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Aaron Kaleta-Wild Fire Remix (W/Lyrics/Free download)
Single off Aaron Kaleta's upcoming mixtape, being released this summer. Like on [email protected] www.facebook.com/aaronkaletamusic Download Link: http://www.mediafire.com/file/80id6chqe2zg5s5/wild_fire_3.mp3 Artwork By Nick Angyal Check out my long-awaited debut mixtape "Phases"! http://www.datpiff.com/Aaron-Kaleta-Phases-mixtape.456920.html Lyrics:(Verse 1) Big boy I ain't gotta bluff Tight zig zag bout to take a big puff Went from being normal now I'm doing big stuff Pitbull flow can't u all hear the ruff Rough explain what I been goin thru Tough is life dont let shit succumb to you Cant search for love when they say let It come to you But what you spose to do when they aren't in you for you Damn, crushin beats insane She always keep my music on replay so I'm always on her brain like every single day Now that I'm off the bench and I'm playin in the game im bout to make my mark I ain't talkin bout a stain I came to spice it up cuz ain't no one like it plain I just wanna be a legend and make hits like lil Wayne They all so damn boring man I swear they got me snoring And my rhymes so clean I swear It spread like neosporin So important To Import it Cuz these words alll just foreign They just pop in to my head Surge down into my hand Grab piece of paper then i go and get my pen The whole purpose of life it to live So ima live it up and do it big (Verse 2) Turn me up turn me up turn up I'm who you listen to Your confidence high till them people start Dissin u I won't quit this shit till my mission thru I gotta pay my rent and fees when my admission due The skys is the limit see a pie and I'm In it Gotta vie till I win it and ride to the gimmick It's okay you may not understand what I say it makes cents to me That means I'm makin change guess nothin is for free See I just want a blonde my by side like modanna My team can make it rain dear and I ain't talkin donner You better not get jealous or else you'll be a goner Plus if u leave your girl alone me or my boys will be on her Hit me up hit me up hit me if you want uh copy I'll sip a little with you please just don't get sloppy Try n get my picture perfect so you ain't gotta crop me Onthe way to the top promise you could never stop me We all feel the heat like we stading by a fire I'm far from the street but I roll just like a tire Plus I got a flow other rappers all admire fresh like a new born but the situations dier
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Aaron Kaleta-Gettin' Dizzy (prod. by Legendary P)Phases Single (W/ Download)
First original single off Aaron Kaleta's highly anticipated mixtape "Phases" Facebook: facebook.com/aaronkaletamusic Download link:http://www.mediafire.com/?vtztqemm4dtkb9n Check out my long-awaited debut mixtape "Phases"! http://www.datpiff.com/Aaron-Kaleta-Phases-mixtape.456920.html
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Chris Brown ft. Justin Bieber - Ladies Love Me-Aaron Kaleta Freestyle
Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/home.php#!/pages/Aaron-Kaleta-Music/166816466674528 Freestyle to Chris Brown and Justin Biebers Ladies love me. Check out my long-awaited debut mixtape "Phases"! http://www.datpiff.com/Aaron-Kaleta-Phases-mixtape.456920.html Lyrics:Im not a bragger but an attacker check my swagger on maroon five shit man got moves just like jagger and this beat is so intense and my pockets feel so dense lookin towards the future make me forget about present tense present this yea i will got a doc on call cuz i am so ill need to chill gimme a sec the beat is the cause i am the effect dont neglect when i wreck need to check what i bet dont talk shit ill make things rough no poker face and u still cant catch my bluff friends and people on youtube man all love my sound walk into big a room and everyone turn around signing so many autographs my wrist getting sore killed one instrumental now i just keep killing more need some wins cuz losses i cannot afford rap is my baby im bout to cut the cord get that line feelin fine everyday just a grind to get mine but in time you will find im hollow headed got not mind got a dime wait in line cant u read the fuckin sign coyote swag on my prowl full moon hear me howl your below me so just bow hear the hoot just like an owl give you the boot youll be like owe hear me freestyle you'll be like wow grazin rappers feelin like a cow hittin homeruns like whats a foul like chris said bitch if you have eyes look at me now
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Aaron Kaleta- Hover
Aaron Kaleta performing a single off his upcoming mixtape ''Phases'
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NEW! Aaron Kaleta La la la Mac Miller Remix (W/ Lyrics)
