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David Welch and Scott Salyer - Licensing Oracle and SQL Server on vSphere
David Welch, CTO, Chief Evangelist, House of Brick Technologies Scott Salyer, Director, Enablement Business Partner Center of Excellence, VMware Description: Oracle and SQL Server databases are licensed very differently than other applications, with many options from which to choose depending on requirements for features, mobility needs, virtualization/consolidation targets, and usage of third-party cloud resources. This breakout session will help you understand the options available to license Oracle and SQL Server database virtual machines. Learn to maximize your database licensing investment while maintaining mobility and minimizing risks of an audit.
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Oracle Licensing with VMWare environments
Please be aware, if it not in your contract, then that doesn't apply to you. Even though Oracle will accept certain extend of VMWare virtualization limitation.
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Oracle Licensing for 2017
Learn at your own pace for free here http://madora.teachable.com/p/become-an-oracle-licensing-specialist-trial Checkout the free introduction to Licensing at the Madora Academy. Follow the link and enrol for free. If you need more advanced training there are further paid courses also available at http://madora.teachable.com/
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Virtualisation without understanding Oracle license implications
Learn at your own pace for free here http://madora.teachable.com/p/become-an-oracle-licensing-specialist-trial Checkout the free introduction to Licensing at the Madora Academy. Follow the link and enrol for free. If you need more advanced training there are further paid courses also available at http://madora.teachable.com/ The use of virtualisation software is used extensively to run Oracle software, but do you really understand the licensing implications? Listen to Keith Dobbs of Madora Consulting explain the issues in more detail.
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How to licence Oracle DR Scenarios  correctly - Five Fatal Oracle License Mistakes
Learn at your own pace for free here http://madora.teachable.com/p/become-an-oracle-licensing-specialist-trial Checkout the free introduction to Licensing at the Madora Academy. Follow the link and enrol for free. If you need more advanced training there are further paid courses also available at http://madora.teachable.com/ From the Video: We look at the common errors with licensing for Oracle Disaster Recovery scenarios. The top three issues are: -Not matching the metrics between disaster and production -forgetting to license options -not understanding the ten-day rule. Summary of the ten day rule. Yes, the official wording I suppose is a good summary, which it includes the right to run the licensed programs on a licensed spare computer in a failover environment for up to a total of ten days in a given calendar year. That’s the summary, so it’s got to be one of the systems which they would regard as data recovery using a clustered environment, a failover machine. It only applies to clustered deployments where multiple servers have access to a single storage area network. It doesn’t mean you can run software on any unlicensed server anywhere in your system for ten days without licensing it. That’s the biggest misunderstanding. It’s specific to the failover rule, it’s specific to an active/passive cluster running on a single storage area network. It’s not the generic ten days, It can run it anywhere.
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VMware Experts Database Workshop - Oracle Edition
VMware Experts Database Workshop - Oracle Edition 2016
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Architecting Oracle Database DR Solution on VMware vSphere 5 With Data Guard and SRM
Demonstrate how Oracle Disaster Recovery is made seamless and efficient using Oracle Data Guard and VMware Site Recovery Manager (SRM)
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SQL Server & Oracle database licensing
Covers product descriptions, licensing metrics and how to achieve license compliance for SQL Server and Oracle database products. Examples included.
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Oracle Licensing: Know your Entitlements! Danger and Opportunity
This video is about Oracle Licensing: Know your Entitlements! Danger and Opportunity
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Oracle Licence Training Online Tutorial
Learn at your own pace for free here http://madora.teachable.com/p/become-an-oracle-licensing-specialist-trial Checkout the free introduction to Licensing at the Madora Academy. Follow the link and enrol for free. If you need more advanced training there are further paid courses also available at http://madora.teachable.com/
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Do you need a Java SE license from Oracle?
Palisade Compliance is the leading independent provider of Oracle software and cloud licensing, contracting, cost reduction, and compliance advisory services. Palisade helps clients spend less with Oracle, achieve compliance with complex license agreements, and take back control of their Oracle relationship. Palisade’s CEO & Founder, Craig Guarente, spent 15 years at Oracle where he was the Global Vice President of Contracts and Business Practices. Palisade has assembled a team of senior ex-Oracle executives with decades of combined experience on both the Oracle and client sides of the negotiating table. Palisade holds a unique position as they are completely independent of Oracle and not a reseller of Oracle software and/or services.
