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APA Style - Citations
This video describes how to format citations according to APA style.
Views: 1558 Dr. Todd Grande
How to do APA in-text citations - the quicky version
This 10 minute video describes the three elements required for in-text citations per APA style. It also explains two ways of citing sources within your essay and how to cite a source within a source.
Views: 85863 Leah Wendt
Video tutorial on in text citation and referencing using Microsoft Word
There is a very easy way to in text citation and referencing. In this video it will focus on 1. APA format 2. Microsoft Word 2007, 2010, 2013 3. Advance in text citation Any format (style can learned) See the bold area? It’s a quotation. First we are going to cite at the end of the quotation. Click reference tab. Select your style. I am going to choose A P A style. You can choose which one you want. Now, click manage resource from reference tab. Click, New, to input a new reference. Select the reference type. I will use Book. A box with few black field will appear. Now you have to fill it. I will collect information on the quotation, and I will fill these fields. Try to find all information, however if you don’t find it. Leave it blank. Click Okey. If the new reference is not on the current list, select it from master list. Then click copy to send it to master list. Now, click insert citation from reference tab. Click the citation you want to insert. Remember citation will be inserted where your mouse courser is. So correctly position it before you insert it. When a reference is a direct quotation, it is important to mention the page number. To do that click on the in text citation. Then click edit citation. And then input your page number. Click ok. And this is the basics of creating in text citation. Now I am going to delete it. And show you how to insert an in text citation at the beginning of the quotation. When you are using in text citation at the beginning of the quotation you cannot use the author name because you have to use it like this Capital punishment is defined by Kronenwetter then the in text citation then the quotation. To do that we have to exclude the author name from the in text citation, and have to manually write the last name of author. Click insert citation, then click on the inserted in text citation. Click edit citation. Click exclude author. Now remember what I said about direct quotation? Yes! You have to insert page number. But some style do not support inserting page number at the beginning of the quotation. So again insert citation at the end of the quotation, then exclude, title, author & year input page number. And you are done. Easy Right? Thank you for watching. In the next Video I will show how to manage bibliography. Please like the video and subscribe to my channel
Views: 57128 Mahbub Ashrafi
APA Style - Punctuation
This video describes how to use punctuation according to APA style.
Views: 2282 Dr. Todd Grande
The Basics of APA citation style - Updated
Learn the basics of APA style.
Views: 7958 Sheridan Library
Formatting APA Figure Captions
This video explains how to format figure captions in APA style.
Views: 11287 APA Survival Guide
Beginner's Guide to APA Citation Style
The SSTC presents a beginner's guide to APA Citation Style. Please reference your APA Handbook for all citations as this recording is not all inclusive and is only meant to be a general introduction to the citation style. Contact the SSTC if you have any questions: 843-349-7872.
How to Cite Using APA Style (6th ed.): Websites
This video describes how to cite websites using APA Style. Created by Amanda Howell, Reference & Instruction Librarian at UW-Whitewater.
Views: 635 Amanda Howell
How to Cite Using APA Style (6th ed.)
This video describes how to cite sources using APA Style. Created by Amanda Howell, Reference & Instruction Librarian at UW-Whitewater's Andersen Library
Views: 11131 Amanda Howell
APA Parenthetical Citation
How to do parenthetical citations in APA style.
Views: 5121 frccbcc
APA Style: References
This video introduces the basics of constructing an APA reference list, including how to cite a book, how to cite a journal article, and how to cite an online newspaper article.
Views: 5344 Brianne Markowski
What is APA Style?
A short video describing APA citation style.
Views: 27946 EdVidDZReginaSK
Editing in-text citations - Word 2010 APA 6th ed. (Updated)
This video demonstrates editing in-text citations. Topics include: When author is used in the sentence, To add page numbers, Converting to static text to add 'et al.' or 'as cited in', Citing more than one source at once.
Views: 12105 WodongaTAFELibrary
Harvard Referencing Tutorial
Learn how to use Harvard Referencing in your assignments, dissertations and reports from this comprehensive tutorial from the Library and Learning Resources Depatrment at London South Bank University.
Style Manual - APA
A short lesson on APA formatting and source citations.
APA Format (6th) - Microsoft Word 2010
How to write a short essay in APA style: formats of headers, running heads, titles, introduction paragraph, thesis, body paragraphs, in-text citations, reference citations.
