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Administering an Enema
Nursing Skills: How to administer an enema to a patient. SACN junior 1 nursing skills. Soap suds enema administration instructional video on how to give a soap suds enema to a patient as a nursing student or nurse. This video explains enema . I mentioned in my video that it was March 5th, 2016, but it's April 5th 2016. I also forgot to mention that I had filled the bag with 1000 ml of warm water (the .
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Public Enema #1 (a live enema on Youtube - with me and my friend Anne)
This is the organic coffee here that we use: http://bit.ly/2nBjf7j Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/HealthNutNews Twitter: https://twitter.com/unhealthytruth Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/HealthNutNews Tumblr: http://erinhealthnut.tumblr.com/ backup Facebook http://Facebook.com/RawfoodRevolution Contact: http://HealthNutNews.com/contact https://www.pinterest.com/healthnutnews/
How to Apply an Enema or Clyster
NURSING SKILLS - How to Apply an Enema or Clyster
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Fleet Enema: Peeing out of your ass
My first fleet enema
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Metaphysical Colonic | Upgraded
Jamie cleans out her body and mind with a metaphysical colonic. Thanks to Stephanie Kato of Iyasu Colonics! www.iyasucolonics.com Download our new, 100% legal, stupid-satisfying mobile game Trip Balls: https://sprdlx.co/2x9gEns SUBSCRIBE for NEW VIDEOS EVERY DAY - http://sprdlx.co/1jMsrza STORE: https://store.superdeluxe.com/ FACEBOOK: http://sprdlx.co/1lMtTTs INSTAGRAM: http://sprdlx.co/1YWKySU TWITTER: http://sprdlx.co/1YWKHFW SNAPCHAT: https://www.snapchat.com/add/superdeluxevid TUMBLR: http://sprdlx.co/1Uk5jaQ Super Deluxe is an omni-platform entertainment company committed to amplifying unconventional creative voices. With online video for social feeds, TV series, documentaries, interactive live experiences, and experimental tech products, Super Deluxe provokes and inspires young cultural creatives. Super Deluxe is a division of Turner, but it operates independently in Downtown LA. Super Deluxe now has an email newsletter that does pretty much what email newsletters are supposed to do. Sign up here: http://www.superdeluxe.com/newsletter We want to hear from you! Fill out this survey and tell us what you think about Super Deluxe: http://www.superdeluxe.com/survey
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Administering an Enema
Nursing Skills: How to administer an enema to a patient. SACN junior 1 nursing skills. Soap suds enema administration instructional video on how to give a soap suds enema to a patient as a nursing student or nurse. This video explains enema . I mentioned in my video that it was March 5th, 2016, but it's April 5th 2016. I also forgot to mention that I had filled the bag with 1000 ml of warm water (the .
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Enema: Step By Step Tutorial + FAQ'S
The best step by step tutorial on how to safely administer an enema yourself at home. I also discuss the health benefits and most frequently asked questions about enemas. What is an enema? 0:31 Should everyone do enemas? 1:36 What are the health benefits of enemas? 3:28 When is the best time to do an enema? 4:55 What are the different types of enema kits? 5:40 How long does an enema take? 7:06 Do enemas flush out good bacteria? 7:26 What about coffee enemas? 7:50 How often should you do enemas? 8:34 Do enemas weaken your colon? 8:58 How do you do an enema? 9:19 Stainless Steel Enema Bucket http://amzn.to/2g9HreJ http://shop.gapsaustralia.com.au/superior-stainless-steel-enema-colonic-irrigation-kit-2l/ Small Plastic Bucket http://amzn.to/2w11r8z Enema Bag http://amzn.to/2xvtV8e https://enemakits.com.au/products/enemas/ ♥ BUY MY SALAD DRESSINGS EBOOK http://bit.ly/29PY2h9 ♥ GET MY FREE E-BOOK | TOP 10 FOODS FOR CLEANSING THE BODY http://www.oliviabudgen.com ♥ SUBSCRIBE TO MY CHANNEL FOR NEW VIDEOS EVERY THURSDAY https://www.youtube.com/OliviaBudgen ♥ SHARE THIS VIDEO https://youtu.be/-UMu_iP-AJE ♥ BECOME A HEALTH COACH http://geti.in/1zZNRxt ♥ CONNECT WITH ME: http://www.instagram.com/oliviabudgen http://www.facebook.com/oliviabudgenhealth http://www.pinterest.com/oliviabudgen http://www.oliviabudgen.com
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26 day Green Smoothie Girl detox 1st Coffee Enema & the flush (drinking epsom salt & olive oil)
26 day Green Smoothie Girl detox... It's time for the flush! First, we do a Coffee Enema - Teddy's first time so Ryan gives a great how to for a newbie and then it's time to drink epsom salt and olive oil. The Green Smoothie Girl 26 Day Detox: https://bd272.isrefer.com/go/detoxsecrets/a1139/ Get our free healthy home checklist @ mykidcurescancer.com Facebook @mykidcurescancer Instagram @mykidcurescancer Youtube.com/mykidcurescancer
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Enema administration
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How to Give Enema to Child & Adult
How to give Enema - Medical Videos HOW TO GIVE YOURSELF AN ENEMA An enema is a great way to stimulate a bowel movement. It will not cleanse the entire intestine nor will it condition the muscle. However, it can bring instant relief when you are “in a bind”. EQUIPMENT NEEDED • An enema bag. You can obtain this in any pharmacy. • K-Y Jelly or any edible oil. This is used to make insertion of the rectal tube easier and more comfortable. • Something to hang the bag if self-administered. The enema bag should be suspended no more than 18-24 inches above the level of the rectum. • A good location: the best place to give yourself an enema is on the bed or in the bathroom either lying on a rug or in the bathtub. • A pad or heavy bath towel to be placed underneath the buttocks during the enema. • A healthy source of water. Your colon will be absorbing this water into your body. Use the same water you would drink, preferably filtered or spring water. PROCEDURE For best results, and your own comfort, the enema should be taken while lying down. If you will be giving the enema to yourself the first thing you should do is set up the area for the procedure. Make sure the hook is suspended at the proper height (18-24 inches above the rectum). Then place a pad or bath towel where you will be