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Fire Emblem Awakening Glitch: The Ghost of Vaike
The Vaike is dead, long like the Vaike! This isn't exactly a "glitch", more of an event flag oversight, but here's an oddity in Awakwning that happens in one of the earlier chapters that lets a character talk after they're dead.
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Fire Emblem Fates Conquest Blind Run: Part 17 B - The Truth
So... apparently story-wise the very mention of this chapter sparks gigantic flame wars on forums. That's... discouraging. Really, I don't find it THAT bad, there's really only ONE thing I take issue with, which should be obvious when I mention it. Until then, enjoy the map itself, which is INSANELY cool, one of my favourites so far.
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Fire Emblem Awakening Playthrough: Part 30 - Mustachio Furioso
My favourite map (visually) in the game with one of my favourite bosses in the game. Awesome.
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Fire Emblem Fates Birthright Blind Run: Part 38 B - Son of Broken
Legends fortell, that in our hour of need, the Son of Broken shall rise to add his Brokenness to that of his father, and with their combined might King Giantham Notavillain will know true fear...
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Persona 5: I Accidently Got "The Ultimate Strike" Trophy...
I was just casually dungeon crawling and then this happened. I didn't even notice the damage until the trophy popped and I was like "wait, what? I got THAT?!" Thank goodness for my capture device's flashback recording feature. What happened here was Futaba's Heat Riser buff + Rage on the enemy (lowers defense greatly) + Knockdown + Baton Pass = extreme pain. Here I was thinking I'd get this Trophy via Charge or Concentrate.
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Fire Emblem Awakening Playthrough: Bonus - Unused Content
The coding of Fire Emblem games contains many mysteries. Let's take a look at what Awakening's holds. Note: All music used in this video comes from Radiant Dawn's unused tracks. That game has so much unused music you could score an entire game with it!
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Radiant Dawn Primer: Transfer Bonuses and Extended Script
Amielleon's blog: https://amielleon.dreamwidth.org/287417.html More extended scripts can be found here: https://serenesforest.net/radiant-dawn/scripts/game-script/
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Pokemon X and Y WiFi Battle 6: "Chesnaught is BULLITPROOF!"
And here's the moment I was waiting for. Remember how I told you Chestnaught was great for trolling a certain Pokemon. Well... Needless to say, this was incredibly satisfying. I'm sure people will get accostomed to Bulletproof eventually, but until then, I relish in those wasted turns. On another note, it feels great to finally beat a Mega for once! Though I was a little paranoid at first, if it turned out to be Special I would've been screwed. See guys, THAT'S Lucario's greatest strength. Mindgames. People should play to that strength more often. Pretty much all off Physical Lucario's counters can't handle a special set at all. Also, the match cutting off suddently like that? That wasn't a ragequit, that was an actual forfeit. I repect when someone knows their beaten, but accepts it with dignity rather than disconnecting. You don't see that too often nowdays. Also this makes it the second forfeit my Chestnaught has forced. The first was the time it survived a +6 Shadow Sneak from an Aegislash. Unfortunately that one WAS a ragequit so I couldn't save the video, but take my word for it.
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Fire Emblem The Sacred Stones Playthrough: Part 28 - Scrambled Eggs
This chapter's a pretty simple one, but its plot reveals are pretty big.
