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Random Website Background Colors Made Easy
This video will show you how to easily and quickly make random background colors that change when your website loads. The process is easy and just takes a few minutes.
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Random css style elements
This video shows you how to create random style elements (or anything else) for your website. Using the built in php random functions you can create random content on any page. Visit my website at http://lenfarneth.com
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Random Color scheme generator
Small peace of code generating color scheme from a range of variables
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PHP: Allow users to change the background colour
A video tutorial showing you how to allow the user to change the background colour of the page. http://www.abell12.com Follow Us on Twitter: http://www.twitter.com/abell12youtube
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Movie and Description by rxL : http://www.youtube.com/user/sunnyyrxL SUBSCRIBE! Like me @ Facebook : http://www.facebook.com/pages/Kevin-kRYSTAL-Amend/142573089150051 Hello guys, i am proud to present you my big movie which i have made for my friends and mates from alternate attax. it is a movie about all the matches in the EPS SPRING season 2012. i hope you like it. Don't forget to comment and subscribe. they were rly happy with the result so i hope you too:) TEAM ALTERNATE: http://www.team-alternate.de Some Infos about the Movie Name: ALTERNATE aTTaX - EPS SPRING 2012 Filesize: 800 MB Lenght: 19min 55sec Render Time: 3h 30min Starring Players: Manuel "SolEk" Zeindler Kevin "kRYSTAL" Amend Christian "Rak" Hermenau Puhlvers Manuel "mnL" Oberlein Felix "fel1x" Zech songnames: Indivision & Echo Inada - Around the World Sabrepulse - Arcanine (Feint Bootleg) Traktion - In The Near Distant Future Rameses B - Open Your Eyes (ft. Rachel Hirons) Drum & Bass - Traktion - Mission ASCII Bustrexx - Careless (Ft.LIGHTS - Siberia) Feint - Laurence Stan SB - Satisfied Adventure Club - Do I See Color Adeo - City Lights Bustrexx & Wave - What We Found Some Screenshots: http://www.file-upload.net/download-4588581/Screens.rar.html HD-DOWNLOAD LINK coming soon -----SPECIAL THANKS TO----- - Igor - eSca - the aTTaX players stay tuned rxL
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Thanks for 700 subs! (Free Colour In desc)
is inferno colors :D colors dl : http://www.file-upload.net/download-2725690/Inferno-Color.rar.html
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Koopzable Color Correction
this is _not_ a tutorial, it's more of a walk-through! settings: http://adf.ly/7SI0v kaleidoscope: http://bit.ly/rRlXxH music by owsey http://soundcloud.com/owsey http://www.facebook.com/Owsey http://www.youtube.com/user/Owseymusic
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Color Chat for Red Eclipse
With ColorChat, you have the ability to change the color of the letters immediately and not only, you can set random colors, as well as rainbow, striping, and color accuracy. Download : http://forum.freegamedev.net/viewtopic.php?f=73&t=5150
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CSS Tutorials #20 - Text Replacement
The 20th tutorial in the CSS tutorial series. In this lesson, I'll be showing how to replace text with images using css. Subscribe to Level Up Pro for extra features! https://www.leveluptutorials.com/store/products/pro For questions post in the comments or visit: http://leveluptuts.com/forum To Support Level Up Tuts: http://leveluptuts.com/donations
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CSS | HD Models
Song: Lights-River Acoustic Version Эти модельки очень круто блестят ^_^ если все правельно сделать...!) ---------------------------------- DL: http://www.file-upload.net/download-6777254/HD-Models.rar.html Put this in your autoexec: r_worldlights 3
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[CSS ] Effective by nuTu
Hey guys, i've made a small comp clip for Vengeful Pictures. can you push me to 1k subs ? i have like 822 atm. mabye you can post a bulletin on your channel to support me ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 6k views = movie 3min long ---------------------------------------------- 150 likes= free overlays -http://www.mediafire.com/?4nnwt0wmis3ktkz ----------------------------------------- song = free pm me -------------------------------- and the most thumps up dude get's private tutorial:) ------------------------- a like would be awsome! ------------------ Regards ------- nutu --
Xcode 4.4- How to make a Random Colour Text Generator
Source code: http://tinyurl.com/c7tvwtd If you would like me to do any other tutorials, feel free to leave a comment or Skype =kylegreenlaw
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Free Colors for CSS, COD and so on :D
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How to make a Website using Notepad | Tutorial 4 | Random Font Effects
Sorry I haven't uploaded in a while, and this was kind of a random video, but enjoy :)
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CSS Automatic Numbering Tutorial Counter For HTML Elements
Lesson Code: http://www.developphp.com/video/CSS/Automatic-Numbering-Tutorial-Element-Counter CSS Automatic numbering example and discussion.
