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Andai Ku Bercinta Lagi (Mojo) - Caliph Buskers (3)
Subscribe for more videos : https://www.youtube.com/Manaweblife Visit our official website at http://www.mana.my Caliph Buskers performing at Jalan Tunku Abdul Rahman, Kuala Lumpur during Ramadhan.
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KL International Tattoo 2014 - Indonesian Contingent
10 October 2014 - 12 October 2014. Stadium Merdeka, Kuala Lumpur. Kuala Lumpur International Tattoo 2014 is a major event in conjunction with the VMY 2014, enabling local and foreign tourists as well as Malaysians to see a special show featuring patriotism, spirit and agility with spectacular elements. This program has been held before in 2007. KL International Tattoo 2014 is one of the major events in Visit Malaysia Year 2014, and is organised with the vision of promoting friendship and cooperation between Malaysia and its overseas counterparts. International participants this year include New Zealand, South Korea, United Arab Emirates, South Africa, Indonesia, Myanmar, Thailand, Turkey and Britain. Concept This program consists of variety of safety forces and national defences’ team as well as international teams in one arena to highlight the greatness and uniqueness of the Tattoo by offering attractive shows with the mixture of local cultures. Purpose of organization • As an effort to place Malaysia in an international arena and to provide opportunities for tourists and Malaysians to gather to celebrate the Visit Malaysia Year 2014. • Featuring a number of creative performances of artistic, military, police, acrobatics, self-defense of the local uniformed on the Blue Ocean Strategy track. • Bringing the uniform personnel and the defense of Malaysia closer to the people as well as providing opportunity to witness the international team in a more relaxed approach. • Highlighting the diversity of Malaysia’s ethnic group arts and culture through the performances.
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How to make Cuban Cigar with Mr. Crisanto Cardenas
@ 6th Latin American Festival 2014, Malaysia. Mr Crisanto Cardenas or "Maestro Santo" has 53 years of experience! He started rolling cigars in 1960 in the H. Upmann factory (previously Montecristo Factory) in Havana Cuba. From 1985 to 1987 he was an instructor in rolling at the H. Upmann factory in Havana Cuba. From 1987 to 1992 he was Head of production and administration in Rey del Mundo cigar factory in Havana Cuba. From 1992 to 1998 he was Head of Rolling and production in the Partagas factory in Havana Cuba Since 1998 he has been rolling cigars for demonstration and for private customers in several hotels and specialized cigar shops in Cuba such as: Chateau Miramar Hotel, Melia Habana, Comodoro Hotel and Partagas factory in Havana. He has extensively performed internationally in Bulgaria, Algeria, the old Yugoslavia, Germany, Italy, UK, Spain, France, Canada, Mexico, UAE, Cyprus, Greece, Hong Kong, PRC, Singapore, Malaysia, Philippines, Taiwan and elsewhere. He is currently attached with Azan Tobacco Limited Company as the Cigar Ambassador for the Domazan Brand.
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Delicious Ipoh Bean Sprouts
Food is the subject of contention for many Malaysians—it is common to find passionate foodies insisting their favourite gastronomic hangout is the best in the country. There is little debate, though, about where the best bean sprouts in Malaysia (some say the world) come from, as that honour no doubt belongs to the capital of Perak, Ipoh. Fondly referred to as taugeh by many Malaysians, bean sprouts serve as a crucial ingredient in many of Ipoh's and Malaysia's favourite dishes such as beansprouts chicken, kuay teow, stir-fried taugeh with salted fish and many more.For more on this article please visit http://www.mana.my
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How To Make Ice Cream Sandwich At Orchard Road, Singapore. 面包冰淇淋
Sandwich is made with actual bread. Watch how he skillfully keeps the sandwich food safe!
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Going Insane Over "'Mee Bodoh" Hasan
Hasan Mee Bodoh is undoubtedly a famous stall in Bandar Hilir  Malacca. Just take a look at this video and you will know why. The stall owner Hasan inherited this business from his mum since 1968 and there is only one specialty his customers come for: Mee Bodoh, literally meaning “Stupid Noodles" ! The stall opens everyday, except Friday, at 7am and by 11:30am the food runs out. Customers queue up as the sun rises. The Mee Bodoh is simply plain, just fried noodles with bean sprouts and chili sauce and sambal! That's it ! That's one reason it is called “Bodoh" as it is stupidly plain yet crazily delicious! Watch Hasan does his high speed  motions with his big kuali one after another non stop. There you will noticed that almost every customer will lay down their plate of noodles and join a long queue. Why? This special queue is for the stall's special fried egg ! The egg has a unique taste as it is fried with Hasan's special sambal and chili paste mix. The fried egg is regarded as the "must have" complement to the Stupid Noodles ! Have a go and have an insanely  satisfying experience at the main road of Jalan Tengkera at Bandar Hilir Malacca. Like, share and be a subscriber to this channel for all the latest uploads. Hasan’s Mee Bodoh GPS Coordinates: N2 12.183 E102 14.097 Business hours: 8am till finish (Closed on Friday) Address : 390, Jalan Tengkera  Bandar Hilir, Melaka 75200
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KL's Amazing Double Decker City Tour
If you have 24 or 48 hours to see the best of Kuala Lumpur what do you do ? Just hop on to a KL Hop-On Hop-Off Tour. Believe it or not it's on a modern and distinctively colourfull double decker bus ! The tour takes locals and tourists to 23 major city landmark stops around the city at a very affordable fee. There is English commentary on board to give you an insight throughout the route. The great thing is that with the 24 or 48 hours ticket you can hop-on, hop-off as many times as you like at any stops along the trail. Grab a seat at the top of the double decker for a superb view and great selfies ! This video gives you a fascinating view of what you can encounter along the route. Discover culture, history, shopping and landmarks that make KL a fun city for locals and tourists. Check out the details on www. myhoponhopoff.com. And if you are in Penang you can do the same too !    Like, share and subscribe for more of these interesting discovery videos on this channel right away ! For further information, please contact : www.myhoponhopoff.com TOL FREE INFOLINE : 1-800-88-5546 Bus Operation Time : Daily : 9.00am till 8.00pm
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KL International Tattoo 2014 ( 1 )
10 October 2014 - 12 October 2014.Stadium Merdeka, Kuala Lumpur. Kuala Lumpur International Tattoo 2014 is a major event in conjunction with the VMY 2014, enabling local and foreign tourists as well as Malaysians to see a special show featuring patriotism, spirit and agility with spectacular elements. This program has been held before in 2007. KL International Tattoo 2014 is one of the major events in Visit Malaysia Year 2014, and is organised with the vision of promoting friendship and cooperation between Malaysia and its overseas counterparts. International participants this year include New Zealand, South Korea, United Arab Emirates, South Africa, Indonesia, Myanmar, India, Thailand, Turkey and Britain. Concept This program consists of variety of safety forces and national defences’ team as well as international teams in one arena to highlight the greatness and uniqueness of the Tattoo by offering attractive shows with the mixture of local cultures. Purpose of organization • As an effort to place Malaysia in an international arena and to provide opportunities for tourists and Malaysians to gather to celebrate the Visit Malaysia Year 2014. • Featuring a number of creative performances of artistic, military, police, acrobatics, self-defense of the local uniformed on the Blue Ocean Strategy track. • Bringing the uniform personnel and the defense of Malaysia closer to the people as well as providing opportunity to witness the international team in a more relaxed approach. • Highlighting the diversity of Malaysia’s ethnic group arts and culture through the performances.