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Fire Emblem: All Arena Battle Themes (and origins)
READ DESCRIPTION FOR MORE INFO I can't do more FE4 at the moment, but I decided to make this in the meantime. Everyone knows the Fire Emblem theme, and most recruitment themes, but here's an aspect of Fire Emblem music only the most harcore fans are truly aware of. As most know, a different battle theme to the normal one always plays when fighting in the arena. However, the arena battle theme is always a remix of the normal battle theme from an earlier game in the series. I've managed to find the origins of all of them, so I've uploaded the arena themes and their origins in this side-by-side comparison. I hope you find it interesting to listen to. FE4 (Siesen no Keifu) Arena theme Origin: FE1, Ankoku Ryu to Hikari no Tsurugi Notes: The battle theme from the original NES version is noticeably different to that of FE3 book 1 and Shadow Dragon. (much simpler) It is for this reason that FE4's arena theme confused many fans, including myself, for some time. Most people have never played the original FE1 due to the existence of FE3 and now Shadow Dragon. FE5 (Thracia 766) Arena theme Origin: ?? Notes: Doesn't seem to come from any particular FE game. Maybe they didn't have enough material to draw on? (they could have at least used FE3 book 2's battle theme) FE6 (Sword of Seals) Arena theme Origin: FE4, Seisen no Keifu Notes: I personally prefer the original by far. But I never really cared for SoS's soundtrack much in general FE7 (Blazing Sword) Arena theme Origin: FE5, Thracia 776 Notes: Since this was the first game released in the west, most fans heard this before playing FE5, then had a strange sense of déjà vu when hearing that game's battle theme. (I know I did) FE8 (Sacred Stones) Arena theme Origin: FE2, Gaiden Notes: Sacred Stones again references its main inspiration. This eluded me for a while, mostly because: 1: FE2 lacked a decent translation patch for some time and 2: it acquired a very negative reputation among fans due to its highly unconventional gameplay mechanics, so I still haven't got around to playing it. Arenas did not exist in FE9 and 10. FE11 (Shadow Dragon) Arena theme Origin: FE9, Path of Radiance Notes: Probably the most recognisable to western fans, as it's the first to reference a non-Japan only game. I think Clash fits the arena very well, but its inclusion is probably a homage to Brawl, which features both Marth and Ike as playable characters. Which leads to the question: what will used in the upcoming 'Heroes of Light and Shadow?' My guess is either something from Radiant Dawn (Marth's sequel referencing Ike's sequel, how appropriate) or Strike from Blazing Sword. EDIT: It seems it dosen't use a remix at all, just the battle theme for fighting allies in the prologue
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Fire Emblem Path of Radiance Playthrough: Part 19 C - Serenes Forest Part 3
A.k.a The One Where I Go On Tangents.
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Fire Emblem Awakening Playthrough: Part 45 - The Support Episode
So.... I kinda had so many supports unlocked from the last few chapters that I had to dedicate an entire part to them. Enjoy some pre-climax character developement!
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Pokemon XD Playthrough: Part 3 - Shadows Rise Again
We do some optional stuff in Gateon Port, and find out how Shadow Pokemon have changed in 5 years...
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Fire Emblem Awakening Playthrough: Part 7.5 - DLC Discussion
This'll be the last bonus episode for a while. But for those wondering how I'm going to handle DLC, and for those wondering how this game's DLC works, here you go. What DLC classes look to someone who doesn't have DLC installed: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=K5CmtGyGEig
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Fire Emblem Fates Conquest Blind Run: Part 32 B - The P-21 Lancer
Actually good NPCs in this game, WHAT MADNESS IS THIS?!
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Fire Emblem Awakening Playthrough: BONUS - "Please Spare My Men"
A bit of a short bonus video, but something I always wanted to try. Sadly since Ch 10 is a defeat boss mission, there's no way to save Mustafa. BUT we can at least honour his last request. This chapter is beatable without killing a single enemy besides the boss, and no other chapter deserves the treatment more. Let's honour Emmeryn's wish. The best way to go about this is just to speedrun to the boss with unequipped characters. You'll probably need a Rescue Staff though, because if you're not careful Chrom can get surounded by 4 enemies and that would end the run without one. This would have been so much easier with Chrom X Sumia (curse you Mary Sue) but anyway... I used: Chrom: Forced, self-explainatory. Mary Sue: Support boost, since we need to take the boss down in one turn. Libra: Most durable healer I had. Frederick: High movement and a good Defence Pair Up boost. I'm a little amazed I did this on my first try. Though I did get a bit lucky with Dual Guards and dodging.
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Fire Emblem Awakening Playthrough: Part 50 B - Last Stand of the Deff Dealers
One final obstacle before the Fell Dragon itself. This chapter can be really quick if you rush the boss with fliers... but I'm not going to do that. I'm out for every bit of exp possible. And that means a LONG battle.
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Fire Emblem Awakening Playthrough: Part 6 - Raise this Est
Together we can raise this Est, one, two, three, four. (It's funny because that's how many, you'll see...) This very nearly went horribly horribly wrong due to a terrible misplay on my part around 33:40. Honestly, that SHOULD have ended that attempt right there. Donny is just THAT desparate to prove himself. Donny's stat sheet: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xCiRYb2qNDU
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Persona 3 FES: Thoughts on October 4th
Before we go on, a few things I want to discuss about what just transpired.