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Random Color Effects
This is what happens when you rub your iPhone face down on your bed with some additional editing by the 8mm camera app. You get this nice array of colors.
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HTML Tutorial 2 - List tags And Inserting Images (Beginners)
In this tutorial, I have discussed various types of lists and tags used to create them. I have also discussed how to insert images and what are the different attributes related to images. At the end, I've discussed some random tags and their effects.
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CSS | Random stuff and HD model test #1
Just... wierdo :)
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HTML5 Canvas Tutorial: Adding color #5
The HTML 5 canvas would be boring if you couldn't add color to your web apps. You can use HEX colors, RGB (with and without an alpha channel), and even HSL to style both the stroke (outline) and fill of shapes drawn with primitives on a canvas in HTML5. For more HTML 5 tutorial videos, check out the complete playlist at http://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLGJDCzBP5j3xua7wZxIN-AJGvIwPdZ_eX Other links of interest: -- Our YouTube channel http://www.youtube.com/user/easylearntutorial -- Visit our website http://www.easylearntutorial.com for more text and video tutorials, updates, and upcoming tutorial articles and events -- Like us on Facebook http://www.facebook.com/easylearntutorialonline -- Follow us on Twitter http://www.twitter.com/easylearntuts
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do i see color
Hey guys, this is just a random clip coz' i'm bored^^ cya :)
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random peniswag is random awesome edit: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=p3fge0i8aWs&list=UU-h-zs94U7xjPFHAIvZt4Ag&index=4&feature=plcp // demo free http://www.file-upload.net/download-4434468/bzqut_flashboost_9000.dem.html
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Insert Images and graphics :HTML Image and color in Hindi [ html in hindi ]
In this Hindi/Urdu video tutorial, you'll learn How to insert image and graphics and customize its height, width and other properties in HTML in Hindi/Urdu. how to use alt property of image in web page. HTML हिन्दी मे सीखे ...HTML हिन्दी मे सीख कर web design मे expert bane.. web design सिखने के लिए शुरु करे HTML tutorial हिन्दी मे । ... Learn HTML in Hindi and Make yourself expert in HTML in Hindi for learning web designing with Hindi HTML learning tutorial you can learn HTML easily with this HTML in Hindi tutorial. it is great platform for learning HTML in Hindi. HTML Tutorial in Hindi/Urdu for beginner to expert.... This course is one of the best courses designed for beginners in HTML. Watch this HTML in Hindi video tutorials series to learn HTML from Basic to advance. In this course, you'll learn the complete web design structure in Hindi/Urdu. Like | Watch | Share | Subscribe Website: http://www.vishacademy.com YouTube Channel: http://www.youtube.com/vishAcademy Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/vishAcademy
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Classes vs IDs in CSS
IDs are used to apply css rules to individual elements. Classes are used to apply rules to groups of elements. This tutorial explains this in more detail by way of example.
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HTML5 Fixed Header and Footer Div Web Page Layout Creation Tutorial
Lesson Code: http://www.developphp.com/video/CSS/Fixed-Header-and-Footer-Div-Layout-Tutorial Learn to create an HTML5 validated fixed header and footer web page layout using CSS to pin the div elements exactly where you want them to live on the page.
