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SES Level 1 Flood Rescue Course
Flood awareness Lv1 course at Penrith water park.. With SES, first use of the Hero 5 camera...
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SES Storm Season
Channel 10 Storm Season Ep3 My five minutes of TV fame
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Gardens Of Stone Lithgow 22-04
Day out organised through 4x4 Tracks & Trips around Sydney. No drama's and only one recovery...
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Samoa 2016
Diving, Kayaking, Snorkelling during our Samoa holiday at Le Vasa resort Samoa.
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Cook Island Quads with the Family
A fun mornings activity with the Brett Hoons driving around the Cook Islands on old Quad bikes..
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SES Cross Cut Training
SES Cross Cut Course... Some of the important cuts to know.. Filmed in Mittagong Oct 16 on Gopro Hero 5
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Nightime Scuba Dive, Oak Park, Sydney, 02-01-2014. Filmed on GoPro 3 Silver
Night Dive with St George Scuba Club at Oak Park Cronulla using GoPro Hero3 Silver
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Disco doing the Watagans 2017
Field Trip with the Range Rover club, doing the Watagans with some fellow Discovery drivers
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4wd around Weismans Ferry... Triton recovery...
October 2014 long weekend... Fun 4wd around Weismans Ferry, until we came across a Triton on its side in a stream.. He had avoided a lady crossing the bridge and took to the water.. A little bit of planning got him out and running again
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The Simpson - Outback in the Disco
Sarah, Daryl and the Disco, heading to the Simpson as support car for Tim and Sharon.. But did we make it ??
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Fitzroy Falls 4WD
Finding the most interesting way to Fitzroy Falls in the Discovery 4, filmed on BlackVue.
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Wattagans 4wd
Filmed on Gopro and Blackvue.. Saturday spent playing in The Wattagans in the Disco 4
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Outback in the Discovery
Trying for the Simpson in the Discovery
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Barrington Tops Weekend
Taking the Disco for a play at Barrington Tops..
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Skiing 2014
Skiing holiday 2014 Perisher and Thredbo on the BlackVue and GoPro
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Diving The Steps Kurnell 15-09-2014
Filmed on the GoPro,diving with Jay and Kevin..
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DashCam Action.... Near miss on the way home
Near miss on the way home from work.. No contact made but very close.. Quick reactions
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Old mate inventing his own road rules..
Heading to Miranda on mothers day and old mate in the green wagon just doing it his way....
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SES Team Menai in Action
Part of Team Menai doing a little high speed cutting
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Lithgow Hill during AULRO weekend Oct 2014
Landrover Discovery 4 hill climb during AULRO weekend Oct 2014
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Self Recovery of the Disco at Stockton Beach
Making the most use of approach and departure angles.. OK so miss judged it.. Self recovery with the maxtrax... "Go The Disco"
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GoKart madness
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Whale Whatching Wall 30/03
St George Dive Club.. Whale Watching Wall.
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Clifton Gardens Dive Sydney
Weekend dive with Sarah and some sea critters at Clifton Gardens with St George Scuba Club
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Faulconbridge 4WD
Taking the Disco out at night... Dash cam audio wasnt working so had to improvise.. :-)
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Genji Feeding Time
Genji the pet snakes monthly feed. Don't watch if you don't like snakes.. Lol
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TreeTops Family day out
Great day out with family messing around in the tree tops...
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Cook Island Diving On The Family Holidays
Amazing hard corals and lovely warm water.. Diving with the whole family.
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Josh @ Monster
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A typical day in Fiji
Away on business, mixed with a bit of pleasure...
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A little bit muddy and slippy, but the dash cam caught it all...
4wheeling at Barrington Tops and the dash cam caught Sarah having her first flying lesson... pity about the landing...
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Steven Graduation
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Phew that was close... I was nearly in this crash
traveling last night.. Stopped at a set of lights... Unfortunately the guy behind the guy behind me didn't... Neither did the guy behind him...
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Impatient driver..
I wonder if this guy knows how close he came to killing someone.. good reactions from the other driver
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Blacksmiths beach
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