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Ratchet and Clank 2 Skill Points: Speed Demon (Barlow)
Description: Beat 2:10 in the hoverbike race Planet: Barlow (Race) Requires: Barlow Circuit unlocked My difficulty rating: 4/5
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Fire Emblem Path of Radiance: Unused Content
This game has a LOT of really interesting stuff hidden in its code. Information found at: TheCuttingRoomFloor (https://tcrf.net/Fire_Emblem:_Path_of_Radiance) SerenesForest (https://serenesforest.net/general/unused-content/, https://serenesforest.net/path-of-radiance/characters/npc-data/) Fireemblemwiki.org (https://fireemblemwiki.org/wiki/Unused_content_in_Fire_Emblem:_Path_of_Radiance) Featuring video footage from: Archayanami bnugentkarate Mangs
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BigKlingy's Best Boss Themes #3: Another Side, Roxas vs. Riku (Kingdom Hearts 358/2 Days)
Music: Another Side Game: Kingdom Hearts 358/2 Days (DS) Ok, Im guessing many of my subscribers will have been waiting for me to pick something from this series. Chances are, if youre a KH fan, youve heard this before, and yes, its been in MANY other Youtube users picks. But theres was no way I could leave it out of mine. I just finished this game a few weeks ago, (although Id heard this song long before I even bought it) and Id have to say the actual final boss fight was pretty pathetic. It was barely even a boss, IMO. But that doesnt mean it wasnt satisfying to play, far from it. In fact, its one of the most cinematic moments Ive seen in a video game, and Id rank it as one of the best endings in any game Id ever played. (although I will admit it would be extremely confusing for anyone who hasnt played Kingdom Hearts 2) The music aids this in every possible way, its intense, fast-paced, but bittersweet at the same time. Id go so far as to say its the best final boss theme in the series, and one of the best final boss themes Ive ever heard, and it alone makes up for the fact that 90% of the rest of the games music is recycled from past games. Id recommend you listen to it even if youre not a fan of Kingdom Hearts, its great to hear such quality music coming from a handheld system (this track doesnt feel out of place compared with the music of the PS2 KH games, which is saying something) Heres to this kind of quality from DS games in the future.
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Fire Emblem Awakening Character Bio: HerpDerp the Villager
Oh no! I accidently uploaded this as public rather than unlisted! I've spoiled this game's most secretest character, whoops!
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Battle Maison AI Confused by Cloud Nine
With how much they cheat sometimes, it feels so satisfying finding a situation that makes the Battle Maison AI completley BREAK. And this happened by sheer accident. Strangely, I tried this on a Rain Dance Jolteon later and it didn't work, so I'm not sure what happened here.
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The Legend of Zelda: Oracle of Seasons: Linked Ending
In case you wanted to see it, here's the password game ending. Spoilers obviously. The scenes that play during the credits are: -Din dancing with animals You can see a Goron on the far right if you look closely -Nayru and Ralph in town The town dosn't look anything like the towns in Oracle of Seasons or Ages. Could it be Hyrule Castle Town? -Link and animal sidekicks You'll see Moosh the bear, Dimitri the dogongo and Ricky the kangaroo. For some reason, I never did get Dimitri's Flute. -Zelda on the castle balcony Self explanitary Finally, Link sets sail for an unknown land. I'll bet fans have debated as to which game this leads on to. Well, that's all of Seasons done. I will be uploading Ages, though probably not for a while. Mabey even Link's Awakening. eventually. But for now, I'll be starting something completly different...
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Persona 3 Fes: Unused Content
Phew this video took a while to make. Sorry for all the voice clips being only one-channel, maybe don't watch that part with headphones.
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Advance Wars 2 Playthrough: Mission 10 (Tanks!!!) Part 2/2
At 4:37, I had a VERY odd glitch with my microphone, causing my voice to come out deep. I cut the worst part, thankfully. I hope it dosen't happen again.
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Fire Emblem The Sacred Stones Playthrough: Bonus 3 - Unused Content
There isn't as much hidden data in this one, but what little there is is still pretty interesting. Let's delve into it. Serenes Forest Unused Content page: https://serenesforest.net/general/unused-content/ Sacred Stones Cutting Room Floor: https://tcrf.net/Fire_Emblem:_The_Sacred_Stones Sacred Stones Unused Content on the FE Wiki: https://fireemblemwiki.org/wiki/Unused_content_in_Fire_Emblem:_The_Sacred_Stones
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Fire Emblem Radiant Dawn: 4-4 Boss Conversations and Extra Dialogue
Now you know where most of his Heroes lines come from.
