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Creating an APA citation
This short video walks through how to read a citation to know what kind of source it is, and how to create your own citation.
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Evidence-Based Practices Research
This video explains how to start the EBP research process by looking at systematic reviews and meta-analyses, and databases that search for specific programs.
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American FactFinder
American FactFinder is the US Census Bureau's search engine. Use it to find demographic information on a particular state, county, or neighborhood. Begin by searching for "American Fact Finder" in Google. It is the first result. From there, if you want information about a state, city, town, county, or zip code, enter it in the main search box and click Go. In this example, I'll start with a zip code. I can now get the 2010 Census information, or data from more recent surveys of the area the Census Bureau has done. I can also search American FactFinder for smaller areas than zip codes, for instance the neighborhoods. For that, I'll search by street address. Then, I can choose the type of geography I want -- a city block, a census tract, etc. I'll choose census tract because those approximate the size of neighborhoods. Once I've selected that, I'll choose Topics and select the kind of data I'm interested in. If you have any questions, always feel free to contact the library.
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Literature Reviews & Search Strategies
This video explains why you should do a literature search before you formulate your research question, and how to tell the database what you're looking for.
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Using Social Explorer
Updated August 2014.
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Popular and Scholarly Sources
This short video provides an overview of popular and scholarly sources and when each may be more useful while doing research.
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Using Course Reserves (ARES)
This video provides a short introduction to using the course reserves system to access required readings.
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Behavioral Tests and Measurements
This short video walks you through the process of locating behavioral tests and measurements, and how to evaluate them for their reliability and validity.
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Finding federal policies
This video shows how to find federal policies using congress.gov.
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Using Cochrane Library
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How to use Gale Virtual Reference Library
This short video demonstrates using Gale Virtual Reference Library for background information on theories or topics.
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Mental Measurements Yearbook
This video shows a basic search in Mental Measurements Yearbook. It also shows where to locate the yearbook.
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Searching for Journal Articles in USC Libraries Search
A brief overview of finding a journal article, with known title.
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Welcome to USC Libraries for Social Work students
This short video provides an overview of the important services and resources available to you at USC Libraries.
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Identifying Peer Reviewed Articles
This short video explains peer-reviewed articles and strategies for identifying them and finding them in library databases.
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Using Interlibrary loan and document delivery services
This short tutorial provides an overview of using the Interlibrary loan and document delivery services (IDD).
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