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Batch File ASCII character animation and use of color
This video presents ideas for building ASCII character animations in Windows Batch Files. The code below illustrates an algorithm to create a dynamic effect by first preparing screen changes and then separately displaying them. rem --- Initialize. setlocal EnableDelayedExpansion set /A "MaxBalls = 20" set /A "MaxX = 81" set /A "MaxY = 40" set /A "lines=MaxY+2","cols=MaxX+1" mode con lines=%lines% cols=%cols% for /L %%X in (1,1,%MaxX%) do set "BlankRow= !BlankRow!" for /L %%B in (0,1,%MaxBalls%) do ( set /A "Ball_%%B.c=%%B %% 9" set /A "Ball_%%B.x=!RANDOM! %% MaxX","Ball_%%B.i=(!RANDOM! %% 3) + 1" set /A "Ball_%%B.y=!RANDOM! %% MaxY","Ball_%%B.j=(!RANDOM! %% 2) + 1" ) :PERPETUAL_LOOP rem --- Calculate changes. for /L %%B in (0,1,%MaxBalls%) do ( set /A "Ball_%%B.x += Ball_%%B.i" set /A "Ball_%%B.y += Ball_%%B.j" if /I !Ball_%%B.x! GEQ %MaxX% set /A "Ball_%%B.x = %MaxX%","Ball_%%B.i *= -1" if /I !Ball_%%B.x! LEQ 0 set /A "Ball_%%B.x = 0", "Ball_%%B.i *= -1" if /I !Ball_%%B.y! GEQ %MaxY% set /A "Ball_%%B.y = %MaxY%","Ball_%%B.j *= -1" if /I !Ball_%%B.y! LEQ 0 set /A "Ball_%%B.y = 0", "Ball_%%B.j *= -1" ) rem --- Build Screen. for /L %%Y in (0,1,%MaxY%) do ( set "Row_%%Y=" for /L %%B in (0,1,%MaxBalls%) do ( if /I !Ball_%%B.y! EQU %%Y ( if "!Row_%%Y!"=="" set "Row_%%Y=%BlankRow%" set /A "x2 = Ball_%%B.x + 1" call set "Row_%%Y=%%Row_%%Y:~0,!Ball_%%B.x!%%!Ball_%%B.c!%%Row_%%Y:~!x2!%%" ) ) ) rem --- Display Screen. cls for /L %%Y in (0,1,%MaxY%) do echo(!Row_%%Y! goto :PERPETUAL_LOOP (C) Copyright 2012 Mr Batch Files.
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Jquery Color & Font Switcher - Part 2 - HTML
Macedonian Web Design Tutorial for macedonians on macedonian language :) за повеќе одете на www.tajfa.com
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cssmixes fun =D + mad screen ♥
http://cloud.steampowered.com/ugc/523778077798379160/AA4B753538F5E0B7284B6824541C61987051A47D/ =D Random jumpshot :)
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Flash Tutorial : Creating Custom Colors using RGB to  HEX conversion  with Actionscript 3
check out how we can do the RGB tp HEX conversion and than apply the color http://qualitylessons.net/downloads Mohit Manuja Trainer for Adobe Products Dreamweaver and flash cs 6 with actionscript 3.0 [email protected] +91-9022995952
SWGalaxy First Menu Background Conversion for JK (Alpha) - **ALPHA GOT FIXED 7th Sep**
(Colors are fixed in this download http://i.imgur.com/Qb3mW.jpg) http://www.file-upload.net/download-6904705/JK2swg.skyline.ui.pk3.html http://jk2ffa.freeforums.org/someone-convert-this-shiiiiiiiiiiiiit-t301.html Music: KotOR OST #11 - Bastila Shan http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qbozynOie0s Credits go to SWGalaxy Team ;Y
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How to get your own coded website
Matrix code- @echo off color 2 :start echo %random%%random%%random%%random%%random%%random%%random%%random%%random%%random%­%random%%random%%random%%random%%random%%random% goto start Fill name. emdmed.bat
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Byte reordering (ARGB int to RGB int)
If your actually going to make the method, use the color rgb value directly and use bitwise manipulation if you can. I just reodered the bytes of the integer to compare the byte ordering (in the array that is I don't know if its the same in memory, I think it can vary from machine to machine).
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CSS Sound test.avi
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Css gamer TBB rinox Blues By rinox
my sickest frag ever
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Короткий мув про css
Ну просто ооочень короткий мув про css просто тестил одну примочку)
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shit frags
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CSS| november freshclip
yeahhhh video games
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color and quality test /awp/
test -4 awp
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[CSS] Red Tail Skins
http://www.gamebanana.com/css/skins/117011 http://www.gamebanana.com/css/skins/117010 http://www.gamebanana.com/css/skins/117009 http://www.gamebanana.com/css/skins/117008 http://www.gamebanana.com/css/skins/117007
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PHP replace characters with icons emoticons tutorial
Lesson Code: http://www.developphp.com/video/PHP/Replace-Characters-with--Emoticon-Icons-Array-Tutorial Learn to use PHP to change character sequences into emoticons or icons by using the str_replace function. You will want to alter the string data as it comes out of the MySQL database for display, not when the data is being inserted into the database.