lying down. Slide the shutoff clamp to a point on the tubing where you will be able easily reach it while in position. Check this out ahead of time by hanging the empty bag and assuming the position, just to be sure. Prepare the solution. The water temperature should be slightly above body temperature, between 98 and 105 degrees F at time of use. You may need to heat water on the stove but BE SURE NOT TO USE HOT water that could hurt you, cool it down if necessary till it’s comfortable to the touch. Fill the enema bag 90% full with the water. Lubricate the rectal nozzle with K-Y jelly or oil. Open the shutoff for a moment and allow enough solution to flow to expel the air from the enema tubing. This helps to reduce cramping. Lubricate your anal area with a generous amount of K-Y Jelly or oil. Work your index finger up into the rectum lubricating the entire interior area where you can reach. Hang the enema bag on the hook. Lie down in position. On the bed this should be on the left side with the left leg straight and the right knee flexed (Sim's position). Your left arm should be behind your back and if the shutoff is properly positioned you will be able to control it with your left hand. Your right hand will comfortably rest under your pillow. On the bathroom floor or in the tub, lie on your back with both legs drawn up, knees bent. Make sure you can easily reach the shutoff valve. Put a pillow under your head. If someone else is giving you the enema you may find it more comfortable to assume the knee-chest position. To accomplish this, get on your hands and knees and then put one or two pillows underneath your chest, and lean forward on them. Turn your face sideways and rest it on another pillow, and snuggle both arms underneath. This particular position is an especially comfortable one to have an enema during pregnancy, but if you attempt it on your own the rectal tube tends to slip out and it is difficult to work the shutoff. If you do this on the bathroom floor rather than the bed, make sure your knees are cushioned by a pillow or a pad, or the pressure on them might cause knee damage. Gently insert the rectal tube 3 to 4 inches into the rectum. Rotate or twist the tube back and forth to make for easier insertion. Open the shutoff valve and allow the solution to flow. At the first indication of discomfort stop and wait a few moments. Then release the shutoff and allow the enema to resume. Feel free to interrupt the flow as frequently as is necessary to assist in minimizing the discomfort. Taking slow deep breaths will help, and if you feel cramping at any point "pant like a dog" with shallow quick breathing. As the enema progresses a feeling of fullness will develop. This is normal, and discomfort can be minimized by insuring that not too much solution is introduced too quickly. Take your time. When the bag is empty clamp off the shutoff and slowly remove the rectal tube. Remain in position and retain the solution for a while. For a maintenance enema a few minutes are sufficient, but if you are constipated try to hold it in for 5 to 15 minutes. Go to the toilet and expel the enema. An enema seldom comes out in a single movement so stay near the toilet for one half to one hour. After evacuating, most people find it comfortable to lie on the bed in a prone position to rest for a while. Clean the equipment thoroughly and hang it all up to dry. An enema bag takes several days to thoroughly dry out, and should never be put away while even slightly wet. TIPS FOR MINIMIZING DISCOMFORT There are three primary reasons that cause an enema to be a more uncomfortable procedure than it has to be:
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🤔How To Use an 🤗Enema? 11/20/2017
The first time shopping fr them me and paul were very lost asking question and not knowing how to use them. But I'll tell you how I got use to using them and the simple way I use them. https://www.patreon.com/therawlife https://www.facebook.com/TheRawLife101 We Launched our 💪patreon page which were promoting 🍖Raw dieting for your 🐶furry friends and helping pet owners transition from kibble🐾 to raw. There is alot of misleading information out there and I would help direct you to what fits best for your furry 🤗family member. Chronic Illnesses 😎 Janiece & 🐶Orion Edition- https://youtu.be/ydvaNfS_QH4 👊Breaking 🍖Raw Diet 🐲Myths. - https://youtu.be/M7BFvZCgLZk Raw Feeding 101- https://youtu.be/p8ukQv4Y2ec Don't forget to check out Orions Instagram 📷 Outrageously_helpful_orion Again thank you for joining our 👪family and our journey, we really appreciate all the love 💚and support ! If this is your first time tuning in Welcome ! If you have been with us before....... you know the drill lol
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Large Volume Enema
Large Volume Enema Experts from the Colorectal Clinic at Primary Children’s Hospital created this video to help parents and other caregivers give large volume enemas at home. This video will teach you what equipment you will need, how to give large volume enemas, and how these enemas can benefit your child. .01 Administering Large Volume Enemas: Guidelines for Parents and Families .12 Michael Rollings MD, Director Colorectal Clinic, Primary Children’s Hospital 1.23 Krissie Norton RN, BSN, Colorectal Nurse Primary Children’s Hospital 1.45 The procedure 2.04 Supplies 3.3 Enema Solution Preparation 5.15 Positioning 5.4 Administration of Enema 7.4 Toilet Time 8.2 Cleaning Up
How to Do an Enema at Home
This instructional video details how a new enema user can easily and effectively use an enema bag to clear out the entire length of the colon - all in the privacy of their own home. Kristina and a female model demonstrate how to set up and use an enema bag, how to prepare the enema solution, how to use an enema tubing clamp, how to lubricate and insert the enema nozzle and how to easily take two quarts of enema solution to fully clear out the entire colon. This professional demonstration of colon cleansing utilizes massage and deep breathing to assist you to clean out your entire colon. We also teach you how to clean your enema equipment and how to learn more about effective colon cleansing procedures. With the use of a second movie, Small Volume Enema, and this movie, you will be able to take enemas in your own home that have the same therapeutic effectiveness as therapeutic colonics. Ready to start down the road to detoxification and total-body health via safe, effective colon cleanses? Check out all of our colon cleanse and detoxification products here: http://www.optimalhealthnetwork.com/ And check out our in-home easy enema kits here: http://www.optimalhealthnetwork.com/2-3-or-4-Quart-Easy-Enema-Kits-s/1018.htm