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Turkish Ice Cream at Bukit Bintang, Kuala Lumpur.
Visit our official website at http://www.mana.my Turkey is famous for its stretchy ice cream.Turkey Ice Cream vending is an art to serve the taste and with some special pranks.The ice cream parlors are super entertaining with their skillful tricks to entertain the visitors and tourists. Be sure to experience with them out if you get a chance to visit.
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劳勿福哥猫山王 - 榴莲嫁接栽培繁殖技术
福哥榴莲农场 Fook Gor Durian Farm Address: No.428, Sungai Klau, 27630 Raub, Pahang, D.M.Malaysia. HP: +6011-1077 6932 芽接 除了单子叶和一些形成层不规则的植物,几乎所有双子叶的木本植物都可以芽接繁殖。砧木铅笔般大小,现砧木茎部离土10cm处,由上而下割两道宽0.7cm,长3~4cm切缝,在两道切缝的顶端平切一刀,将皮拉起,长短与芽片相吻合。切口下端留下少许已拉开的皮以供托住芽片。获取芽片的过程与砧水切缝拉皮方法相同,镶合后,用1cm宽的塑胶薄膜带扎紧。嫁接口最好在两天内不要接触雨水。 注意的是其他果树芽接法可将芽体完全包扎,唯有榴莲例外,因为芽片上的芽体容易脱落。两星期后就可知是否成活。成活后,在砧木上端离接芽约30cm处剪掉以刺激芽眼快速生长。日后,砧木会滋生很多的砧枝,这些砧枝不可完全除掉,必须翻下一两枝以帮助接芽吸收养分,但是所留的砧枝不可让其生长过盛,需时常修剪以免阻碍接芽的成长。 位于彭亨州劳勿的雙溪吉流( Sungai Klau)与雙溪兰 (Sungai Ruan)两条村子加起来大约有千五户人家,但两条村子间却有两千多段榴莲园,使得劳勿除了成为彭亨州盛产榴莲的地方,更是全马以“猫山王”著称的榴莲产地。 猫山王,是雙溪吉流 的榴莲园园主陈来福取的名字。取名为猫山王,因为那是他从话望生(Gua Musang) 带回来的榴莲。当年, 他在话望生的芭场当工头,吃到当地一户人家种的榴莲,觉得质感和味道都很好,于是带了“树眼”回雙溪吉流自己“驳回”。村里的人把话望生叫做“猫山”,来自Gua Musang 中的 “Musang” 谐音,陈来福见其果肉黄澄澄,便叫它“猫山王”。 1986年,陈来福的可可园翻种。和绝大部分的村民一样,当时村民多以种可可为主,在园里搭种榴莲。名种榴莲还未盛行的年代, 人们吃的多数是廉价的土榴莲,虽然价不高,也可卖到价钱。 为了赚更多钱,许多园主在翻种芭时改种榴莲。 他在那个时候开始种下12棵“猫山王",但尚未命名。 7年后,榴莲开始收成, 人们只当作是普通榴莲,价钱是6至8令吉一公斤。后来,人们觉得口感粘稠,味道浓烈的滋味特好。于是便为其命名,陈来福说,整个劳勿的人都知道猫山王是福哥带回来的,是福哥取的名字,榴莲和其他商品一样,有了名字就有了品牌, 名字越响,价钱越高,猫山王崛起的年代,市价最高时可达80令吉一公斤。曾经,他的园里产出体积最大、最重的猫山王达4.8公斤,一粒榴莲的价钱就有200令吉左右。 他的猫山王一年里有10个月的收成,并且一年结出3次果实。目前这一批榴莲,从6月开始掉至10月中结束后,再施肥,待明年1月,今次尚未开花结果的榴莲枝就会开花,另一批榴莲又接踵而来了。 The name “Musang King” was coined by Tan Lai Fook (Fook Gor), the owner of a durian orchard in Sungai Klau; as it was a type of durian he sought from Gua Musang, Kelantan years ago. Fook Gor happened to have a taste of local durians back then, his appreciation toward the texture and exquisite taste prompted him to brought back some buds for grafting. He decided to name it “Musang King” as the durians originated from Gua Musang and its impressive golden yellow flesh is befitting the king of fruits.   Fook Gor’s cocoa farm underwent replanting in 1986. Like most villagers, cocoa planting was primary while durians were a side interest as an extra source of income. Back then, most of the durians consumed were cheap, local ones.   That year, he planted twelve trees of “Musang King” but it was not given a name yet.   Seven years later the fruits were initially sold between RM6 to RM8 per kilo just like other local durians. However, it started to gain attention due to its fine texture and potent taste. Fook Gor said that the people of Raub knew that he was the one who brought back this type of durian and coined the name “Musang King” thereafter. From then onwards, “Musang King” durians became popular and the prices skyrocketed, fetching up to RM80 per kilo during its peak.   The biggest and heaviest durian he ever produces weighed 4.8kg, fetching around RM200 with just one whole fruit.   The “Musang King” durians gave him ten months of harvest in a year with three fruiting intervals.
