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Hints watch more videos at https://www.tutorialspoint.com/videotutorials/index.htm Lecture By: Mr. Parth Panjab, Tutorials Point India Private Limited
Oracle Database Hints Tuning Tips Presentation Video Oracle DB
For a quick reference on oracle visit http://PocketORACLE.blogspot.com
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Oracle Performance Tuning - Loading Data - 04 Direct Path Load
Connect with me or follow me at https://www.linkedin.com/in/durga0gadiraju https://www.facebook.com/itversity https://github.com/dgadiraju https://www.youtube.com/c/TechnologyMentor https://twitter.com/itversity
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How to bypass FORCE LOGGING
You either need that redo for your DataGuard instance...or you don't want it to keep load performance at peak. But what if you need both options? blog: https://connor-mcdonald.com twitter: https://twitter.com/connor_mc_d Subscribe as new tech videos come every week!
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Oracle External Tables using oracle_loader
Using External Tables oracle_loader type to import text base files.
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Ude Dil Befikre - Full Song | Befikre | Ranveer Singh | Vaani Kapoor | Benny Dayal
► Subscribe Now: https://goo.gl/xs3mrY 🔔 Stay updated! Break free from rules, limits & inhibitions & dare to fly carefree! Watch 'Ude Dil Befikre' - Full Song from the film ‘Befikre’. Watch Full Movie: ► iTunes - http://apple.co/2j40uTl ► Google Play - http://bit.ly/2jRXs96 🎧 Song Credits: Song: Ude Dil Befikre Singer: Benny Dayal Music: Vishal and Shekhar Lyrics: Jaideep Sahni French Vocals: Sophie Choudry Songs Produced by: Mikey McCleary Director of Choreography: Vaibhavi Merchant Stay in the filmy loop: ► Like us on Facebook: https://facebook.com/yrf ► Follow us on Twitter: https://twitter.com/yrf ► Follow us on Instagram: https://instagram.com/yrf 🎬 Movie Credits: Starring: Ranveer Singh, Vaani Kapoor Writer-Director: Aditya Chopra Producer: Aditya Chopra Music: Vishal and Shekhar Lyrics: Jaideep Sahni Director of Photography: Kaname Onoyama Release Date: 09 December 2016 Synopsis: Befikre is a story that celebrates being carefree in love. A quintessential Delhi boy Dharam (Ranveer Singh) comes to Paris for work in search of an adventure. Just when he was about to embark on this journey of his life he bumps into a wild, free spirited, French born Indian girl Shyra (Vaani Kapoor). A feisty romance ensues between the two in which both of their personalities - one being an equal match for the other are tested to the limit. Battling their ups and downs, both realize that love is a leap of faith that can only be taken by those who dare to love. © Yash Raj Films Pvt. Ltd.
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Hash Join
#Oracle #HashJoin How a Hash Join is executed
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SQL 12c Tutorial 17 :  SQL Inline View Sub-Queries examples
SQL 12c Tutorial 17 : SQL Inline View Sub-Queries examples SQL 12c Tutorial for beginners Oracle SQL 12c Tutorial for beginners SQL In Line Views SQL Sub Queries
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How to tell if an Oracle parse issue is caused by similar yet unique SQL statements
The video is associated with Craig's 14-Mar-2017 blog post entitled, How Tell If Similar SQL Statements Are Causing Parsing Issues. In Part 1, we knew similar statements was the problem because I was the one subjecting the system with the similar statements! Hopefully no one is doing this in your production system! I will show you three similar SQL problem clues. The first clue is a performance ratio, the second are wait events and the third is creatively using the force matching signature. What are these clues and how do we effectively use them? That's the focus of this post... and the video! http://blog.orapub.com/20170314/how-to-tell-if-similar-sql-statements-are-causing-parsing-issues.html OraPub is a one-stop location for specialized training in Oracle database performance tuning, designed to help database managers get the answers and skills they need through engaging training and useful resources. Our dedicated team works with you to address your unique specialization needs, and connects you with the right tools and resources within the OraPub database. For more information go to www.orapub.com
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SQL: Inline Views
In this Tutorial, you'll learn the advantages of inline view and how to make use of it..
