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How to find Oracle Service Name by sql command
If you have an Oracle database on your network which is able to connect to with Oracle SQL Developer, using hostname, port, username, password and the SID. you need to connect another application, however it uses the Service Name instead of the SID. it is the way for to you to determine the SERVICE_NAME of the database when you am connected in SQL Developer via the SID thanking you... just share this video to your friends...
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Tutorials Point --a Best place@ you can learn,you can code,you can get materials
Best [email protected] you can learn,you can code,you can get materials where can i get online practice sessions??? where can i find online tutorials??? i don't have sql in my pc,what should i do for sql queries practice??? i don't have java compilers in my pc,what should i do to compile my codes??? where should i get online materials??? single solutions for all above questions- it is none other than tutorials point here you can learn and you can practice as well here you can execute your codes have a happy learning thank you...
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Customize your google search  settings
google search settings will help you in customization of search result 1.you can increase the no.of results per pages in search 2.you can activate safe search it will allow you to get most relevant results 3.you can set location fro appropriate results 4. you can ask google to give results with voice results enjoy.... it may useful for you..
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How to check train seat availability and waiting list and confirmation chances in Android app
By using this app one can check trains,status,seat availability and chances for confirmation...
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Download Appgecet 2016 Hallticket.
Ap PgEcet 2016 Hallticket
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Learn SQL in 5 Minutes
learn sql in easy steps
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How to send your offering to Venkateswara swamy through E-Hundi.?
if any one wants to donate their offerings to Venkateswara swami, yes you can.by using E-HUndi we can send our offerings to Venkanna.
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Easy mode in Samsung S8 and way to set it
Easy mode in the samsung s8 is the best feature to use our smart phone in easiest way
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How To Enable Cookies in Google Chrome.
I would like to tell you the way how to enable cookies in google chrome.
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Fidha dialogue dub by Revanth
Fida dialogue dubsmash @Revanth
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How to get offline maps from google maps...
How to get offline maps for google maps,by downloading the required area into offline you can get access to maps without internet...
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how to type telugu with out any script manager
you could convert English to telugu by using this website.
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How To Download YouTube Videos Directly To Your Computer - 2015 (EASY and FAST)
In this video I will show you how to download YouTube videos to your computer. It is very easy to download YouTube videos to your computer and you can do it with no software. To download YouTube videos to your computer just copy the link of the video, go to http://en.savefrom.net/ and paste the link and click download. Its that easy. If this video helps you help me and subscribe to my channel. Thank You!
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How to reserve BUS tickect with in 2 minutes...
Now it is easy to book a book even from your home... There are so many Apps allows you to book tickets easy,no need to go out and no need to depends on other to book your ticket...it is easy and simple too...
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How to save YouTube videos offline
By using this option you can save you tube videos to offline and you can view saved videos without having internet also..
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How can I find IFSC Code for a Bank?
The Indian Financial System Code (also known as IFSC) is a 11 character code(Alpha numeric code) for identifying the bank and branch which an account is held. The IFSC code is used both by the NEFT, RTGS and IMPS finance transfer systems.
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Earn Cashback everytime you shop on line
Earn Cashback everytime you shop through GoPaisa.com
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How To Know Complete Details of Any Vehivle by it's number in india.
How to know complete details of vehicle by it's number in india.
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How to maintain privacy issues with whatsapp...
By following these options one can achieve high level security through whatsapp, because in today's life security is main aspect that we need to maintain...
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How to translate One Language to another Language
It is simple!! ☺ By using Google Translate app we can translate one language to other without any struggle. It will take input in three ways.. 1.from keyboard 2.voice 3.hand writing Enjoy...
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