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Are Reptilians Hiding Among Us? - A Documentary
Meet Ralph Newman, a trailer park resident who firmly believes that an ancient alien race of reptilians is secretly controlling society, and now believes that his eccentric neighbor Wesley, who lives in a psychedelic school bus, is himself one of these reptilian shapeshifters. Through interviews with his neighbors about the reptlilian conspiracy theory, we dive deeper and deeper into the bizarre story of this quaint trailer park, and no longer know what to believe...
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Organic Architecture, Fractals, and Ball Pits!
A fun look at organic architecture set against the backdrop of lush ocean cliffs, vibrant ball pits, and fractal trees. Organic architecture was a style of modern architecture lead by the great Frank Lloyd Wright in the early 20th century. Taking a closer look into the hidden geometry of nature, we find that organic architecture may have greatly benefited from the study of fractals such as the fibonacci sequence and golden section, as these irregular geometries are found throughout all of nature. Looking into contemporary examples, the ambitious architecture of Eugene Tsui is then described, which directly takes forms from nature, such as fibonacci spirals, and applies them to create designs that are theoretically impervious to earthquakes, hurricanes, fire, and other natural forces and lateral loads.
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Adventures of Pharaoh Shane Episode III -- Response to "A Day in the Life of a G"
This video for COMM101T at UCSD is a response to "A Day in the Life of a G." Pharaoh Shane explains how impressed he was by the exquisite gangsterhood of T Shawn, bringing him back to his own previous days as a pimp. In response he has written and performed a short rap song with beats performed by his attorney Gaston, who is a Bearded Dragon. Lyrics: "Yo back in Egypt while my forefathers were laying in tombs My homedog T Shawn was a baller shootin' up all the goons His gats be rockin' in all sizes Pimp possessions he prizes With that gangsterhood so sweet he tramples and tantalizes Well shit happens every day but T Shawn's still got it made Through crystal meth and crack cocaine his consciousness calibrates Just take one look and you'll see why this fool's a gangsta ass mammal So this Pharaoh's gone on YouTube to subscribe to his channel" Rap performed in front of the World Beat Center in Balboa Park in San Diego. "T Shawn" written, produced, and performed by Pharaoh Shane.
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Adventures of Pharaoh Shane Episode IV -- Response to "#Hashtag"
Response to: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=57dzaMaouXA Pharaoh Shane responds to the "#Hashtag" video with Jimmy Fallon and Justin Timberlake, explaining his attempts to use hashtag in real life as a manner of real life SEO. Unfortunately, his use of the verbal hashtag brings about a terrible curse that transforms him into a Merman. This curse puts a damper on his Fire Conclave meeting for Burning Man at Ponto Beach, as he is very cold as a merman.
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Adventures of Pharaoh Shane - Episode II - COMM 101T
Pharaoh Shane marvels over the sunset during a Fire Conclave meeting while suffering from flashbacks of his electroshock therapy. Other members of the San Diego Fire Conclave group are spinning hula hoops and staffs at Ponto Beach in Carlsbad in North County San Diego, California while preparing to orchestrate the blocking for our performance at Burning Man in Black Rock Desert later this year.
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Pharaoh Shane Introduction - COMM101T - 1
Pharaoh Shane's first video for COMM101T at UCSD. Pharaoh Shane explains a brief history of his pharaohship and talks about his new fire hoop which he shall be using in a performance with the San Diego Fire Conclave at Burning Man in Black Rock Desert, Nevada.
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Bananafia - COMM 101D - UCSD
Big B and Paca engage in a heated argument over something so precious and dear to Big B, Paca's very life may be at risk! For more videos featuring Big B, check out his former corporation Six Horsemen Enterprise: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCdPHDUv0AJWpQ-YUifZVCxA Thanks to Professor Wolfgang and the Communication department at UCSD!
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COMM 101D - Assignment 3 - Dreaming of Her
Shooting team: Beatriz Sobral, Daniella Rubin, Natalie Wong, Shane Gundelfinger Editing: Beatriz Sobral, Shane Gundelfinger Sound/Vocals: Shane Gundelfinger Featuring: Shane Gundelfinger and Natalie Wong Thanks to: Professor Wolfgang Hastert! Copyright COMM 101D 2015 at UCSD
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Words With Wings - COMM 101D
First editing project for COMM 101D at UCSD with Professor Wolfgang. Written, edited, and created by Pharaoh Shane Gundelfinger
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Found Footage --- Lucid --- COMM 101D
Project 2 for COMM 101D at UCSD with Wolfang Hastert. Footage by Wolfgang Hastert. Editing, sound, music production, and vocals by Pharaoh Shane Gundelfinger.
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