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Kings of Kallstadt (2016)- Official Trailer
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Evil Souls (2016)- Official Trailer
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The Afflicted (2012) - Official Trailer
http://midnightreleasing.com/afflicted/ A disturbed mother of four delivers an unimaginable level of abuse to her children while defending her actions with her own twisted interpretations of the Bible. Based on a true story, The Afflicted takes you inside the lives of those who live in constant fear with no escape.
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Phoenix Comicon reacts to the BUNNYMAN MASSACRE trailer | June 8th, 2014
http://midnightreleasing.com/bunnyman-massacre/ Phoenix Comicon 2014 attendees react to the shocking red band trailer for BUNNYMAN MASSACRE, which we played on a loop most of the weekend.
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Spiritualist (2017) - Official Trailer
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Armynel (2013) - Official Trailer 2
http://midnightreleasing.com/armynel/ In the feature Armynel, director Lance Dumais takes us on a multi layered thrill ride into the dark recesses of the mind. The killings begin after a woman falls victim to her own dark past. What at first seems like an open and shut case proves to be something much more.
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Deadly Renovations (2012) - Official Trailer
http://midnightreleasing.com/deadly-renovations/ A fast-paced horror thriller about a group who renovates an abandoned hotel that may contain millions in cash hidden somewhere within. Murder and Mayhem ensue.
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Elder Island (2017)- Official Trailer
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Definition of Fear | OFFICIAL TRAILER 2018
► Website Link: http://www.acortinternational.com/current-titles/definition-of-fear/ ► Synopsis Sarah Harding is a psychological degree student who is finishing her masters PHD degree. She decides to do her thesis on 'Fear'. She decides to take three of her friends to a remote cabin and rig it to scare them and film the results secretly using hidden cameras and to submit the edited film as her thesis on how fear can be manipulated. She asked three of her beautiful girl friends to go away for the weekend to her professor's remote cabin for a 'girlie weekend'. They arrive at the cabin and have fun but quickly the three girls start to be scared by noises and events at the remote isolated cabin. They find a ouija board that Sarah has planted and play it. Strange things start to happen and the girls are scared to tears. They stop playing it but it has a bad effect on the youngest friend Victoria. They decide to play it again, and the board spells out the words 'Mary' and 'Danger'. One of the girls Frankie, goes to the outside toilet which is the only one that works and disappears. No one to be found. Sarah starts to act strangely. They go back on the board and find out that Mary was killed and drowned in the lake and she appears to them on the television screen telling them 'He's Here'. They try to go and get help but their car won't start. Rachel goes out a second time to try and start the car and there is a bright light and she disappears. This leaves Victoria the youngest friend and Jaqueline. Victoria faces the demon on her ow, she sits at the ouija board and the pointer moves on its own and the room turns into a frenzy, objects flying around. The weekend away, turns out to be a weekend from hell. She screams and we see blood seep from the ceiling rose. In the morning we see the three images of the girls floating dead in the lake, as Sarah, drives into the distance away from the cabin, the true 'Definition of Fear'.
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WTF (2017)- Official Trailer
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The Before Time (2016)-Official Trailer
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Shellmont County Massacre | OFFICIAL TRAILER 2018
After a masked maniac starts taking life, a small town sheriff struggles to keep his sanity while hunting down the animal that is killing off the people he loves. The brutal killing spree sends the town of Shellmont into a frenzy, leaving Sheriff Crawford to take matters into his own hands. . . COMING SOON 2019!! A Screw Loose Production Directed by: Gus Trapani Produced by: Matt Rush Written by: Gus Trapani . . "How is this incredible indie feature going unnoticed! It should be a huge fan favorite in the underground scene, scooped up and distributed like no ones business" - Twisted Minds review
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New Order (2013) - Official Trailer
http://midnightreleasing.com/new-order/ A virus kills most of the world's population. Doctor Van Morgen (Franco Nero) does a study on five survivors to seek an antidote to the virus, but finds out it may have been caused by a reversal of the magnetic poles of the earth... Or something else.
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Clinton Road | OFFICIAL TRAILER 2018
A widowed firefighter seeks closure after his wife goes missing on an actual haunted road in rural New Jersey but must unlock the roads secret if he wants to get out alive. . . Starring Ice-T & James DeBello! Coming Soon 2019!
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Scavenger Killers (2014) - Official REDBAND Trailer
http://midnightreleasing.com/scavenger-killers/ Bonnie and Clyde are reinvented in SCAVENGER KILLERS, where a charming judge and a hot criminal defense attorney go on a maniacal killing rampage. With bizarre (yet somehow believable) FBI agents in the hunt, the deranged duo amp up their rampage, never murdering with the same method but always with untamed ferocity.
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Suburbanite (2015)-Official Trailer
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Bleeding Hearts (2015) - CLIP: "Witches' Brew"
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Misogynist (2015) - Official Trailer
http://midnightreleasing.com/misogynist/ Trevor is a borderline sociopath who conducts underground seminars to teach young men methods of controlling women. His best student is Harrison; a pupil of his ideology for the last 3 years. Things start to unravel quickly once Harrison finds out who Trevor really is.