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KL's Jalan Dang Wangi Halal Mixed-Soup Hideout
Google Maps Address : https://goo.gl/maps/j2PYtmQtFcm If you are having a craving for some wholesome Halal soup at zombie hours, just drop into Restaurant Alam Berkat at Jalan Dang Wangi in the heart of KL. This shop and its extended road side seatings are often packed with customers in search of a whole list of Haji Abu Doraisamy  soups, ranging  from lamb, ox's tail, chicken, goat's tongue, duck, cow's tongue and many more. This 4-decade old  stall offers a wide selection of other servings such as spring quails and pigeons. Depending on your selection, each bowl can cost from RM6.00 to RM18. Best of all it starts from 5pm and closes at 4 am !  Come on over,  and have a wholesome feast ! Like, share and subscribe to this lifestyle discovery channel for all the latest uploads right away.
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Miracle Drink : Carrot, Beet Root and Apple
This is a drink that can protect bad cells forming in your body or it will restrain its growth! Thanks to this drink! It does not hurt for you to try. It is like a Miracle Drink! It is simple. You need one beet root, one carrot and one apple that combine together to make the JUICE !                   Wash the above, cut with the skin on into pieces and put them into the juicer and immediately you drink the juice. You can add some lime or lemon for more refreshing taste. This Miracle Drink will be effective for the following ailments: 1. Prevent cancer cells to develop. It will restrain cancer cells to grow. 2. Prevent liver, kidney, pancreas disease and it can cure ulcer as well. 3. Strengthen the lung, prevent heart attack and high blood pressure. 4. Strengthen the immune system 5. Good for the eyesight, eliminate red and tired eyes or dry eyes 6. Help to eliminate pain from physical training, muscle ache 7. Detoxify, assist bowel movement, eliminate constipation. Therefore it will make skin healthy & look more radiant. 8. Improve bad breath due to indigestion, throat infection, 9. Lessen menstrual pain 10. Assist Hay Fever Sufferer from Hay Fever attack. There is absolutely no side effect Highly nutritious and easily absorbs! Very effective if you need to loose weight. You will notice your immune system will be improved after 2 week routine. Please make sure to drink immediately from the juicer for best effect. WHEN TO DRINK IT: DRINK IT FIRST THING IN THE MORNING WITH THE EMPTY STOMACH! AFTER ONE HOUR YOU CAN EAT BREAKFAST. FOR FAST RESULTS DRINK 2 TIMES A DAY, IN THE MORNING AND BEFORE 5 P.M
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Which Is The Lonely Planet Eatlist Best Curry Laksa?吉隆坡中華巷咖哩叻沙档
Manaweblife takes a closer look at the latest food news about Lonely Planet's Eatlist No.2 that says the best curry laksa is in Kuala Lumpur's Madras Lane. Yes, it is a video for all to see what is it like to be in the beehive of activity right at this famous food haunt just a street away from KL's Petaling Street. The  name of this back lane alley is  Tun HS Lee Food Court. Surprisingly, there are not one but THREE stalls selling curry laksa here and all very affordably priced ! So which one is Lonely Planet' s chosen one? Well, watch out for another video in this channel for the winner. Meanwhile, join the crowd and enjoy the alley noise of this famous alley. By the way, these three curry laksa stalls uses different coloured bowls to differentiate themselves…yellow, orange and green ! Why not come on over and judge for yourself which is the best curry laksa around ! Like, share and continue to watch all the lifestyle discovery videos in this fascinating and enlightening channel by subscribing right away and get all the latest video uploads immediately.
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Drums Aloud by  Urumee  Melum Group @ Tak Tun Publika Finale ( 3 )
This is the third part of the video that captures the sounds of great traditional drum performance at the Tak Tun event organized by the non-profit NGO Pusaka at Publika recently. This time the hypnotic drum beats are performed by the Urumee Melum group. Their machine-gun rattling speed of drumming are sharp and contrasting , each member of the group seems fully concentrating on each beat. At times they seem to be challenging each other with their motions. Immerse yourself in this video and you won't miss a beat of fun !
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Chendul Teo Chew at Penang Street, Georgetown 槟榔律潮州煎蕊红豆霜
Visit our official website at http://www.mana.my Founded in the 1950s, the stall is managed by the chirpy Tan brothers who inherited this cendol business from their late father Tan Teik Fuang. Armed with a five-decade old recipe, the family roll up their sleeves every day to prepare bowls of refreshing cendol and ais kacang for their customers. If you're up for an ice ball, get one of the ladies to shape and pack one for the road. As there are no chairs and tables here, join the locals and slurp down your order on the sidewalk or you can take your bowls to a coffee shop which is just metres from the stall and enjoy under the cool breeze of a fan. Made from a combination of coconut milk (santan), a worm-like jelly made from rice flour, shaved ice and palm sugar (gula melaka); cendol is perfect for that hot sweltering day.In Penang, if you ask the locals where to get the best cendol, you would be inevitably be told that the best cendol is sold from a push-cart located on a side lane called Lebuh Keng Kwee, off Penang Road.
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Russ Swift Subaru Stunt Show, Malaysia
Aug 8 to 10, 2014 in Desa Park City. Swift is set to entertain fans once again with notable manoeuvres such as reverse spinning, handbrake parking, two-wheeling and doughnuts. This year, Swift will perform his stunts using the Subaru brand's new WRX STi performance sedan and XV 2.0i crossover models.
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Lemanak Iban Longhouse Part 5
A little over 240 kilometres away from Kuching lies a traditional Iban longhouse, popular with curious visitors looking to experience the Iban culture for a day or two. Named after the Lemanak River it is located beside, the interesting long house is home to about 23 families living together in the large residence.For more on this article please log on to http://www.mana.my
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Auntie Chynthea Kek Lapis Sarawak
The layered cake is a must-have in many major festivals in Malaysia such as Hari Raya, Chinese New Year, Deepavali and festive seasons. As a matter of fact, the popularity has spread far beyond its state of origin and you can buy the delicious cake in many places throughout Malaysia. for more on this article please visit www.mana.my
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How To Make Lemang /Glutinous Rice Cooked In Bamboo
Glutinous rice cooked in bamboo - traditional Malay food. Although lemang is available all year round, it is nonetheless anexceptionally special dish during Hari Raya open house. Although thepreparation seems simple enough, cooking lemang requires an open areawith plenty of ventilation - which is why most people just prefer to buylemang rather than attempt to cook it themselves.Just two days or so before the end of Ramadhan (the fasting month),vendors can be seen cooking and selling lemang by the roadsides.Lemang is usually 'bought by the bamboo' and should be left unopeneduntil it is ready to serve.Ingredients 1 Kg. uncooked glutinous rice / 2 old coconuts / Add salt to taste / Youngbanana leaves / Bamboo trunks approx 3ft in length / Remove grit fromthe hollow coreMethod 1. Wash and soak glutinous rice in water for six hours, then strain in colander and leave to dry. 2. Extract 8 cups of coconut milk from the 2 coconuts. Add salt to taste.3. Line the inside of the bamboo with clean banana leaves. 4. Fill the hollow of the bamboo with glutinous rice. 5. Add coconut milk. Use the 'finger test' method to determine the right proportion of rice and milk - dip your finger into the mixture until the tip touches the top layer of the rice. The distance from fingertip to the milk must be at least 1½ finger joints. 6. Place the bamboo trunks over an open fire, turning the bamboo every few minutes to ensure that the rice is evenly cooked and not burnt.Another way of cooking lemang is by immersing the bamboo trunks in a vat of boiling water. When prepared this way, the lemang is very tender and lacks the hard crust and aroma of a fire-cooked lemang. You may thenserve it with beef rending, serunding (beef floss) or thick curries.