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Cara's Enema- instructions how to do an enema easy & simple
We finally have enemas available and Cara gleefully demonstrates how to use one. These simple devices could potentially save your day from constipation, low energy, headaches, migraines and a host of other common maladies. Wash yourself out with water and watch how amazing you feel! Markus also did a fun video a few years ago that talks all about them- that video is here https://youtu.be/UZEqQlOYXSo We have them available now at http://www.markusworld.com/products/enemi To learn more about true health, download the free ebook "Heal Yourself 101" at http://www.markusworld.com/heal Happy flushing! Our Raw Vegan Health Cookbook: http://www.markusworld.com/healthycookbook/enemi Facebook: http://www.markusworld.com/facebook/enemi Instagram: http://www.markusworld.com/instagram/enemi Markus Rothkranz website: http://www.markusworld.com/Markus/enemi Online Health Store: http://www.markusworld.com/products/enemi German website: http://www.markusworld.com/german/enemi
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Fasting and Cleansing - How a Coffee Enema can help start to heal
Visit SuperRawLife.com to access a free copy of a Raw Food Magazine. It is packed full of healthy inspiration and delicious recipes!!! I created this video with the YouTube Video Editor (http://www.youtube.com/editor)
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My first ENEMA
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Coffee Enema 101 - Cleanse and Detoxify Your Body
Puradyme: http://puradyme.com/ellenorganic Coffee enema bucket: http://store.gerson.org/enema-bucket-with-gerson-coffee.html?_ga=2.219147162.2020209419.1524526093-998627333.1516473101 Connect with me! Facebook: Ellen Organic Instagram: @EllenOrganic 3:44min: Coffee enema recipe 7:30min: CE how to Helpful links: Charlotte Gerson on coffee enemas: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=D-2eaxYTw-Y The four basic components of the Gerson Therapy: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=g81YR8DR_LA&t=383s
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Adriana makes a huge enema mess
Adriana takes an enema then messes her diaper
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How to Give a Puppy a Warm Water Enema
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Gigantic Enema - Naked and Funny Prank
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My First Colonic Irrigation Hydrotherapy: Hayley Pearce
Hayley Pearce puts weight loss quick fixes to the test as she explores the rise and impact of the cult of skinny. This obsession and the extreme lengths to which some people will go to reach a certain size. This leads Hayley to try her first colonic hydrotherapy. You can watch the full episode of Hayley: Super Skinny where she puts other methods to the test here: https://www.bbc.co.uk/iplayer/episode/p060gytf/hayley-series-2-1-super-skinny -- Click here to subscribe to BBC Three: http://bit.ly/BBC-Three-Subscribe Did you know that we’re up to other things in other places too? Best of BBC Three: www.bbc.co.uk/bbcthree iPlayer: http://www.bbc.co.uk/tv/bbcthree Twitter: http://www.twitter.com/bbcthree Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/bbcthree Instagram: http://instagram.com/bbcthree Tumblr: http://bbcthree.tumblr.com Oh, we’re on Snapchat too - just incase you were wondering… add us, bbcthree.
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I Need An Enema
Poor dear is backed up. It hurts.
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1 Year Update- Orgnanic Coffee Enema Experience  part 1/3
*Not mentioned in the video, during the periods were enema usage was high, I offset the nutrient loss with vitamin supplements. *With doing so many enemas during breaks were enemas were not administered, I had days that no bowl movement occurred. Drinking a lot of water and walking resolved this issue for me. For more information, click the video below. https://youtu.be/xKa8NBGMZPU *I believe that my diet aided the positive experience I've had with self administering organic coffee enemas. There are 2 other shorter videos to come which completes this series...I hope my humor is received well? Table of content :33- How Many Enemas Can Be Done In general information about organic coffee enemas and in general considerations. 2:45- Tips For Self Administering "Coffee Enemas". Information about handling reactions/stimuli and some important considerations. 5:44- What Is Your Procedure /Usage For "Coffee Enemas"? Personal method of preparing organic coffee enemas and the logic behind this method. Possible reasons/usages for water enemas. My personal enema goals. Generalizations about goal for other conditions. 9:56- What Is Your Actual Usage? Specifics on my schedule regarding the amounts, frequencies, and periods for administering organic coffee enemas. The reason behind changes in enema schedule and what I currently do. I am not a trained personal just a person taking action to resolve the health issues I am facing. ____________________________________________________________ For a video about tips for doing a "coffee enema" click the link below. https://youtu.be/BIyajJY-jbM For videos on how to make a "coffee enemas" click the link below. part 1: https://youtu.be/dBNvNBPC9uc part 2: https://youtu.be/32LvL5-rUAs part 3: https://youtu.be/NOAbLNOvfME For the coffee vs water enema video click the like below. https://youtu.be/H_NZlN9GBWY _________________________________________________________________ music: Fun Time by Dj Quads: https://soundcloud.com/aka-dj-quads Music promoted by Audio Library https://youtu.be/uk0IaUT9niw Good Starts - Jingle Punks (YouTube Royalty-free Music Download) IMMENSE BEAUTY ☁ Beethoven’s "Fur Elise" Slowed Down 800% Cohum-Watch "Eine kleine Nachtmusik - Mozart
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Allard n Arrasmith Episode Seven "Enema Girl"
Allard n Arrasmith pay tribute to Neil Young with a hilarious parody of the song Cinnamon Girl.
