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Warhammer TOP 5 TERRIFYING MONSTERS - The Old World Bestiary #1 w/ Loremaster of Sotek!
Hello hello, welcome to the Old World Bestiary - the compilation of the scariest, most powerful and terrifying monsters and beings to ever roam the universe of Warhammer fantasy. Hear amazing stories from Loremaster of Sotek, the absolute specialist on Old World everything, and learn the real-life origins of the fearsome creatures as I bring you pieces of folklore and popculture. The icon of dark fantasy has never been so, well, DARK. And spooky. Wear a diaper, grab snacks and listen away! And if you haven't yet, you absolutely have to check out Sotek's channel: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCH4nPsl2ctS365aEfFBwxbg xx Anna #warhammer #monsters
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That's what she said: TOP 3 WARHAMMER BIGGEST MONSTERS w/ Loremaster of Sotek
Welcome to part 2 of the 5 biggest monsters in the Warhammer fantasy universe (time stamps below)! Again Sotek and I joined forces to look at some horrifying creatures and identify their real life origins. Here I'd like to apologize for numerous language errors I made, I'm out of it as always. The top 3 bois are enormous mofos and on top of that, they're fucking terrifying, vile and definitely stand up to (and outgrow, HEH) whatever their inspiration was. Be sure to subscribe to Sotek if you haven't already: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCH4nPsl2ctS365aEfFBwxbg TIME STAMPS: no. 3: 00:20 no. 2: 16:01 no. 1: 31:10 xx Anna #warhammer #lore
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Warhammer 5 SCARY SEA MONSTERS - The Old World Bestiary #2 w/ Loremaster of Sotek!
Hello hello, Sotek and I are back with the most terrifying and dreadful monsters from the Warhammer fantasy universe - sea edition! Learn what scary and profoundly evil mofos swim the waters of the Old World and what their designers were even thinking, because once again every creature is followed by its real-life folklore and pop-culture origins. Enjoy memes, WH anecdotes and dad jokes! AND SUBSCRIBE TO THE ONE AND ONLY LOREMASTER OF SOTEK: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCH4nPsl2ctS365aEfFBwxbg If you haven't seen the first episode, here's the link: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7dCGIOhHYNg&t=2s My apologies for all the stuttering and grammar mistakes - Turin's room is constantly at a BLAZING HELL temperature and it hurts my brain to record there. xx Anna #warhammer #top5
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Hello hello! America has incredible amounts of local scary stories, haunted roads, murderous hitchhikers, abandoned hospitals, cursed cemeteries, stalker ghosts, demented clowns, carnivorous deer, vengeful grandmas and who knows what else, and every little neighbourhood hides some dirty paranormal laundry. Let's explore it all, every single state and the best of its spooky legends! Going with the alphabetical order, we're starting with Alabama - and if you thought there's nothing there but sweet home and blue skies, you're wrong. There's a bridge you'll never want to cross, a witch, a freaky nook in a local cemetery and a really weird disappearance case. Dig in! xx Anna #urbanlegends
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Hello hello, some real crime horror for you today - the most disturbing unexplained disappearances, still unsolved. People vanishing in thin air, without a trace, leaving nothing but disturbing clues behind, never to be seen again - this has been and is still happening all around us. As always, real life turns out to be more haunting than fiction could ever be, so stay safe out there. AND DO NOT TRUST THAT CREEPY GUY TWO HOUSES DOWN THE STREET. The world is a f***d up place, yo. xx Anna A little disclaimer: I don't get off on those tragedies, but I believe spreading the word is the right thing to do and I do hope anyone missing finds their way back home safely. #truecrime #unsolved #horror
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Hello hello, welcome to my crib (technically) as I tell you about 5 mean and deadly creatures straight from my just-as-legendary homeland. Whether you're interested in folklore or actually curious about the origins of monsters you fought in The Witcher games, I'm your girl - the first-hand witness of beasts so strange and foul they make all the chupacabras and chimeras faint so fast even their pet rattler dogs can't resuscitate them. Let me know if you want more - when it comes to everything weird and disturbing, I always got more. Oh, and I didn't include the babushka (which we don't call a babushka at all) Wookie is dressed up as - we all know they are far more terrifying than anything legends and myths can conjure. xx Anna #slavic #mythology
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Hereditary FULLY explained! EVERYTHING you missed + REVIEW!