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The Unique Small Crab Hole Cake Of Sungai Lima Village , Pulau Ketam 吉膽島五條港劉家荘黑糖碰糕
facebook : https://www.facebook.com/lowsglima/ This video is an eye-opener even to fellow Malaysians because it is seldom seen. The small quaint island of Pulau Ketam off the coast of Klang is becoming a new tourist destination with its many unique attractions. Here at the Sungai Lima Village of the island is a jetty of sorts with colourfully painted wooden homes, cottage industries and a unique small crab hole cake maker. This video shows the daily visitors not wanting to miss out on this 1 kg brown. Brown coloured cake that looks just like the crab holes on the sandy beach of Pulau Ketam. The Liu Jia Zhuang stall has been around long and is probably the only one making and selling this unique cake. The ingredients are simple, just brown sugar and flour. The batter is mixed and then sun-baked before being hand designed with 'crab holes' one by one and then steamed. What results is a fluffy and shiny cake with uniquely shaped holes all over the top. Watch the video and see the similarity of this cake with the small crab holes.  There will be a Sungai Lima Village Festival this August 4-5. Come see for yourself, discover and experience the charms of this island and village. Like, share and subscribe to this lifestyle discovery channel for all the latest video uploads right away.
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Lemang Lerek (glutinous rice in bamboo) Unbeatable In Taste !
Going Bananas Over Lemang Lerek In Gombak KL. When it comes to traditional kampong delicacies the lemang is undoubtedly amongst the favorites, especially during Hari Raya and Hari Haji. Those familiar with lemang have often seen them being cooked wrapped in banana leaves and put into bamboo sticks. This video however showcases a lemang of a different kind. Not wrapped in banana leaves but in lerek leaves. The lerek leaf is a long banana leaf like foliage that is often found as a wild undergrowth plant in rubber or oil palm estates. 59 year old Cik Mohd Arifin Zakaria, or fondly known as Cik Ipin, is the master of this lerek lemang stall in Gombak's Taman Greenwood in Kuala Lumpur. He has been making this lerek lemang for over 17 years and during the festive month he does about 80 sacks of rice for up to 20,000 sticks. The lerek leaves are firm and has its stalk jutting out from the bamboo. Thus, it can be easily pulled to remove the lemang from the bamboo, without having to cut the bamboo open.The best thing about this lerek lemang is that the taste of the lemang is better than the norm. Besides this specialty Cik Ipin also serves lemang kunyit , lemang pullout hitam (black glutinous rice )and of course the usual lemang santan. Whichever you choose there is surely a comeback for more ! Like, share and subscribe to this lifestyle discovery channel for the latest uploads .
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MH17 Bodies Coming Home To Malaysia
MH17 Tribute
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Line Clear Nasi Kandar,George Town.
Nasi Kandar is a popular northern Malaysian dish, which originates from Penang. It is a meal of steamed rice which can be plain or mildly flavored, and served with a variety of curries and side dishes. The word Nasi Kandar, came about from a time when nasi (rice) hawkers or vendors would kandar (balance) a pole on the shoulder with two huge containers of rice meals. The name has remained and today the word Nasi Kandar is seen on most Tamil Muslim or "Malaysian Mamak" restaurants and Indian-Muslim stall meals. A 24-hour restaurant, Line Clear Nasi Kandar’s food tempts us with its ‘limited-time’ offerings. It is located in a narrow alleyway along Jalan Penang, with wooden tables and chairs, slightly near open drains. Don’t let that put you off though! In all honesty the food here is phenomenal. For a plate of rice, fried chicken, telur dadar (sunny side up omelette), vegetables and ‘kuah banjir’ (a mix of gravies), makes the whole meal that much more satisfying. There is an impressive amount of hype about their daily specials (ranging from fish head curry to beef gravy) and the extensive praise is clearly warranted. Adding to the whole value-for-money aspect of Line Clear Nasi Kandar is the fact that the food served comes in generous portions. Weekends will see people in long queues waiting patiently.
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Learn how to do the sand art bottle (1) by Rezan Yusef
Visit https://www.facebook.com/pages/Sand-Art-Magic-in-a-bottle/401989059891253 Visit our official website at http://www.mana.my Select bottles of any size or shape and carefully pour one layer of sand at a time into your bottle, In order to create a diagonal layer, hold your bottle or jar at an angle and slowly pour in the layers after that put a thin layer of glue around the inside edge of the bottle or jar and the bottle cap, then screw it or snap it on tightly and wipe off any glue that squeezes out. The options for color and design are endless.
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Char Kuay Teow At Cendol Lane 仁哥炒粿条在煎蕊巷
Char Kuay Teow is one of the most popular dishes in Penang, and every Penangnite has their favourite. What better way to catch two of the  best street food Penang 's famous Cendol Lane has to offer. After a bowl of icy cool and tasty Penang cendol with your favourite selection hop over next stall to have a sizzling hot plate of fried Char Kuay Teow ! A delicious dish of fried noodle filled with "wok-hei" and topped with delicious prawns everyone is talking about.  Yes, that's just a small selection of what this haven is all about! Start your appetite rolling!
