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Database Tutorial 67 - Oracle Background Processes - Oracle DBA Tutorial
Database tutorial 67 - Oracle Background Processes - Oracle DBA Tutorial This video explains about Oracle background processes such as, DBWn, CKPT, SMON, PMON, MMON, Job Scheduler etc
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Oracle Database Users / User Management (Simple)
Create, Alter, Drop, Grant Rights, Default Tablespace, Temporary Tablespace, Quota Setup, View Users Information, Lock / Unlock user account select username,account_status,default_tablespace, temporary_tablespace,created from dba_users; create user myuser identified by myuser; alter user myuser quota unlimited on mytbs; alter user myuser quota 100m on mytbs; alter user temporary tablespace temp; alter user myuser default tablespace mytbs; alter user myuser accout unlock; alter user myuser account lock; alter user myuser password expire; alter user myuser identified by youuser; create user myuser identified by myuser default tablespace users temporary tablespace temp quota unlimited on users; grant create session, resource to myuser; grant create session, resource to myuser with grant option; drop user asif; drop user asif cascade;
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Debugging CRS processes - Oracle 10g RAC
How to dynamically change the logging level of a CRS process & java based debugging
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Change Activity Planner : Effectively manage Long Running Change Process
Copyright © 2013 Oracle and/or its affiliates. Oracle® is a registered trademark of Oracle and/or its affiliates. All rights reserved. Oracle disclaims any warranties or representations as to the accuracy or completeness of this recording, demonstration, and/or written materials (the "Materials"). The Materials are provided "as is" without any warranty of any kind, either express or implied, including without limitation warranties of merchantability, fitness for a particular purpose, and non-infringement.
Oracle GoldenGate Processes Overview - GG Video 6
This video gives you an overview of the processes ( Extract, Pump and Replicat) used by GoldenGate to replicate data between databases. Our Upcoming Online Course Schedule is available in the url below https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1qKpKf32Zn_SSvbeDblv2UCjvtHIS1ad2_VXHh2m08yY/edit#gid=0 Reach us at [email protected]
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Oracle - Understanding the tnsnames.ora and listener.ora files
Oracle - Understanding the tnsnames.ora and listener.ora files
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Debugging CRS processes - Oracle 10g RAC
This video shows how to change the debugging level of crs processes
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Service | Custom Processes
This tutorial applies to Rel 15.8, 15.11 and 16.2. It shows you how to add an object event handler, associate it with an object, and deploy the process model using the process designer.
Obstacles in  Change Processes
Professor Tom Abbott discusses some obstacles to successful change processes for the MGT 450 Organizational Behavior course, Post University.
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Extending DevOps practices to SQL Server databases with Redgate's ReadyRoll
Microsoft MVP Steve Jones and Redgate’s Arneh Eskandari show you how Redgate’s Database DevOps solution works to improve your database development and deployment processes. Learn how to: - Version control your databases to track and understand changes - Include your database in your Continuous Integration process to get quick feedback - Automate your database deployment process to have safe, reliable, repeatable deployments - Monitor your databases across environments to understand their versions and get notified of changes As of June 2018, ReadyRoll is now part of SQL Change Automation. https://www.red-gate.com/products/sql-development/sql-change-automation/
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Source Control for Oracle overview
Connect your team, Oracle database and source control system. Source Control for Oracle enables easy database source control with SVN & TFS. It lets you avoid human errors and remove manual processes. http://www.red-gate.com/source-control-for-oracle
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Managing the Development Lifecycle in Oracle Process Cloud Service
To improve the video quality, click the gear icon and set the Quality to 1080p/720p HD. Publish and create snapshots; validate and play; test and deploy an application in the Oracle Process Cloud Service Composer. ================================= For more information, see http://www.oracle.com/goto/oll Copyright © 2015 Oracle and/or its affiliates. Oracle is a registered trademark of Oracle and/or its affiliates. All rights reserved. Other names may be registered trademarks of their respective owners. Oracle disclaims any warranties or representations as to the accuracy or completeness of this recording, demonstration, and/or written materials (the “Materials”). The Materials are provided “as is” without any warranty of any kind, either express or implied, including without limitation warranties or merchantability, fitness for a particular purpose, and non-infringement.
