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Trouble with getting Zzzzz’s? Plexus Probio5
Probio5 has made me sleep again after 6 years. I have had 12 surgeries & loads of pain. Stomach problems from prescription meds while recovering from a severe car crash & this probiotic has helped to fix most of my issues. I didn't realize it but my adult acne has been helped by this natural product as well!
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Farm Girl Friday #17 Cows & their Lady Parts
Using my UTV, I pour some feed out of my bin that sits in the bed and get the cows gathered together so I look at them during calving season. I ensure none are missing, then look and see who is going to calve next, all the while, staying safe in my Ranger!
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Farm Girl Friday #63 How to Load Hay using a Bale Bed
Interest in how a bale bed works is the motive for this video. Those who are interested in viewing how easy and convenient one of these beds are can watch this video. This especially works well for me with my lower body handicaps.
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Farm Girl Friday #9 Working my Cattle Dogs to help with my Disabilities
I need these two cattle dogs to help me move and push back cows so I don't have the cows pushing on me etc with my disabilities. It's been a work in progress, but they know they daily routine of pushing them back from the gate for me to feed grain.
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Farm Girl Friday #13 Fused Ankles & Muck Boots!
How do I work in the snow and mud w/o Muck Boots? Bilateral fused ankles means NO Muck Boots, I had to look for alternatives.
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Farm Girl Friday #7 Redneck Girl!
Looking at our weather forecast for the past week in Missouri, I wanted to show the drastic changes we have. Sunny & 70 degrees, to massive flooding to freezing temps within days of each other. These are typical days on the farm we must adapt to because the livestock must still be fed. This is also a typical day for this redneck girl. There is a certain amount of walking I cannot escape but I try to maneuver equipment and a pattern to minimize it as much as possible to ease the pain in my lower legs. No matter, I always enjoy myself!
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Farm Girl Friday #31 Carey & Mineral Feeder 1
I know it's not Friday, I've had some terrible technology problems with this dang video. This is one of the two types of mineral feeders we use for our cattle and my least favorite even though it's smaller bc of my permanent injuries.
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Carey Portell-Four Years of Recovery after being the victim of a drunk driver.
Four years of recovery from being hit by a drunk driver. My life has changed in many ways. I have slowed life down a bit so I can savor all of it's rewards. This video is 4 years wrapped up in 3 minutes.
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Farm Girl Friday #14 The Very BEST help on the farm is My Polaris Ranger
This is how I now feed our cattle that have bunks w/o putting myself in harms way of kicking feet, uneven ground or being pushed over bc of my balance. I have a fused pelvis & bilaterally fused ankles, safety is a big issue for me, but now due to AgrAbility & Vocational Rehab, I have a Ranger and grain feeder to help!
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Farm Girl Friday #61 How to Load Round Bales so they unroll correctly
We have a Vermeer round baler and since adding this bale bed to our truck I figured out which way to load the bale so that it unrolls the right way. Not sure how other balers work, but this works great.
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Farm Girl Friday #18 Filling up my Ranger feeder on Earth Day
Now that I have my Polaris Ranger to help me with my farm chores, I want to show you how easy it is for me to fill the feeder by backing up to my large grain bin.
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Farm Girl Friday #66 Spraying Fence Rows and Killing Weeds
I use my Ranger for everything! Due to my disabilities, it works well bc it's low to the ground, it's small enough to fit most anywhere and can drive through rough terrain etc. Spraying fence rows is extremely easy using this.
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Orphaned Calf Sucking Bottle
each time we bring a baby home we must get it to drink from a bottle, but it usually involves a chase or wrestling match. Today's matches were all off camera, but I finally got him to drink and he wore this woman out! I have physical handicaps from the waist down that make it hard to move quickly or efficiently but I did pretty well & you can't see all of my mishaps, maybe I"ll catch those next time!
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Farm Girl Friday #71 How to stack round bales in a barn
I do not use the skid steer too often, but our partner brought it to the home farm so the guys could stack the hay as I dropped it off. It was late day and no one was there and it's not in me to leave work for someone else to do.
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Farm Girl Friday #8 Fused ankles & Cowgirl Boots
How can I wear cowgirl boots with bilaterally fused ankles? (Ps, I apologize for my pause at the end. Just moments prior I had witnessed my male dog licking his package during my explanation to you and my serious facade cracked!) #MyLife #ILoveIT
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Farm Girl Friday #59  that Red Angus Beotch is the Devil
I texted the boys and said if I have to keep feeding around her that I was going to start carrying a pistol. So they ran her in the lot with her calf and took her to the sale barn. With my type of disabilities I do not need a cow around me that has a mean streak.
