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How to Create a Scrolling Div Box in Dreamweaver CS5
If your main area div is pushing your page down too much and you'd like to keep your menu on top, this video will show you how to set up a scrolling div box to solve that issue.
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Intro to Adobe Dreamweaver CS6 - Step by Step Lecture (PART 3 of 3)
Part 2 in a 3 part series that can help anyone make a website.
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Intro to Adobe Dreamweaver CS6 - Step by Step Lecture (PART 1 of 3)
If you haven't used Dreamweaver before, this tutorial will walk you through the basics of becoming familiar with the application while also covering a lot of the mistakes people make when using the 'Dreamweaver Site' function. This lecture, created for a graduate level web design course for Marketers that are NOT graphic design or IT professionals, reinforces the fact that a website is easy to create and manage as long as sound FILE MANAGEMENT practices are always in use. This video is part 1 of a 3 part lecture that assumes the viewer has some basic HTML and CSS knowledge.
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WordPress Part 2 (COMP 5062 Week 4.2) - Installing XAMMP (Local Server) Windows+Mac to run WordPress
This lecture is a bit longer than it needs to be due to the fact that a lot of you may need to do some troubleshooting to get this application to work, and the video walks you through that.
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Deleting Analytics Accounts
I show you how to remove an unwanted account in Google Analytics in the old version and new version.
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Week 14 Test 2 Details (Required)
This video provides an overview of our second test to be taken in Week 14 and worth 25% of your final mark. This will be a 2 part test with a case (20%) and a simulation test (5%). The video covers the timing and details for each part of the test plus a list of concepts and a thorough review of the Nested IF concept, which includes the AND function on the test. You should watch the video to learn more about Nested IF with AND as this the most heavily weighted step on the test case!
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Week 8 Case Lecture (Required)
Demonstration and completion of Week 8 case for COMP 3077.
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Intro to Adobe Dreamweaver CS6 - Step by Step Lecture (PART 2 of 3)
Part 2 in a 3 part series that can help anyone make a website.
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Importing & Exporting, Moving Dreamweaver Sites (switching versions or switching computers)
Whether it's moving your site settings (folder path, server connection, etc.) from one version of Dreamweaver to another on the same computer or from one computer to another, this video will show you how it's done. This video was cut from my full lecture on server connections with Dreamweaver. This one is a lot shorter, and only deals with moving Dreamweaver Sites.
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Dreamweaver Server Connection + FTP (file transfer protocol) & importing,exporting Dreamweaver Sites
Once you get a set up set up in Dreamweaver, it's as easy purchasing a domain and come cheap server space and then connecting your site to the Web to get it online. The latter part of this videos also covers the importation and exportation of Dreamweaver Sites, a tutorial that can be applied to various versions of Dreamweaver.
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Web Workshop Module 1 - COMP 5062
In this video, I walk you through the completion of the entirety of the 1st module of the Web Workshop.
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WordPress Parts 1-5 Review (Comp 5062 Week 7) - Test Review for WordPress Test
This video covers and reviews concepts from weeks 4 through 6 in a compilation format that somewhat resembles the test that will take place in your second class this week.
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Welcome to the ELT Captivate Course
Remember, technology is supposed to make all of this easier! Just practice, and you'll be whipping up movies like us in no time!
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COMP 3077 ONLINE Week 4 Lecture - Week 4 Case Demonstration (REQUIRED)
In the video, the week 4 case is completed, demonstrating various aspects of Excel charts and how to create and re-format charts in Excel 2013.
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Week 9 Case Lecture (Required)
Shows the completion of the Week 9 case.
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Week 3 Case Lecture (Required)
Week 3 Case Completion for COMP 3077.
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COMP 5062 Wordpress Migration - Moving a Site from XAMPP to GoDaddy, Import, Export, Moving Site
In this lecture, I demonstrate how to move (migrate) a Wordpress website database and root directory from your computer (locally hosted with XAMPP or WAMPP) to a remote server (GoDaddy).
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Using Photoshop to Create Simple Calls to Action for HTML + Hotspot Links in Dreamweaver
In this video, I demonstrate how a small graphic with text over top of it can become a call to action. I also cover hotspot links in Dreamweaver CS5.
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Aligning object / picture / graphic with text using a simple table or CSS class
Lots of you have been asking about how to get your picture sitting in with your text in an HTML document. Here, using Dreamweaver CS5, I show you a couple of ways, the better of which I believe to be the creation a CSS style to apply to the graphics.
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WordPress individual SEO for Images (alt keywords and descriptions) and Links (link titles)
This video provides info on how to individually optimize images and links in the WordPress dashboard.
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SEO Extras: Image Alt Text, Description, Link Titles, HTML Headings + Final Project Wrap Up
In this lecture, I cover some of the final optimization techniques required for your final projects. While all of these techniques (optimizing images, optimizing links, and optimizing page content with HTML heading tags) have been covered in previous tutorials, I thought it would timely to review them together in a compact lecture just prior to your project due dates. Also, in the latter part of this lecture, I quickly review the final project specifications and provide some quick reminders about points you may not want to miss.
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Week 4 Case Lecture (Required)
Week 4 Case COMP 3077
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Week 1 - Course Introduction, Quiz 1, and 1% Extra Credit (REQUIRED)
COMP 3077 Course Introduction and intro Excel 2016.
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COMP 3077 ONLINE Week 3 Lecture - Week 3 Case Demonstration (REQUIRED)
In this video, the Week 3 case is completed. Additionally, because I made a mistake, I also demonstrate to fix your mistakes and re-submit in SAM.
