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Graveyard Shift Monster Explained
The giant monstrous bat living in the decrepit and condemned building hunted down and ate various humans throughout the early 90's film Graveyard Shift. I explore the possibility of what this beast could be and if there may be another out there for a potential sequel.
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Bruce's Mother
In response to very positive feedback on my video theorizing the origin of Bruce from Jaws I made a video on what if Bruce was a baby Megalodon and where his mother could be? Where would an enormous monster of that size live and would she return for revenge?
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Pazuzu Explained
The demon behind the horrendous events during The Exorcist, we have seen the figure and known the outcome but what is the mythology behind the statue seen by Father Merrin? I explore the ancient demonic deity into detail.
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The Shining: 9 Circles of Hell Theory
Was Jack driven mad from the ghosts that haunt the Overlook? Or was the Hotel a larger hole harboring a deeper Biblical subtext of Hellish proportions?
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Fluffy Origin
The Crate is arguably one of the best admissions to Creepshow, a creature hidden for almost two centuries in the bowels of a Maine University, hungry and waiting. What was the monster affectionately known by it's creator Tom Savini as Fluffy? Where did it come from? How did it get there? This video was inspired by one of my subscribers.
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3 A.M: The Devil's Hour
Why do we find ourselves awake in the middle of night? Many times in movies paranormal events will occur at a common time usually between 3 am and 4 am. What is the significance of this? I explore the biological as well as supernatural influence associated with what is known as The Devil's Hour.
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Twilight Zone Monster-Explained
In Twilight Zone The Movie John Lithgow is tormented by something causing destruction on the plain indirectly creating havoc inside of it. What was the thing trying to destroy the wing of the plane and what were its intentions?
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Black Shuck Explained
The legend of a large canine that stalked the coastal land of England hundreds of years ago lives in infamy after claiming the life of a man and young boy. But where does this cryptic come from? Where does the origins of the beast originate?
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What was Bruce?
Bruce, the monstrous shark from Jaws named after Spielberg's Lawyer. What was it? A large shark with an insatiable appetite? Or a creature not from this world? I discuss the possibilities of Bruce and what it could be regarding the natural world.
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Pet Sematary Theory
What lays in the Micmac ground beyond barrier of the pet cemetery? What forces are at work that bring back the dead but not those that died? I explore the ideas of ancient Native American legends and curses and theorize what comes out of the stoney ground.
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Samhain Explained
The tradition of Samhain is deeply enriched in the foundations of Halloween, I explore those traditions and practices that kept the monsters appeased, the ancient practices we still follow in some form or another to this day.
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Arachnophobia: The General Explained
The General or as the filmmakers came to know his as Big Bob is a pivotal creature in the book of film monsters. His size and deadly venom terrorized a small town and family thrust out of their comfort zone. I explore what kind of monster came out of the deep Amazonian forest and created a legend for himself.
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The Descent Cave Theory
The Descent is a favored film in the horror genre, a futile survival story of women trapped far below the surface of the earth attempting to avoid a gruesome death at the hands of horrible subterranean monsters. Was it just dumb luck they happen upon the realm of such beasts? Was one of these women suffering from a mental breakdown killing her friends? Or did they come upon something else? Perhaps the gates of Hell itself?
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Frau Perchta Explained
The whimsical time during the holiday season is full of magical beasts both good and bad, this of course includes a vicious witch who seeks out naughty and nice children alike dispensing rewards and punishments for deeds during the 12 Days of Christmas.
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How World War Z Should Have Been Made
The 2013 Film World War Z was an "adaptation" of the Max Brooks novel of the same name. The name is about the extent of what the book and the film have in common. I have come up with an Idea of how the movie should have been to be more loyal to the source material.
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Sunshine Film Theory
The film Sunshine is an underrated masterpiece for the science fiction/horror genre. With themes including religion and the soul of humanity it is tragic as well as horrifying in nature. I have a theory that this film has an underlying story involving a demonic force attempting to thwart the plans to heal our sun from an internal cancer and prevent the end of mankind.
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DeepStar Six (1989) Review
Under Water Horror is one pf my favorite genres, it intrigues me to think about what monsters or aliens could be lurking at the deepest part of our planet. One movie utilized a very common theme in the late 80's and made it into it's own amazing low budget B horror film.
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Let The Right One In Theory
A young boy befriends a centuries old vampire who appears as a young girl. Eli has a dark history, and the further it goes the darker it becomes. I explore her origins and have an idea on why she became a vampire and who the mysterious "Man In The Wig" was in her past.