NetX Webinar - Best Practices with NetBackup Intelligent Policies
As enterprise environments grow in size, complexity follows. Most IT departments struggle to adhere to standard processes, maintain documentation and manage change. Environmental changes lead to backup failures. Fortunately, NetBackup has you covered with Intelligent Policies. Intelligent Policies follow your virtual machines and databases as your environment changes. Please join our webinar for a demonstration and to learn about: -Leveraging NetBackup Intelligent Policies. -Protecting VMware, Oracle and MS SQL from change.
VIDEO - SharePlex architecture, its processes and queues.
Discussion of SharePlex architecture, its processes and queues.
Aramex: How can cutting-edge HR processes speed package delivery?
Learn how Aramex balances its status as a global player and market disruptor with staying lean in its HR systems – so it can spend more time focusing on technology to enable change and less time on administrative tasks. With SAP SuccessFactors solutions, Aramex can rapidly adapt to shifting business conditions to build a high-performing workforce.
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Cross-Product Features | Submitting a Scheduled Process
This video tutorial applies to Rel 11 through Rel 13. It shows you how to submit a scheduled process and view the output.
Change management process
Explains change management procedure
Several ports(8005, 8080, 8009) required by Tomcat Server at localhost are already in use
See how I changed the ports on this error-Several ports(8005, 8080, 8009) required by Tomcat Server at localhost are already in use
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JD Edwards EnterpriseOne with Oracle Process, Document, and Social Cloud Services
This video shows how you can take advantage of collaboration capabilities to remove friction, spanning multiple systems in your enterprise by leveraging Oracle’s Process Cloud to share documents and Oracle’s Social Network Cloud to manage notifications. You will see a demonstration of how these capabilities can help remove the “friction” from the Engineering Change Process. Disclaimer: The capabilities shown in this video are possible, but not delivered as generally-available (GA) integrated products. Consulting services would be required.
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Modernize Your Database Development Process with Open Source Tools
Blaine Carter Oracle Developer Advocate for Open Source Oracle Are you thinking about modernizing your database development process... someday... maybe? Do you have directories full of .sql files you use to build your application? You know unit tests should be included as part of your build process and you are going to start adding them... maybe next week? If you think modernizing your dev process will be difficult, time-consuming & expensive, you may be surprised at how easy and inexpensive it is to get started. In this session, Blaine will explore the Oracle Developer Cloud Service. He will talk about some of the included tools & explore mixing in additional open source tools to automate building & testing your applications. The sooner you get started, the more it will save you in the long run.
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ITSM Overview | ServiceNow ITSM Process
Provides a quick overview of the information technology service management (ITSM) process, as implemented in the ServiceNow platform. Demonstrates how the core applications—Incident, Problem, Change, Service Catalog, and Configuration—come into play as fulfillers handle and track service requests through to resolution. Applies to all supported ServiceNow releases as of Kingston. Role required: itil For best video quality, increase your player resolution to 1080p. This video covers: 00:28 Core applications 02:43 Service catalog 03:47 Incident management 08:15 Problem management 09:34 Change Management For more information on the ServiceNow ITSM process, see: ServiceNow product documentation: IT Service Management: https://docs.servicenow.com/bundle/kingston-it-service-management/page/product/it-service-management/reference/r_ITServiceManagement.html ITIL: https://docs.servicenow.com/bundle/kingston-servicenow-platform/page/product/configuration-management/concept/c_ITIL.html Service Catalog: https://docs.servicenow.com/bundle/kingston-it-service-management/page/product/service-catalog-management/concept/c_ServiceCatalogManagement.html Configuration Management: https://docs.servicenow.com/bundle/kingston-servicenow-platform/page/product/configuration-management/concept/c_ITILConfigurationManagement.html