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Pokemon X and Y WiFi Battle 10: "Out-Phoxed"
This wasn't a particularly great opponent, but I still felt I had to upload this. Why? Well, any of you read Serebii.net's Pokemon of the Week lately? It seems whoever writes them REALLY has it out for Delphox. He inserts painful anti-Delphox jokes at every oppertunity it gets. I understand, and agree with, all the flaws pointed out in Delphox's actual article. That makes sense. But making it the butt of every joke in places where it doesn't even need to be brought up? That just reaks of personal bias, something I can't stand in any online article. It's not even funny anymore. It's the rough equivalent of giving your most disliked character the "Ron the Death Eater" treatment in a fanfic for no other reason than you personally dislike them. All you acomplish is irritating the hell out of everyone who doesn't share your biases. Apologies for the lengthy rant. I just needed to get that out there. So this session, I set out to prove Delphox is NOT useless. And I did, not just in this battle. You'll see. Again, this opponent didn't play very well. If they'd used Waterfall right from the start my setup would be cut short a lot sooner. But what I DID suceed in showing is how badly Blaze, Salac, CM Boosted Delphox can wreck teams. Oh, I also learned I get 4 Subs out of my HP, Which might actually be a bad thing, but oh well.
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Fire Emblem Radiant Dawn: 4-5 Boss Conversations and Extra Dialogue
Be warned that the last one contains spoilers.
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Fire Emblem Path of Radiance Playthrough: Part 19 B - Serenes Forest Part 2
a.k.a The One With The Free Physic Staff.
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Heroes of Light and Shadow Playthrough: Part 7 - Ogma Prevails while Ryan Fails
Or The RNG Hates Me 2: Revenge of the Crazy RNG. Get the patch here: http://www.heroesofshadow.net/p/downloads.html
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Fire Emblem The Sacred Stones Playthrough: Lagdou Ruins 10
We're done! We're finally done! I'm going to miss the tangents, but we're done!!!
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My Thoughts on the Fire Emblem Direct
Four new games?! Including one we never saw coming?
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Persona 5 Trailer 4 and Staff Interview Analysis: Boss/Dungeon Details
There's actually a lot of details hidden in the text we see in both these videos, which I intend to uncover.
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Fire Emblem Awakening Playthrough: Part 23.5 - How Inheritance Works
I've been planning this video for YEARS, so I hope it helps. Here's a full guide to how growths, base stats, modifiers, classes and skills are inherited by second generation characters in Fire Emblem Awakening. Note: This is NOT an "optimal pairings" guide. This is just an explaination for how pairings affect things in general. Serenes Forest.net has a lot of resources for calculating inheritance. I highly recommend checking out the following: Every child's possible class sets and modifiers: http://serenesforest.net/awakening/characters/children/ Every child's possible growth rates for all classes: http://serenesforest.net/awakening/characters/growth-rates/full/ Every child's Absolute Base Stats: http://serenesforest.net/awakening/characters/base-stats/main-story/
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Fire Emblem Awakening Playthrough: Part 24 - Flame War
In this episode, Mary Sue unleashes her most diabolical scheme yet: sparking a flame war that will kill millions.
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Fire Emblem The Sacred Stones Playthrough: Part 11 - Never Let NPCs Defend Your Tower
It will PROBABLY end badly. This is a bit of a weird part, mostly covering the "intermission" before the route split, as well as introducing the tower.
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Fire Emblem Path of Radiance Playthrough: Part 3 - Revenge of the Bandits
Also, Revenge of the Unpronounceable Name. Please enlighten me in the comments.
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Who I Want to See in Fire Emblem Warriors
There's still more characters I could mention here. But I'm sure I'll be happy with this game regardless.
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Lost Dimension Blind Run: Part 5 - Bonds and Bosses
In this part, we not only finally get some "support conversations", but we take on the final missions of this floor, both of which feature an intimidating looking big boss... though its large size makes it vulnerable to back attacks, and if you get a good Assist chain going... well, you'll see.
