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Girl with the Pink Shoes
My 18 month niece LOVES shoes and is very comfortable wearing her cousin Casey's pink heels!
Views: 173 Carol Olson
when dog has shoes on
pomeranian dog in bee costume and little pink boots
Views: 10178 thomswalwell
The Big Buffalos Report
mit u.a. Oliver Pocher @ bravo.tv
Views: 14175 youphilos
Air Force 1 - Black Widow
Nike Sportswear introduces the "Black Widow" Air Force 1.
Views: 6984 Nice Kicks
The Shoes Song
The shoes song with our new shoes in the video!
Views: 165 amylivi
De-mystifying the pointe shoe- Kira Roanoke
whats up with those crazy little pink things that girls dance on their toes on? by the way, im sorry i said the box is like wood. i thought it would be a good explanation for the hardness. its paper mache!
Views: 6737 kiraroanoke
Pink floyd- high hopes - solo- slide Guitar
Pink floyd- high hopes - solo- slide Guitar
Views: 17964 ashotasitgets
Chelsea/Laura Pointe shoe show
Slide Show of Diagrams, X-rays, Amazing Photos, And Best Of All They're All About Pointe Shoes!!!
Views: 4755 LiveEnPointe
Views: 21374 KeyWestKitten
Nike VS Adidas
A comparison between nike and adidas since shirts until boots.
Views: 53538 014f
Lil Wayne ( Lyrics ) - Brand New
Lyrics [Chorus] Ridin round the city wit some brand new heat Brand new car, brand new feet Brand new seats,brand new smell Put out the roach and lite a brand new L F**k u xxxxx I`m actin brand new F**k u xxxxx my shirt brand new F**k u xxxxx my shoes brand new F**k u xxxxx I`m actin brand new I`m cold like a midnite in aspen I am the president and the assassin Cameras on, big lights action Welcome to the show I am the main attraction Money in the matress money in the attic Money on my mind, money is my habit Stay on my grind, until money`s automatic Bitch I love money Imma fukin fanatic Always strap, grip tight graspin Say wat, who me, xxxx clat blast em Chrom 24`s tires thin like napkins Gotta ride big cuz I am like, a captin U know imma boss chillin relaxin Probably in my office doin my taxes U lil niggas so not in my bracket And I don`t even have time to practice [Chorus] Ridin round the city wit some brand new heat Brand new car, brand new feet Brand new seats,brand new smell Put out the roach and lite a brand new L F**k u xxxxx I`m actin brand new F**k u xxxxx my shirt brand new F**k u xxxxx my shoes brand new F**k u xxxxx I`m actin brand new Actin rediculous price, ur camra has never saw a picture this nice I`m fishin and the xxxxxxx will bite Its probably because my game is fixer than tite, rite Im f**kin every bad xxxxx twice And if she doesn`t wear panties then I f**k her on site Im nasty like spice, I know what she likes [Brand New lyrics on http://www.kovideo.net] I can make a black woman scream like she white I can make a white woman scream like mike But before she start singin she gotta check my mic Niggas just hatin and I don lost site Its like I don`t see the I only see the lite Talkin that xxxx but u boys just hype I hope you bring a gun to the fight, iight Louie v tennis shoes big brown stripe Yout think fresh, xxxx nigga im ripe [Chorus] Ridin round the city wit some brand new heat Brand new car, brand new feet Brand new seats,brand new smell Put out the roach and lite a brand new L F**k u xxxxx I`m actin brand new F**k u xxxxx my shirt brand new F**k u xxxxx my shoes brand new F**k u xxxxx I`m actin brand new Brand new coop drivin crazy than the mutha Im low in the seat with the burner sittin under Got my tin toptop dow it probly ain summa But I ride like th cuz im hotta than the others Dam there aint no keeping up wit the brotha Man i could spell my name in burn rubba Im gone, leave me alone Now the dog is at suppa You can wash my plate and put it back in the cupboard Im so far ahead of them suckas Imma have start rappin in numbers I promise the flow it wont stop it come rappin like thunda I bet ull hide under ur covers [Chorus] Ridin round the city wit some brand new heat Brand new car, brand new feet Brand new seats,brand new smell Put out the roach and lite a brand new L F**k u xxxxx I`m actin brand new F**k u xxxxx my shirt brand new F**k u xxxxx my shoes brand new F**k u xxxxx I`m actin brand new
Views: 374293 Danny2nv
Shoe Care : How to Clean Suede Shoes
Protecting suede shoes with a water and stain protector will make cleaning the suede much easier. Learn more about cleaning suede shoes with tips from a shoe repair expert in this free shoe care video. Expert: Mike Summers Bio: Mike Summers owns and operates Jim The Shoe Doctor, offering complete shoe care, from cleaning and polishing to resoling, resizing and general repair. Filmmaker: max koetter
Views: 536882 expertvillage
Pink Motel
BA, Guy, Rick, Max, and Eric at the Pink Motel
Views: 11670 crailtap
My Capezio Pointe Shoes
These are my first pointe shoes! They're Capezio Contemporas. They're very pink because I got a vintage pair! Excuse the not-tucked in ribbons, I was just having fun :)
Views: 77120 azian0joo
Vanessa and Angela Simmons' new pastry ad
i just found the new commercial for Vanessa and Angela's Brand Pastry. They look great.
