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Paul Golding Fransen, Britain First Bullied by Racist ihadis in Wolverhampton.
If you want to join our political campaign to save our country from mass immigration, political correctness and multiculturalism, then now is the time to join Britain First as a member. You can join as a life member for only £59 one-off fee or sign up as a monthly member for only £4 per month. Don’t sit on your hands, join up today, before it’s too late: https://www.britainfirst.org/join
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Tommy Robinson #BBC John Sweeney role model is #IRA Martin McGuiness Tommy Robinson #Panodrama.
In Salford outside BBC Manchester today. Tommy Robinson. Paul Golding. ISIS. Refugees. Muslim rape gangs.
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Tommy Robinson Britain First outraged st "Hateful Didsbury Mosque" home of Manchester Arena Bomber.
omber. Tommy Robinson. Britain first. Mock the Right. Paul Golding. President Donald Trump.
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#USA see #London Disrespectful Arrogant 'Zombie' spits in Jayda Fransens face Met Cop mocks Christ
BF is Christian based, all Creeds Races Orientations are free to join or support them. even US Presidents! https://www.britainfirst.org/ Presudent trump. Islam truth. Paul Golding. Mock the Right. Labour party. USA Islam threat. Terrorism.#ISIS.
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Tommy Robinson Osman Warning Bedfordshire Police, past ISIS IED Birmingham Assassins.
Here is the Article. https://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-2338865/Islamic-extremists-plotted-kill-EDL-members-rally-jailed-19-years-judge-blames-freely-available-material-radicalisation.html #Trump #Islam #Labour #USA #Mock the Right #BritainFirst #Tommyrobinson #ISIS
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#Patriots Paul Golding Britain First. Horrific Targeting for daring expose mass racist pedophiles.
This meeting was right after the "hate johad Mosque" Protest, Manchester Bomber Salman Abedi attended. Tommy Robinson. Britain First. The religion of peace?. President Trump. Jihad. ISIS. GOP.
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Tommy Robinson Wide Public support exposes hard-left #Fakenews BBC CNN anti British lies.
Lets smash thr grooming gangs and these hate soeech Mosques where they Preach War Murder on us #infidels. Happy Christmas to all other loyal Britons Americans Australians etc. Tommy Robinson. Britain First. The religion of peace?. President Trump. Jihad. ISIS. GOP.
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President Trump retweeted Jayda Fransen vs Refugee rapists Virgin 16 yo.
These x4 refugee twins raped a 16 yo Virgin kid. Then after Jayda confronted them, she was set up and jailed for months. She and paul are the joint leaders of. https://www.britainfirst.org/racism
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Britain First Paul Golding. Tommy Robinson. Islam rape gangs. President trump on Islam. Uber . Uber
In rotherham and all of Yorkshire Racist white targeting Asian gangs are still raping our kids. They are Told to rob rape and kill us in all their Unholy writings. https://www.britainfirst.org
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Genocidal racist Islam has killed 250 million. Mock the Right is sad lying convert.
16,000 Mock the right Nazis group report anything that shows the savage warlike truth of Islam. Monster Mo's murders, the mass rape gangs inspired by their unholy crappy fake bible. Islam truth. Racist evil islam.USA Trump. Jayda fransen tweets. #FGM. Killer #Mohammad. Paedophile #Prophet. Robinson.
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Britain First Patriots Luton. Back in business Exposing  #Supremacist Warlike "Religion of Peace".
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PERSECUTION!. #JonhSmiths landlady fired homeless hours. Britain First.
Give #JohnSmith Brewery your viewpoint.https://www.johnsmiths.co.uk https://www.britainfirst.org/hulme-family PERSECUTION!. #JollyMiller landlady fired homeles in under 1 day. #Labour #Far-Left.
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Savage Sharia #Islam Prophet Muhammad?. Quiz answers below.
1) Camel train guard. Thief Warlord Military leader. 2) He plainly preferred boys he refered to them as "shining like gleaming new virgin pearls". He said no similar thing about girls or women. An abuse incident with Hassan & Hussein was removed from #Quran years ago. 3) Banu Quirayza was the first succesful slave taking looting raid with 600-1,000 Jewd Beheaded. Then Kyayabar village, then Banu Mustaliq massacres at each. 4) Entire Middle East had been Christian for 600 years, but was wiped out and enslaved by Islamic War #Jihad. He was white skinned to the extreme. So much so he was the only obviously white man amongst all his gangster followers. Tommy Robinson Paul Golding heroes.. ISIS. Refugees. Muslim rape gangs.
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Tommy Robinson would be killers jailed 19 yrs each
All from birmingham uk another home to ISIS Jihadis.
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Ex Islam Women "The Quran a Terrible Book" Tommy Robinson  Piers Morgan Stunned.
It really is tells them to chop all our heads off steal and rape or sell our yes YOUR Kids!.
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#ISIS Backpacker murders #Islam The Religion of Peace, really? Trump Tommy Robinson, Britain First.
Killers sent beheading video to mothers friends on #Facebook. Labour USA Democrats?. View full article here. https://bit.ly/2QTMp0l Join the fight against Paedo gangs, Islamisation and Supremacist hatred upon us. https://www.britainfirst.org/ Tommy Robinson. Britain First. The religion of peace?. President Trump. Jihad. ISIS. GOP.
