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Tokio Hotel funny and cute moments XD with sub
Now I have made the video with subs! xD Subtitles by: me :D Sorry if I have made any mistakes xD Enjoy ^^
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Bild.de - Bill & Tom Kaulitz Making Fun of Themselves (English Subs) 22.09.2009
Tom & Bill Kaulitz making fun of themselves, so funny xD Video by ColbyTwentyOne1 this is not my video!
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Funny Moments. Tom Kaulitz
sorry for music :3 rate and comment, please :3 also - russian subs x) haha х)
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Dangerous But Funny - Bill Kaulitz
Dangerous Bill
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semplicemente Bill Kaulitz
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Bill Kaulitz's Funny "Moments"
Just some random pics of Bill Kaulitz being himself. lol. He's funny. The vid isn't great. I have bad vid making skills and Windows Movie Maker doesn't help much either.
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Funny Tokio Hotel and Bill Kaulitz Pictures
NOT A HATER VIDEO If you dont have enough of a sense of humor to be able to see that every joke about TH is completely ridiculous, then you need to go away. If people keep listing such retarded comments im gonna disable commenting. Also- I made this video a year ago when I was majorlly in love with TH. I'm really not that ibnto them now but I have nothing against them or their music. There is nothing wroong with Tokio Hotel or their fans, so haters, please leave them alone and go find a life.
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Bill Kaulitz Funny Moments X3
Funny Moments with Bill X3 Clip One- Bill Coughs Clip two- Pffttff? "Pull the Plug" Clip Three- Bills "Perfect" English Clip four- Douce..Douze..Juice..."12 in French" Yeshhh Bill ish dat Awesome ^_^ This video was NOT ment to be offensive, I love Tokio hotel & Bill so its' just a fun video! :D
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It's Britney Bitch by Bill Kaulitz from Tokio Hotel . Funny
I wanted to combine all the vids where Bill talks about B.S and sings her songs, and so created this video.
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Bill Kaulitz, cute and funny
This is a video whit alot of cut and funny piccs of Bill Kaulitz :) Hope you like it :) Note : I do not own any of the music or pictures in this video! (Only the ones i have drawn!!)
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Tokio Hotel funny and cute moments 2 XD Now with translation
This is some more clips with Tokio Hotel where they act funny and cute! XD Enjoy indeed!! Translation ^^: Clip 1: Bill: Look! The way he holds the all back, when they come running at him. "No! No! Stay calm! No!" *Tom make a funny noise* Clip 2: *Bill, Gustav and Tom are rocking the footbridge* Clip 3: Tom: nananananananana.. Together with Bill: Nanananananana Clip 4: The woman: I'll ask you a question and then we'll look if you give the same answer. Bill: Red is right and blue is false, right? The woman: Red is yes, I am. For example: "Yes, I'm loud." And blue is: "No, no, no, I'm quiet" First question: Are you romantic? Tom: What is.. The woman: Are you? When you are, then.. That means you not are.? Tom: No The woman: Then show it that way That matches very well, no not at all But don't look. Clip 5: Bill: Today I say "Ahoj Warszawa" and... Tom: Warsawa Bill: Eehm.. Jak lam.. nee. Important is "Ahoj Warszawa". Clip 6: Next question: Have you ever wrote a love letter to a girl? Bill: Oh yeah. The woman: You both have, okay. So that matches, very good Clip 7: Bill singing: Lalalalalalalalalalaaaaarogh Clip 8: The woman ask: Euhhm, can you cook? Tom: We can both make sauce! Bill: Yeah that's... The woman: No, but it's very important, women like it when men can cook. The girls: Yeeeaaah! The women: So guys, just say no here. Tom ask Bill: Can we cook? Bill: Nope The woman: Oh, okay.. You both say no. Clip 9: Bill: We were there on our own, too. Tom: No, I don't remember that at all! Bill: With our parents. We were! Tom That's complete bull. Georg: Where? At that weird lake? Bill: I've been to Hungary! Tom: Where?! Bill: I don't know, cause it was not so long time. Tom: Stop lying! Clip 10: Now a very important queastion: Are you faithful? The girls: Woooooh! Clip 11: Tom: You know what hotel suckes?**** Bill: One more time for the record. The **** hotel in **** totally suckes. We're never staying there again. The owners are total jerks! The hotel is crap! Any other hotel on earth is better. Tom: It's cheap for a reason. Bill: The personnel are unfriendly... Roomservice is vile... No one should stay there. Tom and Bill: I'm telling you, don't go there! Clip 12: *Gustav say a funny noice* Clip 13: Bill: Oh, shut up. This is a great arena Clip 14: The woman: We have got many questions to you, from your fans and now I'm gonna show you some of them: Girl nr 1: Hey Bill, I want to ask you: On every concert do you have a feeling, that your dreams have come true? Girl nr 2: I love your all Boy: Hey Bill, I want to ask you: Are you gay? The woman: (I can't hear it) Bill: Which question shall I answer?- the last one, yeah ofcourse. I actually have some friends that are gay, but personally im not. Clip 15: Georg: The lovely wellness room. Fabulous, right? Tom: Here's a coat rack. You can lie in the whirlpool for a whlle. Georg: Sit on the box. This is a relaxation box. A massage box. You lie on top, and it's totally relaxing. Tom: This is Susie, our massage therapist. Hello. And... great. AIex Richter makes all our dreams come true Clip 16: Dunja: Oh, come on. Georg: Because you always haul money bags around. Dunja: As if! is that why I have to work in other peoples gardens? Georg: Argh! Dunja! Bill: We're cheking the sound *Tom playing at the guitar*
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Bill Kaulitz Funny :D
öööhm lol... kennst lanqeweile oder? :D
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Funny moments of Bill Kaulitz
funny Billiee :o)))
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Bill kaulitz funny moments! :D
Momentos divertidos de Bill :D
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stupid moment of tom and bill kaulitz super funny XD
jajajaj tokitas dedikado para ustedes =)
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Bill Kaulitz noo...Noou!.... funny!