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Pokemon X and Y WiFi Battle 14: "How to Troll Mega Kangaskhan"
So this match was... interesting. Firstly, you can't tell from here, but this person had another of those teams I wasn't sure if it was ingame or not. They had a Lv 43 Tyrunt just sitting there. No idea what that was doing online. So it began as a mirror match. Bowie Sensei pulled the old U Turn trick to take out the other ninja frog, and then it came down to the Talonflames. And then his Talonflame went before mine (which meant it MUST have Gale Wings) and then I saw a Life Orb go off. Immidiately I knew he must be serious after all. Of course his had just lost 50% of its health just as my Brave Bird went through so... yeah. And then the big one. The duo that destroyed me once before. Time for some revenge. Now, there are several ways this could have gone wrong. If he'd gone for Fake Out instead of Sucker Punch, or my WoW had missed, I'd be in trouble. But fate decided I wasn't losing to Mega Kangaskahn this time. So I decided to have some fun. As you can see, Parental Bond and Rock Helmet do NOT mix. I could have technically just Roost-stalled it to death with Talonflame alone... but I thought I may as well take this time to show another way Parental Bond can horribly backfire. GOO TIME!
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The Legend of Zelda: Oracle of Seasons/Ages Link Final Boss: Twinrova
If you're playing through the game normally, it ends after Dragon Onox, but to get the full story, you'll need to play a password game. You'll have seen its other benefits in previous videos, but this is the main one, the true ending to both Seasons and Ages, and two additional bosses. OBVIOUS SPOILERS (I had to leave most of the cutscenes in) It turns out Veran and Onox were just pawns to the Twinrova, who's goal was to revive Ganon. (I'm guessing this takes place post-Ocarina of Time, but I'm not entirely sure) In order to prevent them sacrificing Zelda, Link uses the power of the essenses to warp to their Room of Rites. This occurs immediatly after defeating Onox (don't worry, your hearts are fully restored) but you can return to town at any time. (and if you don't have the Master Sword and a potion, you should do so) The Room of Rites itself is just a simple puzzle. Look at the statues, and exit the room in the one direction their eyes are NOT pointing. After doing this several times, you'll arrive at the alter. (I jumped towards Zelda with the Roc's Cape simply because I think it looks cool) After the Twinrova say "Prepare to meet your doom", ther'll be a brief cutscene, but the fight begins immediatly afterwards. The Twinrova's first form works essinsially the same way as they did in Ocarina of Time. If you havn't played that game (what's wrong with you?!) just know that you need to deflect the projectiles (with the SWORD this time, not the shield) so they hit the witch of the opposite colour. Unfortunatly, this is a lot harder to do in 2D than it is in 3D, and it could take a while. After a few hits, the Twinrova will combine. They now alternate between fire and ice, the arena changing with them. The fire form will attack with fireballs and (invincible) flaming bats, while the ice form summons ice crystals, which can be knocked back with the sword. Simply hit the Twinrova until they become stunned, then fire a Scent Seed from the Slingshot/Seed Shooter (depending on which game you're playing) I'm not sure why they have this weakness, but there it is. Attacking them will knock you back slightly, this is especially dangerous in their fire form, as it could push you into lava. After their defeat, it's time for one more familiar boss...
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Fire Emblem Fates Conquest Blind Run: Part 19 B - Spy Check
A Defeat Boss chapter... with a twist. The boss isn't actually on the map, or so it seems. There are also some stupid NPCs here. But... "One of these NPCs is not like the others. One of these NPCs just doesn't belong. Can you tell which NPC is not like the others Before he steals all our gold?"
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My Thoughts on the 2nd Three Houses Trailer
Just a quick video I threw together to talk about this.
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Fire Emblem Awakening Playthrough: Finale - The New Twelve Crusaders
It's over. It's finally over. Thank you all for watching, I hope you've enjoyed. See you in the next adventure!
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My Thoughts on Fire Emblem Echoes: Part 1 - Gameplay
Now that I've actually beaten the game, I can finally get my thoughts together. And I had to split this in two because I had a lot to talk about. The second will be story and characters.
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Update on the Current Situation
Main points are in the first few minutes, random thoughts on current games I'm playing start at around 8 minutes in.
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Xenoblade Chronicles X: Jumpscare Monsters 2 - Sylvalum Edition
Jack's Log: I have a love-hate relationship with this new region. It looks great, and the music, especially at night, is amazing. But then this damn sporefog blows over any you can't see anything, leaving you at the mercy of what I've been calling the Jumpscare Beasts. So many of them here... I tried to see how many I could aggro at once. I'll pay my team's medical bills later.
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