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Bild.de - Bill & Tom Kaulitz Making Fun of Themselves (English Subs) 22.09.2009
Tom & Bill Kaulitz making fun of themselves, so funny xD Video by ColbyTwentyOne1 this is not my video!
Views: 104737 Sophie Fröjd
Funny moments of Bill Kaulitz
funny Billiee :o)))
Views: 11700 billik4ever
semplicemente Bill Kaulitz
Views: 36433 fedeeeeeeeeeeeeeee
Tokio Hotel Fails And Funny Moments // Emma Kaulitz
Just a few fails funny moments of our favourite boys 👑❤ Hope you like it even though it's my first self-edited video 🙂😅 My social media: × Instagram : @tokiohotel.moments / emma.483 × Twitter : @emmakauliitzz -- #tokiohotel #fails #funnymoments
Views: 1411 EMMA KAULITZ
Dangerous But Funny - Bill Kaulitz
Dangerous Bill
Views: 110273 BlondGirl17
Bill Kaulitz-Very funny on the stage!!!! xD
Hahaha!! :DD It's a bra! xDD Poor Bill!!! xDD Plz comment and like! ;)
Views: 34026 MissBillitcaKaulitz
Bill Kaulitz's Funny "Moments"
Just some random pics of Bill Kaulitz being himself. lol. He's funny. The vid isn't great. I have bad vid making skills and Windows Movie Maker doesn't help much either.
Views: 49910 adme111
Tom & bill kaulitz Funny
Wiii amo mi video q cosas mas bellas jajaja y tan "HOT" MADRE MIIA!!!
Views: 804 tokiosk8emo89
Bill Kaulitz-Bla Bla Bla Bla!!! Cute and funny!
aawww! He's soo cute!^^ Plz comment! :))
Views: 2853 MissBillitcaKaulitz
SeXy, CuTe AnD fUnNy FaCeS oF bIlL kAuLiTz
This video is a continuation of my other video "sexy, cute and funny faces of tokio hotel" but now is with bill. My favourite moment is at 1:23. Hope you like the video! Hope you like it! Kiss :D
Views: 17149 lindona248
dont mess with bill kaulitz  funny
dont mess with bill kaulitz
Views: 240 hirokisatoshema
Bill Kaulitz - Funny / Cute Moments
Views: 2583 Amor por Bill Kaulitz
Tokio Hotel - Bill and Tom Kaulitz funny video
It's just some funny stuff from Zimmer 483 back stage with Bill and Tom engsub Sorry that the text is going so fast :( but I hope you enjoye it :) Pleas comment
Views: 135629 CammomKid
Funny Faces (Bill Kaulitz)
some crazy pics of Bill Music: Don't stop me now - Queen
Views: 8819 THTwincesterin
Funny Tokio Hotel and Bill Kaulitz Pictures
NOT A HATER VIDEO If you dont have enough of a sense of humor to be able to see that every joke about TH is completely ridiculous, then you need to go away. If people keep listing such retarded comments im gonna disable commenting. Also- I made this video a year ago when I was majorlly in love with TH. I'm really not that ibnto them now but I have nothing against them or their music. There is nothing wroong with Tokio Hotel or their fans, so haters, please leave them alone and go find a life.
Views: 4587 LunaClone
Bill Kaulitz  funny moments 2
Hope you like it ^^
Views: 2345 Martha Ldance
Bill Kaulitz - Funny video
Bill ripreso nei suoi vari momenti di pazzia xD Simple plan : I'm just a kid
Views: 9451 InDIFESAdiBILL
bill kaulitz  SO funny XD
Views: 2446 Amal LAM
TOM KAULITZ and his noises (Very funny xD)
Tom K' and his noises, and funny moments :)
Views: 235661 19hotelera89
Funny Moment - Tom and Bill Kaulitz xD
Ok,this part makes me laugh XD Take a look =P Comm's,sub's or ratings are welcome ^^
Views: 13323 Daphne Belieber
It's Britney Bitch by Bill Kaulitz from Tokio Hotel . Funny
I wanted to combine all the vids where Bill talks about B.S and sings her songs, and so created this video.
Views: 6425 MansiVEVO
Funny vocal skills by Bill Kaulitz (Tokio Hotel) .
How Bill Kaulitz want sing Monsoon ? This video shows you how (funny) way Bill Kaulitz practicing their vocal skills.
Views: 1212 MansiVEVO
Bill Kaulitz fun facts!!
Facts about ♥Bill Kaulitz♥ you might not know!
Views: 2357 TOKIOxHOTELx4EVARx
Bill Kaulitz Funny moments.wmv
Funny pic`s whit Bill-drakos mic:x
Views: 1987 bebe483ify
Bill Kaulitz you are so sexy and funny!
a nice and cool fanvideo about bill!!! comments and rates plz!
Views: 3386 lisa elvingsson
bill and tom kaulitz funny cute moments part 1
a video of tom and bill kaulitz full of special and funny moments of them! coment please! and I only can say to you...enjoy it!!♥
Views: 7182 fioamatokiohotel
Bill Kaulitz Funny
A funny, cute and crazy story about bill kaulitz
Well coment and let me know your opinion. Thanks! kiss :D
Views: 2813 lindona248
funny/cute bill kaulitz
Views: 168 jonasluversrule
Bill Kaulitz funny
I created this video with the YouTube Video Editor (http://www.youtube.com/editor)
Views: 467 1993orocimaru
Bill Kaulitz-Sex Symbol and funny boy
omg i love him Bill Kaulitz from Tokio Hotel
Views: 14846 katyte14
Funny Smile - Bill Kaulitz
risa bill de tokio hotel smile by bill from tokio hotel
Views: 5780 Rosicienta92
Funny Moments. Tom Kaulitz
sorry for music :3 rate and comment, please :3 also - russian subs x) haha х)
Views: 166891 Anastasia Kljuewa
The Many Funny Faces of Bill Kaulitz
Alors ceci est ma toute première vidéo et elle concerne avant tout Bill Kaulitz...et ses nombreuses grimaces! Musique : Lass Uns Hier Raus & Freunde Bleiben
Views: 50826 LoveTokioHotelRock
stupid moment of tom and bill kaulitz super funny XD
jajajaj tokitas dedikado para ustedes =)
Views: 4078 Sh4r0nK4uLiTz
The cute and funny faces of Bill kaulitz
Bill and his cute/funny faces that he makes.:)
Views: 665 thbkluv
Bill Kaulitz Funny
PLEASE SUBSCRIBE IF YOU LIKE MY VIDEOS! Hmmmm... well... uhhh... ummm...this is a video i made about the many tongues of Bill Kaulitz! Cuz he tends to stick out his tongue when he talk and get caught photographed. So i hope you enjoy it!!!
Views: 19563 VolimTeTokioHotel
Bill Kaulitz Funny!
look Bill!!!
Views: 59952 Zoitsa1812
Bill and Tom Kaulitz funny video.mpg
Bill and Tom Kaulitz funny video
Views: 10648 BTkaulitzpig
Bill Kaulitz, cute and funny
This is a video whit alot of cut and funny piccs of Bill Kaulitz :) Hope you like it :) Note : I do not own any of the music or pictures in this video! (Only the ones i have drawn!!)
Views: 12726 LolaE1
Bill Kaulitz laughing compilation
Featuring clips from last year and some old clips.
Views: 5186 TokioHotel Fanaccount

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