A24's scariest movie of 2018 finally gets a full and detailed explanation! An academic breakdown of symbols, characters and events, every hidden detail uncovered, the ending explained together with the attic, bedroom and all other terrifying scenes! Tag along with an actual witch to understand Hereditary's occult background and see everything you missed. What's Charlie's secret? Who's Paimon? Is Annie crazy? What do the words on the walls mean? Let's discover the truth, I got memes! xx Anna ATTENTION: SPOILERS AND OFFENSIVE CONTENT! The information is based on interviews with the director and cast, and my own research. DISCLAIMER: I don't claim ownership of any part of the presented clips and graphics, they belong to their respectful owners/creators. I DO NOT MEAN ANY OFFENSE TO ANYONE. Despite not always tasteful jokes and my not-too-serious tone, I apologize if you felt offended by anything I said.
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Hello hello, let's watch something scary and bite each other's nail- I mean braid each other's hair! I put together 5 scariest horror movies of 2018 for you. It's been a bountiful year, and we still have many great titles ahead, so let's take a look at flicks that blew my mind in the last months. Those are mostly mainstream titles, but don't worry, you know indie releases have a special place in my heart! xx Anna #top5 #horror
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5 SCARY SHORT HORRORS UNDER 5 MIN... in under 5 min!
Hello hello, we had pastas, now something for the eyes - 5 of the best, scariest, creepiest, popular, but also less known or even underrated short horror movies on YouTube! Each under 5 mins, presented also under 5 mins, because sometimes you just want to get over with the list and go straight for the goodies. I know some of the films have the overall length of a little over 5 min, but if you subtract intros and credits, you're always within that magical limit. If that floated your boat, let me know in the comments - I got many more great shorts up in my sleeve to share :) Links below! Enjoy! xx Anna No. 5 - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qKpLOfgwpsU No. 4 - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FUQhNGEu2KA No. 3 - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=15R5Aup56Ro No. 2 - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_u6Tt3PqIfQ&t=1s Honorable mention 1 - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MAL-ZrUs910 Honorable mention 2 - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=C-WiEAQC8yg Honorable mention 3 - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CUcV-SDAgc0 No. 1 - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SxQj0DumF8Y I don't claim ownership of any parts of the movies presented, they belong to their respective owners/creators.
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Because why not? There's no Turin to stop us. Also my apologies for the deaths - but hey, it was fun (...I hope?). I'm almost fully recovered from that stupid cold so more videos coming! xx Anna #outlast
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STROKE MY TENTACLE - Call of Cthulhu (2018) GAMEPLAY #1 (streamed on Twitch)
IT'S HERE OH MY ELDER GODS Finally, the Lovecraftian game I've been waiting for! Let's see how long we can survive as a drunkard detective (how original) chasing a case on an island which is an embodiment of Dublin (as we agreed on the stream). Put on your bikini and a murloc head, it's gonna get murky! Don't forget to follow me on Twitch to catch the live-live streams https://www.twitch.tv/thatevilhag xx Anna #callofcthulhu
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INTERACTIVE CREEPYPASTA - Stories Untold #1: House Abandon
Ready for a spooky-scary bedtime story to poop your pajamas? In this neat little interactive tale we revisit our family house, but to our horror, we discover some things are better left forgotten... Let me know if you can tolerate my reading and if that format is fun to you, I surely had a blast! xx Anna
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Let's play! The Land of Pain #1 - TOUCHING ALIEN BALLS | Lovecraftian horror
Hello hello, today's horror show takes place in the Land of Pain! Keep your vinyl g-strings and leather whips in your drawer though, we're in for a cosmic horror ride - a story-rich, perfectly Innsmouthian tribute to Lovecraft himself. A getaway weekend goes horribly wrong and madness spreads in dark, rainy woods like that eerie thick mist in which something beyond human comprehension lurks... I'm so excited I want to squeak in R'lyehian. xx Anna
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Hello hello, welcome to the newest installment in The Conjuring universe! Enjoy a spoiler free review until 7:30 and then learn all the secrets of The Nun. Who is Valak? Is The Nun based on actual events? Are sister Irene and Lorraine Warren related? How does this movie fit with the other parts? Was Maurice a.k.a. Frenchie really possessed? This video has it all! xx Anna #thenun #review
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SCARY NORSE MONSTERS - Let's play! Through The Woods #1
Hello hello, today we're lost and scared in Norwegian forests where something is very, very wrong! Tag along on a search for a missing brat and get trolled. Literally. I also drop pieces of trivia on the Norse mythology, so stay put and let me know if you enjoyed that! xx Anna
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WE ARE ALL MAD HERE - Outlast #1: Gameplay w/ reactions!