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Confused? vCPUs, Virtual CPUs, Physical CPUs, Cores
Check out this brief video about vCPUs, CPUs and Virtual Machines.
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An introduction to Oracle Licensing
Learn at your own pace for free here http://madora.teachable.com/p/become-an-oracle-licensing-specialist-trial Checkout the free introduction to Licensing at the Madora Academy. Follow the link and enrol for free. If you need more advanced training there are further paid courses also available at http://madora.teachable.com/
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VMworld TV - Oracle on licensing virtualized environments
VMworld TV - Richard Garsthagen (Oracle) on licensing. This video was originally pulled, but recovered by http://www.licenseconsulting.eu - The truly independent Oracle License Consulting firm
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Oracle Licensing Considerations
Scott & Scott Webinar September 15, 2015 Oracle software is used by a wide range of enterprises. Oracle has recently increased its auditing efforts, and has aggressively targeted many of its customers for in-depth audits resulting in millions of dollars in financial demands. In this webinar, Julie Machal-Fulks discusses typical Oracle licensing metrics, Oracle audit approaches, common surprises in Oracle audits, and legal implications.
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Oracle Virtualization: Benefits and Perceived Barriers
Marcus Collins, Research Director at Gartner, discusses the advantages and perceived barriers for virtualizing databases. Tangible benefits include cost reduction, hardware costs, operating system license cost, database license cost, and associated manpower costs. Intangible benefits include uniform database image, increased reliability, flexibility and availability. He addresses the perceived barriers of support and licensing and methods available to overcome them. Virtualize Microsoft SQL on VMware: http://vmware.com/files/pdf/solutions/VMware-Virtualizing-Business-Critical-Apps-on-VMware_en-wp.pdf Virtualize Oracle Databases on VMware: http://vmware.com/solutions/business-critical-apps/oracle-virtualization
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Oracle Database Licensing on Converged and Hyper-Converged Infrastructure
Oracle databases are licensed very differently from other applications, with many options from which to choose depending on requirements for features, mobility needs, and virtualization/consolidation targets. This webinar will evaluate each component layer of converged and hyper-converged technologies to help you understand the licensing options for Oracle in order to maximize your database licensing investment while maintaining mobility and minimizing risks of an audit. Speakers George O'Toole George O’Toole is a Senior Product Marketing Manager in the Converged Platforms and Solutions division at Dell EMC. He has spent the last 8 years focused on Dell EMC's infrastructure solutions for database workloads, such as Oracle and Microsoft SQL Server. Sam Lucido Sam Lucido manages a team of Oracle, SAP, Microsoft, Big Data, and Enterprise Security technical marketing professionals. He joined Dell EMC in 2009, bringing more than 18 years of database, enterprise infrastructure architecture and management experience to his marketing role with the company.
Hot adding a CPU to an Oracle database in VMware
Demonstrating how VMware hot add CPU can be done to an Oracle database that is live with a load generator running against it.