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Farm Girl Friday #30 How to Use Dart Guns on Cattle
Initially seeming frivolous, this dart gun is now AWESOME!!
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Farm Girl Friday #26 How many steps can I take in the Hay Field?
I know it seems like a short distance to walk from each group of bales, but for my severely damaged ankles, it's a test for them each time. I only have so many steps per day and being creative and preparing helps me save those steps.
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Farm Girl Friday #25 Hay Raking
It's Hay Season! A Raking we will go!
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Farm Girl Friday #56 Friggin Cold MO Weather and Ball Waterers
it's been frigid here in MO with temps in the negatives. Checking waterers for the livestock is necessary and sometimes they freeze up.
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Farm Girl Friday #54 Horse Injury leads to Proud Flesh Growth
Anytime a horse receives an injury you try to prevent proud flesh from growing. We did not catch this injury and he had some already growing, quite a bit actually. Taking him to the vet to get it removed has resulted in a month of cleaning and bandaging it for him until it can heal.
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Farm Girl Friday #2 Loading Hay like a Girl
Earlier in my recovery my ankles couldn't stand to constantly push the clutch in and out when loading hay from the fields, 5 years later I can accomplish this on a controlled basis. Load hay like a girl!
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Farm Girl Friday #10 Receiving a  UTV via AgrAbility and VR
This is a small tid bit about how my Polaris Ranger helps make my work on the farm easier while dealing with my disabilities.
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Plexus Probio5 helped me to hit REM
I am partially disabled, use a wheelchair on a part time basis & have a high level of pain every day. After 6 years I have finally found supplements that work consistently. I've been able to decrease my pain meds & discontinue some other prescriptions & get my life back to where I can enjoy it instead of getting through it due to pain. http://shopmyplexus.com/httpwwwplexusslimcomcareyportell/
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Farm Girl Friday #60 Bilateral Joint Fusions and Farming
Big bull calfs who won't get up and I have to lift out of ditches just do not work well with my joint fusions! I lose my balance constantly and have very little stamina due to my injuries. This is why I take so many breaks during the day while farming. But I LOVE it!
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Farm Girl Friday #78 I named my Heifer bottle calf after my Husband
We have a little heifer bottle calf and I decided to name it after my husband and ohhhh does he love the name!!!
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Carey's 1st Farm Girl Friday Feed Bags
Carey has severe injuries from being hit by a drunk driver, but by being creative she can still be the primary caretaker of her family's farm even being partially handicapped.
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Survivor of Drunk Driver gets Emotional during Red Ribbon Week
As I was leaving Bourbon High School I needed a moment to collect myself after the emotional response I received from these wonderful students .
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Farm Girl Friday #49 Bella our heifer bottle calf
Bella is a twin heifer that her Momma would not accept. She was weak and refused to take a bottle so we had to put a tube down to her tummy to give her milk. She needs to take a bottle on her own and I need to ensure it is going through her.
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Farm Girl Friday #73 How to Detach from a Kubota Skid Steer
Okay so I needed to use the skid steer to feed a round bale of hay to the bulls and didn't know how to detach the bucket. It's our partners skid steer and it didn't detach like our tractor. Hydraulic! Holy cow, how easy that was!
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Farm Girl Friday #77  How does a moisture monitor for hay baling work?
Oh man, this monitor for the baler is amazing! Especially during this Fall Season of hay cutting when the weather is all over the place and you have such a short window for the hay to dry.
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Farm Girl Friday #33 No more feed bags, it's BUCKET TIME!
Due to my lower body injuries deteriorating, I have decided to use buckets to feed the livestock in our lot instead of 50 lb feed bags.
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Farm Girl Friday #53 How to Bottle Calf Feeding Part 3
Finally I have gotten this little heifer to trust me enough to take the bottle on her own without me having to wrestle her. Some days this is just how it goes, one challenge after another on the farm then out of no where something actually goes just as you ask it to! careyportell.com
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Farm Girl Friday #55 Horse & Proud Flesh Healing Week 2
Week 2 of Cowboy's injury that created proud flesh growth. He's tender, but such a good patient. We keep dressing it and ensuring it's healing. We keep him in a paddock because we don't want him putting that open wound in the pond water or getting anything else in there that could inhibit his recovery.