Views: 17092 brandibeedabest
Janis Joplin - Me & Bobby McGee
Janis Joplin - Me & Bobby McGee Make a different choice
Views: 24473997 whodoyouthink8
bella wearing coat, and shoes!
poor dog..
Views: 164 rinakop
Sesame Street: Paul Simon Sings Me & Julio
New season of Sesame Street premiering Monday Sept 26th 2011! New episodes weekday mornings on PBS! (Check local listings.) For more videos and games check out our new website at http://www.sesamestreet.org In this video, kids enjoy a song with Paul Simon. Sesame Street is a production of Sesame Workshop, a nonprofit educational organization which also produces Pinky Dinky Doo, The Electric Company, and other programs for children around the world.
Views: 3959244 Sesame Street
THE NEW  jordans
Jordans shoes air force ones
Views: 4174 markaus0219
Iraqi Journalist Throws Shoe at Bush in Iraq during Conference
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Views: 3346 ArmaniAmar
Shoe Shopping-Delicious
Oh hell no! These shoes are too high for CaShawn!
Views: 22586 ThePBG
More Pointe Practice
I have had my Principal Pointe shoes for 4 days, & they are getting more broken in, & it's getting easier to go up on pointe! I'm wearing an old pair of tan(ish) colored tights since my pink ones are dirty... The color contrast is not the prettiest! lol! Sorry for the craziness in the background.. XD I'm also holding onto a door frame... Any constructive criticism is welcome! (Any rude/mean comments WILL be deleted)
Views: 20630 AGKittycat
New Pointe Shoes
Boch Aspirition. I *just* got them and havent sewn the ribbons yet. Constructive critisizm welcome.
Views: 18305 TekkonBaka
EP62: Reebok Pump Omni Lite - Hex Stor - mint (4-262954)
These Reebok Pump Omni Lite Hex Stors are made out of leather. Get it from http://www.bnyconline.com/item/details/13626 Go to http://www.BNYCOnline.com to see more shoes! Or visit http://www.SportTech.tv to watch more videos.
Views: 7548 BNYCOnline
Me On My Pointe Shoes
me on pointe lol
Views: 253 natashameme
Explicit Promo
SUSCRIBE Skate Promo for video coming out. I don't know when though. Now for tags to get more views Bam Margera Bucky Lasek Steve Caballero Rodney Jones Kareem Campbell Geoff Rowley Mark Appleyard Bastien Salabanzi Ed Templeton Ali Boulala Diego Bucchieri Jamie Thomas Andrew Reynolds Tosh Townend Eric Koston Vanessa Torres Josh Kalis Jeremy Reeves Lincoln Ueda Bob Burnquist Rodil De Araujo jr Jeremy Wray Donny Barley Forrest Kirby Clyde Singleton Daewon Song Giorgio Zattoni Mike Hastie Kristian Svitak Tony Hawk Rodney Mullen Elissa Steamer Stevie Williams Danny Way Arto Saari Tom Penny Kerry Getz Alex Chalmers Rune Glifberg Rick Mccrank Tony Trujillo Chad Muska Adrian Lopez Colt Cannon Colin McKay Rob Dyrdek Mike Vallely Peter Smolik Sandro Dias Carlos De Andrade Wolnei dos Santos Kenny Hughes Zered Bassett Joey Pepper Erik Ellington Cale Nuske Paul Rodriguez PJ Ladd Ryan Sheckler Skateboard Clothing Brands Kerosin Clothing [edit]Skateboard Deck Brands 1031 1080 60-40 5boro Acme Active Affinity Active Alien Workshop Almost Altamont Alva Skates Animal Anti-Hero Skateboards Arbor ATM Avera ANGR Baker Beer City BigRedX Skateboards Birdhouse Black Label Blind Blueprint Boardshop Bodyglove Boo Skateboards Mfg Bones Bummer High Skateboards CCS City Stars Skateboards Clash Skateboards Coda Skateboards Creation Creature Crime Crimson Chocolate Comet Skateboards Confidential Skate Consolidated Skateboards Convoy Skateboards Curly Grrlz Skateboards Darkside Skateboards Darkstar Deca skateboards Death Skateboards Deathwish dnkLEGION DGK Disaster Dogtown Easy People (EP) Element Ello Skateboards Emerica Enjoi Esguince Patinetas Etnies Exo