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Making of the Air Crete
In this video you will experience how to make Air crete
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3D Render of our Off Grid Dome for under 7K USD
Learn how to build this home with your Living Bio Dome Master Class www.bioveda.ru/domehome
Self Regenerative Diet to get a brand new body
Hello ~Contact.FirstName~ Today I want to share with you a diet which I have been following for 8 weeks guaranteed to give you a brand new body and avoid 99% of 3000+ diseases roaming the planet at the moment. Watch the video here, it will change your life
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First Love...22 year separation and a Miracle Reunion - Thoughts Manifest
A story about a first love, a 22 year separation and an instant Miracle Reunion after an emotional cry out to the Universe.
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A day at Alosha's house
An international dome workshop at Bio Veda Head Quarters
Joburg home treating all of it's grey water with entire pool of drinking H2O
In this movie I share with you my ONE square metre wetland that has reached over 5 metres high! It is fuelled entirely by bath and sink grey water. I also take a dive at 2 degree ice cold natural pool water to keep the flu out. In a couple of weeks we will be teaching our 3rd Abundance of Water workshop and I share with you the practical wisdom that we will cover. Fromt the Earth Alosha P.S. I look forward to your comments about living a sustainable life in the city. Scroll below and leave a comment or hit the REPLY button and share your thoughts and knowledge.
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3 High quality DIY water lessons
Learn how to create 21000 Litres of water in one day. www.bioveda.ru/wetlands
Sovereignty and securitisation
Ben shares more wisdom on what the heck is going on behind the scenes. How the banks, governments as well as ourselves, without the right knowledge, set traps for our humanity and planet
Build a Sacred Geometrical dome home for under 9K USD
Join our free webinar and learn how to : - Integrate solar passive design and tree orientation in your home - Design BioGeometrically to evoke harmonic resonance - Lessen the effect of EMR and tap into the Earth’s power spots - Create a bright future with Kin Domain intentional communities www.bioveda.co/ecological-homes
Michael Tellinger & Water
Join Alosha's free https://ou369.isrefer.com/go/1618/michael/
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A detailed Water Self Sufficiency Webinar & a tour of permaculture urban garden
Learn how to: How to enjoy an additional 21000 L of water p/m , for life, after 1 day of work for under 100 USD all in A full tour of our off the water grid garden How to safely use all of your kitchen water in your garden though a start to finish DIY project How to turn city rain into pure spring water with a low cost DIY Biochar filter & REuse it 7x times over
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A Plaster Disaster mistake that changed my Destiny
I would like to share with you a Plaster Disaster Mistake which has repeated for the second time in my life. The first time it completely changed the path of my destiny...
interview with thomas
Interview with Thomas Linders on the benefits of recycling your grey water. Interview was conducted in Johannesburg North, South Africa. Thomas is a water and permaculture wizard and has his own Effective Micro organism brewery. You can get his probiotic directly from him - [email protected]
Have you ever dreamed of leaving the city ???
Learn how to build your own home with it's own 6 month water back up in 3 months for under 9500 USD. 99 USD for both online video Master Classes www.bioveda.co/freedom
Challenges in eco communities & way forward
I'am currently travelling around Russia to the oldest and most successful eco villages. Leaving the Matrix for an intentional community is a wise way to live in harmony out of the city with other like minded folk. But why so few of us are making this grand move? On my journey I have come across a few major challenges within the communities that are causing the folk much grieve and poverty. Watch this video on what NOT to do as well as what I feel will be the right way to structure future thriving communities.
What does creation of money have to do with your birth record ?
In this video I open the biggest and most rotten can of worms, that is responsible for 98.7% of ALL SUFFERING currently happening on our planet ! In this highly educational video you will discover the truth behind money creation, and what really backs it up now that we are off the gold standard.
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New Age thinking destroyed my life!
In this video I show you exactly why we can not follow gurus advice on eating habits and positive thinking.
