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Forbidden Love - Stolen Women, Captured Hearts Trailer
Fan trailer with voiceovers for Stolen Women, Captured Hearts. I apologize in advance for the poor quality as this movie is not available in HD. I posted this in support of Native American Actors, any ignorant comments will be deleted. Anyone wanting to know about the real Anna Morgan and Sarah White, I suggest you not rely on a movie. No copy right intended. Movie belongs to Lifetime.
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"Tatanka Means" portraying "Crazy Horse" in the movie "Into the West"
Here is a clip of talented "Tatanka Means" portraying "Crazy Horse". And yes, Crazy Horse's name in Lakota is Tasunke Witko (from Lakota historian Joesph Marshall)!!!! And YES, Tatanka translates to Buffalo in Lakota. No one said it did not! BUT in this video "Tatanka Means" is the actor's name! First name; Tatanka, and last name; Means! If you people would read the description you might understand! And I do not need anyone explaining Native American to me as I am a Native American; a real one, NOT one of those who claim their grandmother was a Cherokee Princess either. I mean one born and raised on the rez. And I have a BA in history and work in Native American Preservation so I know what I am talking about! Clips belong to TNT. Absolutely no copyright intended.
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Older Than America Extended DVD Trailer
Older Than America Extended DVD Trailer. No Copy-right intended!
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Wes Studi Tribute
Tribute to Wes Studi. No Copy-Right Intended! Clips from Geronimo, Into the West, New World, Skin Walkers, We Shall Remain, Last of the Mohicans, and Comanche Moon. Music is Heart of Courage!
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Raid on Austin, Texas  from Comanche Moon movie
Ignorant comments will not be approved, posted in support of Native actors, not racial comments. This is a scene from the movie Comanche Moon. Minors please take caution to the following video because of violent images and assumed rape. Clips belong to CBS and music to X Ray Dog. No copyright intended.
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Too late to Apologize; Pocahontas & Parahunt
The video is about the special bond between Pocahontas and her brother, Parahunt. She meets Captain John Smith and goes against her own people for her love. Parahunt tries to warn her of the dangers but she refuses to listen and gives into her heart. It is only losing her beloved brother that she realizes her mistake and by then it is too late.
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A Tragic Romance - Movie: A Good Day to Die
Fan made trailer. Romance between a Cheyenne and a white settler. No copy right intended! I do not own this movie or song!
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In memory of those who died so that others may live; Robin Hood Cast
Starts w/ Roy's noble death & w/ the music transpires almost every tragic event that occurred during the 3 seasons including Gisborne's redemption & the deaths of our heroes. I titled my video "So That Others May Live" because I think it fits the legend of Robin and his friends. Clips belong to BBC. Music belongs to Evanescence. No copyright intended.
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Not a Fairy Tale - Susan & Caspian (Dorian Gray)
Just for fun; Susan returns to Narnia and discovers that being king has changed Caspian for the worst. She tries to leave him but then she decides to give him a second chance, in which he blows by cheating on her, so Peter has to come to rescue her from Caspian's wrath. Caspian realizes after losing Susan that she was his whole heart. Clips are from Narnia and Dorian Gray, and is the property of Disney and Momentum. The music belongs to Evanescence. Absolutely no copyright intended.
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Dorian Gray; I will die for you (Ben Barnes)
Warning; extremely sexy video! Created from the movie not the trailer. Clips belong to Momentum Pictures, music to Evanescence, and sexy body to Ben Barnes.....No Copyright!
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Betrayal & Redemption; Allan A Dale, Gisborne, Robin Hood, & Marian
My story of Allan's mistake which cost him his best friends. Allan has to prove his loyalty to Gisborne and Robin to stay alive. I can not blend audio well. Clips belong to BBC. No copy right intended.
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Trail of Tears
Trail of Tears. Clips from several films. Music from Last of the Mohicans. No copyright intended. I own nothing.
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Cesare Borgia; The Dark Prince
My version of the Dark Prince using clips from The Borgias Season 1 and Season 2. No Copy Right intended. Clips belong to Showtime.
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Into the West TNT trailer
Into the West (Tnt) fan made music video. I did not spend time on special effects or dazzling transitions as I did not create this video for glamour. I tried to highlight the climax and emotional scenes of the film in memory of the real people that lived it. No copy right intended. Clips belong to Dreamworks and TNT.
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Too Late; Robin, Gisborne, Allan, Much
Story of Gisborne and Isabella's regrets, Robin and Much's friendship, and Allan A Dale's tragic death. "Everything is a choice, everything we do"...And how some mistakes can not be undone. Clips belong to BBC, no copyright intended.
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Interview w Richard Armitage from The Siege
Interview w/ Richard Armitage from audio book The Siege. All rights belong to BBC, Big Finish, and Tiger Aspect. No copy right intended. I own absolutely nothing so do not sue me.
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A Dance with the Devil; Guy of Gisborne.HD
Clips of the women in Gisborne's life. Clips belong to BBC and music to XRAY DOG. No Copyright intended.
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Guy of Gisborne and Robin Hood - So you don't destroy each other
Clips belong to BBC, no copyright intended!
