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Madefire - The future of storytelling
See more and grab the Madefire App at: http://bit.ly/PI4Lsz
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Madefire launches VR Comics on Oculus
Welcome to the newest version of the award-winning Madefire Motion Books and Comics app — now the first comics platform in VR. Experience reading comics and graphic novels in a whole new way as you step into the page and see your favorite characters like Batman, Superman, Transformers, Planet of the Apes, and more, come to life with interactive motion, sound and expanded 3D depth. Immerse yourself in a new space; 360 panoramic views, music, sfx and motion transport you deep into story worlds while allowing you - the reader - the ability to control the pace at which the stories unfold. “Groundbreaking” – USA Today “You should check this out” - TIME “The next big thing in digital comics” – Wired We welcome your input and suggestions on how we can improve accessibility and overall support in Madefire. Email us as [email protected] and we’ll be happy to hear from you!
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Create and distribute your comic with the Motion Book Tool
The simple and easy steps to publishing your comic on the Motion Book Tool. http://create.madefire.com
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Blizzard's Overwatch: McCree - The Train Hopper Motion Book video
Justice ain’t gonna dispense itself. It’s high noon as McCree takes center stage in Train Hopper—the first in a series of free Motion Books that further illuminate the characters and world of Overwatch. In “Train Hopper,” former Blackwatch operative-turned-vigilante Jesse McCree hitches a ride on a hypertrain to Houston in the hopes of skipping town and laying low for a while. But soon after the engine starts, he realizes his trip is going to be anything but “low profile.” Written by Blizzard’s own Robert Brooks and illustrated by Bengal (Spider-Gwen, All-New Wolverine, Batgirl)
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parallax tutorial
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Madefire at the Microsoft Event 2016
Our very own Ben Wolstenholme at the #MicrosoftEvent early this morning breaking in the new #SurfaceStudio with some Mono! IMPORTANT NOTE: I must rectify and apologize as quickly as possible for my oversight in this demo, I failed to credit Fin Cramb for his beautiful color work. It's an embarrassing oversight and I hope people who know me will attest that it's not in my character to lay any claim to other people's work or process. I had originally intended to use a MONO cover image which I color myself, but later I changed my demo to show a dynamic sequence from the interior pages for impact at the end of the demo when we show the Motion Book in action. In amongst all the technological points I was trying to make I failed to give proper credit for colors - which is unacceptable and not my intention at all. My intention was to show my personal working process across all my creative steps on MONO - so I did a live demo of thumbnails, pencils and inking - those specific areas, my intention was to keep the rest of the process summarized and as simple as possible for the sake of a concise demo. But that is by no means a fair excuse for this oversight. For full clarity, this excerpt is from MONO - The Old Curiosity Shop and full credits go to; Liam Sharp who co-wrote the story with me, Fin Cramb - who did all the coloring of the interior pages, Lettering by Jim Campbell, Evan Limberger and Kevin Buckley who handled the Motion Book build, and Box of Toys who created the MONO music and sound design. And Ben Abernathy who was Editor of the book. The MONO character is created by me. I wasn't expecting to mention all these people in the demo but I really should have called out Fin for the colors as it is such a distinct stage. I feel terrible about my oversight here as proper creator credit is so important in the world and to me personally. My apologies Fin.
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Madefire at WWDC - App Review Guidelines: The Comic Book
Ben Wolstenholme presents the new Apple App Review Guidelines: The Comic Book at the WWDC App Design Awards.
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Introducing the Motion Book Tool
Set yourself free from the printed page and get started creating YOUR story on Madefire. http://create.madefire.com
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MONO: The Dark Hearts of Men | Trailer
A late 19th century genetic experiment spawns an ape-man hybrid desperate to fit into the human world. Ultimately finding his heart with beasts, Mono, the legendary Queen's assassin, is back in this Wolverine meets Bond action series now available only on Madefire. http://www.madefire.com/studio/mono/
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Adding Effects
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Madefire at NYCC 2016
Madefire CEO Ben Wolstenholme and "Watchmen" co-creator Dave Gibbons talk about integrating comic books and virtual reality.
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Madefire Motion Books & Comics
Android - https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.madefire.reader
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Making Of... MONO | Microsoft Surface Studio
Madefire co-founder, Ben Wolstenholme's, creative process takes on many forms. Follow him as he goes through each intricate step to bring his character, MONO, to life on Motion Books. Read the full MONO series now: http://www.madefire.com/studio/mono/
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Adding Image Layers
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Marvel and Madefire Join Forces
Starting today, Marvel Comics—the world’s most popular comic book brand—is bringing its beloved titles to the Madefire digital comics platform. A massive selection of new and established classics, graphic novels, collector editions and archived favorites will now be a tap away in the Madefire app.