Aaron Kaleta La la la Mac Miller Remix Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/pages/Aaron-Kaleta-Music/166816466674528 Lyrics: All you haters aint reaching me They want a preacher teachin so a preist I'll have to be Tha corner piece missin and the puzzles incomplete Gotta shuffle to the huddle to see what the snap count will be You can call me drew brews cuz I do it for my saints You starin through the stain glass but can't see passed the paints I'm runnin dead sprint need to pick up the pace Im ready for the dream so sick of the chase The cards been dealt I'm just hopin for the ace See I'm stuck in this phase we headed different ways I use to be Greek use to be in a frat Got kicked out for partying so now I'm like f that See lyrically they feelin me But I'm just getting started There soon to see I kill the beat And they won't disregard it A scene to see I will be Cause I'm always pondering I see the lock I need the key So I could stop wondering Thinking of the future and all that's to come Great parties, girls paparazzi under Cali sun Man it will be so fun and it's Gonna Happen soon the say the sky's the limit so I'm Sitting laughing on the moon No autotune this my straight voice My ringtone is your ladies favorite choice I smoke the beat wish you could see the ash Like wine I'm tryin to refine as time pass Use to record in my room now I'm on official ish Don't get the meaning check my site see what official is I'm laughing at all my teachers and all my peers Who tried to put me down and said I wouldn't make it here Make this a career make other rappers fear The kid with piercing rhymes boy my words sharp as a spear Got everyone I know saying that I'm soon to blow Have to buy a tour bus and hit route 44 Clashin with haters watch out for the revolt You either like me for me or you freakin dont They turn me up and they all feel the jolt I'm all about the strike like a bright lighting bolt And I'm gone, overtime flow been working time plus And we dont find girls the girls find us Your So quick to judge and even quicker to fuss 3 min freestyle and I didn't even cuss I didnt even budge these phonies can never move me Document my swag ciz my life is like a movie Got the 70s in the bag, attitude so groovey Cause I got these groupie girls who always trying to do me Polo on my shirt Nike swoosh on my sneakers After the football game girl meet me behind the bleachers We can smoke some reefer and we can kill our stress Forget what's right and only make lefts What you don't know I'll prove ironically Split the beat up and you can check my decotamy This rhymes on fire call a truck and an ambulance Sleepwalking through life like I took ten ambiens
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Kendrick Lamar Poetic Justice feat  Drake Aaron Kaleta Remix W:Lyrics
Like on facebook @ www.facebook.com/aaronkaletamusic Please sub!! Aaron Kaleta Remix with lyrics below!! Check out my long-awaited debut mixtape "Phases"! http://www.datpiff.com/Aaron-Kaleta-Phases-mixtape.456920.html I do not own the beat, but all of the lyrics are mine an are reserved under common creative license. (Verse 1) Killin the game man and it don't even feel fair Kinda like drake playin jimmy in a wheelchair I stay sharper than a thorn Never smokin on corn The way I f k the beat my music vid is like a porn Started in my dorm Then put fliers up campus An I can sptt those big words vocab is like a mammoth Always be yourself rap games first commandment Ill hand CDs out on campus till they ban it I'm a bandit, can you stand it, or r you stuck like in a sandpit Your girl flippin out and she can't even land it Lost in the music dre beats leave me stranded Writtin lyrics down words never stay candid Keep it kush branded look what I expanded My own rap career and I did it single handed (Verse 2) A chance is what I took now I'm shootin for the stars Gotta pocket full of lighters where ya at bruno mars Bout to blow ur mind nah I'm bout to blow the world Keep talkin hater while im right below your girl a fantasy a dream u gotta make it real ecstasys attainable without a pill Polo what I wear rep the manthe horse Got the logo on my hat, underwear socks and shorts If u say white people can't rap u thick headed these verses are my vows like I'm reciting at a wedding Killin this shit got me feelin like a monster U know I keep it kush that's my motherfuckin sponsor I'm the man ask a question get a manswer life is a bitch then u end up getting cancer I'm smokin with Santa rappin with prancer Spinning on the floor with a Unt dancer Straight to the point, like an exclamation Got a lock on my flow try n guess the combination Me and Jaco bei that's a deadly combination Rap use to be a hobby now it my source of compensation Fans all wanting music man I swear they all impatient But I'm gonna give it to em all they gotta do it wait Ima win this race and that is not up for debate (Rest is freestyle)
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Aaron Kaleta-Keep It Kush Anthem (keepitkush.com promo)
Aaron Kaleta Keep It Kush ad for Keep It Kush Apparal *copyright note I OWN all rights!* like me on facebook http://www.facebook.com/pages/Aaron-Kaleta-Music/166816466674528
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Kaleta-Country Girls ft. Sambo (lyric video)
Hope you enjoy this fun original song we made to turn up to! Produced by Blasian Beats. Edited/mastered by Daniel Adegoke
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Aaron Kaleta-U.O.E.N.O (freestyle)
facebook.com/aaronkaletamusic twitter.com/aaronkaleta All i really gotta say is listen to the lyrics, love the beat, and have a great fucking night!!!!!