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Ching Kee Lai Rice Noodles At  Seremban Pasar Besar芙蓉公市泉記瀨粉档
泉記瀨粉麵食(檔號 Stall 803) 地址: Seremban Pasar Besar, Jalan Besar, 70200 Seremban, Negeri Sembilan. 營業時間:6am至11am(週日休息) Ching Kee Lai Fun is one of the oldest stall at Pasar Besar Seremban. The skills from making noodles have been pass down from the first generation up to the third generation. Ching Kee Lai Fun is still keeping the traditional style which is the Lai fun are homemade without any preservatives. The Lai Fun is simple yet delicious! This stall only serves the dry Lai Fun with dark soy sauce and minced meat. 濑粉是东莞的汉族传统名小吃,东莞人寿宴的传统食品。 濑粉是一种以用稻米打磨之后的粘米粉拌和热水后而制成的长粉条。在香港和澳门也是常见的食品。 芙蓉公市樓上以美食見稱,從麵食、飯、粥、點心、煮炒和茶點,應有盡有。每天早上,樓上的餐桌都是高朋滿座。 公市的檔口部份歷史悠久,其中一檔老招牌 “泉記瀨粉麵食” 至今仍保持傳統,從第一代至第三代,賣的瀨粉都是自製的。 以白米磨製而成、全手工打造、不含防腐劑、口感綿密富韌性,這是泉記老闆為自製瀨粉下的註腳。 價格大眾化、營養又耐飽、流泄濃濃古早味,這是泉記老食客為美味瀨粉下的定義。 泉記瀨粉是干撈的,配料簡單,僅以豬肉碎和蔥花作佐料,雖然賣相簡單,卻十分美味及受歡迎,尤其吃了幾十年的老顧客,更別有一番情懷。 泉記瀨粉完全是自家人生產,用米打磨製成,米香濃郁,很有“米氣”,不像亞三叻沙的瀨粉呈透明色。 煮熟後過冷水 乳白色的瀨粉看似普通,但製作過程一點都不簡單,首先必須把米磨成米漿,然後耗至少3小時把米漿壓干。 壓干後的米漿需倒入大鍋煮成半熟,然後再摻入薯粉拌和搓成粉團。接著,把粉團放入器具內擠壓成長條狀後,直接放入熱水煮熟。” 待瀨粉煮熟後,即將之撈出並放入冷水內“過冷河”,做過一熱一冷的“Spa”,瀨粉才會變得口感綿密富含韌性,同時也不易變質。待瀨粉晾干後,便可用來烹煮。
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Where To Find The Best Street Burger Stalls In Petaling Jaya ?
"Hey Brader, Where's My Burger?" You Can Smell What's Cooking At Brader John Burger Truck ,Damansara Utama. The queue  starts before this food truck is ready to serve from 9pm till late. And once it cooking Brader John never seems to stop! This is Brader John Burger at Damansara Utama. Brader John is here himself serving up a lip smacking variety of chicken/beef/lamb burgers of varying sizes . Such as the Master Burger with 2 meats,2 cheese and 1 egg costing only RM10. Besides choice what makes Brader John's burgers really special is the special Brader John sauces. You can pre -order by phone ,otherwise you could end up waiting for up to 45minutes! Come early, take a queue number and witness how he carefully, skillfully, wraps an egg over meat , then topped it with garnishing and that special sauce and mayo. Hello bro what are you waiting for ?!     Brader John Burger @ Damansara Uptown Jalan SS 21/39, Uptown Damansara, 47400 Petaling Jaya, beside RHB Bank.
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Fishy business at KL's Pudu market
Finding Nemo At KL"s Pudu Market One of the most impressive and largest selection of pet fish can be found at KL's Pudu market. From colourful fighting fish, gold fish to baby kois and  terrapins . Including aquarium decorative materials, aquatic plants , and crickets as food for big fish! Take a look at this video that ventures into this stall . Most of the popular items are all ready packed in plastic bags , rows and rows of them! This is because the stall is popular amongst collectors and fans from all over. You will be amazed by the variety and surely finding your Nemo is going to take some time !  Enjoy ! Google Maps Address: https://goo.gl/maps/M1jK453grHK2
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Catch A Preview Of "KUNG FU YOGA" Jacky Chan @KL Pavilion 成龙功夫瑜伽
Date : 21 Jan 2017, 6.30 p m Did you see Jacky Chan at KL Pavilion ? Yes, it's him, in person! If you did not catch him LIVE in KL here is a very close-up video expose that shows him arriving right at the door steps of KL Pavilion . He is here in person to launch his latest kung fu flick "Kung Fu Yoga" all over town. This action-packed movie is about Jacky's character Jack in search of the long-lost treasure of India's Magadha Kingdom. Indeed this movie  is based on a historical true story of a Tang dynasty diplomat's visit to India or Tianzhu as it was called then.If you want to know more better watch this multi-talent, multi-location  movie yourself this coming Chinese New Year! Watch this  prelude video as our camera caught up with Jacky's arrival at KL Pavilion and his surprise welcome by a sea of handphone cameras ! Also ,watch out for the follow up video on this channel as our camera man caught up and takes you to a rare close up view of Jacky as he goes about his busy schedule in town.
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Time Stands Still In Kuala Sepetang
A trip to Kuala Sepetang will surely take you back in time. This small but not forgotten fishing village along the Straits of Malacca has a long history and a tightly knitted community that has not allowed the progress of modernity disturb their daily routine. The day breaks slow and steady with a favourite bowl of breakfast noodles or roti canai at the market stalls. Then the usual daily routine of work and relaxation takes over! Nowadays some eco tourism activities can be seen at the pier. Famed for the fishery ,and fire fires in the mangrove swamps, Kuala Sepetang is an easy getaway from the city and surely a relaxing, enlightening and educational one! Take a look at this video and get the mood of cool serenity in this laidback community. Don't miss the other videos in this channel on the food scene in Kuala Sepetang.
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KESUMA Dance Showcase 2014 - Songket Dance (6)
3 & 4 December 2014 The biannual Dance Showcase aims to demonstrate the learning outcomes of practical courses offered to students during the semester, assessed by dance lecturers and instructors throughout the staging of the dance showcase. This showcase also serves as a platform for students to create, manage, and present a stage production as well as to introduce and promote programs offered by the Dance Department of the Cultural Centre, University of Malaya. The biannual Dance Showcase aims to demonstrate the learning outcomes of practical courses offered to students during the semester, assessed by dance lecturers and instructors throughout the staging of the dance showcase. This showcase also serves as a platform for students to create, manage, and present a stage production as well as to introduce and promote programs offered by the Dance Department of the Cultural Centre, University of Malaya. This dance was created by the late Daud Omar in 1976 as part of the national repertoire of the National Cultural Complex. It is one of the many dances choreographed to epitomize Malay folklore congruent to the uniformity of the Alam Melayu (Malay World) in its form and style. Songket is performed by female dancers, showing skills in dancing to an asli tune while holding the songket. Choreography : Daud Omar (deceased) Re-arrangement : MAWARKU Instructor : Mohd Hairil Anuar Bin Bari Dancers : Bai Jin, Chew Kai Min, Geetha Lakshimy Tamilmaran, Lee Kah Yuen, Rozilah Binti Abdul Rahman, Shazreen Syahirah Binti Saini, Sha Yina, and Stephanie Anak Lutan.
