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Super Mario plushes: ep 4 The bro troop
Hammer bro, boomerang bro, and Koopa troopa with a bomb-omb start a group
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Mario Plushes: Christmas spacial P1
It is Christmas in the koopa kingdome but Larry , Roy , Lemmy & , Wendy where being nice
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Mario Plushes: Christmas spacial P2
Bowser jr. goes to Kamek to learn why bowser hates Christmas
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Super Mario plushes: ep 1 attack of koopas  P2
After Mario defeats the koopa Bowser sends his son Bowser Jr. to capture Mario Successfully. He is able to but Mario defeats him and peach go back to their day out
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Lemmy's new ball
Lemmy wants a new ball ( sorry if this video is Short )
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super Mario Plushies: Ep 1 Attack of koopas P1
Mario and princess peach are out when Bowser attacks but this is not the end!
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3 minutes under water with Mario and fish!
Please don't ask why it's been MONTHS since the last episode. It's nothing Tragic just don't ask.😤
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Mario Plushes: Christmas spacial P3 (final)
Bowser jr. & the koopalings give bowser the present that bowser wanted since he was a kid
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Pirhana plants have upgraded
Now Pirhana plants are more dangerous then usual so... yeah
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Mario Plushes: Ep 3 DK snow day
Mario and Luigi go on a snow day but DK comes to ruin the great day
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RA RA BOWSER! ( btw i am historical flyer so don't report this video for copyright )
If u never knew Historical flyer was my ORIGINAL channel. I switched to this one because the Tablet i used that account on broke. I started using the one we all know on my DAD'S tablet that he gave to me. I started to use that old account on my PC. So for u people that see Historical Flyer alought I won't be using that account EVER again so... Yeah. Go watch the video! Oh wait... its the po po! OMG im in jail already AHHHHHHH!!!!!!
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Super Mario Plushes: Ep 2 The koopalings go Wrestling
The koopalings get bord from being Absent From Lots of games so they go Wrestling to have fun
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