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Aaron Kaleta-Everydays A Weekend (Prod. by Legendary P) (W/ Free Download)
Original Single off Aaron Kaleta's mixtape Phases produced by Legendary P recorded at Realo Record Studios. Facebook: www.facebook.com/AaronKaletaMusic Twitter: www.twitter.com/aaronkaleta @legendaryp_ Check out my long-awaited debut mixtape "Phases"! http://www.datpiff.com/Aaron-Kaleta-Phases-mixtape.456920.html All Rights reserved to and owned to Aaron Kaleta and Realo Record Inc.
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Aaron Kaleta-We Are Young (prod. Barry Anderson)(w/ Lyrics & Download)
facebook.com/aaronkaletamusic download: http://www.mediafire.com/?el9galcdckm28my Beat sampled from Fun's song We Are Young with an Aaron Kaleta Twist. Check out my long-awaited debut mixtape "Phases"! http://www.datpiff.com/Aaron-Kaleta-Phases-mixtape.456920.html Lyrics: Drinks up hands too The week left you stiffer than some bamboo Drinks up hands too You and your whole damn crew Going insane rage till we get a noise complaint Tomorrow can wait so let the music play Lights on volume up Always got some in our cup With yo girls with yo boys Raise your glass make some fuckin' noise Cause the world could end at any given minute This time is yours up to you how you spend it We are young at least for the night So let's get together and do this thing right We skipped lunch cause we plan on drinking bunch Don't even asked what I mixed in the punch With one sip I bet you'll have a hunch Puttin' studies off me and my friends crunch We may not know much but we know what we love So tonight will be ours cause we don't give a fuck We gonna rage yeah we gonna party Been hungry for a good time lately I've been starving Put the beer bong hose in our mouths a chug Till we fall on the ground and crawl like a slug Yah cause that's just how it is Throw a party everyday we a bunch of college kids Did all last semester lost two scholarships But excuse is bitch in on college shit
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Aaron Kaleta Rain Freestyle (W/ Download Link)
Aaron Kaleta's freestyle to Rain instrumental prod. big jerm. Copyright note he has been given permission to use this instrumental. Like Aaron on facebook: facebook/aaronkaletamusic DOWNLOAD HERE: http://www.mediafire.com/?x14ing3cyw4535k
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Aaron Kaleta-Pot Of Gold Remix
Aaron Kaleta's remix to pot of gold... *COPYRIGHT NOTICE I HAVE PERMISSION TO USE THIS INSTRUMENTAL* Like Me On Facebook http://www.facebook.com/pages/Aaron-Kaleta-Music/166816466674528
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Aaron Kaleta-Killin' Myself (Lyrics on screen)
like me on facebook: http://www.facebook.com/pages/Aaron-Kaleta-Music/166816466674528 *RMG RECORDS* Dubstep love song i sing and rap in! Check out my long-awaited debut mixtape "Phases"! http://www.datpiff.com/Aaron-Kaleta-Phases-mixtape.456920.html
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Aaron Kaleta-Drive Music Vid (Childish Gambino R.I.P. Remix)
**copyright** do not own the beat but have been given permission to use it for commercial use only! Little home video mixed with some show footage was bored and did this for fun in FL. This is one of my favorite songs of mine, and I hope you enjoy It!-Aaron
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Aaron Kaleta-(Intro)What's The Difference w/ lyrics (Phases Leak)
Facebook page :http://www.facebook.com/AaronKaletaMusic Song written and recorded by Aaron Kaleta. This is the intro to his first upcoming mixtape Phases.
