser level, just turn it on, then measure up from the line to where you want your frames and make a mark. For DIY art, a clip and wire kit hung over a nail or screw works great. For heavy items or plaster walls, we like professional picture hangers with hardened nails that drive into drywall and plaster and have great holding power but are still easy to remove. For hollow wall anchors, try this trick: Instead of a drill and dusty mess, just punch a hole in the wall a little smaller than the anchor, then slide in the anchor. To find out more about this and other projects--or to connect with a contractor--check out the cost guide at HomeAdvisor.com or check out MyFixitUpLife.com for more DIY tips and project inspirations.
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How to build an awesome wood playset! Part I
Mark & Theresa take you through the steps to build a custom backyard playset using pressure-treated southern pine. For the complete project plans, materials list, and video series, visit http://myfixituplife.com/DIY/?p=8470
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How to Frame a Basement Wall
When you build a wall for your finished basement there's a lot going on. It's more challenging than framing one outside to, for instance, build a shed. This video breaks down some tips I use to make the process fast, accurate and fun. There are some tips that I think are useful for pros, new carpenters and remodelers, or DIYers binge-watching videos like this for mining home improvement tips (don't worry, us pros do it too.) I prefer to use wood when framing a wall. It's easier to cut, faster to move, way easier to fasten and 10-million times easier to customize around pipes, wiondows, doors, and the umpteen other obstructions in remodeling a house. For more ideas, visit: www.woodnaturally.com The screws I love are www.SpaxUS.com and the insulation you see here (which I also love) is www.Roxul.com To read more about tools, design, how-top or for our podcast, visit: www.MyFixitUpLife.com If this video helped you out, comment below or... Send us a note of Facebook: http://Facebook.com/MyFixitUpLife Tweet us on Twitter: http://twitter.com/MyFixitUpLife
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What's the best cordless drill for DIY and home improvement projects?
What's the best cordless drill to buy for DIY? My answer is a combination tool---the cordless drill/hammerdrill. Why? This tool enables you to drill holes in wood, metal, concrete, block and stone---small ones in concrete, block and stone. And, of course you can drive screws and turn other fasteners. It's kind of the do-all drill that'll do just about every drilling and driving job for DIY home improvement projects---fix the deck, hang curtains, build a play set, etc. Batteries are pretty much all-awesome these days. One important thing to consider is if you want to get into other cordless tools without having to buy more batteries and chargers---or if you want to stay with batteries you may already own. The Ryobi shown here has a tool-only purchase option as well as a tool + battery situation. The 18-volt battery has decent go-juice for driving deck screws or--as shown in the video--drilling a pilot hole and sinking a screw in concrete. When I buy a tool in a store, I pick it up, hold it in different positions, and see how it feels in my hand. I check for a solid fit and finish (does it feel boss or flimsy?) I check the trigger to see if it pinches and how easy (or not) it is to swap out a battery. So what's the best cordless drill to buy for DIY? Cordless drill-driver/hammerdrill. Thanks for watching. If you'd like more tool reviews, how-to inspo, design or landscaping tips, please visit us at any of the locations below. More about this tool on the blog - http://bit.ly/MyFixitUpLife www.MyFixitUpLife.com www.Facebook.com/MyFixitUpLife www.Instagram.com/MyFixitUpLife www.Twitter.com/MyFixitUpLife
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How to make a holiday wreath
I've used candy, berries, plastic spiders, medallions, and more to decorate our front door. But this year I went a bit further into the upcycle world. This wreath is made from tube brushes. I'm going to show you how you can make a holiday wreath for your door just using tube brushes, spray paint, ornaments and some ribbon! Find more about Habitat for Humanity's ReStore here: http://www.habitatphiladelphia.org/restore Read more about this project by visiting, http://myfixituplife.com/DIY/holiday-wreath-tube-brushes-habitat-for-humanity-restore/
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HOME FIXERS: How to save time with this screw
This type of screw will save you time because: 1. They can be used in wood, concrete, masonry and more. 2. Most holes don't require a pilot hole. 3. They can be used anywhere from framing to decks to pergola to plywood to woodworking and more. 4. They also all have the same driver tip. DIY and home improvement projects are challenging enough without having to fiddle around with fasteners that don't do the job. Mark's go-to fastener from framing to the finer things is Spax screws. If you smiled during this video, subscribe to our channel! http://YouTube.com/MyFixitUpLife Find the how-to blog here: http://myfixituplife.com/DIY/home-fixers-how-save-time-screw/ ‎ Follow us on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram: @MyFixitUpLife
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Sharpen a carpenter's pencil right, with a utility knife
Sharpening a carpenter's pencil right just takes a simple technique. Hold the pencil firmly, and guide the knife slowly to the tip. It's also a good way to check if your utility blade is dull.
