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THANK YOU SO MUCH TO EVERYBODY WHO HAS STUCK AROUND MY CHANNEL... Make sure to check out my Instagram - ThePirateLifeOfficial
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Mens Hair - Getting My Hair Cut
So im back :).. After afew months travelling and working away im finally back home. Ready to post some new tutorials and style videos.. Check out my incredible Barbers social media, and the shop he works in.. Links Below https://instagram.com/paulie_the_barber https://instagram.com/braidbarbers/ All my social media twitter/instagram - @TheMarkPablo :)
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Mens Hair - Growing out your undercut #2
Heres my week 4 upload sorry not to much to share so far.. You can send your pictures over to me at - [email protected] or tag me on instagram - Thepiratelifeofficial My personal Instagram is under TheMarkPablo Thank you for all the support :) ThePiratelife
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Mens Hair - 5 Tips to Healthy Hair
So here's my top 5 tips to healthier hair.. :) Thanks for watching Make sure you Pop a thumbs up and subscribe... If you would like to Follow any of my social media.. Instagram - TheMarkPablo Twitter - TheMarkPablo ThePirateLife Camera - Canon EOS 750D
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Mens Hair - Growing out your undercut #5
Loving all the support on this series of videos and the undercut videos. Thank you for all of your pictures and comments. To submit a picture either send it to me on instagram or by email Instagram - ThePirateLifeOfficial Email - [email protected]
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The Perfect Messy Manbun Tutorial
Instagram - ThePirateLifeOfficial https://www.cartersupplyco.com/ Discount Code - PIRATE10 Please like/Subscribe/Comment. :)
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Growing out your undercut - THE FINALE!
Thank you everybody who followed me on this journey. it feels great to have finally hit a point i am happy with, even if it isn't the end. Make sure to pop a comment below and i will be back with some more videos soon... I promise ;)
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Mens Hair - Growing out your undercut #3
Post your Q&A questions below :) Sorry for the delay of this upload.. But FINALLY i got round to filming this after being ill and working alot... Make sure you send over your next set of pictures for the next video. Social media Instagram - TheMarkPablo...ThePirateLifeOfficial Twitter - TheMarkPablo
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Growing your hair when older (Featuring xingcat)
Thank you Patrick for filming this awesome video for my channel please go and subscribe to his channel :) Xingcat - https://www.youtube.com/c/xingcat https://twitter.com/xingcat Instagram - ThePirateLifeOfficial Any business inquiries to [email protected]
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Mens Hair - The Perfect TopKnot Guide/Tutorial
So i love the topknot, even before it was a huge trend.. Here are a couple of tips on growing and styling the perfect topknot.. Good Luck ;) Make Sure to Like/Subscribe/Comment and most of all share ;) Facebook.com/ThePirateLife Instagram - TheMarkPablo
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Intro Growing Long Hair Men
So here is a little intro video on growing long hair.. Lately I've gotten very into Fashion and styles on youtube and Facebook that i wanted to start posting myself.. Please suggest topics you would like me to discuss :)
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Growing out your undercut #8 - GOOD MORNING MANBUN
This journey has been amazing, and tough!! Even though, yes.. I am not quite there yet to my goal, but i have reached a big target in this journey... I hope you continue with your own Journeys and push forward.. Make sure you subscribe for lots more content.. And get onto the instagram page ThePirateLifeOfficial
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Mens Hair - Growing Out Your Undercut
So ive decided to grow out my undercut and will be posting videos on my progress every 4 weeks.. Come and join me on this journey. :) Make sure you subscribe.. :) Instagram - TheMarkPablo Twitter - TheMarkPablo New Videos on fashion/hair coming soon :)
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Mens Hair - Growing out your undercut #4
FINALLY i posted 1 for you guys.. Submit your pictures either on instagram ThePirateLifeOfficial Or by email [email protected] Thanks for all the love and support Keep Growing :)
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Mens hair - Growing out your undercut #7
Growing out your undercut... Yes i know i haven't posted in awhile but don't worry my hair is still growing.. Will be back with new videos soon :). Instagram - ThePirateOfficial [email protected]
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Mens Hair - Quiff Tips/Tricks (Long Hair)
So i noticed lately a lot of people were struggling to get there quiff to hold.. So here are couple of tips to help you maximise an all day hold. Please Like/Subscribe/Comment.. Peace xx
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Mens Hair - My Everyday Hairstyle Tutorial
Welcome back to ThePirateLife.. Thank you for all of your love and support on this channel.. Here is a quick tutorial of my Day2Day hairstyle.. :).. Heres the link to the Undercut Challenge https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=V6dd8lE9PWI All of my Social media is under TheMarkPablo Twitter/Instagram Make sure you pop a thumbs up and subscribe :) Camera - Canon EOS 750D
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Half Up Half Down Manbun Featuring Steve is here
Big shout out to Steve for sending in this video.. go check out his channel some awesome videos and he will be back on the channel soon. Steves youtube - https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCf2r517ntqDnzL0WTlm0oCg Instagram - thepiratelifeofficial [email protected]
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Mens Hair - Long Hairstyle Tutorial/Products
Here is a rough video of 1 of the styles that i use on my hair. Its so important to experiment, always try different products and other ways of styling... I hope this can be of some help.. More videos coming soon :).. Please like/share/comment/subscribe :)