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Learn LIVE how to Build a Dome Home
Learn how to build a dome home for a price of a cheap Car. www.bioveda.co/livetraining
Learn how to build your Off - Grid Dome Home for $99
The strongest & cheapest home on Earth !!! www.bioveda.co/freedom Bio Veda Academy combines 6 top international workshops in one Master Class - Ferro cement water tank - Slow Sand Bio Char filtration - Constructed Wetland for waste and pool water treatment - Air Crete Dome home construction - Super Adobe dome home construction - Underground and above ground sand bag water tanks www.bioveda.co/freedom
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Enjoy an additional 21000 Litres of water p/m, for the rest of your life after a 5 hour project
In this quick video I explain how to create a constructed wetland using a flow bin . This 2.5 square metre wetland will clean waste into usable water for garden irrigations and flushing of loos. This wetland combined with a grease trap, that I show you how to make from start to finish in our complimentary webinar, will create an additional 21000 Litres of water every month for the rest of your life. Both projects can be completed in one day for under 100 USD.
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Grey Water REcycling
Learn how to : easily recycle grey water with 2 simple projects clean 21000 liters of waste water from your garden and home
Open day at Bio Veda Academy - 03/03/2018
Take a tour of Bioveda's Urban Garden
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Inspiring children to Bio - Design planetary healing
Please support our eco Institute at www.bioveda.ru/ecoschool Our students will learn how build low cost fully off - grid natural dome homes made from earth and waste. These homes will discharge waste water into Self Regenerative wetland ecologies feeding food forest biospheres...
By learning how to build your OFF - GRID ECO HOME  for 99 USD
Wautilli Arkaim – a Permaculture School of Practical Abundance
Our students will learn how to bio-design and build debt-free, fully off-grid natural homes made from earth and indigenous low cost materials. Our Bio Shelters mimic natures genius whilst harmoniously integrating into the surrounding environment. All waste water from our structures will feed into Self - Regenerative build in wetland ecologies that feed organic food forest, vegetable and medicinal herb gardens. www.bioveda.ru/ecoschool
An eco business opportunity for your career change
I would love to donate our eco home to our community. In order to do that we need 150 extra students to invest not Bio Veda training in order to keep the property. We also need a champion to run an eco healing center / permaculture site / aquaponics & urban farm / eco academy... Please share this link www.bioveda.co/freedom
Integrating Permaculture & Bio Geometry in one small town by Michael Tellinger & Alosha Lynov
in this video I discuss with my good friend, Alosha Lynov, how we will integrate Bio Geometry and Permaculture eco systemic design into our small town concept. If you have berry wondering how we will turn linear old school suburbia into a geometric food forest paradise then make sure you watch this interview. If you would like to watch Alosha's free webinar on water please go here: https://ou369.isrefer.com/go/learnwater/ubuntu/
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Constructed Wetlands Master Class
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10 key question on UP Cycling of Grey water
Answering 10 key question posed by 300 people with regards to up cycling of Grey water. How much will the wetland cost, smell and hygiene, space limitations, plumbing of grey water, maintenance of wetland, storage of grey water, what not to put down your sink, governmental regulations... etc
Change your feelings & change your life
in this video I will explain how I received a total transformation on emotional level which I supported with a deep juice cleanse. The result is that jy thoughts and feelings are starting to manifest almost instantly. I am keeping up the practice by implementing The Law of Attraction by Esther Hicks
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Waterproofing an Air Crete & Super Adobe Dome
Just solved the water proofing for my Air Crete dome. My Internal and outer plaster cracked badly as AirCrete bricks swelled up in water. .Check out the full training - www.bioveda.co/domehome
Geopathic stress + Electro Magnetic Radiation
Join me for my second eco home webinar. To view others go to www.members-bioveda.com/eco-home
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Using water to instantly revive
With love from Russia @ -17C degrees. In this video I discuss with you various ways that you can instantly recharge your batteries and increase your life force. Endurance through uncomfortable moments teaches us Self Control = Thought Control. Watch this 9 minute video and inspire yourself to live a healthy life with Vitality and will power
Rain Water Purification. How to Filter & Purify rain water & grey water like a pro
Rain water filtration and purification can be tricky especially if you are wanting to purify your water to super quality drinking water Subscribe to my Channel Rain Water Purification Rain Water Filtration and Purification http://www.bioveda.ru Purchasing a ready-made filtration system can be EXTREMELY costly ** You can make your OWN BIO CHAR SLOPW SAND water filtration system for a fraction of the cost of a commercial unit and it will provide you with highly nutritious water. In this clip, Alosha Lynov founder of the BioVeda Academy in Jhb, will be showing you how he is filtering and purifying water from his eco-water tanks and also his pool AND MAKING IT FIT FOR DRINKING PURPOSES. Alosha has taught and consulted with 1000s of people around the globe on how to construct their own water water purification system. Rain water filtration starts with a successful water tank. Natural, eco-friendly tanks are best as they keep the water cool and healthy. In this video you will see the theory behind the success of water purification.