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Oracle sql materialized view refresh complete
Oracle sql materialized view refresh complete
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Oracle || Indexes Part-1 by dinesh
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When He Doesn't Get the Hint [Full Episode]
Sign up for DROPOUT.TV, available WORLDWIDE: https://bit.ly/2spQWsO App available in Canada, Australia, New Zealand and the U.S. Ruby is met with some tough love when he tries to get lucky with his date. FOLLOW THE CAST: ALLY: http://www.twitter.com/lilbeardsley GRANT: http://www.twitter.com/grantob KATIE: http://www.twitter.com/katiemarovitch TRAPP: http://www.twitter.com/mikewtrapp RAPH: http://www.twitter.com/chestangraphael REKHA: http://www.twitter.com/rekhalshankar BRENNAN: https://twitter.com/brennanlm SAM: http://www.twitter.com/samreich See more http://www.collegehumor.com LIKE us on: http://www.facebook.com/collegehumor FOLLOW us on: http://www.twitter.com/collegehumor FOLLOW us on: http://www.collegehumor.tumblr.com SIGN UP for our emails: http://bit.ly/2E6svor CAST Amir Blumenfeld Jake Hurwitz Nikki Taguilas-Pierce CREW Director - Jake Hurwitz Writers - Jake Hurwitz & Amir Blumenfeld Producers - Jillian Jesk & Alexander Koehne Director of Photography - Bobby Lam Production Designer - Kika Reinhardt HMU - Erin Blinn & Tanis Hahm Sound Mixer - Danny Carpenter Editor - Giancarlo Fiorentini & Jonathan Grimm
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Tuning Oracle Using ASH Strategies - Live Virtual Class Intro - Oct 2018
There is a better way to solve your most difficult Oracle performance problems. Some performance issues are literally impossible to solve using an AWR Report or Oracle's time model. ASH comes to the rescue! Even DBAs who are familiar with ASH have a difficult time using ASH to directly answer key management issues surrounding a performance incident. Craig will teach you how to weave your ASH analysis into a compelling "who done it" mystery complete with good guys, bad guys, motive and even the weapon! Join our Live Virtual Classes with Oracle Ace, Craig Shallahamer. Session Dates and Times: Note: Each session is two hours long. Each class includes five sessions. Start Time: 07:00am Los Angeles, 10:00am New York Session Dates: Tuesday, 9 Oct 2018 Thursday, 11 Oct 2018 Tuesday, 16 Oct 2018 Thursday, 18 Oct 2018 Wednesday, 24 Oct 2018 For more information on how to join the LVC, go to www.orapub.com/orapub-events We are always running our LVC's, so if the above dates don't work for you, check in to see what upcoming dates might!
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Dial in the grind: the Oracle™ with Phil McKnight
Phil McKnight shares his tips on how to use your grinder for a great espresso pour.
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Ask TOM Office Hours: SQL Analytics and Pattern Matching
Held on February 8, 2018 Learn how to make the most of SQL with Chris Saxon, of the AskTOM answer team. Keith Laker joins Chris in this session focusing on problems you can solve using SQL analytic functions. It will also show you can use 12c's pattern matching (match_recognize) to solve these problems in another way. AskTOM Office Hours offers free, monthly training and tips on how to make the most of Oracle Database, from Oracle product managers, developers and evangelists. https://asktom.oracle.com/ Oracle Developers portal: https://developer.oracle.com/ Sign up for an Oracle Cloud trial: https://cloud.oracle.com/en_US/tryit music: bensound.com
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Performance Days 2017 - Impressions & Insights
Performance Days will provide a lot of valuable and practical information to diagnosing, resolving and avoid performance problems in applications involving Oracle Database with international accredited speakers.