Views: 165080 David Taylor
APA Citation eBook
Views: 1965 MCCInfoLit
APA Style by Shmoop
Psychologists like to have their own style of formatting and referencing. It's not too difficult, but make sure you follow their guidelines closely. We hear that they like to analyze the heck out of mistakes (not that we would know anything about that, of course). Learn more about writing on our website: http://www.shmoop.com/essay-lab/
Views: 2607 Shmoop
Part 5 Formatting MS Word 2010 in APA 6th edition Citation Style Creating Tables
Creating tables in standard form using the table functions in Word 2010 as required by APA 6th edition Citation Style
APA Style for Citing Journal Articles (NUR1102)
I created this video with the YouTube Video Editor (http://www.youtube.com/editor)
Views: 143 grellet06
Citing - How to Cite in Chicago/Turabian Style: A Three Minute Tutorial
A quick tutorial explaining Chicago/Turabian's notes/bibliography style for Conestoga College students.
Basics of APA The Reference List
This tutorial discusses the basics of the reference list used in APA style.
Views: 2647 JIULibrary
Workshop: In-text and end-text referencing using APA 6th edition @ ECU.
This video explains how to in-text and end-text reference using the American Psychological Association 6th edition referencing system.
Views: 9434 mylearningadvisor
How to reference a journal article in APA format
Step-by-step instructions on how to reference a journal article in the APA format
Views: 2104 FedUniLibrary
How to Cite in APA Style
This is the CSU-Pueblo University Library Quick Class on How to Cite in APA Style. For more information, visit: http://library.csupueblo.edu
APA Citation: DVD
Views: 377 MCCInfoLit
Citing Sources: APA Format
Ryerson Faculty of Community Services Academic Support
How to Cite Using APA Style (6th ed.): Articles
This video describes how to cite articles using APA Style. Created by Amanda Howell, Reference & Instruction Librarian at UW-Whitewater.
Views: 261 Amanda Howell
APA Format: Reference list using Google Scholar
APA Format: Reference list using Google Scholar Create an APA reference list quickly using Google Scholar. This is a great time saver when citing in the APA style (or MLA and Chicago) when searching for literature. If this video was helpful, hit the like button. To be updated with any new videos, please subscribe. MY FACEBOOK: www.facebook.com/StudySkills101 MY TWITTER: https://twitter.com/SS101JR Intro made using Animoto Pamgaea Kevin MacLeod (incompetech.com) Licensed under Creative Commons: By Attribution 3.0 http://creativecommons.org/licenses/by/3.0/
Views: 7204 Study Skills 101
how to do a block quote in APA
COOK SICS formatting- block quote
Views: 46101 kennethnehrbass
APA Citation
To browse to a particular section of the video click on the link in the table of contents below. (0:00) - Introduction (0:04) - Overview (0:27) - What is APA Citation Style? (1:34) - Why is Referencing Necessary? (3:20) - What is Plagiarism? (7:21) - Where do I use APA Citation Style? (8:56) - When don't I Need to Reference? (10:54) - References (12:45) - Print Publications (15:33) - Referencing a Book (16:55) - Referencing an Article or Chapter in an Edited Print Book (18:46) - Electronic/Web Sources (21:23) - Referencing a Web Document (23:51) - Referencing Journal Articles from a Library Database (26:12) - Other Electronic Sources (26:38) - Images (27:54) - What if there is no date? (28:41) - In Text Citations (30:04) - Integrating Research (31:35) - Using APA for Quotations (33:15) - Using APA for Long Quotations (34:43) - Using APA with a Paraphrased Statement (36:38) - Using APA with a Summarized Statement (37:30) - Quoting a Quote (39:26) - Headings in APA (40:33) - APA Format (41:37) - Sample APA Cover Page (42:23) - Resources to help with APA
Views: 1496 Durham College SALS
What are MLA & APA (described video version)
This video briefly explains what a citation style is, and what sorts of rules apply in MLA & APA format. This is the described video version of the interactive tutorial found at: http://library.norquest.ca/find.aspx#Find-Tutorials
How to set up an APA paper in Pages
This short tutorial demonstrates how to set up the basic format of an APA style academic paper in PAGES for Mac.
Views: 112848 M.A. Scott
APA style reference page formatting OpenOffice
This video shows you how to format the APA style References page using OpenOffice.
Views: 7051 Gilles G. Le Blanc

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