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American Backwoods: Slew Hampshire (2015) - Official Trailer
In June of 1994, one of the most brutal mass slaughters in history occurred in the backwoods of northern New England. Four months later, history is about to repeat itself. The end of summer signals the brink of manhood for a group of lifelong friends who proudly call New Hampshire their home. But when they embark upon a local rite of passage – traveling north for one final weekend of debauchery together – it just might prove to be their final weekend period, as this rite is doomed to go frightfully wrong. When they find themselves ensnared in a struggle for survival amongst a sinister hunting party, a bloodthirsty tribe and a mythical beast, what began as a comedy of errors devolves into an all-out Darwinian duel to the death, and less than 24 hours will pass before a slew of lives have been claimed and the last of the living remains. “THE GORIEST SCENE OF THE YEAR” - RUE MORGUE “BRILLIANT STYLE” - EXTREME HORROR CINEMA “GNARLY, GRAPHIC, AND IN YOUR FACE” - FILM BIZARRO
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Silent Retreat (2016)-Official Trailer
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The Incantation | OFFICIAL TRAILER 2018
In this picturesque thriller starring (Dean Cain), a young girl, (Sam Valentine), has a chance of a lifetime to visit her ancestors ominous castle in the south of France, far away from prying eyes. She soon uncovers their shocking secrets. . . COMING SOON 2019! . . . :::FESTIVALS::: ► 2018 Straight-Jacket Guerilla Film Festival – Official Selection ► 2018 Unrestricted View Film Festival-Nominee for Best Costume and Best Make-Up ► 2018 Calcutta International Cult Film Festival-Winner Best Narrative Feature Film and Nominee for Golden Fox Award 2018 The Eclipse Awards-Nominated for Best Narrative Feature, Best Direction, Best Supporting Actor (Dean Cain), and Best Cinematography ► 2018 Hollywood Reel Independent Film Festival-Nominee for People's Choice Award for Best Feature Film ► 2017 IndieFEST Film Awards-Winner of 5x Awards of Excellence for Direction, Writing, Supporting Actor (Dean Cain), Cinematography and Feature Film, Winner of Award of Merit for Originality . . . :::AWARDS::: ► 2018 The Eclipse Awards, US Won, Eclipse Award Best Direction Jude S. Walko Blue Falcon Productions ► 2018 Calcutta International Cult Film Festival Won, CICFF Award Best Narrative Feature Jude S. Walko, Dan Campbell Blue Falcon Productions ► 2017 IndieFEST Film Awards Won, Award Of Excellence Best Cinematography Derek Street Blue Falcon Productions Won, Award Of Excellence Direction Jude S. Walko Blue Falcon Productions Won, Award of Merit Creativity/Originality Jude S. Walko Blue Falcon Productions Won, Award Of Excellence Script/Writer Jude S. Walko Blue Falcon Productions Won, Award Of Excellence Best Supporting Actor Dean Cain Blue Falcon Productions Won, Award Of Excellence Feature Film Jude S. Walko Blue Falcon Productions
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Hayride (2013) - Official Trailer
http://midnightreleasing.com/hayride/ Steven Summers returns home to southern Alabama from college with his girlfriend Amanda to attend his uncle's annual Haunted Hayride. Unaware that an escaped killer is on the loose, Steven will soon face the real life embodiment of PITCHFORK, a character his uncle created for the Hayride and Steven's childhood tormentor. Steven will soon realize that not all childhood fears are imagined when the legend of Pitchfork suddenly becomes dangerously real...
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Scavenger Killers (2014) - Official Trailer
http://midnightreleasing.com/scavenger-killers/ Bonnie and Clyde are reinvented in SCAVENGER KILLERS, where a charming judge and a hot criminal defense attorney go on a maniacal killing rampage. With bizarre (yet somehow believable) FBI agents in the hunt, the deranged duo amp up their rampage, never murdering with the same method but always with untamed ferocity. Starring ERIC ROBERTS (The Dark Knight, The Expendables), DUSTIN DIAMOND (Saved by the Bell), CHARLES DURNING (O Brother Where Art Thou, Tootsie), ROBERT LOGGIA (Scarface, Independence Day), ROBERT BOGUE, KIM ALLEN, and a who's who of scream queens and playmates including RACHAEL ROBBINS, SUZI LORRAINE, ANGELA LITTLE, and more! Coming to DVD and VOD in July, 2014 from MIDNIGHT RELEASING!
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Teenage Ghost Punk-Official Trailer
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Excess Flesh (2016) -Official Trailer
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Skyquake (2017) - Official Trailer
BrainDamageFilms.com MidnightReleasing.com
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Axe To Grind - Exclusive Clip "The Babes Of Horror"
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Mutilation Man (2011) - Official Trailer
http://midnightreleasing.com/mutilation-man/ An unknown man makes his way into a quiet neighborhood bringing nothing but torture and pain alongside him. The police are on the hunt for someone with no identity, the only evidence of his existence is the mess he leaves behind. When he enters the home of Roy and Jessica, they have no idea what's in store for them. As the story unravels you find that there may be more motive behind the man's actions than either of them could ever imagine.