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How to make Attap roof with palm fronds (thatched roof) 编织亚答叶
The Mah Meri are an ethnic group native to western part of Peninsular Malaysia. The Mah Meri (Mah meaning people and Meri meaning forest), originally known as the Besisi, also call themselves Ma Betisek, which means, "people with fish scales". The Mah Meri is one of the nineteen Orang Asli people groups of Peninsular Malaysia. They are officially classified under Senoi subgroup. Living in small wooden houses set in harmony with the surrounding forces of nature, the Mah Meri prefers to remain as "forest people." Hence in their villages, life seems relatively untouched by modern progress. They are known for their woodcarving skills, yet their economic activity remains rooted in agriculture and fishing. They resist employment outside of their community.
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Food Truck - Food On Wheels
The food truck trend has been growing in recent years, particularly in the Klang Valley. Mobility is a trend. These days, everything is mobile — your phone, computer, businesses. Mobile food trucks can also move around to look for better location for business. And now it is easy to locate them. Many of these food trucks change their location every day and customers will keep themselves updated on where they are at any given time or day through social media. Most food truck operators actually have regular spots that they park at, so people know where to find them, because moving around too much actually doesn’t help their business at all. Food trucks have become increasingly popular in the last few years as they offer more exotic dishes, they also take on many catering jobs at other locations on the weekends. For consumers, food trucks offer something different from stationary restaurants and hawker stalls. The trucks are clean and the food is quick offerings like burgers, wraps, and pastas, sold at lower prices than eateries. Obstacles and Challenges Despite its burgeoning popularity, there are a lot of headaches that food truck operators face. The biggest and most formidable one is the lack of a licensing framework governing food trucks. This means that while food truck operators have a commercial vehicle licence and all the necessary certification to run a food outlet, they do not have licences to park their vehicles in public spaces. Everybody is selling in fear. Because every time they’re cooking, they’re looking out the window to see if the tow truck is coming. It’s not a fun feeling. Young food entrepreneurs have to be very clear about the fact that running a food truck is hard work (most food truckers work 14-hour days) . In the end, only those with passion and determination who also have larger goals in sight will make it in this tough business. On average, the cost of kitchen equipment for a truck ranges from RM20,000 to RM50,000. An entry level mobile food truck would cost about RM70,000 and average at about RM100,000.
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The Lady Barber at Melaka Jonker Street
Visit our official website at http://www.mana.my The Lady Barber of Jonker Street Over 30 Years of Hairdressing It’s common to see women in the hairdressing field nowadays, but 30 years ago it was virtually unheard of in Malaysia. Ms. Soo’s story is a perfect example of how one moment can change a person’s life. It was a chance encounter with the daughter of a hairdresser that has led her down a path that, at that time, was rarely travelled by women. Learning diligently from her teacher, she quickly mastered the art of hairdressing and within a few years, with the help of her friend, founded her own shop in Malacca. It was a time where Malaysian barbers were still overwhelmingly male, but her skill and precision quickly won over many customers who come from many different ages and races. Some have continued to request her services for over 20 to 30 years! She is popular with tourists as well, as many foreign visitors like to try out this style of hairdressing that has since been lost in their own country. Unlike other barbers, Ms. Soo is also known to travel to the customer’s houses for personal assignments. She will personally visit the houses of customers who are immobile, such as old folks or injured people. She also offers her services for events such as baby full moon celebrations. Unfortunately, her brand of hairdressing is looking to be disappearing from Malaysia soon. She taught 3 disciples throughout her life, but they have since left the field. She now maintains her shop alone. If you drop by Jonker Street, don’t forget to keep an eye out for Ms Soo’s shop before she retires! Lastly, for those interested in antique collection, Ms. Soo’s barber chair, which has accompanied her for over 30 years is up for sale for RM10,000. Don’t miss out on this rare piece of equipment! Interested parties kindly leave a message at [email protected]
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Wheel Cut Mobile Hair Salon
WHEEL CUT Mobile Hair Salon Here's a revolutionary way to cut your hair. Not the usual run-of-the-mill hair dressing salon, boutique or otherwise, upscale or down-to-earth mamak hole-in-the-wall. This one's a definite game-changer: it's a mobile hair salon that runs on wheels, hence 'wheel cut' - get it? And it's now finally here in Malaysia plying its trade on our roads, so to speak. First, what's the cut on wheels like? The cut's still the same; it's cheap, fast and done the way you want it - nothing's changed - but it's the novelty of stepping into a vehicle that looks like a motorhome converted into a hair dressing salon that's such a big spin! The Wheel Cut mobile hair salon first made its appearance in Malaysia in 2008. It does its rounds every day by stationing itself at busy places in Klang - except in the evenings where you can only find it parked at various spots at the Klang pasar malam (night market). Whether Wheel Cut has evolved from a lone wolf mobile hair salon into a full fleet making its presence felt, one thing's for certain: it offers to cut your hair in any style you fancy (just make sure you tell the hairstylist exactly how you want it), and within 10 minutes and RM15/- poorer, you get what you stepped into the mobile hair salon for. And a take-away experience of getting your hair done on wheels. And it doesn't matter whether you are male or female.
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Ah Heng’s Classic Chinese Delicacies @ Lrg Tiong Nam, Kuala Lumpur
Some of the best Chinese restaurants in KL aren't the one in high traffic locations. This video takes you to an old-style, old - time favourite street sidewalk restaurant that have survived for decades. It's situated at the older part of KL, at Lorong Tiong Nam. Here's where you will find Ah Heng Food Corner. It's a shop within a housing complex and the seating arrangements literally spreads across the sidewalks of the entire road. This special street food avenue serves some of the most classic Chinese delicacies in town. Spicy pig stomach soup, braised pork, pork belly with mustard cabbage, claypot spare ribs, pork trotters in vinegar and more. Plenty of choices to satisfy your craving for some traditional home-cooked Chinese delicacies. Judging by the number of tables the crowd that is expected isn't small. So, if you intend to drop by, do it fast and before the crowd comes. Like, share and subscribe to this lifestyle channel for the latest uploads right away.