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Mens Hair - Natural Hair Highlights Tutorial
New Video to give you guys some tips on dying your own hair. Make sure you comment below on future tutorials/tips you would like.. :) Make sure you follow all the social media Twitter/Instagram - TheMarkPablo Facebook/Twitter/Youtube - TheShures Instagram - JoeKennedyX Any Business Inquiries or Product reviews to - [email protected]
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Mens Hair - Growing out your undercut #6
Thank you for all the love :) Make sure to send your pictures over and check out my social media https://www.instagram.com/thepiratelifeofficial/ [email protected] Twitter - TheMarkPablo https://www.facebook.com/piratelifephotography
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Quick Hair and Body Update
Carter Discount code - PIRATE10. Snapchat - themarkpablo Instagram - TheMarkPablo/ThePiratelife Thanks for all the Love
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Mens Hair - New Topknot Tie Style
Sorry i haven't uploaded in afew weeks crazy busy working.. Some new videos coming soon.. Please check out my original Topknot video for basic tips, This is just a new tie style which i have started using.. My Instagram is TheMarkPablo
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Men's Fashion - Zara
Another fashion inspired video Featuring Paul hutchinson and a collection of Zara clothing... Production by ThePirateLife Check out his Instagram https://instagram.com/paulchutchie/ And the PirateLife has a brand new Instagram https://instagram.com/thepiratelifeofficial or my personal instagram https://instagram.com/themarkpablo For Business Enquiries [email protected]
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Curly hair  (featuring Nathan Griffiths)
Welcome back to another Sit Down Sunday video with the insane Nathan griffiths make sure you go check out his awesome content and clothing brand as well as popping a thumbs up and subscribe :) Instagram - @ImNathGriff & @DysfktnClothing Twitter - @ImNathGriff & @DysfktnClothing www.DysfktnClothing.com Nathans Channel - https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCf9cH2ZVdeWjHq1Z2gcpgHQ Instagram - ThePiratelifeofficial Twitter - TheMarkPablo Any business inquiries to [email protected]
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Well thought i had better respond to all your questions.. Hair update video coming soon :) Instagram - ThePirateLifeOfficial Business inquiries - [email protected]
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Mens Hair - Choosing Your Hairstyle
Thank you to everybody who has watched my videos so far, i shall continue to upload weekly videos.. So please Like/Share/Subscribe or comment anything you'd like me to discuss... So this video is a quick 3 step guide to helping you choose your style
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My Fitness Journey #1
So its time for a new journey on my channel, and as like the manbun I'm not one to shy away. Please join me, and send over the pics/messages on instagram ThePirateLifeOfficial. Lets go!!!
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Mens Fashion - My Style
Welcome back to the Channel :)... Here is a quick video on some of my Day2Day styles and how i like to dress on a casual day... Make sure you pop a like/Subscribe and catch you guys soon for another video. Instagram - ThePirateLifeOfficial Email - [email protected]
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Throwback Thursday - Singing and playing guitar
https://www.youtube.com/c/theshures https://www.facebook.com/theshures Such amazing times jamming with my friends few years back... We used to have such a laugh and travel constantly to gigs and competitions... If your new make sure to subscribe for lots of fashion and hair tips :) https://www.instagram.com/thepiratelifeofficial/ https://twitter.com/themarkpablo
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Mens Hair - David Beckham Inspired Cut/Style
Thanks for checking out that video.. :) Make sure to check out Carter Supplies http://www.cartersupplyco.com/ https://www.instagram.com/CarterSupplyCo/ https://twitter.com/CarterSupplyCo Braids Barbers https://www.instagram.com/braidbarbers/ http://www.braidbarbers.co.uk/ Paul https://www.instagram.com/paulie_the_barber/ Any Information or business inquiries Please contact [email protected]
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Mens Long hair - Am I still doing youtube?
I'll be back shortly with some new content for you all.. New fashion videos/tips and badass edits. make sure you follow my instagram for more regular posts @ThePirateLifeOfficial
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Mens Hair - New Style
So this is just an update on me and my page.. Thank you to everybody who has checked it out.. Subscribed and liked..
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Getting A Tattoo
Make sure you click that subscribe button if your new ;). Had a great time at my sisters studio Inkantations having some work on my new sleeve. Make sure you go check out her social media.
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Mens Hair - Messy Pomp Cut/Style
Thanks for checking out that video.. :) Make sure to check out Carter Supplies http://www.cartersupplyco.com/ https://www.instagram.com/CarterSupplyCo/ https://twitter.com/CarterSupplyCo Braids Barbers https://www.instagram.com/braidbarbers/ http://www.braidbarbers.co.uk/ Paul https://www.instagram.com/paulie_the_barber/ Any Information or business inquiries Please contact [email protected]
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Mens Hair - Beards  Tips/Advice
So here are some of my tips and advice on growing beards and choosing styles.. Thanks for watching please go check out some of my other videos on my channel... Like/Subscribe and comment :).. Peace!
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Thank you for all the Love on the channel and your patience.. Make Sure to pop your questions below :)
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The Manbun is back
Sorry it's been awhile, due to recently becoming a dad and moving house life has been hectic.. But i'm starting to get back on track with my uploads. Instagram - ThePirateLifeOfficial [email protected]
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