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Virtualize Business Critical Oracle Apps on VMware
http://bitly.com/SaKqMV -- Watch demo of key features like vMotion and Hot-Add CPU and see how thousands of customers are benefiting from virtualizing Oracle database, Oracle RAC and Oracle applications on VMware. Learn more about how Oracle's support statement for VMware has accelerated customers to virtualize on VMware. Customers like American Tire Distributor achieved 70% Oracle RAC utilization after being virtualized compared to 10% before virtualizationText overlay: Virtualize Oracle with VMware: http://www.vmware.com/solutions/business-critical-apps/oracle-virtualization/
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Modernising Your Oracle Licensing for Cloud, Virtualisation and Hybrid
What cloud, what license, what virtualisation strategy? System refresh, re-architecting, or migrating your Oracle solutions to full or hybrid cloud raises the opportunity to release legacy costs. The options for cost savings will depend on your longer term objectives for your Oracle estate. To understand some of the key questions and challenges this recorded webinar discusses: - What are the Oracle licensing rules in the clouds? - How does Oracle’s policy differ from on-premise to cloud? - What are my Oracle license mobility options from premise to AWS/Azure? - What are some of the technical & cost savings advantages of Oracle on AWS/Azure? - What are the considerations for comparing Oracle Cloud subscription against AWS/Azure? https://www.softwareone.com/en/oracle-advisory-services
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What You Should Know About SQL Server Licensing
Learn more about Logical Read: http://bit.ly/logicalread4 Learn the most important things about SQL Server 2014 licensing, including the different editions, licensing models and considerations for AlwaysOn Availability Groups, virtualized SQL Server instances and even which Windows Server edition you’re running on. Connect with SolarWinds: thwack Community: http://thwack.solarwinds.com/ Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/SolarWinds Twitter: https://twitter.com/solarwinds Google+: https://plus.google.com/+solarwinds/ LinkedIn: http://www.linkedin.com/company/solarwinds Instagram: http://instagram.com/solarwindsinc/ Vine: https://vine.co/SolarWinds Flickr: http://www.flickr.com/photos/solarwinds_inc/
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Lift and Shift VMware and Physical Workloads to Oracle Cloud Infrastructure
Many enterprise applications are spread over virtualized and physical infrastructures in data centers: app servers on VMware and database on physical. This split architecture has traditionally required replatforming, renetworking, and refactoring when moving the application to public cloud—a painful and time-consuming endeavor. In this session learn how the Oracle Cloud infrastructure can run your on-premises application spread over VMware virtualized and physical infrastructures as-is in under a day.
Oracle Named User Licensing
Oracle Named user licensing, non production server licensing, Oracle licensing, test & develop licensing
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Software License Calculator 4 Database
The SLC is a software licensing utility specifically designed to determine licensing requirements and cost for Oracle database, options and management packs. This short video demonstrates all of it's features and how easy it makes Oracle db licensing & cost.
How to Install Virtualbox(Oracle & VMware) in Windows 10, Easiest way.
To use or access multiple or varies type of operating system like Android, Ubuntu, Kali Linux,MAC, Windows in same device/PC you can install these virtual boxes/ Virtual machines. Firstly you have to install any virtual machine and then install Various OS in it. We want to describe how to install Various OS in virtual machine in our next tutorial. So honestly stay with us & enjoy it. You can subscribe us. All of the down-link are here: 1.Oracle Virtual box & its extension Down-link: https://www.virtualbox.org/wiki/Downloads 2.VMware workstation down-link: https://www.fileeagle.com/download/software/file/4455/312c99/ 3.VMware license key: 5A02H-AU243-TZJ49-GTC7K-3C61N another(optional)license 1F04Z-6D111-7Z029-AV0Q4-3AEH8 or, site link: http://appnee.com/10-vmware-workstation-pro-12-x-universal-license-keys-for-win-lin/
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Oracle Licensing
Please contact us [email protected] for free oracle license assesments, oracle license purchases
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Oracle Data Base installation on VMware Workstation
الخطوات اللي تتبعها علشان تقدر تسطب oracle Data Base علي النظام الوهمي (virtual machine) باستخدام برنامج (VMare Workstation ) .................................................................................................. اي كلمة سر (password) تم استخدامها في الشرح تكتب مكانها اثناء التنصيب : sys Facebook:https://www.facebook.com/eng.asker93 Twitter: https://twitter.com/eMaD_AHmEd20 e-mail:[email protected]
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VMware Experts Database Oracle Workshop - Cork, Ireland (July 2017)
VMware Experts Database Oracle Workshop - Cork, Ireland (July 2017)
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SQL Server Licensing
This education session will review SQL Server Licensing
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Creating an Oracle 12c R2 Physical Standby RAC Database from a Primary RAC