Expedition-One Experience Skateboards The Firm Flip Finesse Foundation Gillywompus skateboards Girl Gravity Skateboards Glue Factory Skateboards Habitat Harsh HIVE Honesty Skateboards Hoodlum Skateboards Hook-Ups Hosoi House of Kasai H-Street Hourglass NY (or HRG) IX:01 Kingdom Skateboards Klash Skateboards Kolor Skateboards Krew Krooked Kryptonics Liberty Landyachtz Listen Loaded Carving Systems Manik Marrada Skateboards Menace Meridian Skateboards Monster Moose Skateboards More Morgan Skateboards Mini Logo Mystery Natural Koncepts Negative Nocternal B F E Organika Orient Skateboards Orsit Skateboards Pink Star* Plan B Platinum Popwar Positiv Skateboards Powell Prime Rage Skateboards Raised Fist Skateboards Rasa Libre Rayne Longboards Real Skateboards Rigid Skateboards Riot Skateboards Rum Monkey Sabbath Skateboards Santa Cruz SDS Skateboards Sect Skateboards Sector Nine Skateboards Sevin Sins Skateboards Shameless Skateboards Shorty's Shut Sideshow Sizzler Skateboards SK8MAFIA Skull S.M.A. (Santa Monica Airlines) SNAP Family Soapbox Skateboards Stereo Sound Agency Slave SouthStar Skateboards Stink Substance Skateboards Sugar Skate Company SurfOne Think Toast Skateboards Toy Machine Timmo Skateboards True Love Collective Trust Un-Educated Union Skateboards Untitled Skateboards Variflex Velocity Vision Volume Skateboards WAX Skate Boarding co.* Whalecock World Industries Yellow Brand Yeah Skateboards Zen Skateboards Zero Zodiac Skateboards Zoo York [edit]Skateboard Grip Tape Brands Alien Workshop Black Diamond Black Magic Blacks Beach Black Widow Bullet Element Essentials FKD(flip) Flik Griptape Girl Grind King Independent Iron Horse Jessup Lucky Madrid Mini Logo Mob Motto Pig Reflex True Grit Union Wooster [edit]Skateboard Wheel Brands Abec 11 Wheels Autobahn Wheel Company Bones Hoon HIVE Hubba Kryptonic Wheels Legacy Momentum Orangatang Wheels Pig Wheels Pink Wheels PointBlank Retro Wheels Ricta Satori Movement Solo Wheels Sabbath Wheels Sushi Wheels Sect Wheels SouthStar Wheels Spitfire Steadfast Urethane Union Wheels [edit]Skateboard Truck Brands Carver Trucks Destructo Element Fury Grind King Krux Independent Industrial Landyachtz Speed Trucks Monster Navigator Paris Truck Co. Peril Trucks Phantom Randal Trucks Royal Tensor Thunder Tracker Trucks Union Trucks Venture WEBB Zodiac Anti-gravity [edit]Skateboard Bearing Brands ATM FKD(flip) Popwar Lucky Reflex Bones Bearings SKF(SkateFast) SouthStar Speed Demons Infinity Modus Wrecking Ball [edit]Skateboard Shoe Brands Adidas Adio Airwalk Axion Circa DC Dekline Double B Duffs Dukes DVS Element Emerica éS Etnies Fallen Fidel Shoes Gallaz Ice Cream Shoes Ipath Lakai Osiris Power skate shoes Macbeth NNS Nike SB Nike 6.0 RBK DGK Sheep Supra Vans Vox Footwear Zodiac Skatewear Zoo York Skateboard Company Geraldine Skateboarding athletic wear [edit]European Brands
Views: 737 Braulio Bobadilla
How to Clean & Maintain your Shoes : Cleaning a Man-Made Shoe
Learn how to clean a man-made shoe in this free footwear care and repair video by our shoe expert. Expert: Esther Rodrigues Bio: Esther Rodrigues has been with the shoe warehouse for one year, and she has been in the fashion industry for over five years. Her experience extends from women's fashion to shoes. Filmmaker: Mark Sullivan
Views: 8848 expertvillage
Pointe shoes
no ribbion or elastic yet
Views: 1007 Dancer30062
Ray's new Converse tennies
Televik's sporting the young look
Views: 554 Amanda Gaskill
Pointe shoes
grishko 2007 pointe shoes. by the way i am dancing in the same place as ArashiChan2 because we are friends and we live very closely! i am 13 years old and i've been on pointe for 6 1/2 months. PLEASE RATE AND COMMENT!