Incident Management process: https://docs.servicenow.com/bundle/kingston-it-service-management/page/product/incident-management/concept/incident-management-process.html Problem Management process: https://docs.servicenow.com/bundle/kingston-it-service-management/page/product/problem-management/concept/c_ProblemManagementProcess.html#conceptoyg5sgy4 Change Management: https://docs.servicenow.com/bundle/kingston-it-service-management/page/product/change-management/concept/c_ITILChangeManagement.html Agent Intelligence: https://docs.servicenow.com/bundle/kingston-servicenow-platform/page/administer/agent-intelligence/concept/agent-intelligence.html Other documents: Investing in ITIL-Aligned ITSM Technology: https://www.servicenow.com/lpebk/investing-in-itil-aligned-itsm-technology.html Intelligent Automation Engine: https://www.servicenow.com/now-platform/intelligent-automation-engine.html ServiceNow Training and Certification: http://www.servicenow.com/services/training-and-certification.html ServiceNow Community: https://community.servicenow.com/welcome ServiceNow TechBytes Podcast: https://community.servicenow.com/community/experts-corner/techbytes-podcasts For general information about ServiceNow, visit: http://www.servicenow.com/ Your feedback helps us serve you better. Did you find this video helpful? Leave us a comment to tell us why or why not.
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Partner Webcast - Oracle Business Process Management 11g: Using BPM Composer - 09/08/2012
Leading companies throughout the world are adopting a business process management (BPM) approach to running their enterprise—and for good reasons. BPM can help improve efficiency and lower operating costs. It can help improve business visibility, reducing risk. In addition, BPM can help companies become more flexible in addressing change in today's dynamic market. Oracle Business Process Management, a member of the Oracle Business Process Management Suite, is a complete set of tools for creating, executing, and optimizing business processes. The suite enables unparalleled collaboration between business and IT to automate and optimize business processes In this webinar we present how to model, share and implement a complete business process using a lightweight web application called BPM Composer -- a part of the Oracle BPM Suite 11g which has been greatly enhanced in the recent patchset. Find out more at https://blogs.oracle.com/imc/entry/partner_webcast_oracle_business_process
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Improve cash flow and reduce overall collection cycle using Oracle Advanced Collections
Watch the on-demand webinar where through a client's case study, our Oracle expert will help you understand how you can improve cash flow, increase efficiency and optimize customer relationships. A social media company shifted from AR Collections to Oracle Collections and improved the effectiveness of their collection agents. Are your collection agents spending more time answering customer inquiries and handling disputes than actually collecting payments? Is your collection process labor intensive and inefficient? Can your collection agents quickly assess the high risk accounts and transactions to prioritize and focus their collection efforts? For more about Jade Global, please visit: http://www.jadeglobal.com or email: [email protected] Visit Oracle cloud - https://cloud.jadeglobal.com/ Also connect with us on: LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/company/jade-global Twitter: https://twitter.com/JadeGlobal Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/jadeglobal
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Apex - Instalación y ejemplos
En la carpeta apex: sqlplus /nolog conn sys as sysdba @apexins.sql users users temp /i/ alter user anonymous account unlock; alter system set job_queue_processes = 20; alter system set processes =300 scope = spfile; alter system set transactions =370 scope=spfile; alter system set sessions =345 scope=spfile; @apxldimg.sql e:\oraclexe @apxxepwd.sql tupassword
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An Introduction to Business Process Management
This is a short introduction to BPM (Business Process Management) for a project we had to do for a course in Operations and Information Management as part of an MBA at the University of Stellenbosch Business School. References: Garimella K. & Lees M. & Williams B. 2008. BPM Basics For Dummies. Indianapolis: Wiley. Jeston, J. & Nelis, J. 2006. Business Process Management - Practical Guidelines to Successful Implementations. Oxford: Butterworth-Heinemann.
