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Boomerang Bumper Collection
A collection of (soon-to-be-classic) bumpers from Boomerang. No copyright intended.
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Boomerang Channel Bumpers
Series of vintage channel bumpers that previously aired on Boomerang.
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Lost Boomerang Cartoon Network Block Bumpers
What a find! I just had to reminisce before the rebrand, so here's an old memory. A whole collection of extremely rare c.2000 bumpers from the Boomerang block on Cartoon Network. Each show on this block was introduced with a long bumper showcasing trivia and vocal credits. Note that some of the backgrounds and captions on the bumpers were later used on newer bumpers during the 2000-2014 branding of the Boomerang network (bumper styles converted to the network are identified with annotations in this video). From a tape I recently obtained and uploaded on Vimeo.com.
Boomerang from Cartoon Network Coming Up Next Bumpers Compilation
Special thanks to Ryan's Re-Run Collection, Keith Furguson, Mr. Nostalgia, aBigd, Maurojas1234, Shh Network, Etc.
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Cartoon Network Brasil: BUMPERS - Clube Boomerang (2014-2018)
Property of Turner Broadcasting. Uploaded for archival and educational purposes only. TM & © 2018 Cartoon Network. A WarnerMedia Company. All Rights Reserved. The Cartoon Network is a part of the Turner Broadcasting System.
Cartoon network boomerang bumper
Cartoon network powerhouse
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40 Minutes of Classic Boomerang Bumpers ,Promos ,Idents...
A 40 Minute Collection of Old / Classic Boomerang Bumpers. (ALL BUMPERS BELONG TO THEIR RESPECTFUL OWNERS.) Disclaimer: I do not own anything shown in this video, nor the music in this video. All media belongs to their owners // Turner, Hannah - Barbera & Bluetube.
Cartoon Network Boomerang Bumper
Can you name all the characters in the ad?
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This is Boomerang from Cartoon Network Bumper [Compilation]
Visit and SUBSCRIBE! :)) youtube.com/channel/UCgMXRO5Ej_M6MUcEvazJTfA
Boomerang Bumpers HD
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Boomerang "You're Watching" Bumper Complation #1
Check out the awesome 24/7 steam of classic Boomerang: http://www.cytu.be/r/boomerangrebirth Disclaimer: All rights go their owners.
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(LQ) Boomerang Block on Cartoon Network - Boomerang Bumpers Continuity [October 2002]
Credit to stevations from the links: https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=Hd-L5x5gY-w and https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=iJ0qn9rnT2c UPDATE: Black and white cable tv error with a lot of damages, but thanks to stevations.
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Boomerang: Looney Tunes
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(HQ) Boomerang - [March 2006] Bumpers and Promos Compilation [HD]
Credit to KevinSpencer. Here's Boomerang March 2006 compilation tape. Aired during Pink Panther, Boomerang Zoo (featuring Yakky Doodle, Great Grape Ape, Snagglepuss and Wally Gator), another episode of Pink Panther and Tom & Jerry Kids. Also includes some rare Boomerang and CN promos, but the Secret Squirrel Boomerang promo was cut at end, sorry. And also for Peppa Pig CN promo at 0:43, I never thought that the show was aired on CN every weekday mornings at 10:30AM, kinda weird. Anyways, Enjoy!
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Cartoon Network 2004 Segment Now Boomerang Then Ed, Edd n Eddy Bumper
Here is the Now Boomerang Then Ed, Edd n Eddy Segment Bumper from Cartoon Network 2004.
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Boomerang - January 2010 (Commercial Breaks/Bumpers/Promos)
Credit to: Renhoek Sorry for the huge watermark, my computer was acting weird. FOLLOW ME ON TWITTER!: https://twitter.com/NotMrNostalgia Boomerang Rebirth: http://cytu.be/r/BoomerangRebirhth Saturday Morning Rebirth: http://cytu.be/r/SaturdayMorningRebirth Nicktoons Rebirth: http//cytu.be/r/NicktoonRebirth Disclaimer: No copyright infringement intended cuz im a nice boi
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Boomerang bumpers Italy
Bumpers from boomerang when it was boomerang not DUMPrang like now. The video quality is digital recorded from satelite channel around 2004-2005. This is the italian channel version there is also the french.