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Oracle Materialized Views
Oracle Materialized Views
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SQL 12c Tutorial 16 : SQL Correlated Sub Queries
SQL 12c Tutorial 16 : SQL Correlated Sub Queries SQL 12c Tutorial for beginners Oracle SQL 12c Tutorial for beginners Oracle Correlated Sub Queries Oracle Sub Queries
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Has Broly Achieved What Whis Said While Training Goku and Vegeta
Music by PokéMixr92 "Broly Theme" (fanmade) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5flqqdFTEnI This is NOT an official track, but a fanmade track based on Norihito Sumitomo's style Patreon Donate to help Create new Projects - https://www.patreon.com/user?u=3043495 Follow on Twitter - https://twitter.com/WhatIFTheories1 Follow on FB - https://www.facebook.com/WhatIfTheories/ #DragonBallSuper #Whis #Broly Hello and welcome back all my dragon ball theorist awhile ago when Whis was training Goku and Vegeta he was having a conversation with the Oracle fish and stating exactly what they need to achieve. The Oracle fish concerned about the difficulty of their training said at least let them transform into Super Saiyans and Whis says that would be pointless. That they both can just barely sense a god's energy and if that castle were the power level of a god, then those too are only this much. If they don't increase their energy level before they become Super Saiyan, it will be insignificant even if they do get stronger. They won't be able to see the world beyond. This world beyond and maximizing their power in base form is something they both would continue to work on but as they faced increasingly powerful enemies they were both pushed to relying on transformations to defeat them. Goku the biggest offender of this in using Kaioken with Super Saiyan Blue against Hit. Then on the biggest stage against the toughest opponent Goku attained a limit breaking power of the god's in Ultra Instinct against Jiren. Except his body just wasn't ready. Falling to the ground in agonizing pain exhausted even Whis said that he didn't think the toll would be this great! So Goku got a taste of the power of the god's by it being accidentally triggered it's just it wasn't sustainable because he wasn't ready. Even now Goku can't do it but if he continues his training as Whis said to the Oracle fish. Everything can change. One of the mysteries about Broly and why is he so powerful, might have already been answered by Whis. We know from the Broly panel that he has a variety of base forms one being suppressed and then what many call a false Super Saiyan. Where he bulks up but doesn't transform. However perhaps that isn't the case at all. Perhaps Broly has achieved what Whis said already and increased his base power so much he now stands in the world beyond. So Broly in his base form is able to go toe to toe with even Super Saiyan Blue Goku with ease. His power is absolutely enormous and because of this Broly must suppress even his base power when he isn't fighting. That is the relaxed form with his hair down. Except when everyone starts to fight Broly they soon realize he is different than any other Saiyan. Completely taking Frieza by surprise in his base form. Where Broly is now with his base power is where Goku and Vegeta must get too. They must increase their base power to his level as we see in the trailer because when he actually does finally transform it leaves Goku completely in shock because of his increasing power. Saiyans have no limits and both Vegeta and Goku will certainly be pushed to new levels again. I think it is no mistake that they will take on Broly who is a Saiyan and show them once and forall what they must do to attain the power they need. That they must complete their training to increase their base power like Broly has and be able to see the world beyond. Then and only then perhaps will Goku and Vegeta be able to consciously transform and sustain Ultra Instinct. The power of the god's. Now I want to know what you think has Broly achieved what Whis was trying to get Goku and Vegeta to achieve in their training? Is Broly's base form so powerful that's the real reason he must suppress it? I always love to hear your theories in the comments below and if you enjoyed this video don't forget to hit that like button and please subscribe and turn on that notification bell to keep those theories coming!! I believe all content used falls under the remits of Fair Use, but if any content owners would like to dispute this I will not hesitate to immediately remove said content. It is not my intent to in any way infringe on their content ownership. If you happen to find your art or images in the video please let me know and I will be glad to credit you.
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How to utilize Real-Time Materialized Views
The clip explains and demonstrates this 12cR2 enhancement. Text version is here: https://uhesse.com/2017/01/05/real-time-materialized-views-in-oracle-12c/
Oracle 10g, 11g, 12c Expert Performance Tuning C & As 2 of 3
In this tutorial you will learn how to do performance tuning on Oracle 10g, 11g, 12c databases.