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Process Architecture
Why is process architecture important? Well it is going to give us an understanding of how we deliver value to our customers and other stakeholders? How is that delivered through our business processes? It's very important to know: Where are your business processes? What do they look like? How are they performing? So where are you processes? Sign up for our LC newsletter: www.leonardo.com.au LC blog: http://blog.leonardo.com.au/
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Module 1: What is Supply Chain Management? (ASU-WPC-SCM) - ASU's W. P. Carey School
Part 1 of 12 - This module introduces viewers to the field of supply chain management. It describes the complex supply chain of a simple product, a bottle of water. The video also illustrates the importance of supply chain managers and their skill sets in our modern global economy for both manufacturing and service industries. In defining supply chain management, the video also hopes to educate and inspire business students, young and old, about the opportunities available to those with supply chain management degrees. This is the first installment in Arizona State University's twelve-part introduction to supply chain management video series. ASU, the W. P. Carey School of Business, and the Supply Chain Management Department are proud and happy to share this video series with supply chain management departments, supply chain instructors, career specialists in high schools and universities, as well as industry leaders in an effort to inspire a new generation of supply chain management professionals across the country and around the world. Further installments in this series will be made available during the spring of 2010. For more information, visit W. P. Carey's SCM Web site at http://wpcarey.asu.edu/scm or send an e-mail to [email protected]
Freefloat Handguard Upgrade Step-by-Step
Please consider supporting Ultimate Reloader on Patreon: https://www.patreon.com/ultimatereloader ------------------------------------------- Important: See disclaimer at end of video description. ------------------------------------------- Full Story: http://bit.ly/2rRDZKv If you've been wanting to upgrade your fixed front sight AR-15 to a free float hand guard- this video will guide you through the process step by step, including necessary tools. Be sure to read the full write-up for additional details, tricks, and be on the lookout for some related deals from Midsouth Shooter's Supply! ------------------------------------------- Ultimate Reloader LLC / gavintoobe Disclaimer: You alone are responsible for the safety of yourself and your property. Check local and state laws before undertaking any activity involving posessing, transporting, and shooting firearms. Check local and state laws before attempting to load ammunition or perform any modifications to a firearm. Always abide by the law. Always practice gun safety. The content on this channel (including videos, ammunition reloading data, technical data, comments, and any other information contained within) is for demonstration purposes only. Do not attempt any of the processes or procedures shown or described in this video or on this YouTube channel (gavintoobe). Any reloading data supplied on this YouTube channel (gavintoobe) or in this video, including any comments from viewers and readers must be assumed to be in error. Always consult at least three sources of manufacturer's ammunition relaoding data before reloading your own ammunition. Do not attempt to repair or modify any firearms based on information found on this YouTube channel or in this video. Gunsmithing procedures should only be performed only by a licensed gunsmith. Ultimate Reloader, LLC can not be held liable for any harm caused to any individual or any personal property related to to activities, procedures, techniques, or practices described in whole or part on this YouTube channel (gavintoobe) or in this video. By watching this video in whole or in part, you agree that you alone are solely responsible for your own safety and property as it pertains to activities, procedures, techniques, or practices described in whole or part on this YouTube channel (gavintoobe) or in this video.