#Purpose This tutorial demonstrates creating an Oracle 12c R2 Physical standby RAC database from a Primary RAC database. #Tutorial Document The tutorial has been documented and its document can be downloaded from the following link: http://www.ahmedbaraka.com/videos #TIMESTAMPS 0:03 Introducing the tutorial 7:30 Data Guard Considerations in RAC 10:40 Start of the tutorial 14:20 Preparing the Primary Database 27:05 Prepare the Standby System 33:00 Creating the Standby Database 58:00 Testing the Data Guard Functionality #LINKS Have a look at my course https://www.udemy.com/oracle-database-12c-rac-administration #about Ahmed Baraka I began my career as an Oracle Developer but soon transitioned to Oracle Database Administration. I have 18 years of extensive experience in the computer industry, with focus on Oracle database administration technologies like Oracle RAC, ASM, Data Guard, GoldenGate, WebLogic, Database Appliance, and Enterprise Manager. # Download You can download the VM machines (appliances) that has been created in the tutorial from the following link: http://www.ahmedbaraka.com/download.html #Contact Info [email protected] https://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100010975452842 https://twitter.com/hmedBaraka1
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How to Install Oracle Solaris 11.3 + Review + VMware Tools on VMware Workstation Tutorial [HD]
This video tutorial shows how to install Oracle Solaris 11.3 and review on VMware Workstation/Player step by step. It may also help for installing Solaris 11.3 on physical computer or bare-metal server. We'll also install VMware Tools on Solaris for better VM performance and usability. Steps: 1- Download Oracle Solaris 11.3 ISO 2- Create VM on VMware Workstation/Player 3- Start Solaris 11 Installation 4- Install VMware Tools 5- Test VMware Tools Features (Fit Guest Now, Drag-Drop File and Clipboard Sharing) 6- Oracle Solaris 11.3 Review What is Oracle Solaris? Solaris is a Unix operating system originally developed by Sun Microsystems. Solaris is known for its scalability, especially on SPARC systems, and for originating many innovative features such as DTrace, ZFS and Time Slider. Solaris supports SPARC-based and x86-based workstations and servers from Oracle and other vendors. Starting from version 10, the Solaris licence changed and the product was distributed free of charge for any system or purpose, but after the acquisition of Sun Microsystems by Oracle in 2009, the product is once again proprietary with a restrictive licence. Oracle Solaris Website: https://www.oracle.com/solaris/ Hope you found it informative and useful. Any questions or comments are welcomed. PLEASE SUBSCRIBE TO THE CHANNEL ---------------------------------------------------------------------------- Website: http://www.SysAdminsHowto.com/ Facebook Page: https://www.facebook.com/SysAdminsHowto/ Twitter: https://twitter.com/SysAdmHowto How to Install Oracle Solaris 11.3 + Review on VMware: https://youtu.be/ijENCXPBAuA Solaris 11.3 Installation and Review Tutorial: https://goo.gl/bvTFpo
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Green Mountain Power virtualizes Oracle Apps & RAC on VMware vSphere
Hear from Nayab Siyed, Green Mountain Power, Sr. Oracle DBA/Architect and Paula Fortin, Green Mountain Power, Sr. Systems Administrator discuss how VMware and NetApp has helped to virtualize their data center. VMware Global Alliance Blog posts: http://bit.ly/uy7o7W http://bit.ly/t1Kskb
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Monitoring and Managing VMware with Oracle Enterprise Manager (EM12c)
Overview of the Blue Medora Oracle Enterprise Manager (EM12c) plugin for VMware vSphere environments
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Oracle Named User License Compliance
Eliot Arlo Colon, President of Miro Consulting, discussed Oracle Named User license compliance methods.
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Oracle licensing SLC
Is your company on the most cost effective Oracle licensing model? Do you know all of the Oracle licensing types available? How well did you negotiate your last Oracle License Contract? A 20 minute call to SLC could save your company 30% to 40% on your next Oracle License Negotiation.
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Moving Oracle database to Azure cloud to save over $1 million!
Our customer was considering a move from an expensive Oracle database system to another database platform. We performed a thorough assessment and proposed to migrate the original database to Azure SQL Database while moving the applications to Azure services. This would allow our customer to save over a million dollars on database licenses in the coming 5 years. Learn more from our blog post https://www.dbbest.com/blog/moving-oracle-database-azure-cloud
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Oracle Unlimited License Agreements - The Fundamentals
http://www.rocela.com/license-optimisation/oracle-unlimited-license-agreements/ Welcome to the first in a series of video blogs from enterprise application consultancy, Rocela. In this short video blog, Senior License Consultant Paul Bullen discusses the fundamentals of Oracle Unlimited License Agreements (ULA) and will take you through the following; · What an Oracle ULA is · Why organisations consider ULA's · The most common misconceptions of an Oracle ULA · The 3 most important points when considering a ULA For more information on Oracle ULA's, go to our website http://www.rocela.com/
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SQL Server 2012 Licensing Explained
With the release of SQL Server 2012, Microsoft has made considerable changes to the SQL Server licensing model, including the elimination of the per processor licensing, as well as the addition of what is called "Per Core" licensing. Kevin Smith is here to explain what is new, what has changed, and what has stayed the same in Microsoft SQL Server 2012 licensing.