Hello hello, let's try something different - so here's a dank horror game and here's my mug, have fun! Outlast surely is a gem which barely ages, and if there's a franchise which gives me the heebie jeebies, it's this one. Apologies for stuttering and of course let me know your thoughts - maybe I should move the facecam to a different corner or raise the mic volume! xx Anna #outlast
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THROUGH THE PUPS - Through the Woods #4: Sköll & Hati
Hello hello, we're back in the shroom-fueled viking nightmare! Our heroine of questionable responsibility is still looking for her son who, as you perhaps remember, decided to just call it a day and sacrifice himself for the greater good. After a sucker punch left and a sucker punch right from Old Erik, we wake up and are back on the trail - only to meet new friends: the sons of Fenrir, Sköll and Hati, future devourers of the Sun and the Moon, in this version of the story trapped in some ancient tunnel. And then they ate me. Goodnight. xx Anna #indiehorror
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Hello hello, let's explore the best of unknown, less popular, undiscovered creepypastas you haven't read, but should! I tirelessly comb lists, creepypasta wikia and creepypasta.com, r/nosleep, and countless other sources of f-ed up internet stories, so I thought it would be cool to share my finds with you from time to time. For every pasta I provide a short plot summary and the reasons why I like it, the rest is up to you! Let me know if you enjoy that format and tell me about your favorite pastas! xx Anna Links: 5: https://goo.gl/6e2J8X 4: https://goo.gl/rv1fwd 3: https://goo.gl/uAMXmS 2: https://goo.gl/8WiPnR 1: https://goo.gl/MxMjPC (part 1, has links to the following chapters)
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Let's play! Alien: Isolation part 2 - XENOS DEWIT FROM BEHIND
Hello hello! First of all, sorry for all the cuts in this one! There were noises I couldn't murder the sources of (and maybe, just maybe, once or twice a very ugly word escaped my lady mouth). Also, GUESS WHO MAKES AN APPEARANCE FINALLY (not Turin)! Hope you guys enjoy :) xx Anna
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HAIRY GIRLS GONE WILD - Through the Woods #2 let's play!