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Step by Step on doing  your coffee enema while sitting on the toilet
I got a question the other day on how I do the coffee enema while sitting down on the toilet. This is just to help those who are unsure of how to exactly do it. It is very easy to do, and saves a lot of time as well.... Anyway questions, feel free to ask!
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First enema video
Ok, I'm a little nervous to show you this ^^' It's a very short video, because I'm not so good at inflating and... I can't take it any longer, I need much more practice ! Anyway, I hope you will enjoy : )
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How to use an Anal Douche | Enema vs. Douche | Sex Toys Ahoy
What is an anal douche and should you use one? In this weeks Sex Toys Ahoy, Jess Wilde gives you the lowdown on anal douches, why you might like to try one, and how to douche before anal play. Visit our douche category at Lovehoney to see more douches: http://bit.ly/2qgclpN *** Like this? Check these out: Why Do People Use Butt Plugs?: http://bit.ly/2mhUqfJ How to Use a Butt Plug: http://bit.ly/2rU6qE9 *** Don't forget to subscribe to keep up to date with all our vlogs every week! http://bit.ly/2a1MrxE **** Shop the best sex toys and sex essentials online at Lovehoney USA - https://www.lovehoney.com UK - https://www.lovehoney.co.uk AUS - https://www.lovehoney.com.au CA - https://www.lovehoney.ca
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Where to buy the vegan colon cleanse (Use discount code KATE for 15% OFF): http://www.sarasotaintegrativehealth.com/shop/cleanses/vegan-digestive-cleanse/ ▷ⒸⓄⓃⓃⒺⒸⓉ WITH ME ♡ SNAPCHAT: KATEFRUITFLOWER ♡ INSTAGRAM: @KATEFRUITFLOWERS ♡ FACEBOOK: http://facebook.com/KATEFRUITFLOWERS ♡ TWITTER: https://twitter.com/KATEFRUITFLOWER ♡ TUMBLR: http://katefruitflowers.tumblr.com/ ♡ WEBSITE: http://katefruitflowers.com/ ▷ E-BOOK NOW AVAILABLE!! : https://katefruitflowers.com/products/7-days-raw ▷ INCLUDES: Reasons to GO RAW, weight loss tips, lifestyle advice, benefits of raw food, 28 delicious RAW VEGAN recipes and more!!! ▷ GREEN POWDER AND B-12 THAT I USE: https://katefruitflowers.com/pages/suggested-supplements ▷KITCHEN EQUIPMENT I USE: https://katefruitflowers.com/pages/kitchen-equipment
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Applying an Enema or Clyster
NURSING SKILLS - Applying an Enema or Clyster
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Enema in donkey
A veterinary technique to relieve constipation in animals; for any query you can ask me in comments
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Tot tells grandfather she wants M&m's but says enema ...
A tot girl tries to tell her grandfather that she wants MampMs, but it comes out as enema indoors. For all licensing inquiries please contact: info(at)homevideolicensing(dot)com. Please visit Home Video Licensing for more great content! http://bit.ly/HVLwebsite SUBSCRIBE to our channel for fresh content every day! http://bit.ly/ItsAlwaysFunny
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How and Why to do an ENEMA
Enema, how to do an enema. Highly informative video about enemas and why to use the. Health leader Markus Rothkranz explains why our digestive tract is coated with mucoid plaque that doesn't allow our nutrition and food to absorb into our system. Water is the universal solvent and using it to cleanse your body is the safest, most effective way to detox and cleanse away conditions like constipation, diarrhea, food poisoning, gas, bloating, parasites, headaches, migraines, diverticulitis, diverticulosis, crohn's disease, depression, sexual dysfunction, lack of energy, desire and motivation, colds, flu, sinus congestion and many other disease issues. TheHealthyLife: http://www.markusworld.com/thehealthylife/enema Our Raw Vegan Health Cookbook: http://www.markusworld.com/healthycookbook/enema Facebook: http://www.markusworld.com/facebook/enema Instagram: http://www.markusworld.com/instagram/enema Markus Rothkranz website: http://www.markusworld.com/Markus/enema Online Health Store: http://www.markusworld.com/products/enema German website: http://www.markusworld.com/german/enema
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How To Give  Enema || Demonastration and See Procedure
How To Give Enema || Demonastration and See Procedure https://youtu.be/TYQ-Z8yesB0 Enema (plural enemata or enemas) or clyster, is a fluid injected into the lower bowel by way of the rectum. The most frequent use of an enema is to relieve constipation or for bowel cleansing before a medical examination or procedure. Positions for Using an Enema Left-side position: Lie on left side with knee bent, and arms resting comfortably. Knee-chest position: Kneel, then lower head and chest forward until left side of face is resting on surface with left arm folded comfortably.