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Analyzing and Troubleshooting Oracle Parallel Execution
Presented by Randolf Geist 8th May 2013 Oracle parallel execution, a feature of the Enterprise Edition, allows you to automatically distribute the processing of a SQL statement execution among multiple worker processes. This requires additional effort when analysing and troubleshooting such parallel executions, since it adds complexity that is simply not there with normal serial execution where only a single process is involved. In this webinar, Randolf Geist, provides an overview of what these additional challenges are and how these can be approached. For our complete archive, and to sign up for upcoming webinars please go to http://www.red-gate.com/oracle-webinars
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FoEhints: Special Hint for the Guild Expedition in Forge of Empires
Special hint for the guild expedition Level 4 of the guild expedition is really difficult. The majority of all players never fought all battles of level 4. If they reached the 64th platform they most likely used negotiations. In this situation a hints can be helpful, enabling player to win the final battle even if the bonuses through Great Buildings and event buildings are not sufficient. This week I was about to step into a new era, the contemporary era. The guild expeditions starts on Tuesday morning at 8. I waited until that moment before I unlocked the technology that I already had filled with forge points before. The advantage is that I have postmodern era opponents during the whole week of the guild expedition. This is already nice, but there is something better. I develop the technologies reactive armor and aerial fire support. This enables me to produce assault tanks and building the attack helicopter base already increases my attack bonus by 4%. This way I have units, intended to fight against stronger opponents. On new unit is enough for most attacks as I fill all other slots with rogues. Then I buy the tavern attack bonus and suddenly all battles are simple. A special gimmick is that the artillery cannot hit attack helicopters. Suddenly fights against artillery are very easy and I have nearly no losses. Unfortunately this only works for this one week. Next week my opponents will be harder. And this approach makes it a bit harder to successfully close quests like those shown. But it is important to have priorities.
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16 materialized and inline views in sql
materialized and inline views in sql in oracle database
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Keystone Learning Oracle 8i Pl-Sql
Keystone Learning Oracle 8i Pl-Sql
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All Week 1 Lost Sector "Wanted Enemy Bounty" Locations! (Destiny 2 Forsaken)
Here is a guide for all 9 Lost Sector Wanted Enemy Bounties for Week 1 of Destiny 2 Forsaken. LIST WITH TIMESTAMPS BELOW: Metal Captain - Drain, EDZ 0:49 Kurg, The All-Seeing Force - The Pit, EDZ 2:21 Zerz, The Unstoppable Weight - Pathfinder's Crash, EDZ 3:36 Dust-Choked Thrag - Excavation Site XII 5:35 Mazan Lost Captain - Widow's Walk, EDZ 7:12 Fortifier Yann - Quarry, EDZ 8:29 Karugul - Methane Flush, Titan 9:53 Subterranean Mind - Pariah's Refuge, Mercury 11:21 Pakrion - Ancient's Haunt, Nessus 13:15 - This was recorded on an Xbox. - Follow me on twitter for updates on the channel: https://twitter.com/NinjaPups Why are there so many random words below?? Youtube only allows a limited number of tags to be attached to a video. Instead of using the usual tag field, I write out the tags below. Destiny 2 d2 all lost sector wanted enemy bounty locations weekly spider vendor ghost fragments edz pathfinder's crash excavation site xii the pit widow's walk quarry drain titan nessus mercury pariah's refuge mindbender secret treasure chest key ancient's haunt methane's flush ascendant realm boss fight baron battle hive dreadnaught ship tomb ship adventure cryo cryo-pod pod heroic how to turn event trigger cabal hive boss ogre baron captain arc orb vent cell ghost fragment wanted bounty destiny redux gear solstice of heroes tricks tips oracle chest ship heroic world record upgrade black spindle hammer event map strike nightfall prestige raid whisper the worm secret quest exotic loot guide strategy how to get weapons armor legendary public mission campaign story emote new news cheese glitch easy easiest fast quick farm orbs loadout forsaken dlc collection tokens class supers level date release ninja pups element orb farm exploit mods component new news random rolls weapon slot slots how to acquire stack hoard quick easy easiest