Awesome eco pool wetland & steep slope terraces
Here I will take your an an awesome tour through my friends' garden where they have constructed a proper eco pool wetland and a variety of garden terraces on a super steep slope. Enjoy this short inspiration!
Intuition catapults me to ancient African ruins
In today's video I will share with you how my intuition brought me to one of the largest ancient ruins of Mpumalanga. Watch this quick video that will assist you to listen to your subtle inner voice...
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Water harvesting earthworks on a super steep slope
A consultation I did on a super steep slope in Cape Town, some good ideas here worth considering
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Alosha needs URGENT HELP to keep the eco school
I have sold my company to Lounge Around in pursue of my eco vision. Lounge Around have not paid me for my business. Currently they are still driving a vehicle and not paying for it whilst keeping it in my name. Because of this fact my house where I have been building my eco school is currently being taken by the bank. The court case is on the 7th of May 2018. Just putting this video out to whoever can help in whatever way.
Quick update from Bio Veda
Just wanted to give you a quick update on the latest happenings of bioveda. We are currently running a live dome workshop and recording about 2 hours of detailed step by step footage every day. We will start to upload it from next week. We have also completed a 3rd perfected pool wetland with improvements section. Thank you for your support Have a great week
Why would I illegally trespass into a reserve
Here i share with you why and how I illegally trespassed into a reserve. Why do we need a license to visit a mountain. Nature belongs to all of us.
Inspiring kids to Bio-Design planetary healing & Abundance!
A permaculture eco school teaches the Art of Practical Self Sustainability. Please support our eco Institute via INDIEGOGO: www.bioveda.ru/ecoschool
Water Wizard & Michael Tellinger
Use your pool as a drinking water reservoir
At the last Abundance of Water workshop we have planted 216 plants in our wetland that treats all the water for our pool. It is working so successfully now that I am able to drink straight from the pool. However to get the water to pass the government test we will use bio-char slow sand water filter that I learned how to make at an international workshop. Therefore we will be able to treat some of the pool water so it can be plumbed straight to our home. In this video I describe the basics behind ecological design of natural water filtration wether for pool or for home Please SCROLL BELOW and let me know if there is anything that you would like for me to cover in the near future. I would love to hear your comments
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5 ancient simple remedies for flu and chest cough
Today I will share with you 5 traditional remedies that helped me to heal my cough and chest after severe exposure to airplane pesticide spraying of cotton fields in Uzbekistan. I use the same natural remedies to heal the flu, cough and up the immune levels naturally. Enjoy this quick sharing of ancient "granny" remedies THAT WORK
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35000 DEAD villages in Russia with ripe food forests
In this video I take you on a tour of one of the dead villages I found in Russia, which is full of fruit and nut trees as well as medicinal and berry bushes. A dream is forming to start transforming these villages into international ecological training and healing centres / intentional communities.
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