Views: 18978 Adam Khoury
RGB Led color picker
See: http://woutsblog.blogspot.nl/2012/11/rgb-led-color-picker-using-c-and-arduino.html Created with: 1 Arduino 1 Windows PC with Visual Studio 1 RGB led 5 330 ohm resistors 1 Breadboard Some jumperwires
Views: 851 Wouter Spaans
http://steamcommunity.com/id/RunZSource http://steamcommunity.com/id/davekramer http://steamcommunity.com/groups/RunZWorld
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QR Color Code Generator v1.0
Demo at http://me.georgeholmesii.com/qr-color-code-generator-2/ Everywhere you look you see QR Codes these days. With the mobile device market growing at a fast pace, QR Codes are becoming very important marketing tools. With a scan of a mobile phone or tablet, they can direct people to your website, the location of your business, etc. This generator will allow you to create QR Codes and give them their own identity. Features - Generate an unlimited amount of QR Codes - Save codes in PNG or PDF format - Customize codes with color and images - 10 types (url, contact, sms, email, map, iTunes App Store, etc.) - URL shortening and tracking Demo at http://georgeholmesii.x10.mx/QR-Color-Code-Generator/create-code.php
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JavaScript:  Random Images using Math.random()
This is a tutorial for programming BEGINNERS. This tutorial will show you how to use JavaScript: Math.random(). We will use Math.random to display images at random on a webpage.
Views: 15468 Heidi Gentry-Kolen
Tip No.4: Adding Background Colour Or Images to Your Website
In this joomla tutorial we show you how to add a background colour or image to your template. The Joomla Template we're using is available from www.blankjoomlatemplate.com Enjoy, feedback and Happy Templating!
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JavaScript/CSS ile Yazdırma (Print) İşlemi
Bu dersimizde javascript ve css ile print işlemini göreceğiz.. Sayfamızda bulunan sadece belli bir bölümü nasıl yazdırabileceğimizi öğreneceğiz.. http://www.erbilen.net http://ww.prototurk.com
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random awp wallbang @ tuscan
a friend of mine did this amazing random shot yesterday, and he asked me to record it, so i did it :) his steam profile: http://steamcommunity.com/id/andreferreira/
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Yakın Kampüs - XHTML (HTML) ve CSS Ders 12 - CSS'de Yazı Komutları
www.yakinkampus.com YakınKampüs'ün 12. XHTML CSS dersinde, CSS komutları kullanarak yazınızı nasıl farklılaştırabileceğiniz konusunda genel fikir sahibi olabilirsiniz. Dersimizin bu ayağında, "font-family", "color" ve RGB renk kodları, "font-weight" ve "font-style" komutları ele alınmaktadır. XHTML dersleri ve CSS dersleri için bu serimizi takip edin
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2010 BMW 750Li on 24" Forgiato Wheels, iPad Installed - 1080p HD
A CLEAN Dark Blue BMW 7 series.. 2009 or 2010, sitting right on some staggered Forgiato Maglia 24's, with the wheels painted to match, and chrome lip! Had the Forgiato Mesh grille installed and blue HID's in the halo headlights. Interior was a peanut butter color, had an Apple iPad 2 or iPad 3 custom fabricated in the dash for the stereo system! And custom trunk design to match. Too clean. At Forgiato Fest 2012 in Miami, FL.
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Olof by Me
HQ: http://www.file-upload.net/download-6708388/Olof-by-cHIKARA.wmv.html So I left from ImpactLooks and joined to ValuableArts :) also tried new colors... but I don't like them :/ and didn't notice that gun sounds were too loud, because I didn't use headset while editing this :DD But I still enjoyed it :) hope you enjoyed too Greetz cHIKARA~ song: Life Is Good | CianDnB Channel: https://www.youtube.com/user/BeatboxCover team channel: http://www.youtube.com/user/ValuableArts
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