secret quest mission event public location collectible guide collections shaders buy material planet planetary glimmer legendary shards engram engrams exotic rare uncommon masterwork core tier hand cannon sniper shotgun fusion rifle catalyst armsweek cayde spider vendor variks petra dreaming city blind well last wish details gear armor year 1 year 2 delete save d1 emblem returning bow house of wolves curse of osiris dark below warmind dlc september changes patch update taken king ttk is it worth it speedrun tutorial speed everything we know you should fashion video game map pvp mode breakthrough gambit strikes scoring bounties prepare prep head start level up 600 light power damage total buff buffs best easter egg trials of the nine faction rally iron banner vendor supers warlock titan hunter is it good auto features modifiers chest dead ghosts sword grimoire triumph titles story raid boss encounters worlds first bungie destinygame huge release date time lore queen prince cutscenes game movie dismantle bright dust eververse store annual pass ornaments season 4 get early shader delete deletion august 28th update 2.0 prison bosses escape rewards blessing of light live right now 15 10 20 big changes huge amazing best ward of dawn rally barricade rift healing empowering tractor cannon special ammo xbox console blood cleaver art ace of spades awoken raid last wish
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Great Nature's NEW MECHANIC + GEARS REWIND!! - Vanguard Discussion
Today we go over the new revelead mechanic for Great Nature and the first hints of the Rewind/ Bind engine for Gear Chronicle Patreon : https://www.patreon.com/VanguardInsider Facebook : https://www.facebook.com/VanguardInsider Twitter: https://twitter.com/MrTimeLeap Youtube : https://www.youtube.com/vanguardinsider
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Oracle 11g New Features : SQL Plan Management  (Baselining)
Oracle 11g SQL Plan Management, a.k.a. Baselining, will solve the major issues of change control. We can give you an absolute guarantee - if you configure this as part of your upgrade - that SQL statement execution (performance) will never regress. You may also like our new and free Oracle 12c video tutorials, https://www.skillbuilders.com/free-oracle-database-tutorials . This tutorial is particularly relevant: it provides a review of baselining then reveals 12c performance features https://www.skillbuilders.com/free-oracle-database-tutorials/oracle-12c-sql-performance-features-agenda-session/
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ROWNUM - so simple yet so much confusion!
ROWNUM just assigns a counter to the rows in your query result. So why did so many people get our simple quiz on rownum wrong ? blog: https://connor-mcdonald.com twitter: https://twitter.com/connor_mc_d Subscribe as new tech videos come every week!
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How to detect data changes and notify applications of those changes
blog: connor-mcdonald.com Highlights from the April DBA Office Hours session. Office Hours is 100% free Q&A sessions held every month by Oracle experts to help you succeed with the Oracle suite of technologies. Music: Smells Like Summer - Del (Vlog Music No Copyrighted) Video Link: https://youtu.be/IrkMsqcOjGU
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part 1 materalized view
data warehousing, materialized view, oracle 10g https://www.oercommons.org/authoring/21861-data-warehouse-design-using-oracle/4/view
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Increasing your Oracle RAC Performance
CMA engaged with Excelero to to run an Oracle Real Application Cluster benchmark on the CMA Microterabyte architecture and Excelero’s NVMesh software defined storage. The results were nothing less than impressive! The results were 3 times faster than the previous highest performing storage node CMA had ever tested and up to 10 times faster than most traditional storage nodes. This is a recording of the webinar we hosted about the results.
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10 SQL Tricks That You Didn’t Think Were Possible by Lukas Eder
vJUG24 - 4th session - APAC Schedule Visit http://vjug24.com for more info
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Difference Between Simple View and Complex View in SQL
Oracle SQL Views , Simple and Complex View with Example SQL Tutorial SQL Tutorial for beginners Oracle SQL Tutorial for beginners
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Small tables....Huge I/O cost?
The smallest tables might be your biggest I/O concern! blog: https://connor-mcdonald.com - Subscribe as new tech videos come every week!