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Top 10 Horror Movie Werewolves
Werewolves are deeply entrenched in our fiction, history and cultural fears. They have an important place in mankind's saga. 2017 films TOp 10 list Wolf List American Werewolf Werewolf Wolfman Dracula Frankenstein Horror Horror Films Universal Monsters Dark Universe
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The Fly (1986) vs. Mimic (1997)
What would happen if a fully transformed Brundlefly met and aggressive and hungry Judas Breed? Here is my hypothesis on the horror show down between these two insect monsters from botched science. The Fly (1986) Mimic (1997) Horror Film 1980 Film 1990 Film Movie Film Horror Movie 2017 Films 2017 Movies 2018 Films 2018 Movies New Movies Alien Day
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The Thing Vs The Blob
Who would win in a meeting between The Thing and The Blob? Watch my video as I discuss their origins, strengths, weaknesses and other factors that should be considered on the battle between these highly dangerous monsters. pumpkinclaws.blog 1980 Horror 1980 Movie Horror Movies The Blob 1988 The Thing John Carpenter
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Top 10 Underwater Horror Movie Monsters
These are my Top 10 Monsters that have appeared in underwater horror films. Pumkinclaws.blog Horror Movies 2017 Movies 2017 Horror Movies 2016 Horror Movies 2016 Movies 1980 Movies 1990 Movies 2000 Movies Sea Monsters Sea Monster Movies
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Top 5 Horror Movie Plants
Plants are made of millions of unsuspecting species located all over the world. What if these sensitive looking and beautiful arrangements are deadly in nature?
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Tremors Graboid Theory
Tremors is a modern classic with a strong cult following, memorable lines, action and suspense all packed into one amazing film. Though the campy and unnecessary sequels explained the lore behind the "Graboids" I take my own explanation as to where the creatures from the original film comes from and how they ended up hunting the poor folk of Perfection Valley.
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47 Meters Down (2017) Review
Trapped like a rat in a cage, two girls find themselves stuck in the territory of massic great whites. In the deep they attempt to survive with limited air and dwindling hope. Mandy Moore Sharks 2017 Movies 2017 Films This Is Us Horror Killer Shark Jaws Open Water Deep Blue Sea
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Just Desserts: The Making of Creepshow (2007) Review
Creepshow could arguably be called the best horror anthology ever made, with two of the greatest minds of horror collaborating for 5 tales of terror in comic book fashion. This documentary goes behind the scenes to it's concept design, special effects and casting. Creepshow Horror Stephen King George Romero
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Critters (1986) Review
A great creature feature, home invasion about monsters from outerspace attacking an unsuspecting family and a small town unprepared for the alien bounty hunters seeking these escaped intergalactic convicts.
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Lake Placid Theory
The Monster of Black Lake was a monstrous crocodile dominating the ecosystem eating any man or beast that crossed its path. But how did a creature normally from warm climates make its way up to the North Eastern United States in Maine. I have an idea explaining not only how it got there but also that this monster is a famous killer known around the world.
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The Thing vs G-Virus
The Thing is an alien species established forever in the lore of horror and sci-fi. With the release of the Resident Evil 2 Remake I considered what would happen if The Thing came in contact with William Birkin infected by the mutagenic G-Virus. Would there be a victor? Or would only a horrible creature beyond our imagination rise from these two monsters.
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Cabin Fever Meets Resident Evil: Patient -0
The awful Flesh Eating Bacteria from Cabin Fever meets the infamous T-Virus in one individual known as Patient -0. What would be the effects on this individual? Would both infections combat for supremacy destroying the patient or work in unison to create a biological scourge on the planet?
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Creepshow Return
This video is dedicated to the late George Romero. This is my concept idea for a revitalized Creepshow film incorporating 5 of Stephen King stories. One of the stories I included is looking for backing on INDIEGOGO and is going to star Lance Henriksen. Please Click the link and show your support. https://www.indiegogo.com/projects/one-for-the-road-starring-lance-henriksen-horror#/
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Leatherface and Michael Film
We love horror monsters meeting each other for a showdown encounter that leaves bodies in the wake. I have a different concept with a chance meeting between Leatherface and Michael Myers.
