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By using these steps you can change the oracle database character set to AL32UTF8
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Oracle Tutroial - Point in time recovery restore sql flashback part -2
In this video i'm going to show you how to use traditional point in time recovery in oracle step by step.
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Oracle SQL Developer Tips : How to change the language
To get the complete FREE course on Oracle SQL Developer click here: https://www.udemy.com/oracle-sql-developer-tips-and-tricks/ In this video I show you how to change the language of Oracle SQL Developer 's user interface. This is an excerpt of the *FREE* course " Oracle SQL Developer : Tips And Tricks" ( https://www.udemy.com/oracle-sql-developer-tips-and-tricks/ ) Want to learn SQL ? Here is a discounted course for you: http://bit.ly/oracle-sql-course You can find additional Oracle SQL related articles and educational content in my blog here: http://standout-dev.com/
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Oracle SQL PLSQL 12C Tutorial 10 - ORDER BY Clause, Sorting Data
This Video Tutorial Will Describe how to SORT data which is already inserted into the table in oracle 12C version. This command will also work on other versions of database like Oracle 11g Database, Oracle 10g Database, Oracle 9i Database, Oracle 8i Database, Oracle 8 Database and so on. Whenever you create a new table in oracle, you insert the data as and when it comes. But you always need to get data in particular order. For that, we use ORDER BY clause with the SELECT statement to sort the data in ascending or descending order and retrieve it. Full Syntax will be given in this video tutorial about how to insert records in oracle database table. Along with the live example to get or print the sorted data in a SELECT statement with ORDER BY clause. All the keywords, format, mandatory clauses etc are described in this video.
RCU Installation
Installing the RCU for OBIEE change the character set to AL32UTF8 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zMphHE78imM
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ORACLESQL08 - nls_date_format, union all, union
Kod SQL: http://pastebin.com/3f1gynKi Ustawianie formatu daty. Łączenie wyników zapytań za pomocą union, union all.