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Manifesting the Magical | The Magician | Patreon Preview | Tune into Love
Mid-Month January 2019 Energy Check In (Timeless Reading) (thumbnail artwork by Emily Balivet) Hello! Welcome to my Channel! 🤗🌬❤️ https://www.patreon.com/crystallynnlovegoddess If you would like to receive a personal reading, please visit my website for all the details: www.CrystalLynn.Love "Love and Magic have a great deal in common. They enrich the Soul, delight the Heart. And they both take practice." -Nora Roberts This video is a preview for the Launch of my new Patreon Channel! I am posting this video as an introduction to different readings I will be offering. I am being guided to offer these as a tool for your empowerment and journey of personal growth. The Magician series will be every month, and bi-weekly as possible! If you feel these readings resonate, and can offer you support, affirmation and guidance, I would be honored to have you join me on Patreon. This platform will allow me to engage with you all more intimately, create more content for all, and allow me to support and nurture my own foundation! I am truly honored to be here with you all and so grateful for the Magic that brings us together. I hope you enjoy this reading. You all are so freakin amazing, I am in awe every time I tune in. The Magic we create is beyond anything I have ever experienced before. So Im here, ready to alchemize and transform right beside you! Thank you for tuning in, subscribing, sharing, commenting and most importantly, walking this path with me!! Thank you for choosing Love. Strength. Courage. Bravery. Passion. Creativity. Joy. Empowerment. Beauty. This channel is a Gift to me because of all of you. May you enjoy this Gift. Trust You. You are the Force. Follow me on ❤️ Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/crystallynn.love/ Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/CrystalLynn.Love/ Trust, listen and follow your intuition always, 100%. Decks Used: The Psychic Tarot for the Heart Oracle Deck ~ John Holland Wisdom of the Oracle ~ Colette Baron-Reid Earth Magic ~ Steven D. Farmer Daily Guidance from Your Angels Oracle Cards ~ Doreen Virtue, PH.D. Ascended Masters Oracle ~ Doreen Virtue, PH.D. Radiant Rider-Waite Tarot Deck Everyday Tarot Thank you, So Much Love, Appreciation and Gratitude for to those of you who offer Energy exchange donations!! Every bit goes toward building a solid foundation of Love for the future. Ten Fold Be Returned To You!! I am in Awe how amazing we are and so very Grateful of offer hope, inspiration, affirmation and guidance!! I feel truly blessed to share the LOVE! I Love You and Thank You!! ❤️🌹😍🤗 Paypal: PayPal.me/crystallynnlove ❤️Hello and Welcome to Love! 🌬❤️ My name is Crystal Lynn. Infinite. Eternal. Divine Feminine with a very fiery Spirit! Gemini Sun ♊️Virgo Moon♍️ Cancer Ascending♋️ Galactic Signature: Kin 181 ❤️ RED CRYSTAL DRAGON 🐉 I Dedicate in order to Nurture Universalising Being I seal the input of Birth with the crystal tone of Cooperation I am guided by the power of Space I am here to anchor Unconditional Love here on Earth... A Messenger of Love, you could say! I have been guided to offer my time and energy in anyway I can to empower, uplift, support, guide and awaken your own inner knowing and guidance. To remember you are connected to the Source of everything, and you have the Power within you to create and live everything you have always intended to do. Now is your time. Now is OUR time! WE are here to anchor and create a beautiful, everlasting foundation of Unconditional Love. You have a unique path and an amazing energy to bring to this Life. You are never alone. We walk together more than you know. I am grateful and honored to be a messenger, and thank you for allowing me to be of service to you. ❤️ I Welcome you with LOVE! and I hope you INJOY! Remember, Love is Strong, Courageous and Infinite. Powerful. What you are is Beauty. Strength. Infinite. Eternal. Immortal. Universal. Embrace Your Soul. Trust your own inner guidance to feel into what messages resonate for you always. Take what serves you, and leave the rest. Your higher self will always speak Love and Truth. And thank you to My Subscribers and for your Likes, Comments and Shares!!!! I am so beyond grateful to be a messenger and to deliver the messages that are meant for you. To share, inspire, empower and remind all, how truly powerful and amazing each of us are. Sending Clarity, Strength and Love! I will always respond to each and everyone of your comments as timely as I can! I am so grateful for you, for your love and support and feedback. My gratitude for you is Everlasting! 💚💜💚 "What you seek, is seeking you." ~Rumi Crystal Lynn Infinite Love to All 🌬❤️🔥 www.CrystalLynn.Love
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Hey guys! What's up? In this video we'll try to answer three questions about invisibility in the bush. As you all know moving in the bush makes you invisible to enemies. It also makes you less of a man according to Tigreal. Let's begin. #1 Will I be seen if I use a battlespell while in a bush? So to answer the first question, it depends on the battlespell. If it deals damage you can be detected. If it has no damage like Blue Retribution, you can't be detected. #2 Can the enemy see me or the jungle monster if we are in a bush? The answer is no, the enemies can't see you while you kill jungle monsters in the bush. It's a good way to steal the enemy's jungle monsters. But they can know that you are near if they are paying attention to the mini map. The jungle monster indicator only disappears after you have killed the jungle. If they come near you and notice that the jungle monster is missing but the indicator is still there, you better prepare yourself. #3 If I get hit by a skill while in a bush, will I be seen by the enemy? There are few skills that can detect you while in a bush which means majority of them can't. Rafaela's 1st skill can detect. Moskov's ultimate can detect. Kagura's umbrella can detect without the need to hit a target. All she needs to is put her umbrella in the bush. Pharsa's passive can detect enemies but without it all her skills can't detect. Hayabusa's shadow can detect enemies just like Kagura's. Kaja's 1st skill can also detect targets. Some skills won't detect a target in a bush but their animation can give you a hint that there is someone hiding there. As for Saber's first skill, I always thought it can detect enemies in the bush. This was a surprise for me. I haven't fully tested all the heroes but majority of the other heroes can't detect a target hiding in a bush. So, to answer the question, you won't be detected unless the skill came from a few select hero mentioned earlier. That's it for this video. Thank you for watching!