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Learn how to do the sand art bottle (3)
Select bottles of any size or shape and carefully pour one layer of sand at a time into your bottle, In order to create a diagonal layer, hold your bottle or jar at an angle and slowly pour in the layers after that put a thin layer of glue around the inside edge of the bottle or jar and the bottle cap, then screw it or snap it on tightly and wipe off any glue that squeezes out. The options for color and design are endless.
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KL Chow Kit's Remaining Chinese Community
The Last Chinese Bastion In Chow Kit The area this video ventures into is a historic landmark in a sub-section of Kulala Lumpur. The main wet market was called Pasar Chow Kit , now renamed Pasar Jalan Raja Bot, has existed since 1953. In fact this area ,and the main thororughfare , was named in honor of a tin miner , Loke Chow Kit. In those days this area was predominatly populated by Chinese as traders doing business in the wet market.Things have changed since the city riots of 1969 and even so now with the emergence of many migrants . This video discovered something even most new folks of the city have not known. There is a small back lane enclave that caters for the last remaining Chinese traders here and they have been here since the 50s.. You will find a coffee corner and a noodle shop that starts as early as 4am just to cater and catch the regular customers! Indeed, you will noticed that the shop operators are super senior citizens and they do not need foreign hands to help. You wil find a noodle "factory'" that still produces "wan ton" and Hokkien noodles after 60 years! Thene there are a couple of old time shops, including a chines medical hall and a Chinese nasi lemak shop , that are freeze frames from the past. An elderly granny still prepares the aromatic cuppa and steamed bread everyday since it started 60 years ago. Her customers are familair faces as well as traders who come to catch an early breakfast or brunch . By afternoon,the scenario changes, the area looks deserted as the wet market quietens down as the day ends. These small enclave is iconic and laid back with many years of memories. The wet market has been earmarked for a major RM200 million redevelopment by end 2017 to cater for 1,527 stalls and 800 carparks. Hopefully by then this last bastion of the Chinese in Chow Kit wet market will see some light at the end of the time tunnel.
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Mee Goreng & Mee Rebus In The Heart Of Georgetown's Kimberly Street
Kimberly Street (Lebuh Kimberly) is a straight road that runs from Carnarvon Street to Penang Road right through the heart of Penang's Chinatown. This street was named in the 1870s after the British Colonial Secretary and it has remained till today as a heritage street in this part of the city with its colourful wall art and boutique hotels . Here was,  and still is, the Teochew meehoon and mee suah traders community. But when night come the street is turned into a street food haunt of a different kind. Amongst these are stalls after stalls of mee rebus and mee goreng  offerings, operated by indian or mamaks. Foreigners and locals are attracted to the hustle and bustle of these stalls . And of course , these enterprising operators get their noodle supplies from the Teochew traders right here!
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Kuala Sepetang Charcoal Factory
Although we all have used it one way or another, not many of us pay much attention to the humble charcoal. For those who are curious, charcoal in fact has a fascinating history as well as a very interesting manufacturing process. A visit to one of the oldest charcoal factory in Malaysia at Kuala Sepetang revealed much of the work that goes behind in creating the black, brittle material. For more on this article please log on to www.mana.my
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JB's 80 Year Old Salahhudin Bakery Still At It !
Catch A Loaf Of History At JB's Heritage Bakery. Along JB's Jalan Dhoby there is an air of heritage with rows of colourful colonial shoplots. At No. 26 you will find the 3rd generation  Salahhudin Bakery that was started by one Mr. Shamsul way back in 1937. Yes, that's 80 years ago and the bakery's traditional brick-laden, wood-fired oven is still hot in action today. As you walk in there is definitely a whiff of freshly baked bread aroma in the air. You will be welcomed by an interesting old-school  reception area featuring a wall filled with an archive of materials about this bakery like a mini museum. This video takes a peek inside and noticed that some regulars can just help themselves with their selections right from the oven's mouth. This is that neighbourly atmosphere and scenario of this heritage bakery. Nowadays, customers include those who were still school kids living nearby and who are now probably settled down somewhere else. It's the nostalgic ambience of the good old days. Even the buns and puffs rekindles memories ! Besides the big soft fluffy white loaf there are plenty of puffs, buns and even cup cakes nowadays. Remember those buns with coconut inside? You can find them all here !   Like, share and subscribe to this channel's discoveries about life in its latest uploads.
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The Teochew Porridge Tradition Lives On In Penang !
Why sit when you can squat to enjoy a bowl of simply wholesome traditional Teochew porridge . That's the atmosphere at this generation old (over 70 years already) Teochew porridge stall along Magazine Road, Georgetown,  Penang that attracts a strong lunch crowd of old folks who crave for  treat. Yes, plain porridge, plus a selection of typical Teochew dishes in  small plates  can make a lot of difference to these folks who are  regular customers. The benches are there, but noticed that the folks don't sit on them. Instead they place short stools on top of the bench and squat on the stools ! Tradition has it that the Teochews of China were short in those days ,hence they sat on low stools. But now they supposedly are taller and have longer legs, which makes it more difficult to sit on short stools. Great idea to solve a traditional issue! Besides the food, you will certainly enjoy the splitter splatter of  Teochew dialect from the stall owner  and customers, clicking well with the  cracking sounds from the bowls and plates. Come try it, and sit still or squat on the stools for a change.