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COMP 5062 - Submission Instructions for Final Project:  XAMPP & GoDaddy
In this lecture, I provide specific instructions on how to submit each item for your final projects. For any of you who accidently set up 'Managed Wordpress' hosting with GoDaddy instead of Economy Cpanel hosting, I also explain what you need to do near the end of this tutorial.
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Speed up your PC with MSCONFIG, Microsoft Windows
If you have a MAC, this video isn't relevant to you. If you have a PC, and you've noticed that you have a lot of items in your task bar and / or running during startup, check out this video. You can improve your computer's performance substantially but turning some of these programs off during startup.
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Setting up / set up for a Google Analytics (GA) account, finding and embedding tracking code, new
This tutorial assumes that you already have a Google account. If you don't, this tutorial does show you where you can quickly set up your account. Once you have a Google account, you will be able to use Google Analytics FREE OF CHARGE to track user behavior associated with your website. Please note that you will need to access to the raw HTML code to get GA running on your site. This tutorial was recorded at the end of November 2012.
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HOW TO: Connecting a plug and play USB microphone to a PC
how to connect or hook up a plug and play USB microphone to a PC, computer microphones, snowflake microphone, recording with a computer...this video also shows you how to choose your input device using Elluminate
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Wordpress Dashboard Skills - Changing Dashboard Color Scheme (Admin Color Scheme)
In the case that you have become a bit bored with the look and feel of the back-end in Wordpress, this short tutorial will demonstrate how to change your background colors, referred to as the 'admin color scheme' in the wordpress dashboard.
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Week 5 Case Lecture (Required)
COMP 3077 Week 5 Case Demo
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Dreamweaver (CS3, CS4, CS5, CS6) Spry Java CSS Dropdown Menu
Still on the demo site, you can learn how to install and extensively edit a Spry dropdown menu in Dreamweaver CS6 by following the steps in this video.
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Week 12 Case Lecture + MAKE-UP WEEK EXPLAINED (Required)
A full explanation of the Week 13 Make-Up Week details + the Week 12 Case Demo
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Week 1 Case Lecture (Required)
This video includes the Week 1 case demonstration and a full demo on how to download and submit cases using SAM.
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Week 11 Case Lecture (Required)
Week 11 case demonstration, using Excel Add-Ins, etc.
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Google Analytics WordPress Plugin, Connection GA Account
This is worth 2 points on your final project.
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week 10 delete me
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Welcome to Captivate CS5 - Introduction Tutorial
This tutorial deals with opening the application, setting it up to record a basic screen capture recording, and creating a very basic software demonstration. Tutorials to follow will be much briefer and more specific.
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COMP 3077 ONLINE Week 1 Lecture - Professor Introduction (OPTIONAL)
In this video, I provide you with a personal introduction covering how I ended up teaching at Fanshawe College and why I am an ideal instructor for COMP 3077. I am also the course master for this course across all sections.
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SUMMARY: Intro to Adobe Dreamweaver CS6 PARTS 1-3 COMPILATION
This video takes all of the concepts from my 3 part lecture series introducing the user to Dreamweaver CS6. Concepts in this video are taught in a manner that assumes the viewer has already learned the concepts in the first three lecture videos.
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Contact Form 7 Tutorial + Other Form Builders for WordPress
Contact Form 7 and related troubleshooting as it may affect permalinks. I suggest another form builder if Conctact Form 7 messes up your permalinks.
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Week 10 Case Lecture (Required)
Shows full demonstration of Week 10 case along with a demonstration on how to change the Excel workspace to work for the week 10 case file.
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Setting up your SAM Account - Updated January 2017 (Required)
This video demonstrates how to set up SAM in the newest version of the platform.
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Week 6 Test 1 Details (Required)
COMP 3077 Test 1 Details
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COMP 3077 ONLINE Week 2 Lecture - Week 2 Case Demonstration (REQUIRED)
This video demonstrates the Week 2 case.
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Customizing WordPress Widget Area for Final Project
In this video, I don't get into as much detail as I did back in the main lecture when we reviewed the widgets area, but I do conduct a quick review on how to customize this area and also provide some suggestions as to what you could add to earn full credit in this category.
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Week 2 Case Lecture (Required)
Week 2 Case Completion for COMP 3077 Online with Excel 2016.
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A Melodified Song-Writing Experience with Mike Sloan
To wrap up this reflection, I have prepared a short video that demonstrates the typical song-writing experience that I would go through with my brother. In his absence, the video features only me. Still, the theme is evident as you watch the skit - the involvement of another writer working on the same melody would enhance the song-writing experience. Please excuse the quality of the audio / video. I actually recorded a much better skit with an HD camera, a file that still remains on the SD card in the camera, a camera that is currently with my wife 3 towns away. That’s what I get for waiting until the last minute to move the video over to YouTube. This was done with my built-in laptop cam, but then again, that’s how a lot of my users might end up recording some of their melodies.
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COMP 3077 ONLINE Week 5 Lecture - Week 5 Case Demonstration (REQUIRED)
In this video, the first test is discussed briefly and the Week 5 is completed.
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Mike Sloan on The Innovation of Steel Frame Homes feat. Bone Structure, NOV 3-2014
Mike Sloan conducting his 'This is Innovative!' mini-seminar for professor Glen Drummond's MDEI 625 class at the University of Waterloo Stratford, ON campus on November 3, 2014. In this presentation, I discuss how Bone Structure's construction process and use of materials is innovative, but how such 'green' initiatives tend to demand a lot of money from the consumer.
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