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Aaron Kaleta Freestyling
Aaron Kaleta-Freestyling. *copyright note, i own everything*
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Austin Mahone-What About Love Music Video
Aaron Kaleta feat miguel http://www.aimini.net/view/?fid=birwQtfb8KfewZJMJ4Uf SORRY FOR THE BAD QUALITY, i recorded all this on my mac! copyright note* i do not own the instrumental,(all rights to Sony Music Entertainment with instrumental), or miguels vocals but have permission to use it. I do own my vocals and lyrics are copyrighted* Check out my long-awaited debut mixtape "Phases"! http://www.datpiff.com/Aaron-Kaleta-Phases-mixtape.456920.html Lyrics: 1st Verse: Aaron Kaleta Remix haha, Yeah, Uhh, First time I saw you I was hooked like fish bait, All I can do now is sit and just fixate, Put you on my mixtape, Cuz you were no mistake, Wanna win your heart more than a million dollar sweepstake, I need a clean plate, Cuz you a keep sake, A second chance all I need a new slate, Its our destiny, oops i mean fate, I'll probably die from patheticness at this rate, Chorus: 2nd Verse: Havent always tried, Thats something I'll admit, But without by my side, Girl my life ain't shit, So tell me what I gotta do, To make you my only boo, Like bruno said they got nothin on you, Long as I pursue, We can make it through, Know you think it too, Tell me if it isn't true Thought you felt the same but couldn't be definate, I just want a change to quide me from this deficit, And now the most ironic thing is, Im so blind I need an optometrist, Can't see straight or at least see clearly, Want you by my side, or at least near me, The way I look at you should say it all, Don't believe me ask the mirror on the wall, The other girls convinced me, so I'd like to thank yall, Baby please pick up this ain't a prank phone call, Chorus: 3rd Verse: Yeah Cuz you still the only one who gives me feelings like this, The only one who makes experience bliss, In love don't care if my boys gave me crap, Lift u when u can't walk or u can ride piggy back, You left now I'm like Diddy wantin biggie back You kno I hate pain so baby don't gimme that Promise you the only one I'm thinkin of, High above the rest, spread your wings girl cuz your a dove, From my preception no love could compare more Your the only exception and I ain't talkin paramore, And I can't I can't imagine myself, Every bein in love with somebody else, Liked everything about you, not just that you were blonde, From the second that we met I knew that we would bond, The more that we talked the more I grew fond Still wish u were here, still wish u weren't gone, Things may seem hard but, Please disregard, These jealous peoples talk, Cuz Your my sweetheart, I love your sweet heart, All I"ve wanted is you from the start, Let's just restart, And reignite this spark, Gimme back your heart, remember when it was mine, Remember valentine, Remember all that time, Remember how I was always on your mind? It crazy cuz...
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Aaron Kaleta feat. Montrell Amey-Out Of My Head Remix-Lupe Fiasco feat. Trey Songz
Aaron Kaleta's remix to Out of My Head by Lupe Fiasco feat. Trey Songz, For entertainment purposes only! facebook:http://www.facebook.com/pages/Aaron-Kaleta-Music/166816466674528 Check out my long-awaited debut mixtape "Phases"! http://www.datpiff.com/Aaron-Kaleta-Phases-mixtape.456920.html
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Aaron Kaleta - Can You Feel Yours (w/ Mixtape link)
Song by Aaron Kaleta off of his debut mixtape, PHASES. Download mixtape: http://www.datpiff.com/Aaron-Kaleta-Phases-mixtape.456920.html facebook.com/Aaronkaletamusic twitter.com/aaronkaleta Lyrics: I can't feel my face can you feel yours Liquor down south kush up north That mean one in my stomach other in my head Gettin twisted All the time till the day that I'm dead Ok plug in the vape load up the bong Turn on colt 45 man let's sing the whole song Take another shot pour another drink She gettin so sick hold her hair up out the sink In the cotton patches smokin on mallases skippin all my classes Cuz I'm sippin all these glasses Young life is fabulous rep Dallas like the marvericks Live wild and hazardous New this song would bump before p even mastered this I can't feel my face can you feel yours Liquor down south kush up north That mean one in my stomach and the other in my head Gettin twisted All time till the day that I'm dead Ya we on some real trippy shit come and hit this trippy stick we all about the hippie shit now load a bowl then quickly hit We get weed bags the size of pillows And our arms get tired how we pass the cigarillos Break down some more roll em up like armadillos We gonna do what we want till Karma kill us So I hit it again knowin trippy shit would happen Like I'd start to float or maybe even piggy back Aladdin I'm always lookin different kinda like a transformer Never been one to attend a party where people dance formal My flow from 92 ya I'm 90s baby Bout to turn 21 and make all these ladies crazy The way I ride the beat feel like im rappin on a Segway I feel so alive and all you haters just dead weight I gotta rap hard cuz I gotta have my debt paid Shouldn't have been drinking and driving in the first place
