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The Bullet Official Trailer
The Official Trailer for our upcoming feature length independent film..."The Bullet." Set for release in early 2016
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Rejected: the Musical
The Clear as Mudd Films i48 Submission for 2017!
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Project Fourteen Trailer #1
The first official trailer for the Clear as Mudd Film "Project Fourteen"
Views: 728 ClearAsMuddFilms
Project Fourteen Diaries- Episode 1- Parker and Sable
A web series, to promote our upcoming independent feature "Project Fourteen."
Views: 262 ClearAsMuddFilms
Reject-Men Season 2: Teaser Trailer 1
The Reject-Men are back in an action-packed race through time and space, to find the reason why the power source stopped working.
Views: 105 ClearAsMuddFilms
A Flush of Hearts- Las Vegas Stories 1- Spencer
A promo for the upcoming feature film "A Flush of Hearts."
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Project XIII full
Views: 553 ClearAsMuddFilms
Reject-Men: Episode 1, "Reject-Men"
A mutant named Jacob is Rejected from Professor Ex's School for Ex Humans. He receives an invitation to join another group of mutants called "The Reject-Men" He quickly finds out why these mutants were rejected from the school. Produced By: Clear as Mudd Films.
Views: 926 ClearAsMuddFilms
Reject-Men Episode 2- "Training Day"
Carl begins training the Reject-Men in combat, while Gill works on figuring out how they can control their powers. All the while, Professor Ex and the Ex-Men, search for the Reject-Men to ask them to lay down their arms. During this feud, we are also introduced to a new group of mutants.
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Reject-Men: Episode 7, "New Mutants"
Gill and Papito find the spoon. Jaq introduces James to the mutants who have agreed to help her take the Reject-Men down.
Views: 240 ClearAsMuddFilms
Reject-Men,  Episode 6, "Losers."
The Reject-Men try and figure out how to move forward after the tragedy. Meanwhile Gill arrives in El Pollo, Mexico to search for the fabled, ancient, Aztec power source.
Views: 168 ClearAsMuddFilms
Reject- Men:  Episode 3 "Miss Direction"
A new mutant comes to Boise and a betrayal within the Ex-Men surfaces. Meanwhile, the Reject-Men continue to train.
Views: 332 ClearAsMuddFilms
P14 Diaries Episode 2
Web-Series- Episode 2- "Chloe and Sarah."
Views: 196 ClearAsMuddFilms
The Invention
An important discovery was made.
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Wedding reel 2016
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that was amazing
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Project Fourteen Diaries- Episode 3
Introducing...Derek Anderson
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Reject-Men Episode 5: "Jaq'ed Up"
Jaq sends a message to the people of Boise, Idaho that she will carry out another attack. This time, she leaves a riddle as clue to where her bomb will be. With Gill gone, it falls to Jacob to come up with a plan to stop Jaq. The Reject men carry out their plan, which works, but one of the members is captured.
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Muddy Awards 2018 Nominees for Best Actor
To vote for best actor for the 2018 Muddy Awards please follow this link: https://docs.google.com/forms/d/e/1FAIpQLSfqP_tYqU9MYJfk8gD6en1x9gEHV_mFuKhyG9JCTRNckInZjQ/viewform?usp=sf_link One vote per person. Voting closes, October 20th
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Reject- Menen Episode 8- "We Could Be Heroes."
Gill desperately tries to get back from Mexico. Meanwhile the Reject-Men and the RMI face Cylon and her Mutants.
Views: 56 ClearAsMuddFilms
Five Minutes (Short Film)
Brian Larsen wakes up late for work. Within a five minute span he is put in a situation that takes his life. When he dies he reawakens a minute later than he woke up the last time. Only to find himself in a different deadly situation. What will happen when he dies a fifth time?
Views: 198 ClearAsMuddFilms
Reject-Men Episode 4- "Power Struggle."
Jaq makes her presence known. Gill and Jacob fight for position and the hearts of the Reject-Men. Meanwhile Carl finds an ancient power source which could help give the Reject-Men control of their powers.
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