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Man vs. Wild - Pacific Island - Bear's Enema
More adventures, more survival, more Bear! Catch the season premiere of Man vs. Wild, Wednesday, January 13th @ 9pm E/P only on Discovery! Check out Bear's Top Ten Gross Eats at http://dsc.discovery.com/videos/man-vs-wild-gross-eats/ As a last resort, Bear gives himself an enema with fetid water to keep himself hydrated in the middle of the Pacific Ocean.
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Welcome back, Carnegie Family! Missed you guys! Enjoy this vlog and health hacks that randomly occurred for me today! I'll see you again very soon!
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PKA 334 Eel Enema, Taylor's Bible Stories, Dead Wife Sleepover
Sponsors: http://smartmouth.com/ Promo Code “Painkiller” http://mvmtwatches.com/PKA http://Seeso.com/ Promo Code: PKA Support PKA on Patreon: https://www.Patreon.com/PKA Merch: http://PainkillerAlready.net PKA on iTunes: http://bit.ly/PKAOniTunes PKA on Podbean: http://painkilleralready.podbean.com Timeline by LegitRage: https://www.youtube.com/user/TheLegitimateRage * - Video can be found below Timeline 0:00:00 - Intro, Kyle announces Sponsors & reasons behind no Guest 0:02:15 - Steve Harvey’s stern letter to staff 0:10:45 - Video: Absurd Steve Harvey clips* 0:13:50 - Oprah Winfrey getting fat & weight loss 0:18:05 - Bill Gates’ philanthropy & net worth 0:19:50 - Gold Rush (TV Show) discussion 0:25:00 - Bitcoin mining 0:35:40 - Video: Best vario ever* 0:37:25 - Bird people, eating doves and falcons 0:42:05 - Which wild animal could you take in a fight? 0:48:30 - Video: Eagle attacking sloth* 0:50:20 - Helmets and aeronautical headphones 0:54:30 - Fury (movie) s*x scene 1:00:30 - Jonah Hill and outstanding Actors 1:02:45 - Netflix Originals (longevity & royalties) 1:08:50 - Joe Rogan’s Podcast w/ Jordan Peterson* & PC Culture 1:13:35 - Cinco de Mayo vs St Patrick’s Day vs 4th of July 1:16:50 - Vomiting stories 1:22:15 - Fitness update 1:28:00 - Surviving deadly heights with parachutes, sponges & mattresses 1:36:00 - Ad Read: SmartMouth 1:39:00 - 10 Objects that are made from human skin & cannibalism 1:46:00 - Wings’ weight loss (& paramotor weight loss*) 1:49:40 - Paramotor talk (weight loss*, paramotor virginity) 2:00:00 - The Last Kingdom (TV Show) - Parallels with Game of Thrones 2:06:45 - Why teenage boys (generally) aren’t into incest 2:11:35 - Guy sleeps with his 6-day old dead wife 2:15:35 - Becoming immortal and getting rich 2:21:10 - Ukraine bans Steven Seagal as a threat to National Security 2:24:35 - Taylor retelling Bible Stories (Elijah forced to eat feces) 2:29:20 - Ad Read: MVMT Watches 2:30:20 - Patreon Question: How often does Kyle shoot his guns? & Gun talk 2:33:05 - Patreon Question: Where is Taylor getting his workout routine from? 2:38:05 - Patreon Question: Is dating a druggie a bad idea? 2:42:55 - Patreon Question: Has Woody considered flying a plane? & Kyle flying 2:48:35 - Chinaman puts 50cm eel up his bum to cure constipation 2:53:35 - [Spoilers] Better Call Saul Season 3 & Archer latest Season 2:58:10 - Man paddleboards next to a dozen Great White Sharks* 3:01:55 - Phobias (turning left, open water) 3:08:30 - The River Ganges’ lack of hygiene & Indians pooping in public 3:13:45 - Ad Read: SeeSo 3:16:40 - Woman accidentally shot at Baseball game (& gun talk) 3:20:25 - FBI Director James Comey fired by Trump & Russia collusion 3:28:50 - Attacking Russia, Syrian conflict & Trump’s response 3:36:10 - Financial Advisers and Doctors deceiving clients 3:44:10 - Return to Politics talk (Trump, Middle East, Sycophants & Russia) 3:57:25 - Hockey talk (Woody thinks it sucks this year) 4:00:05 - UFC talk (Fights cancelled, McGregor & Cormier) 4:11:30 - Kyle calls it a Show VIDEO SOURCES OF TOPICS: 0:10:45 - Steve Harvey clips: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=az0BJRQ1cqM 0:35:40 - Best vario ever: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qCm3ip6Vr7Y 0:48:30 - Eagle attacking sloth: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oGMmQBiU1Ls 1:08:50 - JRE w/ Jordan Peterson: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=USg3NR76XpQ&t=1s 1:52:20 - World’s heaviest paraglider: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lXWYI3YFOLc 2:58:10 - Man paddleboards near sharks: http://abcnews.go.com/WNT/video/shark-warnings-california-coast-47359458
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blink-182 - What's My Age Again?