Hello hello, meet the huldra (one generic hulder, many generic huldra, the one and only - also huldra, in case grammar wouldn't let you sleep at night) as she stalks us up the wolf mountain! She's freaky, she's hairy, she's brisk and she's HUNGRY, and she gets me. We also learn her story (and I get all touchy feely) and discover more notes on how the crafty villagers got Skoll and Hati, pups of Fenrir, to fetch and sit. Pardon me the amount of cuts - I swear the neighbors were being chopped up, but that's okay, I hate those asswipes. xx Anna
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TENTACRUEL - Call of Cthulhu (2018) GAMEPLAY #2 (streamed on Twitch)
I think I'm starting to compete with Turin when it comes to the thumbnail level... ANYWAY! We're finally getting onto something morbid while exploring Hawkings' manor. Come with me if you wanna flap! And remember to follow me on twitch to catch the live action: www.twitch.tv/thatevilhag xx Anna #callofcthulhu
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Hello hello! Creepy Asian girls with enormous amounts of hair, really weird dudes, abandoned hospitals and people with motives dumber than B-movies protagonists - it's all here! xx Anna
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Hello hello, grab a seat, I've got something for the eyes - more of those great, creepy flicks you can check out right here on YT. I sifted through endless crap to show you the shorts actually worth watching - and they're just perfect for a toilet sitting! Let me know which one was your favorite and if you still want more movies like this. Links: #5 - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sV8UnfFmD-Y&t #4 - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fEN6Z8yt5FY #3 - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ue0sTfVaeTw #2 - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0AF-gMhIR1E Honorable Mention 1 - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OwUNzKOwv7I&t Honorable Mention 2 - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=aSy03qaL99U Honorable Mention 3 - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IFYduN8NpV8 #1 - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SqNdbHHWtBc xx Anna #top5 #horror
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Innocent sock murdered by a real life hellhound
Watch Turin's dirty sock destroyed by a creature of no heart nor mercy. xx Anna #funnydog
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Let's play! Alien: Isolation part 3 - FROM HERO TO ZERO: THE FIRST APPEARANCE
Hello hello! It's July 6th, late night when I'm recording, 110F, Turin fights me over AC and I just want to channel my under-the-weatherness into a deathray. Amanda gets quite intense today, contrarily to my sluggish brain - watch how I deal with four bastards (almost) at once, totally Steven Seagal style, just to squeak like a little shit when the clanging in the vents makes it obvious WE ARE EVEN LESS ALONE THAN BEFORE WOOKIE HOLD ME
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CATCH ME IF YOU CAN - Alien Isolation #9: The Peeing Break
HE SNIFF HE WHIFF BUT MOST IMPORTANTLY HE A TROLL Hello hello, in this long ass chapter we deal with more of the super tedious crawling while the xeno boy magically *teleports behind you - "nothing personal, kid"*. But hey, we got Taylor that trauma kit - that is, if she hasn't died like 10 times by now - and hopefully we're out of the medical bullshit! And then there's this super intense cutscene involving some space-animal cruelty, but that's just an accident. xx Anna #alien #isolation
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Let's play! Alien: Isolation part 4 - FOR CHRIST'S SAKE JOE THIS IS TEDIOUS
Hello hello! So now we traded the xeno for those obnoxious, real-housewives-of-Miami-kind-of-necks synths. And each of them is named Joe. The f- is this, a junior baseball league? A lot of annoying sneaking around in this one, I get Amanda's nose broken at least twice and lose my way repeatedly. What else can I say, enjoy! xx Anna
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Hello hello, yes, the thumb is a tribute to the ultimate MS Paint artisan, my husband. Prepare for another chill mission, because this IS the quiet before the storm! I still pull off some badass moves, because if it's an episode without bashing somebody's skull in so that I spend the next week plucking their teeth out of my forehead, it's not worth posting. xx Anna #alien #isolation
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Let's play! Alien: Isolation part 5 - FAST 'N FRIGHTENED
Hello hello! Some mad dashes and b-slaps in this one! Also watch me as I waste most of my revolver ammo (STUPID STUPID STUPID), arm-wrestle goddamn Joes, misuse a flashbang and in the end, startle myself dumb. Even the xeno lost his patience and just gave up on me. For now. Yikes. xx Anna
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Hello hello! Today the bald cuckoo wants some 😐 The creepy Asian girl still lurks, fugly dolls rain like napalm (seriously Thai toy industry, who the hell plays with that shit) and the lonely night watchman turns out to have no weapon or no balls whatsoever. Enjoy! xx Anna
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Let's play! The Land of Pain #2 - BUNKER BLOODY BUNKER
Hello hello, welcome back to Lovecraft's wet dream! The horror of a nightmare infested forest continues AND THE MONSTER MAKES ANOTHER APPEARANCE AND IN WHAT STYLE I'M BAFFLED Oh, and we actually end up in a dungeon. Well, maybe more of a bunker and the toys inside are a little too hardcore, but hey, beggars can't be choosers! Watch the whole thing to hear me actually squeak at (sort of) a jumpscare. xx Anna
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IT'S A PARTY IN MY LOCKER - Alien: Isolation #6 let's play!