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Aaron Kaleta-Clouds of Purp
Aaron Kaleta Clouds of Purp *copyright note i do not own the instrumental i did write all the lyrics*
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*NEW* Aaron Kaleta-Unlike Me (W/ Free Download & Lyrics)
Like on facebook/Aaronkaletamusic Twitter @aaronkaleta Instagram: aaronkaleta facebook page: facebook.com/aaronkaletamusic Download:http://www.mediafire.com/?dglrwc2sa68vv3j ALL MATERIAL: uploaded is copyrighted under the U.S. law. Anyone who partakes of any theft, false production or selling of the content(s) of this video without proper consent can and will be prosecuted. Lyrics: (Verse 1) Girl you unlike me and I know ya know its true I miss the old us now I'm feelin so blue I mean really what's a dude to do only thinkin' bout you when I'm chillin with my crew yeah I miss our romance kissin and we'd hold hands on the floor slow dance had me feelin in a trance now I'm low like my pants but I'll straighten up my stance just so you can take a glance just so you can take a glance baby do you think I'm strange never planned on this change but I need you by side love it when ya say my names promise I'll give up all of these games so you can be in the picture and fill up the frames she doesn't love me back at least that's what she claims but I'm cupid with an arrow and stay steady with my aims baby girl stop playing we could never be apart yeah and you knew it from the start (Chrous) I've tried to show that my love still grows I've tried you know you know you know you know so lemme be the one the one you see when you wake up everyday from your sleep the one you see in your dreams Ill show you what l-o-v-e means (verse 2) but I'm here forever girl and thats what you need to trust know theres things I should adjust remeber what we discussed we were in it for the love never cared bout the lust I'm just avoiding the crumble like crust see ya cleaned me up took away the rust made realize what love was I could feel it in my gut wiping tears from your eyes everytime you cry If you felt like me then baby I could be that guy who would never tell a lie cause I'd love till I die now baby girl dont deny what you feelin in side and I know this song probably won't win me a grammy I just wrote it for you so that you could understand me I need to find a way that I can get through quicker hit you up on myspace, Facebook, twitter please just consider what it's like to taste bitter I won't give up do whatever just to get her (Repeat Chrous)
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Aaron Kaleta Hover Live 2/23/12
Aaron Kaleta performing Hover live
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LoveRance - UP! (Beat The P**** Up)(Aaron Kaleta Remix)(W/ Lyrics & Download)
Download: http://www.mediafire.com/file/m2agvbhd6d07c9v/Aaron_Kaleta-Beat_the_Pu##y_Up_Remix.mp3 Facebook: facebook.com/aaronkaletamusic Check out my long-awaited debut mixtape "Phases"! http://www.datpiff.com/Aaron-Kaleta-Phases-mixtape.456920.html Lyrics: Verse 1: I beat the pussy up and I make my tounge whirl Some even say I'm the best in the world Don't believe me homie you can ask your girl Don't make her cum once only make her cum plural Ha ya that mean multiple by the time we done bed wetter than the pool Sex king I defy the meaning Only sausage in the market that she been pheening Make her think she dreaming By how loud she screaming Never call her bitch cause that word is just demeaning Make her feel hot other guys leave her freezing Rack rack city please bring the double ds in When I walk in a room panties hit the ground Guess when I dress up ladies dress down Mike Tyson in the sheets Leave ur legs bruised We can take it fast or we can just cruise Choose please I'm ready to start sweatin Treat your spot like an animal I just keep Pettin 007 behind my zipper is my weapon I ain't messing when we done you'll know my blessin No gymnast but Ima make her do backflips on the mattress And we go to the music bumpin drakes practice Can u go harder? shouldn't have to ask this Verse 2: She like when i beat it up but love when i go down Her toes start to curl and she make a funny sound i think its the only reason that she come around She wanna work out cause she love the way i pound Keepin up all my neighbors with the bed squeaks Never eva met em but bet they think were freaks No frat boy but we sex like we some greeks if you plan on comin over better plan on stayin weeks i swear when she come over she never wanna slumber Then once we done she ask about my number Turn her vegetarian cuz she love my cucumber Hit me up when you in bed and sheets is what you under Sex is like lightening girl you are my thunder Swear her taco is the only food i hunger ima do you good just tell me what you want Sont be hard to read like size 8 font Girl you aint gotta flaunt you aint gotta taunt You aint gotta talk girl you the one i want Have sex all day cause we love how it is You can even be my teacher cause i know ill ace the quiz