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Boomerang February 2009 Bumpers & Promos Compilation [400+ Subscriber Special]
Wow. This is actually my longest video out there, and a compilation, but don't get me wrong. Daffy Duck has larger ones, that is double the amount of time on my tape. My estimations on the amount of the tape I recently revived is over an hour long in bumper compile. Near 80 Minutes I think. Go subscribe to him. He is a hero for boomerang tapes. Any who, yes, I do allow these videos to be showed on BR, as well as some of the breaks. Speaking of breaks, Every hour contains 10+ Minutes of bumpers between. My tape I mentioned earlier is from 2006, so It has 10 - 20+ Per break, so yeah. Along with the Noggin , I am planning on obtaining a Bill Nye tape from someone later on, but I'm not sure when. If I do, I have to convert VHS to DiSC Format. I also may be starting another channel called Noggin Reboot soon, and my compilations are coming soon too! Disclaimer: I do not own anything shown in this video, nor the music in this video. All media belongs to their owners: Turner, Hannah - Barbera, Bluetube, and Primal Screen. Note: Wanna see the bumpers without it's watermark? Head over to Boomerang Rebirth: https://cytu.be/r/BoomerangReBirth
Boomerang Bumper Collection
A pretty neat collection of Boomerang bumpers, found mostly online.. Includes, well, multiple shows... about 5 minutes
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Rare Boomerang Yogi Bear Marathon Bumper
Credit to Daffy Duck
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(HQ) Boomerang - [July 2007] - Bumpers, Breaks, Promos Compilation [HD]
Credit to KevinSpencer. Aired almost at the end of July 2007. This tape is different which its the same old stuff just like the whole junk of August 2007 tapes. Also included some rare Boomerang shorts like Quick Draw McGraw, Snooper and Blabber, and even an CN Groovies short called Yogi Bear in "When Animals Nap". If you see the error around at 5:51, the cringy close captioning logo still keeps intact during the "You're Watching The Flintstones" Boomerang bumper. UPDATE: Missed two repeat bumpers during Captain Planet around at 28:27 and 28:38 from the link: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TEKyBC0TIvE Shows listed in order: - Wait Till' Your Father Gets Home - The Flintstones - MGM - Popeye - Banana Splits - Captain Planet - The Flintstones - The Smurfs - The Snorks - Wacky Races - The Perils of Penelope Pitstop - MGM - Popeye
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Bumper Muñecos - Boomerang De Cartoon Network Latino
Bumper Muñecos - Boomerang De Cartoon Network LatAm.
Cartoon Boomerang Powerhouse - Old Car (Bumper)
Up next: - The Amazing World of Gumball - My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic Credits: WondersofLifeFan (for the template)
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Boomerang Bumpers 2006
I created this video with the YouTube Video Editor (https://www.youtube.com/editor)
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Rare Magilla Gorilla Boomerang Bumper
Rare Magilla Gorilla Boomerang Bumper
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Boomerang Boomeraction Bumper - Jonny Quest [Without Trinoids]
Just found it on Bluetube's website via the WayBack Machine All rights go to Cartoon Network, Turner Broadcasting System, and Bluetube Productions All rights reserved.
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Boomerang Cartoon Network Bumpers/saturdays moring bumpers
ur watching 1989 on boomerang form cartoon network
Boomerang Cartoon Network Bumpers / Promos Ident ID
These are some cool Boomerang bumpers and Cartoon Network promos that can be seen. Boomerang and Cartoon Network CN is great. Please check out these Boomerang bumpers and check out the Nickelodeon and Nick Jr. bumpers also. Enjoy!!!
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(HQ) Boomerang on Cartoon Network Block: Generic Bumpers + Huck Hound Bumper [November 2002] [HD]
UPDATE: The title has been changed from the old one got deleted because of the audio is out of sync, so I fixed it. Again, I also messed up at the end because of the watermarked name supposed to be fading out on the Huck Hound title card instead of not being in the black background which I almost hesitated to upload it though, my apologies. This is much better I perfered in. Credit goes to stevations for the audio from the link: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Yn8QoSaYGYc This my own version with full color without black and white, so I copy the audio from stevations to make it look a same.
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Cartoon Network Boomerang 1976 Bumper
This is a bumper from back when Boomerang was still just a block on CN, not a separate channel.
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