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How to install SAP ECC 6.0 EHP7 IDES with Oracle
How to install SAP ECC 6.0 EHP7 IDES in Windows Server 2008 R2 x64 with Oracle 11g R2 database
Licensing SQL Server 2012 - The Basics
This video is part of LearnItFirst's SQL Server 2012: Database Administration course. More information on this video and course is available here: http://www.learnitfirst.com/Course171 This video is the first in a series of three that will cover licensing. This video will cover the absolute basics of licensing, including the steps to licensing, what licensing is, who you get licensed with, etc. Highlights from this video: - What are the four steps to licensing? - Who do you get licensing from? - How to buy SQL Server 2012? - What are the two primary options for licensing SQL Server 2012? - Which licensing should you use if using the Standard Edition of SQL Server 2012?
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Oracle Linux 7 Installation on VMware - Oracle Linux 7 Kurulumu (Step by step review tutorial)
This video tutorial shows how to install Oracle Enterprise Linux 7 (OEL 7) on VMware Workstation step by step. You will create a VM Machine and install a new Linux server on it. You will make necessary settings during installation. I hope this tutorial will be helpful for beginners. Bu videoda VMware üzerine Oracle Linux 7 kurulumunu aşama aşama izleyeceksiniz. - VSphere Client ile ESXi 6'ya bağlanılır File New Virtual Machine ile yeni sanal makine oluşturulur. - Configuration: Typical - İsim PDKSDB verildi. - Guest Operating System: Linux : Oracle Linux 4/5/6/7 (64-bit) - How many NICs... (Aynı) - Create a Disk: 200GB Thin Provision - Finish ile bitirdikten sonra soldan makineyi seçip sağ tıkla ve "Edit Settings". - Memory: 4GB CPU:Number of cores per socket: 4 (En fazla ne ise) Floppy drive: Removed CD/DVD drive: Datastore ISO File seçilim datastore1 altındaki Oracle Linux 7 iso dosyasının (V46135-01.iso) yolu gösterildi. "Connect at power on" seçildi. (iso dosyası önceden Summary altındaki datastorea upload edildi.) - PDKSDB makinesini Power On ile aç. Console'a geç. Kurulum başlayacaktır. ******************************** - Kurulum dili olarak English olarak bırak. - Date&Time'da bölgeyi seç. (Europe/İstanbul) Keyboard'da Turkish ekle. Turkish'i yukarı taşı. - Software Selection: Server with GUI seç ve sağdan "FTP Server", "File and...", "Network File..." seç. - Network: Etherneti "on" durumuna getir. ip no not et. Hostname: "pdksdb" yaz. Configure General "Automatically..." seç. - Installation Destination: Diski seç ve "Automatically configure partitioning"i seç. - Begin installation. - Kurulum sırasında "Root password"u gir. (Ör. Aytgdf!) (Şifre için weak diyorsa Done butonuna iki defa basılır) - User oluşturulmadı. - Kurulum yaklaşık 40 dk sürecektir. Tamamlandıktan sonra "Reboot" butonuna basın. - Reboot sonrası gelen ekranda Licence Information tıklanıp aşağıdan check atılıp onaylanır. - FINISH CONFIGURATION. - Kdump ekranında "Enable dump?" kısmındaki check işaretini kaldır. Forward. - Set up software updates: No'yu seç. Sonra "No thanx". - Yeniden başlayıp kullanıcı girişi (Full Name: Perio Username: perio password: peyhuo1! ) yapıldıktan sonra masaüstünde sağ tıkla. "Open in Terminal". ifconfig ile ip kontrolü yap. - ip değişimi: Yukarıdaki bağlantı işaretine tıklayıp "Network Settings"e gir. Wired kısmında sağ alttaki ikona tıklayıp ayarlara gir. IPv4 kısmına gelip Addresses'i Manual seç ve bilgileri gir. Address: Netmask: Gateway: Apply butonuna bastıktan sonra reboot et. Music: https://www.bensound.com
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Bytes Webinar - Optimising your Oracle Licensing
Watch our webinar to hear invaluable advice and tips on how best to license your Oracle environment. We’ll address the common misconceptions and provide practical steps that you can take to avoid the pitfalls that could leave you exposed to punitive costs if non-compliance were to be unearthed by an Oracle audit. Watch our webinar on Oracle Licensing to hear about: • The hidden compliance risks in consolidation projects • The issues when deploying virtualised infrastructure • How to license High Availability and Disaster Recovery deployments • How to license Oracle Enterprise Manager
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Best Practices for Oracle and IBM License Management to Maximize Value