Views: 1982 Lily Lalster
Kickin' It In The City! 08' Episode 1 part8
New pick-up time...something for the smaller brand lovers!
Views: 1373 Shwa3 Ma3
Baby says shoes
Maria playing with her daddy, saying shoes, and bringing us shoes.
Views: 74 Luisa Stone
Ballet Lessons : What Do Ballet Dancers Wear?
In most ballet studios, dancers will wear a black leotard, pink tights and pink ballet shoes, with the hair pulled back. Male ballet dancers often wear thick tights, a T-shirt or tank top and black ballet shoes. Keep ballet dancing clothes neat, clean and free of holes to be appropriate with help from an experienced dance instructor in this free video ballet lesson. Expert: Lauri Gregoire Contact: www.bellevuedancecenter.com Bio: Lauri Gregoire is the owner and director of the Bellevue Dance Center. Filmmaker: Dimitri LaBarge
Views: 103387 eHow
Me On My Third Pair Of Pointe Shoes
Me doing some simple pointe.
Views: 10189 sugarnspiceisapony
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Views: 661 funnystyler
For the exhibition This End Up: the Art of Cardboard we created this short promo video. The film features a work in the exhibition called Cakeland by artist Scott Hove and is a sequel to a previous video that the museum produced called Road Trip. You can view that video here: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=M_rmqKVOI-U Special thanks go to Scott Hove for letting the museum film in his studio and to Sibby's Cupcakes for allowing us to film in their bakery. http://www.mshove.com http://www.sibbyscupcakery.com *************************************** Bronze, marble, stainless steelcardboard? In fact, many of the most highly esteemed artists, like Robert Rauschenberg, Frank Gehry, Joan Brown and Manuel Neri, have experimented with cardboard as an artistic material. Both relatively inexpensive and ubiquitous, cardboard affords artists the ability to work on a large-scale that might not be otherwise possible. In this exhibition, artists challenge the limits of cardboard by investigating topics ranging from formal concerns to social commentary and engineering. Oakland-based artist Scott Hove paints and embellishes cardboard transforming its dull, brown surface to a delectable, pink, frosted cake. Exploring the sculptural quality of cardboard, Tobias Putrih carefully carves the material revealing organic forms with dynamic surfaces. Ranging from large scale installation to two-dimensional objects, this exhibition demonstrates the almost endless artistic possibilities of this everyday material. This End Up: the Art of Cardboard runs from November 8, 2008 through February 15, 2009 http://www.sjmusart.org/content/exhibitions/current/exhibition_info.phtml?itemID=385
Views: 225583 San Jose Museum of Art
Project RED Converse Shoes
find out more at converse.com
Views: 9620 kristinbell
Converse Escape
Stop-motion converse movie
Views: 562 teamboone
Point Shoes at the bathroom (:
They are "Grishko"- "Fuatte" (or something like that XD) loveya.
Views: 1781 DanaBanana1993
walking with neon green converse
ahah = ]
Views: 5850 tarystal
my adicolors
my custom designed adidas adicolors
Views: 1596 seaniebwaay290983
Secret Sample Sale Designer Womens Shoes & Handbags
The Art of Affordable Luxury Secret Sample SaleDeeply Discounted Designer Handbags and Shoes
Views: 13345 ShopSampleSale
George's Exploding Wallet
Guess what Shannon! The High School is FLOODED!! WOOOO - alex 9x12 - The Reverse Peephole
Views: 1378704 Alex Lockwood
New Pointe Shoes (number 2)
These shoes I really don't enjoy but they are getting there to where I want them broken in. These are Freed Studio II's in a Hard Shank.
Views: 2382 Michael Han
Adidas Predator Absolution PowerSwerve SG Rugby Boots
Buy the AAdidas Predator Absolution PowerSwerve SG Rugby Boots Online now at Lovell Rugby http://www.lovellrugby.co.uk. Predator Absolution SG Rugby Boots made by Adidas. Colour Royal Blue / Black.
Views: 5881 lovellrugby2008
Rocawear Shoes
http://www.roc-climber-store.com/ The R+ "Roc Climber" is the evolution of the Rocawear Line. Now taking pre-orders on a 1st ordered, 1st served basis. Order yours now before this limited edition style is sold out. Shipping November 08.