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Madefire Launch Film
Madefire Launch Film
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Madefire Apple TV Trailer
Madefire Motion Books on the new Apple TV. The first reading experience on the big screen brings stories to life with motion, sound and depth unlike any book you've read before.
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Motion Book Tool Webcast #1: Introduction to the Motion Book Tool
This is the first in a series of webcasts discussing the functionality of the Motion Book Tool, as well as the art of creating Motion Books.
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MONO - Blackwater
MONO, the former assassin to the queen and legendary ape-man, returns from exile only to learn he has a daughter taken captive by the Fold — a shadowy syndicate from his past. As the cinematic story unfolds, you take control of MONO as he leaps into action to infiltrate the Fold’s Arctic lair.
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Madefire IDW Launch Film
My Little Pony, Transformers, and Star Trek make their Motion Book debut!
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Madefire IDW Launch
IDW brings Motion Book experience to Star Trek, Transformers and My Little Pony
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Adding Sound Layers
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Happy Holidays From Madefire!
Seasons Greetings from the Madefire Team! Whether you're eating, or drinking, or taking long, luxurious naps, we wish you and yours an Amazing Holiday Season and a Joyful New Year! Art by Denis Medri #madefire #motionbooks #holiday #christmas
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Adding Text Layers
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Animating Masks
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Mono Ep. 3 Trailer
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Creating a Page
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Uploading Assets
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Creators United | Image Comics Now On Madefire
Creators United! Starting today, Image Comics will distribute many of their iconic, creator-owned titles on the creator-first Madefire platform. The Walking Dead (Robert Kirkman), Saga (Fiona Staples), Outcast (Robert Kirkman), Spawn (Todd McFarlane), Paper Girls (Brian K. Vaughan and Cliff Chiang), Bitch Planet (Kelly Sue DeConnick and Valentine DeLandro) and many more amazing titles are now just a tap away in the award-winning Madefire app.
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Extra Credit
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Reading on TV
Madefire's own Josh Wilkie, out in the field and testing out a concept we believe in, reading on TV. Special thanks to Isabella Grace Wilkie, whom was subjected to such a rigorous testing environment. What do you think -- is the TV a practical reading device?
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Using Masks
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Creating a Container Layer
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Behind the Scenes - Making the Apple TV Trailer at Madefire
Get a look inside the Madefire Studio as the team pieces together the highlights of the Motion Book experience on the big screen.
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DC Comics Launches Metal + Day-and Date Comics on Madefire
Starting today, DC Comics will begin releasing its new release and backlist titles on Madefire. The much anticipated ‘Metal,’ ‘Dark Days: The Casting,’ DC’s popular Rebirth® series and thousands of its other classic comics, featuring your favorite characters, Wonder Woman®, Superman®, Batman®, The Flash® and more, will now be a click away in the Madefire app.
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Adding Tap Points
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Batman: Arkham Origins Multiverse Graphic Novel
Straight from the best-selling Batman: Arkham Origins game comes a new tale of the Dark Knight Detective, presented in an all-new format! Set just before the start of the game, Bruce Wayne’s crusade for Gotham City has only just begun. As Batman, he’ll have difficult decisions to make in his campaign against crime—decisions that will be up to you. Read, see, hear and experience this DC² MultiVerse story, powered by Madefire Technology! You will find multiple story branches that you can follow in whatever order you choose. Some choices will successfully lead you to Batman’s next mission and carry you through to the following episode. Other choices could have deadly consequences. Ultimately, you’ll complete an exciting prequel story that leads up to the start of the Batman: Arkham Origins video game. How you choose to experience this story is up to you. Read the free preview of Chapter 1. http://bit.ly/batman-ark-orig
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Flying Colors  Hosts Madefire's Storynight!
How often does a comic book retailer (the one owned by free comic book day founder Joe Field) host an event for a digital first publisher like Madefire (owned by the veteran comic book artist Liam Sharp)? Not often. Watch as these two friends meet to forge the future of comics, and the inevitable symbiotic relationship between brick and mortar retail and digital first publishing!
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Treatment Tokyo, Episode 2 Trailer
Treatment Tokyo, Episode 2
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The Irons, Ep. 3: Trailer
Watch the trailer for Madefire's The Irons, Episode 3! Then get the free download and read the whole Motion Book: madefire.com/iOS.
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End Logo
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End Logo
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