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Song about my plans for the new year.. please support by following me on the following sites.. www.facebook.com/aaronkaletamusic www.twitter.com/aaronkaleta Check out my long-awaited debut mixtape "Phases"! http://www.datpiff.com/Aaron-Kaleta-Phases-mixtape.456920.html
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Aaron Kaleta-No Morals W/lyrics & Download (Ray Charles Remix)
facebook page: facebook.com/aaronkaletamusic Download:http://www.mediafire.com/?n6dsb0uhgdl6c4s ALL MATERIAL: uploaded is copyrighted under the U.S. law. Anyone who partakes of any theft, false production or selling of the content(s) of this video without proper consent can and will be prosecuted. Check out my long-awaited debut mixtape "Phases"! http://www.datpiff.com/Aaron-Kaleta-Phases-mixtape.456920.html [verse 1] You can call me douche bag im'a call you faggot took rapping from a hobby to an everyday habit lyrically high beats made me an addict Shakespeare flow without music life would be tragic i used to be left out now i got my right in keep people jammin' other rappers unexcitin' off the radar being searched for like Kony people say they love me and they dont even know me random girls sayin that they wanna text friends askin what im about to drop next fridge filled with subway cause i gotta stay fresh plus i always work out cause i gotta have finesse dressed to impress homie check my progress pray for success and hope i never regress yes I must confess that i can care less when haters talk mess say anything i want like freedom of the press [chorus] I got my black shades on, smokin' 'til it's numb Head to the sky, feelin' so on No morals, no no morals No morals, got got no morals I the the black J's on, dancin' to my song Lookin' so fly and im feelin' so gone No morals, no no morals No morals, got got no morals [verse 2] Smokin all this green I aint got morals worship Mary Jane like Catholics do St. Charles doing all these things i never thought i would shit a year ago i never even thought i could smokin on some good burnin like some wood higher than a kite feelin like i should keep puttin out work lookin for recognition as a musician my posistion is to transition my words and work a trick like a magician no disposition try n catch my composition and feel my inhibition pitch my aquisition while u bitchin' use ink as my ammunition, and observe what yall ditchin' i've shed a few tears been at this a few years need to slow down and switch a few gears spinnin fast like the blades on a heli do what i want so therees little u can tell me
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Royal Caribbean Oasis of the Seas Cruise footage April 8th-16th
Quick and fun video I threw together of a cruise my best friend and I recently returned from! We visited Labadee Haiti, Falmouth Jamaica, and Cozumel Mexico. Needless to say it was EPIC!
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Aaron Kaleta  La la la Remix live
Aaron Kaleta performing his remix to Mac millers la la la in Denton Tx @ Andy's Bar.
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Aaron Kaleta-Padre (Spring Break 2014)(Who Do You Love Remix)
Song I made during my trip in Padre for spring break hope you like it! **Copyright notice** i do not own the instrumental or the pictures IF you like please sub, comment, and like, also follow me on twitter @aaronkaleta
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Aaron Kaleta feat JaCo Bei-Still Got It Remix
Recorded and mastered in Realo Studios. Mastering done by Jacoby Stewart facebook: http://www.facebook.com/pages/Aaron-Kaleta-Music/166816466674528?ref=ts All lyrics are copyrighted so u can steal em and get sued if u want! twitter.com/aaronkaleta
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Wiz Khalifa Big Screen-Aaron Kaleta Remix
Like me on facebook! http://www.facebook.com/pages/Aaron-Kaleta-Music/166816466674528 Remix i did to Big Screen by Wiz Khalifa Check out my long-awaited debut mixtape "Phases"! http://www.datpiff.com/Aaron-Kaleta-Phases-mixtape.456920.html
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