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Time to replace your furnace filter?
A furnace filter is kind of like the oil in your car. Unless you have a schedule to replace it---you know, the little window sticker the mechanic leaves---you probably won't know it's costing you money. Changing a furnace filter is easy home maintenance. All you need to do is locate it, which we show you in this how-to video, then remove and replace it with a new one that's the same size with the air-flow arrow pointing toward the furnace. Less known---and more harmful---however, is that the furnace filter takes a secret beating during major remodeling projects. Dust in the air gets sucked into the HVAC system which the filter traps. The more clogged it gets the harder the air handler has to work to pull air through it to heat and cool your home. But we have solutions for that, and at least one way you've probably never seen a furnace filter used that might just help with your DIY. Regardless of the furnace filter condition, have your HVAC system regularly maintained to keep it in peak performance. That's a job for a pro. To find one you can trust, visit HomeAdvisor. For more from MyFixitUpLife: http://myfixituplife.com/DIY/?p=27650
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Mike Holmes Jr talks about his secret talent with Mark and Theresa
Chip Wade joins Mark and Theresa live from Design Construction Week in Las Vegas! Subscribe to our YouTube channel if you smiled during this video. https://www.youtube.com/user/myfixituplife Subscribe to our LIVE weekly MyFixitUpLife show on Blab.im. http://blab.im/myfixituplife Find more Mike Holmes Jr. here: http://minisites.makeitright.ca/tv_shows/holmesmakesitright/mike-crew/mike-holmes-jr
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MyFixitUpLife talk: Behind-the-scenes at Extreme Makeover: Home Edition's Joplin project
Mark and Theresa take you inside Extreme Makeover: Home Edition's 200th episode where they built 7 houses in 7 days. They interview the Executive Producer Brady Connell, designer Tracy Hutson, Joplin City Parks Director Chris Cotten, the lead daytime builder, and more. Mark and Theresa designed and built a real wood playground for the kids of Joplin as part of the show. For more by MyFixitUpLife click here http://myfixituplife.com/DIY/?p=12810
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Make Art with Vintage Game Pieces
Games and special toys don't have to be stored away in neatly stacked boxes. Enjoy your memories everyday by recreating those pieces into wall art. Theresa is using an old Anagrams game and wooden blocks to make a art for her family. http://myfixituplife.com/DIY/?p=19431
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How to cut drywall for electrical device boxes with MyFixitUpLife
Here's a fast and accurate way to mark and cut drywall for electrical devices and other penetrations in drywall. This project is a basement renovation, but this can be done on any number of projects from kitchen remodeling to renovating old houses. The trick is pretty easy. On a scrap of drywall, Mark cut a knockout the same size as the device box. Since the electrician measured the box locations from the floor it should match every device box in the room. Mark wishes he thought of this years ago. If you smiled during this video, subscribe to our channel! http://YouTube.com/MyFixitUpLife Find the how-to blog here: Follow us on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram: @MyFixitUpLife
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Theresa shares her DIY tips to staining a wood dresser that she found at Habitat for Humanity ReStore for just $15! With a pink-on-pink stain inspired by a little girl (and a little bit like Shelby's wedding colors from Steel Magnolias), Theresa takes this ordinary little side table dresser and makes it into a bold addition to a home interior. It was so much fun refreshing the old dresser with bold pink stain, and it's a major statement maker. Theresa's DIY tips and projects are all about making DIY fun, easy, and affordable for everyone. Plus, it can be done in just an afternoon. If you smiled during this video, subscribe to our channel! http://YouTube.com/MyFixitUpLife Find the how-to blog here: http://myfixituplife.com/DIY/dresser-updated-two-pink-stains-girls-room/ Follow us on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram: @MyFixitUpLife
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