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Prayer from The Arbatel of Magic (Aphorism 14)
The first prayer from the beautiful Arbatel for memorization...
The Orphic Hymn to Mercury (The Fumigation of Frankincense)
Recorded in the day and hour of Mercury...
The Orphic Hymn to Saturn (The Fumigation from Strorax).
The images are more Orphic than Saturnian but I plan to do one for each planet on the day and hour of the planet...
The Orphic Hymn to Mars (The Fumigation from Frankincense)
From Christopher Warnock's 'Renaissance Astrology'. Recorded in the day and hour of Mars...
The Orphic Hymn to Nyx (Night)
The Fumigation with Torches...
The Orphic Hymn to Venus
Recorded in the day and hour of Venus...
Experimental Spirituality?
Psilocybin adventures, occult speculation, Pleiadeian communications, talking nonsense about nonsense...
Hail Holy Queen!
A prayer from the Rosary. Dedicated to my friend Theophilos Peleus...
I Like to Imagine us as Wolves
A poem dedicated to Soror Stardust by S.T. Mage...
The Orphic Hymn to the Moon (The Fumigation from Aromatics)
Recorded in the day and hour of the Moon...
Discussion on 'Holy Guardian Angel' with Theophilos Peleus (Logos of Ophiel).
In depth interview on Theophilos' magical journey, his attainment of his Oracular Daimon or HGA and thoughts on philosophy and praxis. (thumbnail: me, HGA in Tiphareth 2009.
Magical Diary: New Beginnings...
My usual informal rambling on personal issues and anecdotes relating to magic, drugs etc. These streams are really a conversation with my friends in live chat... this is the music I mentioned: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLimN-joE8JcdsRZ4M9hJPZ6AH6Duxnn7i
Samhain: Mushrooms and Magick with Sam Shadow
Post psilocybin discussion on Magick with Sam Shadow.
The Second Coming by W.B. Yeats.
Artwork by Saroth T.Mage.
Magic of the Renaissance, Theory and Praxis with Taliesin McKnight and Theophilos Peleus.
An interview with Taliesin McKnight and Theophilos Peleus (Logos of Ophiel) on many aspects of Classical and Grimoiric magic. We discuss the renaissance world view, astrological and angelic magic, tips on praxis and more...
A Review of The Elizabethan World Picture...
A review of E.M.W. Tillyard's book 'The Elizabethan World Picture'. This video is part of my 18 months of Renaissance Magic course, designed by my friend and mentor Theophilos Peleus (Logos of Ophiel)
Renaissance Magic: Praxis, The First Eighteen Months with Theophilos Peleus (Logos of Ophiel)
A brief conversation on Renaissance Magic. The first 18 months of praxis, recommended books, lifestyle and The Arbatel of Magic...
Notes on Praxis (Magickal Diary #165)
Resistance and difficult in daily praxis, usual magickal conversations...
Post Post-Modern Magic!
an informal chat about my interview with Theophilos Peleus and Taiesin McKnight (coming to this channel soon!) Renaissance Magic, Resistance to praxis and general chit chat
Livestream of  Consciousness (this may cause offence to those of religious faith) See apology below.
A somewhat drunken ramble through various religio/magical topics... this video has caused offence to some people. PLEASE DO NOT WATCH THIS VIDEO IF YOU'RE EASILY OFFENDED! It was made under the effects of alcohol and some painful spiritual dilemmas. My criticism is of certain ideas and not the good people of honest faith. (Thumbnail art by S.T. Mage)
A Student of Magick... (The Loving Force).
Thosis Gnosis, visions and voices, aphorisms, daily praxis, non dualism. Models of magick, Yi Ching, Crowley, kabbalah, thumbnail by Steffi Grant 'The Tree of Life' [After Frater Achad].
Magic(k)al Renaissance...?
Discussion on topics raised by current working magicians Logos of Ophiel, 7 Serpents, Gordon White, Jake Stratton- Kent and others... Are we witnessing a magical renaissance? New Age Mind Traps! Remodernism in magick etc. P.S. I confusingly keep saying this channel started only a short while ago but i mean my work after i became StM. The channel had an earlier, half formed incarnation...
Mage Against the Machine!
High Magick Jinx, Tarot as map of Initiation... Thumbnail by me... Collage 2002.
Discussion on The Kybalion with 'Hermetic Principles'
An informal chat about The Kybalion with my guest 'Hermetic Principles'...
Reflections on Daily Magical Practice...
Yi Ching Hexagram #44, Other stuff on magick... thumbnail by me! 609!
Temple of Thosis Presents I Walk 432hz Transmission
New Rites of Eleusinian Mysteries, Invocation of Dionysis, Bacchus, Hathor and IO Pan! Musick the food of EVOLVE! 432hz Celebration of Gaia Sophia The Great Mother, bearer of fruit, animals and human primates. A Joyfull hymn to the Commune-ity!
Samhain, The Dark Feast.
Prose poem by me.
Conjuration of the Dreamer
A magickal, musickal film piece by Niish, with a cameo by me!