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How to Install Java JDK on Windows 10 ( with JAVA_HOME )
In this video I am going to show you How to install Java JDK on Windows 10 ( with JAVA_HOME ). Java installer .msi file comes with JRE and JDK. Java JDK Installation for Microsoft Windows (64-bit). JDK stands for Java SE Development Kit. JRE stands for Java Runtime Environment. 1. Download Java Open your web browser Type URL: http://www.oracle.com/technetwork/java/javase/downloads/index.html to go to Oracle download page Click on button “ JDK download ” for Java SE update 4. This will lead you JDK download page http://www.oracle.com/technetwork/java/javase/downloads/jdk-7u4-downloads-1591156.html Accept oracle license agreement Find and click on the correct jdk download link right for your operating system to download Save the file to disk 2. Install Java Double click to run the download file Just follow the prompt in Installer window #Javatutorialforbeginners #Javatutorial #Javaprogramming #Javaprogrammingtutorial #Javabasicsforbeginners -------------------Online Courses to learn---------------------------- Data Analytics with R Certification Training- http://bit.ly/2rSKHNP DevOps Certification Training - http://bit.ly/2T5P6bQ AWS Architect Certification Training - http://bit.ly/2PRHDeF Python Certification Training for Data Science - http://bit.ly/2BB3PV8 Java, J2EE & SOA Certification Training - http://bit.ly/2EKbwMK AI & Deep Learning with TensorFlow - http://bit.ly/2AeIHUR Big Data Hadoop Certification Training- http://bit.ly/2ReOl31 AWS Architect Certification Training - http://bit.ly/2EJhXjk Selenium Certification Training - http://bit.ly/2BFrfZs Tableau Training & Certification - http://bit.ly/2rODzSK Linux Administration Certification Training-http://bit.ly/2Gy9GQH ----------------------Follow--------------------------------------------- My Website - http://www.codebind.com My Blog - https://goo.gl/Nd2pFn My Facebook Page - https://goo.gl/eLp2cQ Google+ - https://goo.gl/lvC5FX Twitter - https://twitter.com/ProgrammingKnow Pinterest - https://goo.gl/kCInUp Text Case Converter - https://goo.gl/pVpcwL ------------------Facebook Links ---------------------------------------- http://fb.me/ProgrammingKnowledgeLearning/ http://fb.me/AndroidTutorialsForBeginners http://fb.me/Programmingknowledge http://fb.me/CppProgrammingLanguage http://fb.me/JavaTutorialsAndCode http://fb.me/SQLiteTutorial http://fb.me/UbuntuLinuxTutorials http://fb.me/EasyOnlineConverter
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Many Primavera Contract Management users are familiar with how Contract Management provide/allows users to organize documents and processes related to changes, including the ability to gather multiple pending changes into a single change document. The Contract Management Change Management process is used by many of our PCM clients and is certainly something that they want to be able to continue to do with whatever tool they may eventually replace PCM with in the future. DRMcNatty has researched the many available software options and has identified PMWeb as the best available solution when a client does not want to switch to Primavera Unifier. In this technical webinar Jon McNatty will demonstrate the use of PMWeb’s Visual Workflow process to emulate the PCM Change Management Process
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Automate your Oracle Hyperion Processes with Accelatis
This is a recording of the webinar 'Accelatis & Smarthys Webinar: Oracle EPM: Control your time, Automate Your Processes' given by Christophe Bouchez and Mathieu Cartel of Smarthys and Jonathan Berry of Accelatis, LLC. on 10 May 2012. This webinar is in French. Accelatis & Smarthys Webinar: Oracle EPM: Maitrisez vos délais, Automatisez vos processus.
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STX Shipbuilding Launches Poseidon Process Innovation on Oracle E-Business Suite
STX Shipbuilding at Work: South Korea's STX Shipbuilding, one of the world's top five shipbuilders, has undertaken a major Process Innovation project using Oracle E-Business Suite to redefine all major business processes. The success of this project has resulted in the discovery that Bill of Materials (BOM) applied to shipbuilding and a full stack of E-Business Suite modules including, Oracle Financials, Manufacturing, Inventory Management, Supply Chain Management, Project Management and others, have brought positive change to this well established business built on tradition. (C) Oracle Corporation 2009
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Video Session #8 Cashing Out & Process Improvement
Effective Business Processes will increase the value of any company - immediately through increased profits, and potentially by securing higher earnings multiples than industry average. A company with effective processes will be more desirable in the market. This session discusses an approach to prioritizing & improving the processes themselves.
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Linux Jobs and Processes
Read the full blog post and grab your cheat sheet here: https://www.linuxtrainingacademy.com/linux-jobs-processes/ For the complete Linux Administration Boot Camp Course visit: https://courses.linuxtrainingacademy.com/course/linux-admin-bootcamp/
How to Simplify and Automate DBA Change Management Operations
Under pressure to roll out reliable functionality to users, why not leverage an automated database change control process to improve accuracy and efficiency in your organization? Designed specifically for database change management, DB Change Manager creates a defined repeatable process, lets the database do the heavy lifting, and can provide access to actionable results, for Oracle, SQL Server, DB2, Sybase and InterBase.
