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My Fav Pokemon: Drifloon
Roughly my explanation for why Drifloon is my favorite pokemon: My favorite pokemon is, obviously, Drifloon. I just love everything about him. First off, the colors are great, yellow and purple is a cute combo. And it's little hands are hearts, how cute is that? His little white poof of hair is cute too. Also, drifloon has one of the coolest, and creepiest, bios. Part of it is because drifloons are supposedly the ghosts of popped balloons. It's called "Signpost for Wandering Spirits." So it makes perfect sense for it to be a ghost flying pokemon. But also, drifloon is said pick up small children and carry them off to the spirit realm. In the Pearl Pokedex the American version says "It tugs on the hands of children to steal them away," but in the japanese version it specifically says that it "takes children to the world of the dead." And it Heart Gold/Soul Silver the Pokedex says "It is whispered that any child who mistakes Drifloon for a balloon and holds on to it could wind up missing." Which is really interesting and totally creepy, which I just love. And, it's evolution Drifblim is a badass, with like crazy high HP. So yeah, Drifloon is my favorite pokemon and I totally love him.
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Barbie Game
My sister convinces my bf to play the Barbie game with her. He's not enjoying it but then... well u'll see.
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Action Figures are for Adults
You don't even need to know. But yes, that's Goku from DBZ.
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2 girls 1 cup reaction, dad
So there was no way that I was going to make my dad watch 2girls1cup. But my brother has no morals or shame and he took dad right up stairs and made him watch it. I think my poor father is scarred and disturbed.
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Their Hips Don't Lie 2.0
The new and improved version of "Their Hips Don't Lie"
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Ghost Hunting? Yes!
This building is super creepy and we just thought we'de explore it. If you look closely, some ppl can see Jesus in the plaster on the wall!
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Bursting into Song
Jeash randomly burst out into song. It was great. I laughed so hard I cried.
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Man I Feel Like A Woman
My super manly boyfriend sings the song "Man I Feel Like A Woman" and dances to it while driving.
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Chemistry is Fun 2
Professor Holler will use any excuse to blow stuff up. Have a little patients and u'll see 2 exploding balloons.
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We should be studying and we kind of are but it was more fun to make a video and doodle comics.
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Their Hips don't Lie
So they prove it, white boys can't dance. My silly guy friends dancing to Shakira's "My Hips Don't Lie"
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Video Tour
So of my friends haven't seen my dorm room so I made a video of it. Now you guys can see how I'm living the life... or whatever.
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Chemistry is Fun!
Just put it up so my friends can see. If u listen closely u can hear us laughing and commenting.
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Our First Year
A compilation of videos of my friends and our first year at college. Ok, it's the 2nd year for a couple of the guys. I just hope they like it.
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Mystery of Floor 18
Because there is something scary and mysterious going on up there on the 18th floor of the patterson office tour, so we had to explore it.
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My New Haircut
Too many videos of my new hair!
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Good Times
Yeah bowling with the boys makes for good times.
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We should be doing stuff but we're just dancing to Fall Out Boy songs instead.
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The Arboretum
Me and Emily went to the Arboretum, it was super fun.
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Chemistry is Fun 3
For some reason Holler is sitting and hopping on a balloon. He's crazy but a cool teacher.
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Music Battle
My 2 friends fight it out with sound
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New Hair Cut Crash
Only this video camera survived the wreckage...
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Fusion Tour
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2 girls 1 cup reaction: jeash
Ha ha! We made him wash it. His quote at the end is the best. Next vid, we sneak attack my boyfriend.
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Board Game
We were trying to play this game Boardwalk, the hardest and oldest board game my dorm has. Couldn't really figure it out but we had some fun playing it.
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2 girls 1 cup reaction, brother vomits
*Warning* He actually vomits a little. My brother brought up 2girls1cup and all the buzz about it. I told him that it was indeed as bad as it sounded. So he rushed upstairs to watch it while he gf recorded the results. Last reaction vid (most likely).
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Bye Room Mate!
Emily's skank roomate moved out and we really disliked her so here we celebrate.
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Phones like Fall Out Boy too.
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OMG it's a freaking blizzard outsied! I love snow!
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2 girls 1 cup reaction: cry
So we thought there was no way the video could be that bad. But we were wrong. So Wrong! Do not watch 2girls1cup if you don't want to be disturbed for the rest of your life. It made me cry.
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