Views: 1694 dijapee04
Adidas Gazelle Graphic Black
3D views of Adidas Gazelle Graphic Black
Views: 2608 dalesoleheaven
My New Pointe Shoes!
I'm not at all good so be nice!! These are Bloch Amelies--please comment!
Views: 6440 mochimi123
Lil wayne - Brand New (with lyrics)
lyrics Riddin Round Tha City Wit Some Brand New Heat Brand New Car Brand New Feet Brand New Seats Brand New Smell Put Out Tha Roach Light A Brand New L Fuck You Bitch I'm Actin Brand New Fuck You Bitch My Shirt Brand New Fuck You Bitch My Shoes Brand New Fuck You Bitch I'm Actin Brand New I'm Cold Like A Midnight In Aspin I Am A President And Tha Assasin Cameras On Big Lights Action Welcome To The Show I Am Tha Main Attraction Money Is Tha Mattres Money Is Tha Actres Money On My Mind Money Is My Habit Stay On Tha Grind Untill Moneys Automatic Bitch I Love Money I'm A Fuckin Fanatic Always Strapped Griiped Type Graspin Say What? Who Me? Click Clack! Blast Em. Chrome 24s Tires Thin Like Napkin Gotta Ride Big Cuz I Am Like A Captin You Know I'm A Boss Chillin Relaxin Probably In My Office Doin My Taxes You Little Niggas So Not In My Bracket And I Don't Even Have Time To Practice Riddin Round Tha City Wit Some Brand New Heat Brand New Car Brand New Feet Brand New Seats Brand New Smell Put Out Tha Roach Light A Brand New L Fuck You Bitch I'm Actin Brand New (Brand New) Fuck You Bitch My Shirt Brand New (Brand New) Fuck You Bitch My Shoes Brand New (Brand New) Fuck You Bitch I'm Actin Brand New (Brand New) Tight Ridiculous Price Ya Camera Has Never Saw A Picture This Nice I'm Fishin And Tha Bicthes Will Bite Its Probably Cuz My Game Is fixodent Tight Right I'm Fuckin Every Bad Bitch Twice And If She Dosn't Wear Panties Then I Fuck Her On Sight I'm Nasty Like Spice I Know What She Likes I Could Make A Black Women Scream Like She White I Can Make A White Woman Scream Like Mike But Before She Start Singin She Gotta Check My Mic Niccas Just Hatin And I Don Lost Sight Its Like I Don't See Em I Only See Tha Light Talkin That Shit But You Boys Just Hype I Hope You Bring Ya Gun To Tha Fight Iight Louis V Tennis Shoes Big Brown Stripe U Think U Fresh Shit Nigga I'm Rype Riddin Round Tha City Wit Some Brand New Heat Brand New Car Brand New Feet Brand New Seats Brand New Smell Put Out Tha Roach Light A Brand New L Fuck You Bitch I'm Actin Brand New (Brand New) Fuck You Bitch My Shirt Brand New (Brand New) Fuck You Bitch My Shoes Brand New (Them Too) Fuck You Bitch I'm Actin Brand New (Okay) Brand New Coupe Drive It Crazy Then A Motha Sittin Low In Tha Seats Hit Tha Burners Hit Tha Nunda Got My Tank Top Top Down It Probably Aint Summa But I Ride Like That Cuz I'm Hotter Then Them Others Damn Its No Keepin Up With Tha Brother Man I Could Spell My Name In Burnt Rubber Im Gone Leave Me Alone All Tha Doggys At Supper U Could Wash My Plate And Put It Back In Tha Cubbord Uh Um I'm So Far Ahead Of Them Suckers Imma Hafta Start Rappin In Numbers I Promise Tha Flows Don't Stop They Come Rappin Like Thunder I Bet U Hide Under You'r Covers Riddin Round Tha City Wit Some Brand New Heat Brand New Car Brand New Feet Brand New Seats Brand New Smell Put Out Tha Roach Light A Brand New L Fuck You Bitch I'm Actin Brand New (Brand New) Fuck You Bitch My Shirt Brand New (Brand New) Fuck You Bitch My Shoes Brand New (Them Too) Fuck You Bitch I'm Actin Brand New (Yah)
Views: 53078 Tblazers10
Air - La Femme d'Argent
Shotty's Classic Series #10: Air's masterpiece debut "Moon Safari" flips that cold electronica feel upside-down, by combining warm ambience and pop sensibilities. The epic opener's bubbling bassline and soothing atmospherics amount to one of the genre's most well-crafted electrolullabyes (in a good way!).
Views: 11185920 Shotgunnova

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