Process Mining Oracle EBS P2P - Approval Cycle Time
Always wanted to know the total cycle time of your approval processes in your Procure-to-Pay process? This App answers this question instantly! Shown here is the "P2P Approval Cycle Time" App. In this Oracle EBS Demo Vision data set you will see a total of 223,811 purchase order distributions, for a total amount of 5.64 billion Euros. By putting a filter on Operating Unit 888 - Vision France this filter works directly in all KPI's and overviews. When we select the activities "Submit Purchase Order" through "Approve Purchase Order" within the P2P process, we see an average cycle time of 2 days for this sub-process. But which approver takes the most time to approve and which supplier is on the purchase order? We are happy to answer these questions. First we put a filter on the Cases with the longest cycle times. And again, all KPIs are updated instantly. We assess the associated process model and add multiple process activities. We change the drill down option to Supplier so the cycle times per supplier are shown. Then we sort the results based on the longest cycle time . When we filter on the supplier GE Plastics specifically, we can assess the corresponding process model in detail. Process improvements start with insights. Where can I improve my process? Where are the longest cycle times and how did they occur? With our standard out-of-the-box Apps for Oracle EBS and years of experience in improving processes, we help your organization move forward!
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Oracle's AutoVue Visualization Solutions and Primavera Contract Management
With AutoVue Visualization Solutions and Primavera Contract Management you can streamline collaborative review processes, minimize project risk with visibility of in-context visual information, and improve traceability for accountability and compliance.
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Oracle Fusion ERP Cloud: General Ledger Load Chart of Accounts
https://learn.cementors.com - Oracle Training and Tutorials - Learn how to Load Chart of Accounts 1. After you finish preparing the data in the sheets click the button called Validate Data on the sheet named COA, Calendar, and Ledger. A Validation Report is generated if there are errors. Correct these errors to proceed. 2. To create more than one hierarchy for any of your COA segments during the initial setup, click the button called Generate Additional Hierarchy on the segment's worksheet. This creates a new worksheet and populates it with the data already entered for that segment. Change this data as required for the new hierarchy. For the Company Segment adding Legal Entity, information is not supported on this sheet. Note: Using this button you can only create new hierarchies and not new versions of existing hierarchies. 3. Click on the button called Generate Chart of Accounts File on the sheet named COA, Calendar, and Ledger. The program generates a zip file for the entered chart of accounts and hierarchies setup data. Save the file. 4. Click the button called Generate Ledger, LE, and BU File on the sheet named COA, Calendar, and Ledger. The program generates a zip file for the entered ledger, legal entities, and business units setup data. Save the file. 5. In Oracle Fusion Applications, choose the Setup and Maintenance link under Tools on the Navigator to access the Functional Setup Manager (FSM). Search for and select the Upload Chart of Accounts task. This task launches the Upload Enterprise Structures and Hierarchies process. Select the Upload Enterprise Structure option. Click the Choose File button and select the first zip file you have saved in Step 2. Click Submit. 6. Navigate to the Scheduled Processes page. Verify that the process was completed without errors or warnings. Click Done. 7. Select the Deploy Chart of Accounts task from the Setup and Maintenance page. Click the Deploy button for the Accounting Flexfield. Refresh the page until the green checkmark appears and verifies that the deployment was successful. 8. From Setup and Maintenance page select the task Upload Ledger, Legal Entities and Business Units. Click on the Upload Enterprise Structure radio button. Click the Choose File button to select the second zip file you have saved in Step 3 and click Submit. 9. Navigate to the Scheduled Processes page. Verify that the process was completed without errors or warnings. Click Done. And much more. Please subscribe to my channel http://www.youtube.com/learnoracle for more videos Visit http://www.i-oracle.com/ - for more free training videos
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Oracle E-Business Suite for Business Process & Tech Transformation: Digital Business — Cognizant
Any disruption to applications during or after launch can cost revenue and damage your brand. A popular restaurant chain was looking to upgrade and enhance their E-Business Suite application and configuring new modules and capabilities for scalability and global expansion. This multi-phased program had to be achieved with no business disruption. Cognizant guided the customer through this—enhancing their ability to stay nimble in a competitive market. Subscribe to Cognizant: http://cogniz.at/subscribeyt More Cognizant Digital Strategies: http://goo.gl/B3VPqL
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Changing Oracle BPM Human Task Parameters
This is an extract from lesson 2 in AVIO's self-paced on-demand Oracle BPM Developer Workshop (A-211v), and it describes how to change human task parameters after the human task has already been created. It also shows the trick on how to update the ADF Data Control for the human task.