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Farm Girl Friday #75 What to do when a bull won't come up to eat
Well, this guy has gotten his butt whooped enough that he refuses to come up to eat. He needs to put his weight back on and regain his strength so we can put him back out with the cows in a couple of months. So now he's ever so grateful but will be a bit spoiled as I am pan feeding him away from the others. But by darn, he's eating great!
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Farm Girl Friday #44 Moving Cows with Rotational Grazing
Its that time of year when the grass has started growing and we change back to rotational grazing.
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Farm Girl Friday #70 How I strap myself into the Saddle
Due to my lower leg injuries, horse back riding has been difficult the last 7 years. This is especially true of my right lower leg as it was crushed in a car crash. I am a cowgirl and have been riding since I was 3 years old, riding is in my blood and I cannot give it up so I am trying many things to keep my rear end seated while I ride before getting a harness.
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Farm Girl Friday #27 Cow Callin"
Well, I apologize in advance for my terrible cow call. I sound like a dying whale, but the cows now associate it with food & it works. They were hiding in the shade of the trees bc I was behind in my schedule of feeding and needed to call them up cause it was calling for rain again. Enjoy.
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Stress or anxiety ? Try Plexus Vital Biome
I'm pretty good with stress, but I thought I'd try the Plexus Vital Biome so I could see what they hype was about and I am impressed. Btw, I LOVE the NFR!
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Farm Girl Friday #41 One of those Days on the Farm that Involved an Escaped Cow
Ya know, when you have one of those days when you are tired, you've got a lot to do and you don't take the time to figure something out the first time and feel stupid bc it happens again? That was this particular day. Sigh.
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Farm Girl Friday #64  What to do when you have a Calf Down!
We're not sure yet what is wrong with our bull calf, but lots of love from me is sure to help!
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Farm Girl Friday #46 Replacement Heifers
Spring & Fall we keep back some replacement heifers for the cows that we culled.
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Farm Girl Friday #62 Attention Seeking Sim Angus Bull
We've had this young bull for about 3-4 months. He's under two years old. I've never had a bull that loves his head scratched like this one. Most of them don't want to be touched especially their heads. Sometimes he even leans into the scratch like my dogs do. I'm wondering if the original owners who raised him, worked with him some or if this is his natural nature. I'll let ya know.
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Farm Girl Friday #79 My bull calf, Steve & Why I consciously won't sell him.
Steve here is super small compared to our other calf's. He still hasn't filled out and I cannot consciously sell him wondering if he'll even make it. He's having a hard time breathing while sucking the bottle so I don't know if he's aspirated at some point or if we damaged his esophagus when we had to "tube" him. He's just as vocal as his Daddy, but I wish he'd hurry up and take a bottle at the same time as his room mate here.
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Farm Girl Friday #36 How to train your dog to shut the door
My male Australian Shepherd was always opening our doors and I got tired of it, so I taught him how to close them. Now he does it himself even when no one is around!
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Farm Girl Friday #24 Using Vibration Absorbing Gloves to decrease Arthritis Pain
These shock or vibration absorbing gloves were recommended to me by AgrAbility and Vocational Rehab to help as I drive the tractor for many hours a day. They absorb much of the vibration from the steering wheel which would travel throughout my body causing the aches from my traumatic arthritis to go into full throttle. I am excited to tell you that these do indeed work!
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Farm Girl Friday #16 Custom Made Ankle Braces for Fusions
These are the custom made braces I must wear now that I have a bilateral fusion of my ankles. They are not attractive and are a little bulky when it comes to fitting into all shoes, but they Work! and I am thankful for them because they allow me to function at a more normal level than originally thought of my injuries. (Also I supposed I will stop using my Periscope videos for You Tube, they don't seem to be as stable as just using my camera, sorry!)
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Farm Girl Friday #74 Farmin' and Cussin'
What an afternoon! Traveled home 2 hours after a traffic safety conference and my puny arm had a heck of a time pulling out the pins so the hay rake could expand and damned if the hoses weren't all jacked up too! Farmin and cussin go hand in hand, I do believe.
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Farm Girl Friday #4 Safety & Feeding Cattle in feed bunks
I must take precautions around our livestock to be able to complete my job safely and this is just one aspect I must think about before hopping into the lot with these young girls.
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Farm  Girl Friday #20 Our Heifer Calved!
Part 1 of what happens after a calf is born and how the Cow reacts to it. I happened to catch this right after she birthed and decided to split up the process into a few farm girl fridays so the videos are shorter. Gross and beautiful all at once, but I'm so proud of raising these girls and they've all done so well birthing.
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