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Eyeglasses for Kids
Not only are kids the future in innovation, but they're the future of fashion and style as well, especially when it comes to choosing a safe and durable eyewear for them! With over several brands to choose from, including Guess, Harley Davidson, Vivid, Progear, and Free Form, your child will be ready for any season or semester.
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Kenneth Cole Eyeglasses
For more information, please visit : http://www.danielwalters.com
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Gant Eyeglass Frames
Founded in 1949, GANT is a lifestyle brand that originally carried American sportswear but is now bringing consumers timeless eyewear which is elegantly crafted. GANT has eyewear that is influenced by the chic yet effortless modern European lifestyle. Whether you are looking for frames that are fully rimmed or semi-rimless or round, square, or rectangular, we are sure to carry a pair of frames that will fit your style. Our frames range from durable materials such as metal, plastic, and acetate. We carry both eyeglasses and sunglasses so you can enjoy reading a book or hit the beach on a sunny day. Danielwalters.com matches any online prices on the Gant products.
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Diesel Eyeglasses Frames
Get trendiest Diesel eyewear to make a style statement. These sunglasses and goggles are made with finest quality material to provide you clear optical vision and designed to accentuate your personality.
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Diesel Prescriptions Glasses
Prescription eyeglasses are slightly different from reading and other non-prescription ones. These spectacles correct your vision problems, ranging from myopia, hyperopia to astigmatism.
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Designer Eyeglasses For Women
Our wide variety of women's eyeglasses includes designer brands such as Ray Ban, Guess, Harley Davidson and more. We have tons of styles to cater to your personal taste.
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Geek Glasses Frames
Shop for best quality geek glass frames for men and women at affordable price. These trendiest glasses will enhance your looks and add charismatic touch to your persona.
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Eyeglasses for Women
People wear designer eyewear to improve their look and appeal. Everyone cannot afford a laser surgery or wear contact lenses all the time.
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Sunglasses For Women
With over 1,000 unique choices, and growing everyday, it is not hard women to find the right pair of glasses tailored and custom to your taste
Vivid Boutique Collection
Vivid Eyewear Boutique collection for women includes the latest style with petite sizes at Daniel Walters. Browse vivid eyewear boutique collection to match your style. We offer free shipping and 1 yr manufacturer warranty.
Designer Sunglasses For Men
With over hundreds of men's sunglasses, it is not hard to find a pair that is best suited for your personal taste. We carry popular designer brands such as Ray Ban, Harley Davidson, Free Form, and more. All of our men's sunglasses are made from top quality durable materials such as plastic, acetate, and metal and include either nose pads or nose grooves which provide the wearer with a firm yet comfortable hold throughout the day. Depending on your preference, we have eyewear that is fully rimmed, semi-rimmed or rimless with a variety of different lens types such as mirror flash, polarized, and gradient in order to give you the most sun protection.
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