Listen to more from Blink-182: https://lnk.to/Blink182 Discover more about this classic song and the Enema Of The State album here: https://www.udiscovermusic.com/stories/rediscover-enema-of-the-state Stream a playlist of their biggest tracks: http://playlists.udiscovermusic.com/playlist/blink-182-best-of-1 Experience Blink-182 on Vinyl LP: https://lnk.to/Blink182Store Follow Blink-182 https://en-gb.facebook.com/blink182/ https://twitter.com/blink182 https://www.instagram.com/blink182/ https://www.blink182.com/ Music video by blink-182 performing What's My Age Again?. (C) 2000 Geffen Records
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How To Perform A Turpentine Enema + Turpentine Enema Recipe
Product Recommendations: (USA) http://www.sacredpurity.com/waterdistillers.html Dr. Bronner’s Pure-Castile Liquid Soap, Lavender - http://amzn.to/2DTszw1 Dr. Bronner's Pure-Castile Liquid Soap - Peppermint - http://amzn.to/2BIpY1Z Dr. Bronner's Pure-Castile Liquid Soap - Baby Unscented -http://amzn.to/2E3eFGF Dr. Bronner's Pure-Castile Liquid Soap - Tea Tree - http://amzn.to/2EujV41 Dr. Bronner's Pure Castile Liquid Soap - Baby Unscented - http://amzn.to/2BJK77C Dr. Bronner’s Pure-Castile Liquid Soap - Almond - http://amzn.to/2Ex1Yla Dr. Bronner's Fair Trade & Organic Castile Liquid Soap - Eucalyptus - http://amzn.to/2ns3WfF Dr. Bronner's Fair Trade & Organic Castile Liquid Soap - Aloe Vera - http://amzn.to/2ExFgK0 (UK) http://www.sacredpurity.com/waterdistillers.html Dr Bronner's Organic Tea Tree Castile Soap - http://amzn.to/2E8j3nZ Dr. Bronner’s Pure-Castile Liquid Soap, Lavender - http://amzn.to/2BJhaJ6 Dr. Bronner's Pure-Castile Liquid Soap - Peppermint - http://amzn.to/2BHQjNr Dr. Bronner's Pure-Castile Liquid Soap - Baby Unscented - http://amzn.to/2ny1LX3 Dr. Bronner's Pure-Castile Liquid Soap - Tea Tree - http://amzn.to/2EwgtG3 Dr. Bronner’s Pure-Castile Liquid Soap - Almond - http://amzn.to/2E30xgK Dr. Bronner's Fair Trade & Organic Castile Liquid Soap - Eucalyptus - http://amzn.to/2FzrAxe Dr. Bronner's Fair Trade & Organic Castile Liquid Soap - Aloe Vera - http://amzn.to/2GzVliG How To Perform A Turpentine Enema + Turpentine Enema Recipe A lot of people ask me on a regular basis how to perform a turpentine with enema with using 100% Pure Gum Spirits Of Turpentine aka 100% Pure pine essential oil which is a powerful enema to eliminate candida and parasites within the body. So in this video I share with you fully a turpentine enema recipe which is made from 100% Pure Gum Spirits Of Turpentine, Dr Bronner’s Castile Soap and Distilled water. The recipe mixture for this turpentine enema contains the amounts of each ingredient listed below which you then mix up together and add to an enema kit/bag. 1 Teaspoon of 100% Pure Gum Spirits Of Turpentine 1 Teaspoon of Dr Bronner’s Castile Soap 1 Quart of distilled water How To Perform A Turpentine Enema + Turpentine Enema Recipe Please SUBSCRIBE & Support Here http://bit.ly/2z7G9sk NOTE: When you subscribe to my channel, you don't automatically receive an email notification when I upload a new video. Please go to: http://www.youtube.com/subscription_manager?feature=feed and manually check the box that says 'send me updates' next to my name. My Social Media Pages: Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/consciouscalisthenics/ My Fitness Youtube Channel: http://bit.ly/2gLRhTK Our Coaching Website: http://www.sacredpurity.com My donation page, All donations are greatly appreciated: http://www.paypal.me/sunfruitdan
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How to do an enema safely from home
How to do an enema safely from home
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Daily Enema: The Most Powerful Way to Prevent Disease || Tutorial, Benefits & Yogic Health
Jala Basti (enema) is an ancient yogic practice with numerous benefits for the body and consciousness. According to yogis and rishis, the root of ALL disease is the stomach. My guru even shares, with clean gut you can reach enlightenment itself! So whether you’re interested in the health benefits or the spiritual results, its time to start your daily morning enema! I’m excited to share with you guys the yogic history of the enema and how it can change YOUR life! (The actual tutorial starts at 6:14) Check out the rest of the yogic cleansing techniques here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-F0y6u10gRY&t=340s https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lKdXpK0nUeQ&t=205s