Hello hello, it's literally the most tilting episode I've squeezed out so far and I'm not kidding - it's 45 minutes of switching lockers and avoiding the xeno boy moving in with me, AND IT'S FOR YOU PROFPWN. There's a lot of stealthy sneaking and a few jumpscares, and I obviously got lost before I even started that level, and why am I not doing it on the nightmare mode to provide at least some sort of continuous tension? I promise to start the next episode with actually finding that stupid ID card I'm after to spare you that awkward roommates situation I'm handling here! xx Anna
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SUP DOC - Alien Isolation #7 GAMEPLAY
Hello hello, long time no facehugged! Back to the lab and the medical ward, and to the lockers, but guess what - this time I wasn't as lucky. Keep watching to see our dumber dog Gooby make an appearance, and to see me, well, boned. HEH! xx Anna #alien #horror
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THE FAIL FESTIVAL - Alien Isolation #8 (dying is officially a sport now)
Hello hello, onward we go to get the trauma kit for Taylor, but somehow we die on the way. Repeatedly. Well, at least enjoy the comic reliefs! BUT RIPLEY WILL BE BACK - WITH BIGGER GUN AND BIGGER BALLS! xx Anna #alien #horror
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Hello hello! The night guard proves to be the ultimate chicken today (Marisa will be so grateful for 0 help when the cult guy is done with her) and we meet the third protagonist - as unimpressive as he is. Oh, and we touch dead bodies. Boop-boop. Enjoy! xx Anna
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GIVE ME SOME CHAINSAW BABY - Land of Pain #6: well, chainsaw
Hello hello! Good, bad, we're the guy with the chainsaw. Eventually. At first it's just the chain, but hey, in a crazy parallel universe with a shadow monster full of overgrown donkey teeth - we're not exactly in the position to complain. xx Anna #indiehorror
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XENO N CHILL: Alien Isolation #10 - the most laid back mission
Hello hello, welcome to the intermission - aside of one Alien pounding just for fun, we're pretty much chilling here. We crawl, we pew, we kill some unfortunate bastard with a Molotov (HEREHE) and watch some other unfortunate bastards deleted by the Xeno. And we still haven't delivered the trauma kit, ayyyyy gg Taylor, wish you well :^) xx Anna #alien #isolation
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Hello hello, I've got something different for you today - a game that perhaps isn't the scariest or full of jumpscares, but terrifying nonetheless. We're looking at the Norse mythology again - at Helheim, to be precise, where an incredible story of love stronger than death takes place, and that hits home for me. Senua is a Pict warrior woman plagued by a severe mental illness and memories of tragedy which push her on a path of no return; and so I decided to do a let's play with no commentary - there are too many, too deep emotions to experience here and I don't want to ruin it for you with my blabbering. To make up for that, though, I prepared extra pieces of lore - on locations, deities, runes and so on. I hope you'll enjoy it! *I turned on in-game subtitles so you wouldn't miss anything from e.g. lorestones. xx Anna #hellblade #norsemythology
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Hello hello, we're in a frozen butthole of the world today! Let me tell you a story how that went - yes, wrong is the correct answer. Also this video inspired HPL to write "At the Mountains of Madness", I swear. xx Anna #indiehorrorgame
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Wookie Sockmaster
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I'LL CUT YOU OPEN - Stories Untold #2: Lab Conduct
Hello hello, welcome to a disturbing experiment we'll conduct ON YOU! A volunteer in a morally ambiguous research kept top secret, this is the first ti- WHO AM I KIDDING IT'S ALIENS AND WE GONNA DO SOME SLICING AND THEN PLOT TWIST xx Anna #storiesuntold #horrorgames
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A WTF DISCOVERY - Through the Woods #3