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How To Make Kachang Tumbuk In Jenjarom  仁嘉隆承记贡糖
Going nuts in Jenjarom Manaweblife found another fascinating favourite delicacy in the small town of Jenjarom. This video takes you into Kampung Bahagia, to a  home grown production line of various of peanut snacks. This facility is owned by Mr Tan who has been doing this since 1984 ( 33 years ) and now  helped by  his daughter and son. He worked for a Singapore biscuit manufacturer, then became a distributor and now a producer of his own brand ( Heritaste ) and as a manufacturer for other brands too. The products that come out from here are all hand made. These include the crispy and crunchy Kacang Tumbuk punched peanuts and Kacang Pipang. The Kacang Tumbuk are favourites since the imperial days in China. It is called "kong thong”, which means "sweet present" and was specially meant for to the rulers of the time. This video shows how the peanut snacks are made and packed as “Heritaste”, proud hand made products of Jenjarom. Want to try some ? You can find these snacks in tourist spots and retailers in many towns. This is Jenjarom ! There is much culinary uniqueness to discover in this friendly and  charming town. Check out the other Jenjarom discovery videos in this channel. Like, share and better still subscribe to this interesting lifestyle discovery channel so that you will not miss all the latest uploads.    A great choice as a breakfast peanut candy snack too ! Address : Tat Lian Enterprise 40, Jalan Intan 2, Taman Yayasan, 42600 Jenjarom, Kuala Langat Selangor Google Map Address: https://goo.gl/maps/zU1vT8Zj2qG2 Tel : 03-31913764
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Sizzling Sabah Honey Chicken Wings Ramadhan At Section 13, Shah Alam
This is another video about the open air stalls at a popular spot in Section 13 Shah Alam ( near the stadium ). Amongst the 250 stall you will be attracted to a huge burst of white smoke coming from a distinctive stall selling Sabah honey chicken wings. During buka puasa the atmosphere lights up with an ever growing crowd of shoppers. This 16-year old  stall is manned by an enterprising Malay lady named Hajjah Ramlah from Keningau, Sabah.The chicken wings, and also other chicken parts, are marinated with honey from Sabah and barbequed on charcoal stoves one by one. Drop by during buka puasa and catch that sizzling temptation blowing in the wind. Also, catch the other videos about this interesting buka puasa spot in Shah Alam Section 13 in this channel. Like, share and subscribe to this lifestyle channel for all the latest uploads right away.
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Ayam Golek Cyber At Ramadhan Bazaar SS6/1
The best thing to look forward to during puasa month is the buka puasa food galore ! Take a drive to SS 6/1 and you can literally smell the rich food  aroma all over the streets. This is the hottest buka puasa food  haunt that attracts not just Muslims but everyone! Check out the super duper red flames of the Simpang 3 Char Kuey Teow.  See  eggs and keoy teow tossed high up  in a chaotic rhythm of fire and sounds.  Or the famed Terengganu otak-otak " satar" and his stall operator who came all the way from Kuala Besut on this Ramadhan month. For chicken fans , there's the Ayam Tempayan Kelana , a special fried chicken all cooked in a gigantic  hot clay "oven",  and the healthily open-charcoal grilled Ayam Golek Cyber ! Spoiled for choice?  If that's not enough , just walk around this amazing bazaar of food varieties and surely you will come back next Ramadhan! For now, buka puasa is a feastful time to go the streets of  SS6/1!
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See awesome hand-painted bike helmets and body
It takes passion. It takes patience. And most of all it takes a steady hand and sheer concentration to craft awesome bike helmets and body. 5th Malaysia Art Of Speed Extravaganza Here’s an artful weekend with a difference! Yes, it’s right here in Malaysia! The 5th Art Of Speed showcase at MARDI, Serdang. The atmosphere is a mix of old school,cool culture and retro-mania right from the venue exterior to the inside. This is the extravaganza parade of passion with bike,cars and even bicycles! The old classics, the restorations, and the one- of-its-kind handmade live specimens! Plus art-crafted and painstakingly painted helmets, attire and most unusually done up bikes. Venue : MAEPS Secretariat Building, MARDI Headquarters, 43400 Serdang Date : 28 &29 May 2016 Time : 10am - 6pm
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The Penan People of Sarawak 1
The Penan people live deep in the rainforests of Sarawak. Numbering about 10,000 people, the Penan are tribes of hunter-gatherers—they rely heavily on the forest they live in for their continued survival. Their livelihood, however, has been threatened by modern economic activity such as logging, dam building and forest clearance. Penan people live simply in small villages far away from the hustle and bustle of modern civilisation. Some live near roads or paths, and have limited access to modern amenities such as television. Living close to nature, many Penan people use rainwater and firewood for their basic necessities. Some are even still nomadic and move around from time to time. When a Penan settlement grows large enough, the Malaysian government may provide facilities such as clinic, schools, electricity and water supply. Some Penan make intricate handicrafts from their harvest. A Penan family that kept a cat as a pet was sighted.
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Where's the hottest clay pot rice in Serdang ?
Google Map Address : https://goo.gl/maps/o8rDTqSVWXB2 Manaweblife brings you to a popular cottage-styled home-based claypot rice haunt in Serdang  that will surely make you want to visit. The video shows Mr. Wong and his wife preparing a huge line-up of claypot rice, all charcoal fired  up to go ! This authentic claypot rice stall is often featured in the  media and surely there is a reason. The Hakka chef showcases his selection of herbal soups that are all steamed up.There are also other dishes to complement your claypot rice of chicken, salted fish and sausages.  You can even request to have the rice more burnt ! Indeed, Mr Wong has been doing this for over 28 years and he is a master chef who knows what customers want and you won't be disappointed !  Looks good, tastes better! Come try them all in Serdang! Like, share and be a subscriber to this interesting channel to get all the latest uploads right away. 永富瓦煲靓鸡饭档 No. 224, Jalan SK 6/2, Kampung Baru Seri Kembangan, 43300 Seri Kembangan, Selangor. HP: 017-3808450 Hours:5.00pm -10pm (Monday Off)
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吉隆坡第二代特制烧肠 Making Sausages in Malaysian Way
Making Sausages In Malaysian Way 此视频只拍摄制作过程。 请见谅未能列出详细制作材料和说明。  此制作是供给档口的所需量, 而不是供给家庭式的。 制作者除了累积经验,还可以看到他的敬业心态,如何的精益求精提供更好给消费者的最佳美食保证。 10 样调料/ Ingredients 1. 味精 Ajinomoto 2.辣椒粉 Chilli Powder 3.鸡粉 Chicken Powder 4.沙姜粉 Sand Ginger Powder 5.盐 Salt 6.黑胡椒粉 Black Pepper Powder 7.糖 Sugar 8.生抽 Soy Sauce 9.黑酱油 Dark Caramel Sauce 10.高粱酒 Kaoliang Liquor This is a local classic that will make your stomach roll. This Weng Kee facility is well known as a second generation roasted duck "sifu" or specialist. Here you can see how tedious and meticulous effort is taken to create a local Chinese favourite. Pork meat is garnished with a concoction of salt, spices, sugar , flour and even white rice wine. Then put into a grinder .Now the most important piece of "ingredient" is prepared: the pig's intestine! Tis is slotted into a meat filler  The filed intestines are then fired in drums till they are rosy red and ready for sale. Once chopped into pieces they all look delicious and tempting don't they?
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