Download the Nithyananda Yoga book for FREE at: books.nithyananda.org ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ If my videos are helping you, you can share the love back and help support me at http://patreon.com/kundaliniyogini (also for exclusive videos and personal sessions! ^) Check out the most authentic yoga that changed my life: nithyanandayoga.org And Discover the guru that awakened me: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC9OM... Nithyanandam in gratitude, Prasiddha Find me on social media! FB: kundaliniyoginiyoutube (really appreciate reviews here!) YouTube: Kundalini Yogini Instagram: kundaliniyoginiprasiddha Twitter: Kundalini Yogini
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How to Clean your Enema Kit Properly
Learn how to properly and naturally clean your enema kit to prevent bacteria and mould build up. This will also help your enema parts last a lot longer! HYDROGEN PEROXIDE Australia: http://www.hydrogenperoxideaustralia.com.au/?product=3-organic-food-grade-hydrogen-peroxide-500ml Other Countries: http://amzn.to/2GzDCrL DR. BRONNENS SOAP Australia: https://t.cfjump.com/41493/t/10778?Url=https%3a%2f%2fwww.nourishedlife.com.au%2fnatural-soap-body-wash%2f31519%2fdr-bronners-organic-pump-soap-peppermint.html Other Countries: http://amzn.to/2DSoYtQ BRUSH TO CLEAN LONG TUBE http://amzn.to/2EF1yJS ♥ COLD PRESS JUICER I USE Australia: https://www.natureswonderland.com.au/shop/appliances/juicers/angel-5500-twin-gear-juicer Other Countries: http://amzn.to/2E7TSj3 ♥ BUY MY SALAD DRESSINGS EBOOK http://bit.ly/29PY2h9 ♥ GET MY FREE E-BOOK | TOP 10 FOODS FOR CLEANSING THE BODY http://www.oliviabudgen.com ♥ SUBSCRIBE TO MY CHANNEL FOR NEW VIDEOS EVERY THURSDAY https://www.youtube.com/OliviaBudgen ♥ SHARE THIS VIDEO https://youtu.be/dKTGZFfzhHM ♥ BECOME A HEALTH COACH http://geti.in/1zZNRxt ♥ CONNECT WITH ME: http://www.instagram.com/oliviabudgen http://www.facebook.com/oliviabudgenhealth http://www.pinterest.com/oliviabudgen http://www.oliviabudgen.com
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(How To Do Coffee Enemas) Preparation & Procedure
How To Prepare a Coffee Enema - Preparation & Procedure Get My Free Ebook & Access My Signature Program 100% FREE!! Click here: https://www.vivalacleanse.com I'll show you how to do a healthy and easy coffee enema. It's one of the most recommended ways to detox your body. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0OwN9ycsLgU enema coffee enema coffee enema procedure enema procedure mom enema enemas enema, ella coffee enimas coffee enamas soap suds enema coffee enema and diabetes --------- Useful Links Coffee enema http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Coffee_enema A coffee enema is the enema-related procedure of injected coffee into the anus to cleanse the rectum and large intestines. This procedure is considered by most ... 10 Reasons Why You Should Try A Coffee Enema http://www.mindbodygreen.com/0-7065/10-reasons-why-you-should-try-a-coffee-enema.html Candida loves to hang out with the liver, and that by doing coffee enema's regularly, they will help flush out the candida along with nasty toxins ... What are the benefits of coffee enemas? - Science-Based ... http://www.sciencebasedmedicine.org/ask-the-science-based-pharmacist-what-are-the-benefits-of-coffee-enemas/ Seriously, coffee enemas may help relieve constipation, insomnia and cognitive problems; they may eliminate (or control) parasites, candida ... Basic Coffee Enema Procedure and Recipe - Coffee enemas http://www.sawilsons.com/basicenema.htm Enema Equip Basic Coffee Enema Procedure and Recipe. Excerpts from Dr. Sherry Rogers 1994 book "Wellness Against All Odds". The very last part of the colon, before ... COFFEE ENEMAS drlwilson.com/articles/COFFEE%20ENEMA.HTM “Coffee enemas have long been in use. In a case report in the Pacific Medical and Surgical Journal in December 1866, M.A. Cachot, MD, described successful ...
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Enema Tutorial -- h3h3 reaction video
Get your enema bucket ready, it's time to squirt water up your ass. Watch the Reaction Video Playlist --�м https://goo.gl/w0VCKy �мFacebook ----------------- �мhttp://goo.gl/WlOVVo �мTwitter ---------------------- �мhttp://goo.gl/iIgqXv �мGet h3h3 loot ------------ �мhttp://www.h3h3productions.com �м2nd Channel -------------- �мhttp://goo.gl/CjhyTu
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How to do a coffee enema and why?