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Razorback Film Review (1980's Horror)
Ozploitation Film about a giant man eating boar in Australia. "Nature Horror" at it's finest. Pumpkinclaws.blog 1980 Horror Horror Horror Movie Nature Horror Jaws Animal Horror
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The Thing (1982) Film Ending Theory
Ambigous endings are causes for debates and fan theories, here is my theory why Childs wasn't The Thing at the end but the hero R.J. Macready himself. Pumpkinclaws.blog 1980's Movies Scifi Movies Horror Movies Movies Films Theories
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Pennywise Origin Theory
What is Pennywise? Where did IT come from? I explore foundations for influence in the creation of Pennywise The Dancing Clowning drawing close similarities to sources in Middle Earth and Tolkien Lore It 2017 Stephen Kings It Horror Pennywise The Dancing Clown Lord of The Rings Middle Earth Tolkien 2017 Films 2017 Movies
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Top 10 Horror Movies From The 1990s
The entire decade of the 1990's is saturated with some of the best Horror. Igniting new directors, creating some of the most original stories and even grabbing a few Oscars. Even though difficult to narrow down here is my list of my Top 10.
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Alligator (1980) Film Review
Giant mutant alligator attacks birthdays, stickball players and police officers in this 80's throwback. 1980's films 1980 Movie Reviews Horror Movie Reviews Horror Films
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Fear Of The Dark
What is it to be afraid of the Dark? Is there a natural internal need to keep into the light or are we conditioned to fear that which we can not see?
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Fear Of Clowns
Clowns are a symbolic figure in horror that drives fear and distrust in many that could be paralyzing to say the least. But What drives this fear? What makes children cry and adults cringe in terror? I explore the inherent fear behind these painted faces and explore some of horror most famous characters.
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Why The New IT Isn't A Remake (2017 Movie)
Horror will be getting its Opus in September with the release of IT but why is it being called a Remake when it is closer to the book than the 90's miniseries? Pumpkinclaws.blog Movies 2017 Movies 2016 Horror films Horror Videos
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Top 10 Horror Movies From The 1980's
Possibly one of the hardest lists I have ever done, too many great movies to narrow down into 10 but I attempt at bringing together the list of what I feel are the best, most influential and impactful horror films from 1980-1989.
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Fear of Rats
I am going to explore my own personal fear, the little creatures that add to horror stories and movies. That are utilized to drive plot or are their main antagonists creating a vile silhouette on the genre. Please Check out my Patreon page and feel free to donate www.patreon.com/Pumpkinclaw
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Lance Henriksen: Horror Hall of Famer
Across genres this talented actor has crossed the board and touched upon everything in the industry. Here is a tribute to the career he had and the career he continues to build. Lance Henriksen Horror Horror Films Horror Movies 1980's films 1990 Films Aliens Millennium 1980's films 1980 Movie Reviews Horror Movie Reviews Horror Films
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Rise of Arkham House
H.P. Lovecraft is a name synonymous with horror, but not many people know that he died almost completely forgotten and a friend is the reason decades later his work is echoing across various art forms today. H.P Lovecraft Arkham House Stephen King Guillermo Del Toro John Carpenter August Derleth Cthuhlu Monsters Gods Evil
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Jack Ketchum Tribute
The passing of famed horror author Jack Ketchum leaves a hole in the horror world, a man who knew exactly how to tap into the nerves of readers placing them in the fearful situations of his novels, successful putting audiences through the emotional and physical turmoil his characters were experiencing. His death is a loss for us all.
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The Blob 2 (2019)
Over 65 years ago horror fans witnessed a giant gelatinous alien ravaging moviegoers. This movie monster has been an important character in the genre's lore and over the years a sequel has been stuck in development. Here is my idea for a continuation of the 1958 film with the monster frozen in the polar ice cap released due to manmade factors. The Blob The Blob Sequel Horror Films Horror Movies movies FIlms Sequels Remakes 1980's films 1980 Movie Reviews Horror Movie Reviews Horror Films
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NOS4A2 Book Review
Boogeyman evolved in this riveting horror novel involving powerful youth ostracized and an evil creature beyond comprehension stealing children for a demented land of neverending darkness. For fans eagerly hoping for a sequel to IT this is the novel they have been waiting for.
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Top 10 Horror Movie Aliens
Aliens and Horror go hand and hand, here is a list of my favorites things from beyond our world that have been showcased in my favorite horror films. Killer Klowns Music Video :https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tGVX033PiDA Aliens Horror Movie Aliens Movie Monsters 1980s Movies Science Fiction Horror SciFi
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Top 5 Horror Movie Clowns
Clowns are symbols of horror up there with the likes of vampires, werewolves and zombies. Here are my Top 5 favorites from horror films. It 2017 Stephen Kings It Horror Pennywise The Dancing Clown 2017 Films 2017 Movies Rob ZOmbie House of 1000 Corpses 31
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Spring (2014) Film Review
Love is a Monster. What a tagline for an independent film lost in obscurity of major horror releases. Here is my review of a movie that is a must for horror film and love movie fans alike. 2017 Film 2016 Film 2015 Film Horror Films Horror Movies Horror Independent Movie Independent Independent Film
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