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Rotherham Muz Rape Gang 13 yo Victim  Sarah Wilson as Britain First & Tommy Robinson try to show.
Presudent trump. Islam truth. Paul Golding. Mock the Right. Labour party. USA Islam threat. Terrorism.#ISIS.
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Are us British English mostly Cowards now?.
Tommy Robinson recalls how WW1 boys men walked into machine guns and shells for us. We are too scared to lije a page or say one word.
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Britain First Paul Golding guys. Huddersfield x60 paedophiles-Jail Nil are white.
https://www.britainfirst.org https://www.google.co.uk/amp/s/www.examiner.co.uk/news/trial-dates-set-29-people-13022848.amp
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Tommy Robinson Britain First say, Britain's sick denied Mass #Racist Child Rape 'grooming gangs'
Just one Oxford group BBC.https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-england-oxfordshire-41608602#
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#JaydaFransen Will #ISIS Traitor Whore & killer Boyfriend be sneaked into #UK soon #PC Sajid Javid?.
Her "Husband" Owner in this Ideology is a Nederlands national and will surely follow her IF she is allowed back into #UK. She has said she witnessed mass Executions and saw Human severed heads in wheelie bibns and stated on Video "it didn't Faze me".News Article. https://www.independent.co.uk/news/world/middle-east/shamima-begum-isis-baby-refugee-camp-syria-threats-a8802416.html
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Islam Exposed!. 1450yrs War on better Christianity Donald #Trump Paul Golding Robinson state.
#MBGA . Tommy Robinson. President #Trump patriots. #buildthewall. #Labour Party #GOP #Republicans .USA Islam #ISIS Jihad.
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Tommy Robinson warns Lancashire rapist of boys & girls jailed. Given bail?. #Trump2020.
Tommy Robinson truth. Britain First. Paul Golding. Jayda fransen. President Trump tweets
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New Zealand Mosque attacks v-rare, #Christians #Churches Bombed regular #ISIS #Islamic
Christians Hindus Jews Sikhs should must be attacked robbed kids sold as #Slaves and killed in #Quran.
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Islam Terrorist violent 1450 yrs. After 600 yrs Jihad Invasion Enslavement.The First Crusade
Tommy Robinson. Britain First. The religion of peace?. President Trump. Jihad. ISIS. GOP.
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Donald Trump  'I think Islam hates us' read the #Qur'an as i it does deeply!.
And as usual old Donald is not wrong either😁
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Paul Golding leader Britain First threatened fat asian thug.
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ISIS Refugee Killer- Bombers Didsbury 'Hate Mosque' Demonstration, Britain First  Patriots.
It is an old Church sadly, the BBC obtained recording telling Mud here they should be making War on Britons or they were Cowards.
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PETITION LINK TO STOP  ISIS 'brides' want cime #UK, how many men too?. #Fakenews lies?.
Here is link. http://chng.it/7T9wc8tN #Labour University Brainwashed fools #teachers #nurses #Teresa May #PM who run the government anf MMM Fakenews #Mock the Right have nil inderstanding of this savage #Racist ideology.
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Britain First Tommy Robinson X77 Huddersfield None White Paedos x20 jailed "all over UK" Police.'
Read the sordid details, horror endured by white Yorkshire Schoolgirls from the age or 11. https://www.theguardian.com/uk-news/2018/oct/19/yorkshire-grooming-gang-jailed-rape-abuse Tommy Robinson. Britain First. The religion of peace?. President Trump. Jihad. ISIS. GOP.
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UK Cowards or fools?. A precipice of disaster for our kids future?.
Britain First. Paul Golding. Islam truth. Tommy Robinson. Ali Dawah. USA Trump islam.sargon of akkad. Reverend Simon sideways. Mosques. Terrorism.https://youtu.be/BPWMn55USEk
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Paedos on 11 year olds at Leeds by Tommy Robinson Huddersfield UK.
11-17 year olds and there are 88 in total on x3 different trials.
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As Tommy Robinson Britain First state Pakistani Asian Migrant Gangs Raping Girls Rotherham London.
Rape gangs reported 71+ #UK Towns and Cities. Telford London Luton Rotherham Blackburn Oldham Ayelsbuey Bristol and many more. Tommy Robinson. Britain First. The religion of peace?. President Trump. Jihad. ISIS. GOP.Presudent trump. Islam truth. Paul Golding. Mock the Right. Labour party. USA Islam threat. Terrorism.#ISIS.terrorism. refugees.https://youtu.be/BPWMn55USEk
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#Tommy Robinson tried expose #Ramsgate #Kent gang Rapists, Britain First did. All Jailed tormented.
Read the newspaper articles on link.https://www.google.co.uk/url?sa=i&source=web&cd=&ved=2ahUKEwjlzKGD8L_gAhWDAmMBHRZ0DgMQzPwBegQIARAC&url=https%3A%2F%2Fwww.kentlive.news%2Fnews%2Fkent-news%2Framsgate-555-takeaway-gang-rape-457329&psig=AOvVaw0VuyNMdK1wjnIkL7QgEGnA&ust=1550393507049550
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