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A man like me; Sir Guy of Gisborne
All the awful crimes Guy has committed in his life. I think I captured all of his murders, fights, and even a few naughty sneers. I picked the song Black because Guy favored black. Clips belong to BBC, Music to Pearl Jam, and sex appeal to Richard Armitage.
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Interview w/  Richard Armitage from the Witchfinders (Guy of Gisborne)
This interview is from the audio book - The Witchfinders...Property of BBC, Big Finish, & Tiger Aspect. I own absolutely nothing. No copy right intended so dont sue me.
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Someone to watch over us; The Night Watchman
Lady Marian follows her heart by choosing what she feels is right over being a quiet noble. No copyright. Clips belong to BBC.
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Witchfinders - Guy of Gisborne - Audio Book
Inspired by the Audio Book, the Witchfinders read by Richard Armitage. Narration by Richard Armitage, clips from BBC's Robin Hood. No copyright intended. Clips belong to BBC, audio to Big Finish, and sexy voice to Richard Armitage.
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2010 Festival of Native People
2010 Festival of Native People in Cherokee, NC. Warriors of A Ni Ki Tuh Wah, Tezcatlipoca Aztec Dancers, Laguna Youth Group, Totonac Pole Flyers, Pollen Trail Navajo Dancers, Apache Crown Dancers, Yurapik Dancers of Alaska, Creek Dancers, Crow.
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Guy & Robin - Too Much to Drink - The Siege
Excerpt from the audio book "The Siege", read by Richard Armitage, who plays Sir Guy of Gisborne in BBC's Robin Hood. Audio is the property of Big Finish and Tiger Aspect, clips are the property of BBC, and sexy voice belongs to Richard Armitage. No copy-right! The video is not perfect as I had little to work with. I posted this mainly for the audio work and the clips were included, but not very entertaining.
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Extended Dorian Gray Trailer w Original Soundtrack
This movie was ADAPTED from the book and adapted means "modified & to become new", so of course this movie is not going to be exactly like the book! Do not bother leaving comments about Dorian Gray having blonde hair in the book, no one gives a shit. Numerous people have already posted this and YES we get the point so if you leave the comment, I wont approve it. Just so you know, the REASON Ben was picked was because he resembled Oscar Wilde (to honor him and to mingle him with his character because IN REAL LIFE people of the era said Oscar based Dorian from his own dark side) and if you would have watched the commentary, you would know this. Fan made! No copy right intended. Had trouble with blending the voiceovers, sorry.
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A Captive's Path; Robin Hood and Marian w/ Last of the Mohicans
Hale wu' yu ga i sv Do na dio sv i Wi ja lo sv Ha le wu' yu Do na dlo sv
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Dark Ecstasy; Dorian Gray & Guy of Gisborne
Another naughty video induced by the light of the full moon. Richard Armitage & Ben Barnes. Clips from Dorian Gray, Robin Hood, and Spooks. No copyright intended.
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Guy of Gisborne; Sadistically Sensual
Guy cannot sleep because every time he closes his eyes erotically cruel images plague his dreams. Yeah, I know it is a bit raw but I wanted to create something different. Clips belong to BBC. No copy right intended.
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Richard Armitage; Larger than Life
A Comical Tribute to RA's Fame and Fans -I originally created this video for FanstRAvaganza. Since dropping out of the blogger event, I decided to alter it a bit and post it for all the wonderful RA Fan Friends that I have made during the last few years. This video is meant to be FUNNY, not serious...I am saying this now before anyone takes offense.... None of these clips belong to me, No copyright intended, and numerous clips were snagged from non-RA related videos. And yes, I received permission to borrow book covers and a few video clips from the RA fans who originally posted them.
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Even in Death - Guy & Marian
A mysterious mix of Marian's ghost and Guy's imagination. Marian is haunting Guy and is having a good-time doing it. Guy goes to the church for help, but eventually is driven a bit crazy over her spirit and his everlasting love for Marian. Clips from BBC's Robin Hood. No copy right intended!
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Nottingham's Toy Soldiers
A collection of clips of the outlaws and Gisborne, what they endured, and what they lost for the safety of Nottingham. The clips go with song and not in order of occurrence. Ends with their deaths and what Robin would have asked himself as I believe he would have blamed himself for the loss of his friends. What started out as heroic, ended in tragedy. I focus on "torn apart" to the outlaws inside arguments and betrayals, "toy soldiers falling down", Guy's regret over his land, parents, and Marian, and Robin's "If I don't stop, the next one is going to be me" as to how intense he became. The song is a song I remember as a child and I think it fits. The music quality is not perfect. Clips belong to BBC. Music to Martika. No copyright intended.
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Richard Armitage Black Cat
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I need your hand; Guy of Gisborne of Robin Hood
Guy of Gisborne looks back on his past regrets and realizes he is not alone. Too bad BBC did not write a complete season with Guy on the "good side", would have been interesting. Clips belong to BBC & Music to 12 Stones. No copy right intended. Just for fun.
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Romeos and Juliets of the era
Collection of tragic romances; Robin Hood, Vampire Diaries, Dorian Gray, Romeo & Julet, Last of the Mohicans (Alice & Uncas), Tristan & Isolde. No copy-right intended.
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