Bill is so nice¡!
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dont mess with bill kaulitz  funny
dont mess with bill kaulitz
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SeXy, CuTe AnD fUnNy FaCeS oF bIlL kAuLiTz
This video is a continuation of my other video "sexy, cute and funny faces of tokio hotel" but now is with bill. My favourite moment is at 1:23. Hope you like the video! Hope you like it! Kiss :D
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bill kaulitz  SO funny XD
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Tokio Hotel - Bill and Tom Kaulitz funny video
It's just some funny stuff from Zimmer 483 back stage with Bill and Tom engsub Sorry that the text is going so fast :( but I hope you enjoye it :) Pleas comment
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Bill Kaulitz singing Britney Spears!
Just for fun ^^ www.facebook.com/herzensqual www.netlog.com/herzensqual www.myspace.com/herzensqual www.youtube.com/underweightgoddes :) add me! Love/Ekay!
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Bill Kaulitz funny moments
see my others videos at my canal ^^ Hope U like it ;D
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Bill Kaulitz Funny
PLEASE SUBSCRIBE IF YOU LIKE MY VIDEOS! Hmmmm... well... uhhh... ummm...this is a video i made about the many tongues of Bill Kaulitz! Cuz he tends to stick out his tongue when he talk and get caught photographed. So i hope you enjoy it!!!
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Funny Bill Kaulitz=)
Hey! This is video about Bill Kaulitz...He is so funny and cute...I LOVE HIM...=) Enjoy
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Funny Moment - Tom and Bill Kaulitz xD
Ok,this part makes me laugh XD Take a look =P Comm's,sub's or ratings are welcome ^^
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Bill Kaulitz Having Fun
This is a little video about Bill memories and the way he is having fun. Enjoy :]
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Bill And Tom Kaulitz F.U.N
Another "Funny" Video About Tokio Hotel... this is "F.U.N" from the Tv show spongebob squarepants... Enjoy it!
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Bill Kaulitz-Very funny on the stage!!!! xD
Hahaha!! :DD It's a bra! xDD Poor Bill!!! xDD Plz comment and like! ;)
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Bill Kaulitz [cute, funny, silly, talkative, sexy]
The title says it all. *lots of luv* ~monika~
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Funny Bill Kaulitz
:D Did u like it?
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bill and tom kaulitz funny cute moments part 1
a video of tom and bill kaulitz full of special and funny moments of them! coment please! and I only can say to you...enjoy it!!♥
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Funny and sexy video für Bill kaulitz
This video is make with one of my favourites songs ;p Songs: Britney Spears- Gimme more Janet Jackson- Feedback Velvet- Fix me
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bill kaulitz funny
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FuNnY, sExY aNd CuTe MoMeNtS oF bIlL aNd Tom
I made Two videos about the faces of tokio hotel and bill kaulitz..Now I made a video about Bill and Tom..The kaulitz brothers..:D Hope you like it! Let me know your opinion about this movie..Leave a comment ;) Kiss MUSIC: Lift your leg up by zookey
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*Funny boy*..Bill Kaulitz XD... lalala parara
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Bill Kaulitz fun facts!!
Facts about ♥Bill Kaulitz♥ you might not know!
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TOM KAULITZ and his noises (Very funny xD)
Tom K' and his noises, and funny moments :)
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BILL kaulitz's funny  ;""D
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Bill Kaulitz touch his dick
Bill and Tom are touching their dicks haha!! soo funny [ just letting you guys know that i do not hate TOKIO HOTEL i only got bored thats why i made this and its kinda sexy and funny dont you think??? sooo guys dont put nasty comments or whatever if you dont like to watch get lost and fuck off]
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Bill Kaulitz Tribute -Funny Face song
Bill Kaulitz tribute video, song title "funny face" by Nick Carter XD This video was made with entertainment purposes ONLY no money is made by it. No copyrights infringement intended.
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Caramelldansen~Bill Kaulitz Version
Bill Kaulitz Does the Caramelldansen. I had this video uploaded in 2007 but my account got deleted..so now im re-uploading it =] I am in NO way trying to insult him, i love Bill Kaulitz and Tokio Hotel... Tags: Tokio Hotel Bill Kaulitz Tom Kaulitz singing Caramelldansen funny bloopers singings monsoon ready set go dont jump scream schrei love cute tongue ring
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Bill Kaulitz helium voice funny
No podemos esperar para ver a Tokio hotel en el tour Melancholic paradise
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