While many organizations understand license positioning for the desktop estate, licensing in the data center can present a number of unique challenges that require managed services with a Software License Optimization solution. Watch this video to learn about: - Optimizing Oracle licensing across database, middleware and business applications - The ins and outs of IBM sub-capacity licensing. What it is, why it’s important, and how FlexNet Manager for IBM can be used for reporting in place of ILMT, TADd and SUA
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Veeam Backup & Replication v9 - Installation and Deployment
https://www.veeam.com/availability-suite-features.html In this video, Veeam Solution Architect Tom Sightler shares tips and best practices for deploying Veeam Backup & Replication in your production environment. You’ll learn how to perform a fresh install and how to upgrade from previous editions in both VMware vSphere and Microsoft Hyper-V infrastructures. You’ll see default and custom configurations, including: - Backup repository configurations on local and remote Microsoft servers, Linux servers, network-attached storage and deduplication appliances - Mount server selection for file-level restores and improved performance - And more!
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What Is The Use Of Oracle Database?
The only reason why i have ever used mysql is because someone oracle db examples of applications and tool usage for database it's core offering 12c enterprise edition, which sold via a proprietary licensing model. All operations on the data in an oracle database are performed using sql statements. Most developers who know any other db hate oracle, those that i have a million reasons why personally will use and recommend oracle. Why would companies use oracle database when there is free db examples of applications and mongodb compared memory used by spiceworksoracle databases on vsphere cases vmware, inc aws. Introduction to the oracle database help center. Vmware vsphere provides 2 4 times the build enterprise grade oracle apps to run on aws cloud using database and middleware software by may 17, 2017 in this article, we use azure cli scripts deploy an 12c from marketplace gallery image. Connecting to oracle database netbeans ide tutorial. D, director, oracle server technologies this chapter provides an overview of databaseopen application architecture sql is the ansi standard language for relational databases. Back up and recover an oracle database 12c on azure management setting your ibm. Googleusercontent searchan oracle database is a collection of data treated as unit. Database usage vmware vsphere delivers the performance required to run business critical applications in large scale environments. Why would you use oracle database? Stack overflow. Oracle cd b19306_01 server. A database server is the key to solving problems of information management insert picture here. Introduction to oracle database help centerwhat is (oracle db)? Definition from techopediaonline learning. Why, when, and how to use oracle database 11gxavier lopez, ph. The purpose of a database is to store and retrieve related information. Introduction to the oracle database help center docs. Htm url? Q webcache. Oracle database oracle help center. Why, when, and how to use oracle database 11g semantic introduction help center. Oracle stores data in tables and uses now even though i allocated 20gb for oracle db, where can we check see what is the max memory db has used so far? ( from last auto detect your databases. For example, you use sql to create tables and query modify data in oracle database is an object relational management system produced marketed by corporation. Before you begin the latest generation of oracle database software 12c delivers a multitenant architecture that helps customers make more efficient use it if plan to an with ibm infosphere master data management collaboration server collaborative edition, must install supported this tutorial demonstrates how local installation 10g express edition (oracle xe), lightweight is free. No configuration overhead dynatrace automatically detects and monitors your oracle databases. Larry ellison and his originally developed in 1977 by lawrence other developers, oracle db is one of the most trusted widely used relation
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