Doing a coffee enema has enormous health benefits and is super easy to perform. In this light, funny, irreverent video. Healthy Gut Girl shows you how to easily incorporate coffee enema's using S.A. Wilson's organic enema coffee. For more information and to order your kit and S.A. Wilson's Coffee Click here: https://www.idevaffiliate.com/33053/83-0-3-1.html To learn about more health tips visit. www.healthygutgirl.com
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We have some more cringe this week, with a girl that shows us how she gives herself an enema CRINGE!!!!.....LEGO!! Click To Subscribe And Become A Pirate! ~~~ https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCIOHIBdrQ-PUQeptX61_uKQ Become a Lokey Reviews Patron here ~ https://www.patreon.com/LokeyGames?ty=h Lokey Games Website: lokeygames.com ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ If you're into funny Gaming videos here's a link to my "Lokey Games" Channel ~ https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCmYbnV6UuvuNQ1pVkBI4utA FULL CRINGE VIDEO HERE ~ https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cKzUBb9b0bo Check out my playlists, you'll love these Oculus Rift Reviews!! http://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PL-OniBf03mcFSQb29jBdl79zAYO69MQRy Also check out these other Funny videos!! Spooky Ass Sunday Ghost Videos ~ https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLuulWCEcMGhJcqO-t7c1FTMkFHdDj6xNu Intro/Outro Music By - Dead Critic: https://www.facebook.com/pages/Dead-Critic https://soundcloud.com/deadcriticofficial Skyloud: https://www.facebook.com/skyloudedm https://twitter.com/iamskyloud https://soundcloud.com/iamskyloud Free Download:http://www.edmt.center/712777-Dead-Critic-ft-Skyloud-Pixel-Pirate ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~­~~ Join The Community! Twitch - http://www.twitch.tv/lokeygamestwitch Twitter - https://twitter.com/LokeyGames Facebook - https://www.facebook.com/LokeyGames Instagram - http://instagram.com/benjyboi87
Coffee Enema Gerson. How do you take your coffee? From Coffee Beans to Enema to Clean Up
Gerson Coffee Enema From coffee beans to enema to clean up: 70% of your lymph is in your intestine. How do you take your coffee? Gerson coffee enema from coffee beans to enema to clean up. How to make it. What roast of beans. Most of what you need to know about the coffee enema done the Gerson way. Gerson catheter included. How to hold the enema and how long. Salt or no salt. What coffee enemas do. A little history of the enema. THREE ENEMA PREPARATION WHAT YOU WILL NEED: Due to requests and inquiry, and false claims of advertising, livelightwell.com now lists Amazon products. http://www.livelightwell.com/live-light-well-products.html COFFEE INSTRUCTIONS for three enemas: Green Organic Fair Trade Coffee Beans - 6-9 T. For 3 application enema preparation. Reverse Osmosis Water 9 cups for Coffee Preparation Glass or stainless steel pot French Press or Sieve Cheese cloth The ratio is: 2-3 Tablespoons of coffee, to 2-3 cups of water per enema concentrate. You will boil this down to an 8 ounce concentrate, or for 3 APPLICATIONS, a 24 oz concentrate (approximate) in order to preserve the next two enema concentrates in the refrigerator. Store in glass jars. GERSON JUICE: 3 Glasses Gerson Juice (Citrus, Apple Carrot, Green) or any combination of above. See video at: https://youtu.be/yexK-ORqBdA Drink 1 before enema, one after. Then the last one. ENEMA PREPARATION: Enema Bucket Gerson rubber Enema Catheter with silicone tubing. Reverse Osmosis Water: 24 Ounces per enema added to 8 ounce coffee concentrate preparation. Himalayan Salt 1/4 Tsp. Coconut Oil DIRECTIONS: Roast 9 Tablespoons fresh green, organic, fare-trade beans in a pop-corn popper for 3 minutes. Grind fresh or 1-day-old, light roasted, organic beans until ground relatively coarse. Place ground coffee in Reverse Osmosis water. 2-3 tablespoons, per 2-3 cups of RO water. Or 9 T. in 6-9 C. RO water in a pot. Heat to a "Rolling Boil." Boil for 10 minutes: at Rolling Boil for 3, and simmering boil for 7 minutes. Strain through sieve or French press and then cheese cloth. (Usually I just French press. The first pour is for the first enema, which I will pour into 16 ounces of Reverse Osmosis Water enema prep. since it is the 1st pour it is generally low in grains. The jarred preps in the refrigerator's silt sinks to the bottom of the jar so the pour is quite filtered.) ENEMA CONCENTRATE FOR 1, 2 OR 3 APPLICATIONS BROKEN DOWN: 1 Enema Concentrate = 8 Ounces water (Should contain equivalent of 3 heaping tablespoons coffee beans). 2 Enema Concentrate = 16 Oz water = (concentrate of 6 Tbsp Coffee Beans) 3 Enema Concentrate = 24 Oz water = (concentrate of 9 Tbsp Coffee Beans.) Each Enema totals 32 ounces of coffee combined with water. CONCENTRATE is then DILUTED with 24 oz MORE water for the actual Coffee Enema DRINK A GLASS OF GERSON JUICE Pour COFFEE concentrate into enema bucket. ADD 24 ounces of WATER to your 8 Ounce Coffee Concentrate whether it's a fresh pour or what you stored in fridge in 8 oz. jars. You can dilute with RO water and about 8 ounces boiled RO water if removing a storage jar from the fridge. Add 1/4 Tbsp. Himalayan or Sea salt. Prime the enema by running it into the toilet, then close the clamp. Lie on your right side in tub or on a splat mat on the ground. Use coconut oil to lubricate the catheter and insert about 1 inch. Run the enema and insert catheter deeper. (You may first do a water flush enema, retain it for about 2-3 minutes, then expel into toilette.) Retain for 15 minutes. Expel. Drink a glass of Gerson Juice. Sip your 3rd glass over the next hour or so to insure electrolyte balance and nutrients are maintained in the body. For more information go to: http://www.livelightwell.com/gerson.html http://www.livelightwell.com/live-light-well-products.html 70-80% of your lymph is in your intestine and colon. http://www.livelightwell.com https://www.facebook.com/livelightwell/ LIFE FROM THE SOURCE - EAT LIFE http://livelightwell.com http://livelightwell.com http://livelightwell.com www.livelightwell.com Life From the Source http://www.gerson.org People perish for lack of knowledge. http://livelightwell.com http://livelightwell.com http://livelightwell.com https://www.facebook.com/livelightwell/ Natural Way to Fight Liver Disease http://liver.ca/who-we-are/what-we-do/Awareness/Liver_Health_Month/LHMTooClose4Comfort2017.asp
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Larry Vs the Enema
Views: 6885 Kathy Griffin

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