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America's Cup: how to make it into Team Oracle USA
Matt Cassidy, ORACLE TEAM USA trimmer/grinder. Find out Matt's path to becoming an America's Cup athlete, what it's like to sail an America's Cup Class boat and more.
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Anindya das gupta,me and my friends
just for friendship
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How to put tablespace in read only, read write, logging , nologging, online, offline =================================================================================== alter tablespace king read only; (we can only read the data(select will work)) alter tablespace king read write; (we can read and write data) alter tablespace king logging; (changes will record in redolog) alter tablespace king nologging; (changes will not record in redolog) alter tablespace king online; (everyone can access) alter tablespace king offline; (can't access) select tablespace_name,status,logging from dba_tablespaces;
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Cardano Q&A: What is the motivation & driving force behind Cardano? - Charles Hoskinson IOHK
For the first time in human history or at least for a long time we as a species now have free license to talk about things like trust and coordination and identity and reputation and the representation of value in the movement of value in completely new ways that are not just applicable to a group or to a nation or to a religion or a language or a culture their global. What IOHK built here in the UK will work just as well in Rwanda and Ethiopia and what is built in Rwanda will work just as well as here in the UK. Cardano is all about actually making the concepts of Bitcoin better there were a lot of really good ideas in Bitcoin. Written in Haskell, Cardano emphasizes peer review and formal methods as a way to produce high assurance software. Its core protocol is Ouroboros, a provably secure proof-of-stake algorithm for reaching consensus on the next block in the chain. Eventually, Cardano will compete with platforms like Ethereum and Tezos. This video is an excerpt from 'IOHK | Symphony of Blockchains Meetup in London https://youtu.be/_Xw-0ANS2X0' published under a creative commons licence https://creativecommons.org/ on 23 Jul 2018 by the IOHK YouTube channel https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCBJ0p9aCW-W82TwNM-z3V2w Music: TeknoAXE's Royalty Free Music: Cavern Starting Area https://youtu.be/1DtfwcfXJss Suggested: Cardano Q&A: Backwards compatibility - Charles Hoskinson https://youtu.be/dyD6baZnbq4 Cardano Q&A: Consensus & ideology https://youtu.be/CaULMJr-Qww Paperless letters of credit, escrow and permissionless ledger https://youtu.be/8zirzSRF2bU Cardano Ouroboros scalability https://youtu.be/IsgvzBWKMhU Why did Charles leave Ethereum? https://youtu.be/g_B-eAERsLk Charles is a well-known figure in the blockchain space. One of the original founders and the initial CEO at Ethereum, he eventually went on to establish IOHK with Jeremy Wood, another Ethereum veteran. Follow Charles on twitter https://twitter.com/IOHK_Charles more at: https://iohk.io Get the latest news updates: https://iohk.io/blog/ Meet the team: https://iohk.io/team/ Learn about iohk projects: https://iohk.io/projects/cardano/ Read iohk papers: http://iohk.link/paper-ouroboros Visit the iohk library: https://iohk.io/research/library/ In the press: https://iohk.io/press/ Work with iohk: https://iohk.io/careers/ See more on Cardano: https://iohk.io/projects/cardano/ Follow Bitcoinboy on Twitter @BitCoinBoy https://twitter.com/BitCoinBoy https://steemit.com/@btc-central If you'd like to support this channel 1BtCboyxPL4WNutwq79oqsQ5Vc25SchoZp About the Creative Commons Licence: One goal of Creative Commons is to increase the amount of openly licensed creativity in “the commons” — the body of work freely available for legal use, sharing, repurposing, and remixing. Through the use of CC licenses, millions of people around the world have made their photos, videos, writing, music, and other creative content available for any member of the public to use. Background photo by Christina Morillo from Pexels #Cardano #Motivation #Blockchain
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Thavas (Aqua Force) vs. Gavrail-Nociel (Angel Feather) May 2017