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Customer Viewpoint Video-Benefits of Automated Engineering Change Processes with PLM
Interview with Mark Walters, Engineering Manager for Williams Pyro. Mark talks about the challenges his company faced with paper-based engineering change processes and how they addressed those challenges with Empower PLM. Mark also discusses the integration between Empower PLM and Intuitive ERP from Aptean.
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Partner Webcast – Rapid Digital Transformation with Oracle Process Cloud
Today, IT is heavily optimized to develop and manage longer running durable applications with evolutionary change, current demand calls for creation of disposal applications and fast frequency changes to applications. But due to the digital transformation, business processes are becoming more fluid and current demand calls for a greater need for creation of ad-hoc applications and fast frequency changes to applications. Not all these process automations and changes require full-fledged IT projects. Organization struggle from the inability to stand up business process solutions quickly due to IT backlog and revamping existing legacy infrastructure to cater to new digital requirements is expensive.Business users rely on IT and cannot deliver on business applications independently – a necessity to shorten the time between ideas and execution. As part of Oracle’s integrated suite of cloud services for the digital workplace, Oracle Process Cloud is focused on empowering the business and simplify business automation with actionable insight and rapid iterations. [Read More @ https://blogs.oracle.com/imc/entry/digital_transformation_with_opcs]
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Bank Reconciliation Process - Manual & Automated
Bank reconciliation process is targeted to validate the bank balance in the general ledger and one of the most critical controllership processes. Learn the what, why and how of bank reconciliation process. Also get insights into how this is managed in modern ERPs and automated reconciliation systems. Proper completion of the Account Reconciliation Process is fundamental to ensuring the balance sheet is properly stated. Personnel with responsibility for Account Reconciliations hold key Controllership responsibilities. A must watch for folks working on GL, Cash Management, Treasury and other functions involving bank reconciliation. Very good learning tool for IT professionals working on ERPs or automated recon systems to gain functional expertise on bank recon process. Keep sharing your feedback by writing to us at [email protected]
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IT 2.0: Oracle Global IT Moves to DevOps on Oracle Cloud Infrastructure
Your IT organization has decades of experience running on-premises infrastructure, and you’ve built processes and best practices, and aligned your people and business to that infrastructure. Now you are asked to move to the cloud. This didn’t just happen to you, it happened to Oracle’s own Global IT. In this session Oracle’s IT team discusses its transformational shift from owning and operating infrastructure to consuming cloud. Hear how its effort to build the “next-generation contact center” is helping it learn how to use Oracle Cloud Infrastructure to improve functionality, agility, user experience, reliability, performance, and security. Learn from fellow IT pros about navigating the enormous cultural change to IT 2.0.
Oracle Training - Order Management in Oracle E-Business Suite R12 - Part 2 (1080p - HD)
http://www.i-oracle.com/ - Oracle Training and Tutorials - In the second part of this video on Order Management, we learn how to run the Release Sales Order to run the auto shipping (Pick Release and Ship Confirm). We will then run the Workflow Background Process and the AutoInvoice process to generate the Invoice in Receivables.
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