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The Forlorned (2017)- Official Trailer
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Zombie Resurrection (2015) - Official Trailer
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Revelator (2017) - Official Trailer
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WTF! - Official Redband Trailer
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Dooms Chapel Horror (2016)- Official Trailer
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Rabid Love (2014) - Official Trailer
http://midnightreleasing.com/rabid-love/ A group of recent college grads on a final camping trip together pursue their own agendas when it comes to relationships but must put aside their differences and try to survive when one of them disappears and something in the forest starts killing the rest.
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My Bloody Banjo (2016)-Official Trailer
braindamagefilms.com midnightreleasing.com
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Shackled (2012) - Official Trailer 2
http://midnightreleasing.com/shackled/ After Brian McDonald is found murdered on a beach, his sister, Sarah and his childhood friend Michael try to unravel the devastating mysteries surrounding his last few weeks alive, finding a side to her brother that they never expected...
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The Death Factory Bloodletting (2008) - Official Trailer
The Death Factory Bloodletting is a horror film about a group of online deviants who are invited to an abandoned factory to witness a "bloodletting", an event displaying the torture and murder of an innocent person. Once inside, they soon realize that they have been lured into a trap by a self-righteous madman who uses the factory and its bloodthirsty inhabitant as his own personal version of Hell.
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Prince of the City (2013) - Official Trailer 2
http://midnightreleasing.com/prince-of-the-city/ After inheriting wealth and power, Prince Amara, the adopted son of a Malaysian billionaire, is framed for murder by his jealous full-blooded brother and exiled from his country. With the help of an entrepreneurial gangster and a killer bodyguard, Prince must take back what belongs to him.
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Blood Widow (2014) - Official Trailer
http://midnightreleasing.com/blood-widow/ Laurie and Hugh are a successful young couple who have just closed on a weekend home away from the city. Unbeknownst to them, the neighboring property contains the crumbling remains of a boarding school that was shuttered in the wake of an unspeakable massacre. The sole survivor of that massacre still resides in the ruins of the school, hiding from the world and wanting only to be left alone. When Laurie and Hugh's friends explore the property, they have no idea that they disturbed an emotionally-broken killing machine: The Blood Widow.
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Deadfall Trail (2011) - Official Trailer
http://midnightreleasing.com/deadfall-trail/ John, Julian and Paul enter the Kaibab National Forest for a three-week survival trip and peyote vision quest. The only items they take with them are a knife, a bottle of water and a garbage bag each. A week into their journey a disastrous turn of events changes everything and the men are forced to ultimately confront the darkest corners of their morality and mortality. Battling the elements and each other, the quest becomes make it out of the forest alive.
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Destined to be Ingested (2010) - Official Trailer
http://midnightreleasing.com/destined-to-be-ingested/ Anna and Tom were a down and out couple -- until one day their fortunes changed. One lucky lottery ticket later they found themselves living the good life, cruising the South Pacific with their fancy new friends, enjoying the essential three C's of luxury living: Champagne, Caviar and Cocaine. But when the group of yuppies lose their way and are marooned on a mysterious jungle island, their charmed lives suddenly become a string of gruesome deaths by the island's inhabitants: a tribe of savage cannibals.
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Death of a Ghost Hunter (2008) - Official Trailer
Twenty years after minister Joseph Masterson and his family were slaughtered inside their home, noted ghost hunter Carter Simms (Patti Tindall) is offered $5,000 to investigate the residual paranormal activity in the house -- with shocking results. Director Sean Tretta's spine-tingling low-budget flick was an official selection at the Phoenix Film Festival and took home the Best Screenplay prize from the 2007 New York City Horror Film Festival.
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She Who Must Burn (2016)-Official Trailer
The new controversial film from director Larry Kent. midnightreleasing.com
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Evolution of Evil (2018) - Official Trailer
Midnight Releasing presents, a Great Notion Filmmaker Collective production. A film by Kevin Forrest. 'Evolution of Evil. Starring Erin McGarry, Dennis Fitzpatrick, Michael Draper, Nikki Flinn. Original Music composed by Ben Cleek. Produced by Molly Preston, Kelly McCrillis, Scott Ballard, Kevin Forrest. Written and Directed by Kevin Forrest. midnightreleasing.com acortinternational.com
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Animus (2013) - Official Trailer
http://midnightreleasing.com/animus/ For a final project, five film students led by Maya (Megan Davis) document an infamous old hospital deep in Southern Arizona. They went hoping to find proof of the paranormal. Instead, they find themselves at the mercy of a savage madman.
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"Girl Fight" in Hell Fire.
http://midnightreleasing.com/hell-fire Coming to VOD and DVD on 12/30/2014
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Knucklebones (2016)-Official Trailer
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Amexico (2016)- Official Trailer
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