CUSTOM PLAYMATS: https://www.facebook.com/royaltyplaymats/ This is a Vanguard game between Thavas and Nociel Gavrail. Sad the first game on my channel had to be such a wonky one haha. The two playmats you see here, were both designed by me. I do custom designs (commission) for everyone, so hit me up if you want one. My Design Page: https://www.facebook.com/royaltyplaymats/
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Horoscope 2019 Aries: Make your way by force [3D, 4D]
The Horoscope 2019 is not only about predictions. Predictions satisfy your curiosity. But that’s too little. The Horoscope 2019 Aries must above all teach you how to USE predictions in your favor and ACCOMPLISH things. Aries, like the other 11 Star Signs of Astrology, needs to realize that mankind’s SPIRITUAL DIRECTION has changed. The North Node in Cancer shows that taking care of yourself, giving and receiving affection and paying attention to emotions is the way to psychological and spiritual growth. In order to achieve that, it’ll be necessary NOT to prioritize work, social status and social appearances. The Horoscope 2019 Aries shows that, at the moment, Aries is the Sign that is most tempted to dedicate itself to their career, status and appearances, moving away from the Spiritual Direction. It’s very important to resist to this temptation and be close to the people you love, specially family. In this scenario, it is possible give and receive the love you need. The Horoscope 2019 pays attention to your inner world, emotions and your closest relationships. But it also focuses four other topics, determined by Astrology’s planetary transits: How to be LUCKY? (transit of Jupiter in Sagittarius) What EFFORTS do I need to make? (transit of Saturn and Pluto in Capricorn) How do I deal with the PAIN I’m now feeling? (transit of Chiron in Aries) Which CHANGES do I need to face? (transit of Uranus in Taurus) The Horoscope 2019 Aries shows all that. You can watch the complete video on Youtube and have a complete analysis, or you can look at its synopsis here: Horoscope 2019 Áries: LUCK: comprehension about life, deep studies and international trips EFFORTS: excessive struggling in your career makes you exhausted PAIN: feeling to be forced to do things CHANGES: your way of making money CARE: affection within your family Now I suggest that you be smart about the Horoscope 2019 and use Astrology’s hint throughout the year in order to succeed in the next year! Good luck! Free Astrology & Horoscope Reports focusing REALITY, practicality and facts. Do something with your astrological knowledge, instead of limiting yourself to its most superficial aspect: predictions. NO vague speech, NO self-help cliches, NO holistic foolishness and NO sugar-coated approach here. CAVALHER Channel: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCQvoP08nOnqM2LWSrIreqdQ?sub_confirmation=1 This channel is about spiritual, psychological and astrological themes in a REALISTIC and PRAGMATIC way. No sugar-coated blah blah blah. Its goal is to generate EFFECTIVE comprehension of the Universe’s spiritual mechanisms. If you are interested in NEW PARADIGMS, this is where you belong. Videos on Tuesdays, 19h (EST), weekly. Next video: North Node in Cancer Cavalher is a Psychological Processes Designer | consciousness developer | visionary thought provoker | illusions destroyer | passionate about transcending limits. For corporate work worldwide: +55-11-992-133-396 (Valerya) For individual work worldwide: +55-11-982-990-808
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CFV [Standard] Kagero vs Royal Paladin
A tale as old as time. Dragons vs Knights, Kagero vs Royal Paladin, Bushiroads poster clans go head to head in this match up. Who will reign supreme!? (hint: it's Michael) Links: Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/teamdreadnaught Twitter: https://twitter.com/teamdreadnaught
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part 5 refresh complete materialized view
Refresh complete, materialized view, data warehousing,
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All About Joins Webinar - Chapter 6: Force Plans
Soaring Eagle Consulting presents another chapter in the Microsoft SQL Server Advanced SQL Programming and Optimization series - Chapter 6: Force Plans. It covers hash joins, recursive hash joins, grace hash joins, merge joins, overriding the optimizer, examples, and more. For more information about the company or questions you may have, email us at: [email protected] or visit our page at www.soaringeagle.biz.

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