Hello hello, first I get jumpscared, then I HAVE NO IDEA WHAT THE HELL IS THAT and then it gets even weirder, and violent, and there's a troll and something else, and then... WE FIND HIM! xx Anna
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DOCTOR DOCTOR PLZ - Rise of Insanity #1 | Indie Horror Gameplay
Hello hello, welcome to this obvious Layers of Fear ripoff (which still provides some scares, especially those jumpy ones)! We're pretending a competent shrink (with rather poor effects), trying to solve a murdered family mystery (BARB'RA WON' SHUT UP EVEN DEAD) and facing some weird bird obsession. CAW. Also half of us apparently has multiple personality disorder or somethi-HI GUYS HOW IS IT GOING AND WELCOME TO THIS SHOWDOWN BETWEEN CHAOS AND DARK ELVES xx Anna #indiegames #horrorgameplay
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YOU'RE GONNA NEED A BIGGER BOAT - The Land of Pain #5: The Swamp
Hello hello, and we're back to the country cosmic horror Lovecraft would've made if he was an indie dev! We got some acid level hallucinations, a DIY romantic gondola and a perverted demon-cow (that's my guess, at least), and a couple of good old jumpscares to get you in the wiggly pants mood. Oh, and let me know your thoughts on the post-movie screen - and if you got the reference in the title, too ;) xx Anna #lovecraftian #horror
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TORN TO SHREDS - Land of Pain #7: the tunnel
Hello hello, prepare for an unexpected and unexpectedly graphic death in this episode! More than one, actually. The more we learn about that portal from there to here and back again, the more I just want to see that game through. This monster gets on my nerves more than the redneck family members. xx Anna #thelandofpain #indiehorror
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TOP 5 HALLOWEEN THEMED HORROR MOVIES (which aren't "Halloween")
Hello hello, let's look at 5 awesome and scary horror flicks set on the Halloween night! You can watch Michael Myers do the same shit every year, or you can try something new - or all of it, depending on how long YOUR October 31st will be ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) xx Anna #halloween
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I DIE ON THIS HILL (just once tho) - OUTLAST #3 w/ REACTIONS | 31 days of horror
Hello hello, do you remember Chris Walker, the big, fat, "I'll find you all, little pigs" weirdo? You get to know him quite intimately in this episode, so buckle up! We'll be chased, thrown, scorched, mauled and god knows what else, AND we'll have the yummiest landing ever, but hey, if you can't stir with the big girls, step away from the cauldron :^) xx Anna #horrorgames
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Hello hello! Let's learn together how to survive as I'm hopelessly trying to get in control as a lonely survivor of a plane crash. No prep, no pre-plays, we're jumping in this head-on! The elements, cannibals and my own sissyness won't make it easy! I mean, I literally lost a tree in this one. Lost. A. Tree. xx Anna
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Let's play! The Forest part 2 - REAL LIFE BODY HORROR SHOW
Hello hello! The horror of The Forest gets real today - first of all, something awful happens in this episode. My soul is stained, my innocence gone. Second, I get attacked by bi*ch tits. Really. I tumble down into a cave, play Tom Hanks in Cast Away (it was me all along) and find some fellow passengers (I think, it's hard to identify a pile of guts with one foot on top). But I sweetened it up with memes! Also, this let's play is chopped - originally the vid was about 70 min long, but nobody wants to watch me mouthbreath through the bushes, so I cut the uneventful parts out! xx Anna
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1k SUBS CELEBRATION STREAM! Let's get spooped in The Forest
Thank you so much for 1k! I get all touchy feely by the end, so I'll spare you all that stuff here, but really - thanks! To those of you who were there live with me - you're the best 🐢 It gets bloody fairly quickly this time, so big girl pants obligatory as always! xx Anna #theforest
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